VW ID3 road trip to -25°C in Folldal part 1

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Bjørn Nyland

10 dager siden

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Kiuman 20 timer siden
Probaly someone already said it before: lightyears is a measure of distance (the distance light travels in a year) not time, so "lightyears per yer" makes big sense! Anyways, KWh/h makes sense also since it's a measure that describes produced electrical energy per hour (for Bjørn in norwegian: no.wikipedia.org/wiki/KWh/h) Nice video tho!
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 17 timer siden
Lightyear per year makes no sense because it means speed of light. Way easier to obmit year.
Ludwig Hohenlohe
Ludwig Hohenlohe Dag siden
Thanks for this very cool real life review. I especially like the strong focus on charging! Have you already tried the MOOVILITY app? In my opinion a must have tool for every EV driver. A very handy app that gives you all the relevant information like location and real-time availability of chargers across operators. Even a pricing comparison is included and it works perfectly with Alexa voice commands. Check it out. You´ll love it!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag siden
Bjørn changed the language on the charger to german, love it!
Jv2300 Dag siden
Pekka Rinne
Pekka Rinne Dag siden
Charging stations should be much reliable and EV cars infotainment-systems simpler to use.
Pekka Rinne
Pekka Rinne Dag siden
@Bjørn Nyland We dont have enought Tesla chargers.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Dag siden
irfan ataulawal
irfan ataulawal Dag siden
Dang -25C, for someone who is living in equator that is freezer temperature lol
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag siden
test that myself.
John Smith
John Smith 2 dager siden
The bottom-line is that, wherever you live, EV's are a pain in the ass. Perhaps when solid-state batteries arrive with double the range and 10 minute charging, this will change. Until then though, you'll live your life in perpetual "deep shee-it". For now, go for a plug-in hybrid.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 2 dager siden
Ever heard of Tesla before? lol
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
"That's a cool Viking right there." 😂😂
Rusty Spotted Cat
Rusty Spotted Cat 2 dager siden
Why is there kWh/h ... function f(x)=x/x is not identical to function f(x)=1 ... nothing can be divided by zero (0).
Dominique Carlos A
Dominique Carlos A 2 dager siden
kwh/h does make sense. It is the capacitie you lose per hour.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 2 dager siden
Algebra fail.
svilponis 3 dager siden
A lightyear is not a time unit. It's a distance. 7 lightyears a year is a speed, equal to 7 × c (the speed of light).
svilponis 3 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland You laughed ironically at unit kW•h/h and told, that it is almost like to say 7.2 lightyears/year, which is speed of light (actually it's 7.2 × c). And that it does not make sense to say lightyears/year. My point is, that a lightyear/year makes very much sense, but it's still not comparable with kW•h/h, that is very normal unit. You can present most of units in different ways. W=J/s, so kW = 1000 J/s. 1 kW•h = 1000 J / s • 3600 s. Etc
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 3 dager siden
Again: Listen to what I said in the video. Slowly.
svilponis 3 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland kW•h is a unit of energy amount. As people are used to follow car's consumption by consumed fuel units per hour, kW•h/h makes perfect sense. J/h was even better in SI context, but people are not so accustomed with Joule, as their electricity bill tells about kw•h-s.
svilponis 3 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland You brought a lightyear/year as an analog sample to the kW•h/h.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 3 dager siden
I never claimed it was a time unit. Listen to my video again.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
More ID.3 content! YES!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich!
Kim Lynggaard
Kim Lynggaard 3 dager siden
Hi Björn. I appreciate your videos. mall question. You charge at so many different chargers. Couldn't you mention the price difference. I believe that this is also an important issue in the choice of the cars. In Denmark, Tesla Supercharger is 2,60Dkr, and some Ionity 8,50Kr !! So if you compare Tesla with a Audi E-Tron , the driving price difference is enourmous.
123Miroslav 3 dager siden
"Light year per year" has a perfect sense, because light year is an unite for distance.
123Miroslav 3 dager siden
But basically you are right. They have a few bugs in that software. I hope they will fix them.
123Miroslav 3 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland That's right, but it could also be 0,2 LY per Y for Starshot micro ships, or even X LY per sec for Warp drives :)
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 3 dager siden
But if you understand what lightyear is, then you should understand that instead of saying "lightyear per year", you can simply say "speed of light".
Screw Kalergi
Screw Kalergi 3 dager siden
How am I David Koresh?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
Just love the scenery, and with snow, nothing nicer.
BrokenPromis3 4 dager siden
ok this video again shows me that an e-car is nothing for me yet :D
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 3 dager siden
Ever heard of Tesla before? lol
Samuel Jerico
Samuel Jerico 4 dager siden
It was fun watching this! :)
1277479 4 dager siden
i like this car :-)
Mikael Karlsson
Mikael Karlsson 4 dager siden
I have a turquoise ID.3, but the color of the car in the displays are still white, so they have not fixed that. I have the latest software version called Me 2.0 (0873) I think. The big software update that will come in the 1st quarter 2021 is Me 2.1.
