ASMR | Drawing and Tapping RIGHT ON Your Face

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This was a request for my ultra rare triggers video but I decided to make it a full one instead! I put a glass cover on the camera and got to tap and draw all over your face, using different pencils :) I loveeeeeee this trigger. Enjoy!!
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Ashley Goldsmith
Ashley Goldsmith 4 timer siden
Gibi.close your,eyes close your eyes close your eyes Me.😴😴😴😴😴🤨😴🤨😴🤨😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
MadnessXplayz 5 timer siden
Cora mth
Cora mth 7 timer siden
Day 43 of asking Gibi to recreate the whole Shrek movie once she reached 5 million subscribers.
Mokujin007 9 timer siden
I felt that in my scalp and neck. Feels good! How you do that? 🤔
Jacquie Andrews
Jacquie Andrews 12 timer siden
I’m def part of the colored pen gang! Sometimes for organization, mostly to color coordinate! 🤓
*gray kitty*
*gray kitty* 14 timer siden
White people be like:
Hazel Moreno
Hazel Moreno 15 timer siden
Why does it look like she's in a hospital?
Felix Maldonado
Felix Maldonado Dag siden
Genuinely curious about that shirt, is there a link for it?
toxic 676
toxic 676 Dag siden
Gibi: you remained me on jojo Me: is that a jojo reference
Raj Vaghela
Raj Vaghela Dag siden
Fantastic 👌🏻😊
Phoebe Hoare
Phoebe Hoare Dag siden
Friend: What's the password? Me: Boop Boop Boop Boop Friend: 😕? Me: Just ask Gibi
Hannah Stinson
Hannah Stinson Dag siden
no timestamps?🥺🤕
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay Dag siden
This whole channel is now just look at a pretty girl talk about random stuff. It's not even ASMR anymore.
Chicken Masterpiece
Chicken Masterpiece 2 dager siden
I just tried it out and I luv it
Kira Beeher
Kira Beeher 2 dager siden
Gibi 2021: Here it comes... Poop. One more time... Poop. Poop. Poop Poop. Poop. Poop. Poop. Poop. Poop Poop. Poop. Poop Poop Poop. Poop. What’s the password... Poop Poop Poop Poop
Kira Beeher
Kira Beeher 2 dager siden
I was not expecting for her to put that pencil in her mouth lol 😂
Roiu46 2 dager siden
Highly recommend the Zebra line. G301 gel pen .7mm and the M301 .5mm mechanical pencil. They just look professional.
Touya Todoroki
Touya Todoroki 2 dager siden
I LOVE your hat ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
ScoutXPlays _YT
ScoutXPlays _YT 2 dager siden
T-Rett 3 dager siden
When she said fine fine tip and gave that look to the camera. I swear to God
Asa Kerns
Asa Kerns 3 dager siden
People without headphones when Gibi said maccccccccccpencil like wtf
maia 3 dager siden
13:50 repeating is so relaxing
Vr Skiny
Vr Skiny 3 dager siden
Why do I feel like I seen you in the hub before?
Rajeev Singh
Rajeev Singh 3 dager siden
Bite of an pencil is very annoying anymore but the asmr is good
kennedy 4 dager siden
I hate when i’m trying to watch your video and i prop up my ipad on a blanket on my bed then it falls onto my nose 😐✌️
Nicki W
Nicki W 4 dager siden
"Reminds me of JoJo" Who's excited for part 6!?
Shawna Coleman
Shawna Coleman 4 dager siden
Can you please do face paint
Ace 4 dager siden
So uh how do I get pencil led off my face?
Kaitey Kat
Kaitey Kat 4 dager siden
Get right into it 😁 1:33
gaming with teddi roblox
gaming with teddi roblox 4 dager siden
Widow OmegaYT
Widow OmegaYT 4 dager siden
"Just a little Skopolelpedop up here" *- Gibi 2021*
Trevor Mlilo
Trevor Mlilo 4 dager siden
i got mad asmr tingles right now
Xx_QuaxkZ_xx ???
Xx_QuaxkZ_xx ??? 4 dager siden
Today's video is......... Me: SPONSORED BY HONEY her: a request Me: Aww dang
Christian Lawyer
Christian Lawyer 5 dager siden
Time stamps?
