IFSC European Championships Moscow 2020 (RUS). Boulder. Finals. Women. Men.

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Russia climbing

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There is also a 360-degree camera. Everyone can be inside the field of play.
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Phakhin Thaspeeraphan
Phakhin Thaspeeraphan 18 dager siden
2:37:39 date 3/1/21
fasteddiebrown 18 dager siden
i hate it when the brushers go on strike
Maria Kadukova
Maria Kadukova 21 dag siden
Chloe was awesome! Although Viktoriia also cracked all the routes, Chloe's climbing was more smooth and confident. Btw, the operators' work was perfect.
PicklesXJ Måned siden
Amazing competition and great job to competitors, but the real mvp of this broadcast was Matt and his questions for Petra!! Dude, you literally asked every question and it was amazing, thank you! From a non climber just enjoying watching the sport I really appreciated the commentary! Thanks, this is the way you grow a sport fan base, not by being elitist and complaining about the explanations.
John Jordan
John Jordan Måned siden
Isreal is part of Europe?
Aurelia Andris
Aurelia Andris Måned siden
The couple talking ... why so much non sense?
PicklesXJ Måned siden
Are you kidding? He was asking questions of one of the greatest climbers, why wouldn’t you want to hear that? Seriously, have no idea who some of these people are complaining about a guy making the most of a golden opportunity for your benefit.
stephantom Måned siden
Chloe Caulier is so awesome!! Just cruising, looking so strong and composed. Such a shame she didn't sweep this whole combined event, due to a technicality (not the first great to be disqualified for seeming to step on a bolt!) Also a shame about all the terrible men in the live chat. :/ Good on the commentators for acknowledging good comments and ignoring the rest. Congrats to Victoria as well, as well, and all the climbers here. Great stuff.
awdrifter3 Måned siden
151:24 Is Ram's brother Rom?
tupe428 23 dager siden
no, his name is Geva
Philaee W
Philaee W Måned siden
Someone commented that Matt's (and Petra's, too! she's a joy to listen to) commentating was so good that we didn't even miss Charlie a lot, and that that's a real achievement - and I entirely agree! Charlie was a treasure, but Matt is doing a great job now in his very own style. The only thing I'm maybe missing is some more in-depth stats. E.g. how many attempts a climber has on the last boulder to get to a certain position on the podium etc. But as those "maths" can get quite complicated to follow as a viewer, I'm sure that's something you learn to comment on over time, too. So, all in all, really good work, Matt!! I'm so glad this job is in good hands and I'm excited for upcoming comps. Watching Stasa battle her way up the wall is always a joy to see, you can really sympathize with her because she's so open with everything she's feeling. The complete opposite of Chloé, who made the boulders look incredibly easy, with how gracefully she levered herself up everything. Victorias reaction in the end was so heartbreaking, I'm really glad for her. And the solid German team was a nice surprise. All in all a nice finale!
PicklesXJ Måned siden
Is Charlie not coming back?
Nini Chi
Nini Chi Måned siden
Meditation helps Sportler get back on the trail faster !
Nirmal Asokan
Nirmal Asokan Måned siden
why isn't janja garnbret or adam ondra in this competition? They would destroy everyone else
Johanna K
Johanna K Måned siden
They already qualified for the olympics so maybe they didn’t feel the need.
epincion Måned siden
Excellent bouldering comp. Good commentary Matt.
Cyberdactyl Måned siden
_"Social distanced by a seat."_ 01:05:14 Which, by the way, reduces your chances of COVID transfer over directly sitting next to someone by ~11%.
Cyberdactyl Måned siden
@PicklesXJ That's the thing, my comment will have no effect whosoever. . save triggering a few soyboys.
PicklesXJ Måned siden
Thanks god, wouldn’t have been able to make it through this comment section without finding the know it all. Great work, you’ve saved many lives with this knowledgeable comment.
TheKaptenHero Måned siden
Chloe is such a beast holy fuck ☺️
musicman24X Måned siden
Chloe Caulier has such a petite, feminine, pretty face and then the shoulders of an absolute MONSTER. It's such a juxtaposition!
Joe Titterington
Joe Titterington Måned siden
Watching sport climbing has always been a joy. Remember robinrobyn erbesfield. The original.
EarlGrey Måned siden
Climbing was awesome, but that DJ had a horrible taste of music
HerrFinsternis Måned siden
Good lord Chloe was already great last season but the ease with which she demolishes these problems. I'm a fan 😄
no-trick-pony_lockpicking Måned siden
Most russian video title ever.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Måned siden
Sorry about Charly he was such a legend but Mat groom is very enjoyable as a commentator as well.
musicman24X Måned siden
What happened to Charlie Boscoe? EDIT: Just got there in the livestream. Apparently Boscoe is retired now.