Michel M.
Michel M. 4 dager siden
For the next Test of VW ID.3 maybe you can use EVNotify to Gen CanBUS Data.
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik 4 dager siden
You'll appreciate the long distance in the winter when someone does an emergency braking. On icy roads, you can have up to 180m braking distance. Thankfully haven't had to test that myself.
Akhil Rashinkar
Akhil Rashinkar 4 dager siden
How much money you spent for you trip ?
Capitan Andy
Capitan Andy 4 dager siden
ID3 is very poorly!!!!....and the range is not real!!!!!....much much better Tesla model 3!!!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 dager siden
"That's a cool Viking right there." 😂😂
sadigov 4 dager siden
Can that Swedish actor do an Unpimp Ze Auto commercials for ID3 please!? Jaaaaaa!!!
Clemens J. Perner
Clemens J. Perner 4 dager siden
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 4 dager siden
Hi can you give me the details of the car scanner, the exact model name please as I cannot find it. Regards Steve
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 dager siden
Is the kWh/h an average or a current consumption? If it would be an average in my head it would not be weird at all. But as a momentary value its kinda weird.
Don't Sub
Don't Sub 4 dager siden
This video made me happy I'm burning fossil fuel.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 4 dager siden
Ever heard of Tesla before? lol
Azlan Sharom
Azlan Sharom 4 dager siden
I find myself watching to hear the pronunciation of the villages and towns. 😬
Peter Clapham
Peter Clapham 5 dager siden
Just love the scenery, and with snow, nothing nicer.
Advance Last
Advance Last 5 dager siden
Hmmm... nothing here to tempt me from a Golf GTE Hybrid
Herrman Reuter
Herrman Reuter 5 dager siden
Lightyears actually are a measurement for distance, so lightyears per year do make sense in this case ;)
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
But let me teach you what light-year is. It's the distance that the light travels in one year. So light-year per year basically means the speed of light. That's exactly what I was explaining in this video.
Will4May 5 dager siden
I'm looking forward to the VW Buzz, if they keep the styling from the prototype other than the steering wheel i'll do my best to get one.
Thomas Oldbury
Thomas Oldbury 5 dager siden
My Golf GTE uses the same silly kWh/h measurement! Seems to be a VW thing.
jpmalopes 5 dager siden
Was the car moving when you saw a unit of kWh/h? If not, should you expect at the dashboard an information of infinite kWh/100km?? This is what you suggest VW to do? Most brands do not show instantaneous consumption when the car is not moving. Because it is infinite of course, no matter if it's an electric or a petrol. In this car, 7.2KWh/h means exactly this. If you don't move, after one hour you have wasted 7200Wh which is a measure of energy. Of course this makes sense because the hour in kWh is not the same as the h below in the division. So, they do not cancel as you said. W of course would be a unit of power.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
The car was parked. Look at how Kia and Hyundai shows power consumption. It's in my channel.
Frank Eilersen
Frank Eilersen 5 dager siden
The feature of showing kWh/h was likely done by a bureaucrat from the Dept of Redundancy Dept :)
Just a Guy
Just a Guy 5 dager siden
Love the design of this car, but usability of it seems to be rather bad.
John Donlon
John Donlon 5 dager siden
-25 is tough for an EV, but the range will return in the Spring!
AnNam Viet Nam
AnNam Viet Nam 5 dager siden
😂😂😂 eletric car ,,no way
JJ Sauer
JJ Sauer 5 dager siden
isn`t the lights consuming a lot of energy or what is the difference in consumption to daylight?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
John Johur
John Johur 5 dager siden
From dieselgate to coldgate ... LOL
Simon Gläsner
Simon Gläsner 5 dager siden
Is the kWh/h an average or a current consumption? If it would be an average in my head it would not be weird at all. But as a momentary value its kinda weird.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
Current power draw.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 5 dager siden
Those Veefil chargers really nag your ears.
Steve Bee
Steve Bee 5 dager siden
As an electrical engineer, I completely get what you say about the redundant expression KWh/hr, but this cumbersome way of expressing power may initially make better sense to new people coming over from ICE cars that are equalizing KWh and liters (gallons, I'm in the US!) of gasoline in their heads as bundles of purchased energy. In my experience, most people are really fuzzy about the difference between a KW and KWh to begin with. Maybe a worldwide switch to EVs will finally clear this up for people, but maybe not. On the other hand, I suppose one could argue that VW shouldn't reinforce poor energy/power understandings too.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
Algebra fail.
Squoyster Crustologist
Squoyster Crustologist 5 dager siden
The Germans may secretly be pining for Fahrenheit with their half-degree C resolution.
vedjo01 5 dager siden
Why am I spending 30 minutes of my life watching some dude driving a car throught Norway? :D
vedjo01 5 dager siden
@Andy McCabe it is strange, isn't it? There is something about this guy and the way he does things he does. I mean, I can literally spend whole afternoon in front of my tv watching hus videos 🤣
Andy McCabe
Andy McCabe 5 dager siden
..... and then wasting more time commenting on it...............?!!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 5 dager siden
kWh/h is like talking about froozen ice...