Spleens The cat
Spleens The cat 5 dager siden
I used to chew On pencils Too
Bircher 5 dager siden
Are you gay
Durmaxman 66
Durmaxman 66 5 dager siden
Yes do a collab with dr.t asmr!
Indeesa Nisalithe
Indeesa Nisalithe 5 dager siden
N i x ?
N i x ? 5 dager siden
🇬  🇮  🇧  🇮  🇦  🇸  🇲  🇷
Jim Paea
Jim Paea 5 dager siden
06:40 pretty much she reminded me of when we would act like we are vaccinating people when we was young little tots 😂
Hello There
Hello There 5 dager siden
I can actually feel it
Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher 5 dager siden
I like how it sounds hard but when I feel my face it is soft
Elizabeth 6 dager siden
i really liked this video
Beef Churgur
Beef Churgur 6 dager siden
My favorite part is how they ask consent in Asmara vids, it’s just a nice little factor I find nice
Barrett cubes_yt
Barrett cubes_yt 6 dager siden
Am I the only person that just realized she is married??
T-Rett 5 dager siden
Don't tell me that. Don't ruin my hope
Anoeska de Mos
Anoeska de Mos 6 dager siden
Gibi: Square square now you've got it everywere ^-^ Me: *laughs all the time* Gibi: Hehe
Bela 6 dager siden
heyyy you stole the whole contents of my 8th grade pencil pouch for this video!?!?
Flamingo ad
Flamingo ad 7 dager siden
NOpostrs kinda stereotype ASMR as sexual And all but in reality it’s very useful
Evan 7 dager siden
A Ticonderoga is like a Toyota. Reliable, never breaks, and you somehow still have it 15 years later
Dino Boi
Dino Boi 7 dager siden
That Hat Is FAB-U-LOUS *snap snap snap* :)
Joel MpMinecraft
Joel MpMinecraft 7 dager siden
I done it in Middle School *Aggressive Penicil Chewing* And Elementary *More Aggresive Pencil chewing* And Some times High School *Even more Aggressive pencil chewing* *Giggle*
Kooper Link
Kooper Link 7 dager siden
Im in agreement with fury
Absol 7 dager siden
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Gibi: Me when Gibi says HiT or miss: HiT oR MiSs i gUeSs tHeY nEvEr mIsS hUh?
Brooklyn Wesley
Brooklyn Wesley 7 dager siden
I.. I have to be honest, I was thinking the same thing. Glad I'm not alone 😂
Hudson Heaton
Hudson Heaton 7 dager siden
me who thinks she actually drawing on my face.... what kinda sorcery is this
kirsty heaton
kirsty heaton 6 dager siden
Hi Hudson Heston my hub ththrhhrgrh egg
Salty Watermelon
Salty Watermelon 8 dager siden
Plz do another video like this/a part 2, this is the most tingles I've ever got watching an asmr vid lol 🥰🥰🥰
Lepe Epepe
Lepe Epepe 9 dager siden
MissxPuggie 9 dager siden
I started watching when daz made his vid on frivolous fox ASMR. I watched the actual asmr vid with my friends for a laugh now about 2 years later I'm addicted & can't get to sleep without it haha
Еdgу Яатs
Еdgу Яатs 9 dager siden
Did anyone else ship their colored pencils? Like it was blue and pink then when pink found out blue was cheating on them with idk, orange? Green?, they left blue for red? No? Just me? Aight.
Bob Da Titan
Bob Da Titan 9 dager siden
I have been having so much stress wth school and asmr really helps thanks:)
Thunderpro 10 dager siden
How. Can I watch video if I go to sleep
Ashley Goldsmith
Ashley Goldsmith 10 dager siden tired Also me.know what ima close my eyes put gibi up to my ears 1sec later.😴😴😴😴😴😴 My room.your lights still on Me still.😴😴😴😴😴😴
GONOPS 10 dager siden
Sweet , thanks for the tattoo. Time to go out to public
Anushka Iyer
Anushka Iyer 10 dager siden
If asmr doesn't work out gibi can become a great comedian 👽🙏🌈
Zi Collins
Zi Collins 10 dager siden
Kelsey Blackham
Kelsey Blackham 10 dager siden
I don't no why I loveee the start of the vidoe
》Gacha Lover《
》Gacha Lover《 10 dager siden
We came here looking like normal human beings then, we came out looking like Patrick's mom or something.