Sebo Ro
Sebo Ro Måned siden
Whats the name of the british anouncer/presenter talking?
Damien Bowring
Damien Bowring Måned siden
Matt groom
Luke Tambakis
Luke Tambakis Måned siden
good climbs, but kind of unfortunate that they set all the shouldery moves on the left arm RIP stajsa
Stephen Rodriguez
Stephen Rodriguez Måned siden
Afra "huering" ? Dont see any r there:) its pronounced "honik"
HerrFinsternis Måned siden
You gotta love the Brits, finding ample ways to butcher foreign names. I particularly liked his last attempt where the pronunciation just fizzled out of existence and even Petra had to laugh 😂 Matt if you read this, I hope you don't hold it against us for poking some fun at your troubles (and those of native English speakers in general).
Stephen Rodriguez
Stephen Rodriguez Måned siden
Totally in love with Hanna 🔝
Kard Nails
Kard Nails Måned siden
Em Home
Em Home Måned siden
This was pretty neat. Hope to see same level of quality camera work for the future IFSC events.
Em Home
Em Home Måned siden
@PicklesXJ I know, I remember Charlie talking about this during a competition I belive in China or India. Nonetheless my hope remains :-)
PicklesXJ Måned siden
The broadcasters don’t control the cameras, they’re done by the host city.
Matthew Beales
Matthew Beales Måned siden
It would have made sense, and added a lot of excitement to the last climb, if the commentary team were able to keep up with the amount of tries the climbers had made. Seems pretty basic and certainly needs to be fixed.
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Måned siden
Anyone know the brand of the duel Tex wooden volumes from women’s 1? They look so cool
gerviet_beat Måned siden
W1 HÖNIG 22:35 BESTVATER 26:40 DORFFEL 29:55 GEJO 33:35 CAULIER 37:45 MESHKOVA 39:35 W2 HÖNIG 41:40 BESTVATER 46:05 DORFFEL 50:20 GEJO 52:00 CAULIER 54:43 MESHKOVA 56:50 W3 HÖNIG 1:01:53 BESTVATER 1:06:15 DORFFEL 1:10:55 GEJO 1:15:15 CAULIER 1:19:30 MESHKOVA 1:21:25 W4 HÖNIG 1:23:40 BESTVATER 1:28:15 DORFFEL 1:32:44 GEJO 1:37:18 CAULIER 1:41:05 MESHKOVA 1:44:50
gerviet_beat Måned siden
@Lars Richter thanks :D hahaha
Lars Richter
Lars Richter Måned siden
I love you!
Christopher Gaus
Christopher Gaus Måned siden
Doesn't seem like a list of the best men in Europe. Missing Germans, Austrians, etc. Is it called European but only has eastern Europe for some reason?
Devin Smith
Devin Smith Måned siden
COVID restrictions, presumably. Plenty of german women, so the men may have skipped for their own reasons. I think the french probably couldn't travel because of lockdown in france, maybe also italy? The slovenians were also missing en masse, maybe the same reason. The brits are there but presumably didn't qualify.
gerviet_beat Måned siden
I think some are qualified for the Olympics, so they focus on that. +corona and traveling right now maybe :/
Vladimir Kazantsev
Vladimir Kazantsev Måned siden
Ну наконец то у России есть прекрасный победитель. Виктория молодец, успехов тебе и побед!
porkfat78 Måned siden
Who is the main commentator on this?
porkfat78 Måned siden
@levicnw Thank you!!! I kept hearing Macaroon, and it was driving me crazy.
levicnw Måned siden
The commentator is Matt Groom
евген рубль
евген рубль Måned siden
смысл изначально показать спортсменов в масках? маразматики
Gonzalo Paredes
Gonzalo Paredes Måned siden
One way to communicate the difficulty to spectators would be for the routesetters to guess a range of grades and say for example; climbers who climb above v12 can probably redpoint and climbers who climb below v8 probably cant redpoint (not with their current strengths and abilities anyways, obviously red point can take forever to achive but i mean their current redpoint level, and assuming they have tried to climb above it or something) . It is not the same to redpoint as to redpoint in 4 mins but it could still give a good idea of the difficulty for us to perceive how difficult it woould be to do in 4 min in a competition, if only strenght wise, since coordination is not as easily graded i guess, but core and finger strength are perhaps equally involved in and outdoors.
HerrFinsternis Måned siden
They used to grade the routes, up untill 2015 or so? A different style of boulders then we see today of course, starting at 7a's (or so they said).