Sophie Kehl
Sophie Kehl 10 dager siden
**the new art class kid**
King 11 dager siden
Me: *just starting the video.* Gibi: *ask to draw in my face* Me: yes.
What What What What What
What What What What What 11 dager siden
Gays when they see her beanie: 😐🙂😊🥰😍🏳️‍🌈
What What What What What
What What What What What 10 dager siden
@Mészáros Gábor What?
Mészáros Gábor
Mészáros Gábor 10 dager siden
SombreSophia 11 dager siden
anyone else like there own comments like: why would i post it if i don’t like it? also anyone use their nails and gently up and down their arm/face and it just mmm it just works
Theironmaster 1
Theironmaster 1 11 dager siden
Grafite is aka gravel
FakeMani Gaming
FakeMani Gaming 11 dager siden
Im Slash?! Wohoo!
RatedRemoDemo 11 dager siden
imagine watching this in vr
Hey its me
Hey its me 12 dager siden
Love the hat!!!
rapstatsmedia 12 dager siden
Think i'm in love!
Karl Pfeifer
Karl Pfeifer 12 dager siden
my sister used a colord pencil all the way to the botom she even bought a litle extender thingy so she could use it even longer becous she just loved that color pencile so much
Karl Pfeifer
Karl Pfeifer 12 dager siden
the pasword was 3970
Karl Pfeifer
Karl Pfeifer 11 dager siden
@SombreSophia memory of where the buttons are also it is posible that the first number is a 1 not a 3 that one is less clear but it is prob 3
SombreSophia 11 dager siden
was this from memory or did u test to see what it would be like?
WillowMoonlight555 13 dager siden
Took me a while to be able to get to this to watch, even with how excited I was. Definitely did not disappoint. Yes please to a sequel! Many sequels lol
Some Rando
Some Rando 13 dager siden
The only thing I watch out of my watch later is Gibi 😂
Cat is disappointed in your recent actions
Cat is disappointed in your recent actions 13 dager siden
POV: Blank doesnt want children writing on him so he asks an adult.
bellla life
bellla life 13 dager siden
Did I just get cursed with circles and not notice?!
Bridgett Rain
Bridgett Rain 14 dager siden
Where did you get your beanie?
Kelsey Blackham
Kelsey Blackham 14 dager siden
Gibi:in high schoole I bite pencels Me:.... lol who dose that it sounds cool but LOL
Brittàny T. Guy
Brittàny T. Guy 15 dager siden
Couldn’t be me
XD_YuNgPiRu55 15 dager siden
I was always pencil gang lol
Olivia Sleger
Olivia Sleger 15 dager siden
so my mom walked in when she was talking about pen and pencil gang... pretty sure my mom thinks im in a gang now.
Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant 15 dager siden
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm idk years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone and I like asmr because I was Curious and people wonder how i get 8 hour of sleep
Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant 15 dager siden
can i replay over and over
Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant 15 dager siden
idk why i rote this paragraph
Avery Koblitz
Avery Koblitz 16 dager siden
no you may not touch my face
E1ite Netflix
E1ite Netflix 15 dager siden
Then leave?
Georgia Airy
Georgia Airy 16 dager siden
Pls do a pencil biting vid!
Akhil Raj
Akhil Raj 16 dager siden
9:43 the colour of reddit like button, just inversed!
Sinoplis Compesfei
Sinoplis Compesfei 16 dager siden
Rainbow beanie ❤
Slim Shady95
Slim Shady95 17 dager siden
I love the lucky charms beanie
Ava Schutz
Ava Schutz 17 dager siden
Im restarting this video for the one thousandth time
xoxo ladynoir
xoxo ladynoir 17 dager siden
now i know why im on my phone sm
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 17 dager siden
Aye Gibi nice jaw line
pyszne 18 dager siden
Michael 18 dager siden
more Ticonderoga pls
Zerochi 18 dager siden
She's scratching her lens for us...(WHAT A LEGEND)
Zerochi 16 dager siden
@Call me ivy the cover is the lens xD
Call me ivy
Call me ivy 17 dager siden
I think there is a cover XD she said that
سَوًّرَيَ وًّ دَمَيَ عَرَاقَيَ
سَوًّرَيَ وًّ دَمَيَ عَرَاقَيَ 18 dager siden
الوان الوان الوان الوان 😂
Łølłípõp_Bøbã 19 dager siden
Anyone else just listening to her and drawling at the same time? XD
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