Tobias P
Tobias P Måned siden
Matt, do you really think there are so many non climbers watching because of all that explaining? Or just killing time. 😏 Actually kind of annoying to listen to as a climber. Sry! 😅
PicklesXJ 28 dager siden
@Tobias P Being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is clearly a skill you aren’t interested in mastering. Probably best if you leave other people alone with an attitude like that, wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully you have no control over growing the sport! And thankfully you can’t tell me what to do!
Tobias P
Tobias P Måned siden
@PicklesXJ Because of you I don't want the sport to grow anymore. Go home 😂
PicklesXJ Måned siden
Non climbers like me really appreciate the commentary. That’s the way to grow a sport, not by being an elitist snob complaining about a commentator doing his job.
Ian Rasmussen
Ian Rasmussen Måned siden
@Jakob El Kholtei that sounds great. maybe after the 10th or 20th time I'd start to understand off-sides.
Jakob El Kholtei
Jakob El Kholtei Måned siden
Yeah it’s sort of like if a soccer commentator would explain the concept of off-side in every match
Atariks Måned siden
Chloe Caulier was so freaking strong and you could see her sadness. Viktoriia was so emotional about her victory and she worked hard for this. Nice comp all in all.
Italian Eleven
Italian Eleven Måned siden
Kind of wish flashes counted before tries.
Kard Nails
Kard Nails Måned siden
Chloe got a bit cocky. It was such a close call, they both did absolutely great. I usually don't watch competitions, because I feel bad for the ones who don't win...
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Måned siden
Cameraguy = stoned? whats up with that weird close ups? Especially in the finals with only one athlete that makes no sense at all. great job routesetters though
Luuk Måned siden
SPOILERS Super hard set of boulders for the men! Jernej the only one with more than one top!
TheRat Måned siden
Hi, from Cyprus. Thanks for video.
Thomas Kim
Thomas Kim Måned siden
M4 screamed Japanese climber, their specialty is dynos and hard crimps. So curious what Narasaki would have looked like on it
ron gil
ron gil Måned siden
anybody else saw the kid falling at 3:20:42 ? hahaha
mapi5032 Måned siden
Lol. This is why i read the comments.
Lawrence Butler
Lawrence Butler Måned siden
i wonder if matt is trying to showcase his commentary to be the Olympic commentator for climbing? He is explaining all the specialised climbing terms like you would if you were broadcasting to a wider audience in a way they usually dont for climbing comps
PicklesXJ Måned siden
He’s there for people like me who don’t climb but enjoy watching the competitions. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Sebbo Saurus
Sebbo Saurus Måned siden
@TheToxicdieter Exactly. When not Charlie, you have to go with Matt in the future! :)
TheToxicdieter Måned siden
That´s his style for years, when watching the epictv productions. He´s just perfect for this position.
Vargad Måned siden
Could someone add subtitles for the interviews of the athletes in the end?
Yujia Liu
Yujia Liu Måned siden
who is the female commentator?
St ay
St ay Måned siden
Yes its Petra
Karolina Júlia Vizi
Karolina Júlia Vizi Måned siden
I believe Petra Klingler
Sascha Hennig
Sascha Hennig Måned siden
Only the kid's have the guts to not wear that bullshit mask. Well done
Krzysztof Niepokojczycki
Krzysztof Niepokojczycki Måned siden
Awesome production value, great audio, great camera work!
Vermid Måned siden
Any CSGO Players recognize the music at 2:28:06 :D
Ewan Pakula
Ewan Pakula Måned siden
Women start 22:40, Men start 2:13:16
Mark Woods
Mark Woods 10 dager siden
This..... and I never look at the comments. Interested in running 4 office? You got my vote.
musicman24X Måned siden
The real hero
Ewan Pakula
Ewan Pakula Måned siden
@MrWhoabuddy ;)
MrWhoabuddy Måned siden
you're the real MVP. thanks
lykaon666 Måned siden
is it just me or did the russian comentator speak german?
Daria Måned siden
lykaon666 it’s “athletes” on Russian)
Евгений Савин
Евгений Савин Måned siden
@lykaon666 Yea! definitely not russian words at 1:07:17
lykaon666 Måned siden
I'm pretty sure he said "auf gehts" at 1:07:00 and stuff like "geht scho" as the german woman are on the wall
Евгений Савин
Евгений Савин Måned siden
No, he speaks Russian.
lykaon666 Måned siden
@Saphira yes
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez Måned siden
0:11 girlsofyourcity.online
David Prevete
David Prevete Måned siden
Hello from New York!!
Mike Måned siden
Sad to see how they are not taking the pandemic seriously at all. You see people in close proximity and without masks all over the place. And how fucking hard can it be to wear a mask properly?!
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