Georgios Delft
Georgios Delft 5 dager siden
4 years with the BMW i3 I never got bad smells from outside. With the Tesla Model 3 I get them unfortunately. ID.3 too it seems :(
Georgios Delft
Georgios Delft 5 dager siden
dude, the heater on 21 degrees... you're spoilt
Felix T.
Felix T. 5 dager siden
German words :D :O Have you ever learned german? Ja, ja, alles gut. :D
Felix T.
Felix T. 5 dager siden
mmaxeator 5 dager siden
Lightyear = unit of distance, year = unit of time. So lightyear/year is like km/h, thus unit of speed
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 5 dager siden
That's exactly what I said in the video.
thomasbm1 6 dager siden
Would be interesting to test D mode vs B efficiency. I drive both Tesla and ID3 and pref B-mode downtown driving and D-mode for motorway. Winter driving and B-mode... regen on back wheels ... hmmm baaaaaad shiiiit ❄️☃️
mrebholz 6 dager siden
Xtrawurscht 6 dager siden
4:48 Alles gut xD 13:51 Scheiße Haha i like this guy so much :D
nikose34 6 dager siden
GoodFodder 6 dager siden
Software still in beta by the looks of it
ITRYSKILLS 6 dager siden
A hundred meters
Hanyz Lhotak
Hanyz Lhotak 7 dager siden
Yea 69 kW :D
Fabio Colbrelli
Fabio Colbrelli 7 dager siden
ouhhhh sheeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt 😂😂😂😂😂
Alexander Gunda
Alexander Gunda 7 dager siden
Sorry Björn, a short excursion into elementary physics: kWh/h makes actally sense, it looks odd I admitt that - since your car was stationary it showed to you the energy consumtion measured in kWh over the time of 1 hour, as it is kWh/100km when moving. And just for information lightyear is a distance!! so lightyear/year would make a speed
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
Uh... I think you have to go back to physics class. kWh/h is the same as kW (power). But writing kWh/h is technically correct. But it's clumsy and can be simplified if you know some algebra. And again, watch the part where I talk about speed of light. Slowly.
Alexander Gunda
Alexander Gunda 7 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland nope, sorry, only 1 lightyear/year is the speed of light 😉 Don't worry it is a common confusion - in this particular case (kWh/h) you can not simplify the hours because kWh is a measuring unit for energy (the amount of). On the other hand: would it be nice if the car would tell you which is the maximal power (kW - 😎) with which it can charge? Because this is a value which is available in the computer, so that you can make your decission which charger to use... just an idea! THX and keep up the good work!!!
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
And I did say that light-year/year was speed. Listen again carefully.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
Algebra fail
PAOLO RICCI 7 dager siden
obviously VW did NO SOFTWARE TESTING at least not completely... besides, whomever DESIGNED the "interface" must be a clown, it is a RIDICOLOUS, overly cluttered and gratuitously complex interface.
Ola Elverskog
Ola Elverskog 7 dager siden
kWh/h is like talking about froozen ice...
mortenthorpe 7 dager siden
Your model is without the heads up display?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
Anko Serbetli
Anko Serbetli 7 dager siden
I wish you test it in -50C degree Yakutsk or -40C Khabarovsk.
Claes Engström
Claes Engström 7 dager siden
Hardly no fast chargers in northern Sweden .
Anko Serbetli
Anko Serbetli 7 dager siden
Norway isn't cold as I thought.
Esteban Amador
Esteban Amador 7 dager siden
How much for the burger? (Just to know and compare with my country). Greetings
786otto 7 dager siden
So in few words, buy this car and you will be driving from charger to charger.
richie 7 dager siden
I love it. Thanks for the review.
Jonas Rosengren
Jonas Rosengren 7 dager siden
That's what I call a proper car tester - All old fashion style motor journalists have really no idea
qUantUmpants 7 dager siden
My bmw 520i from 2001 did show degrees celsius in half degree measurments also😁
Mist Soalar
Mist Soalar 7 dager siden
VW: 7.2kWh/h Björn: k, now reduce the fractions
Sven Mika
Sven Mika 7 dager siden
"That's a cool Viking right there." 😂😂
Valentin Križan
Valentin Križan 7 dager siden
Delta chargers have 12,5 kW power modules. 150kW ones can only however be split as 75:75 because of the wiiring inside the charger.
Steve Bragg
Steve Bragg 7 dager siden
Just started watching. Where are these videos taken. Interested in electric vehicles
Snow Dune
Snow Dune 7 dager siden
Dear Bjoern. According physics, electrical energy is reported in Kilowatthours. Whereas kilowatt is meaning power. Wehen VW claims 7,2 kWh / h they mean the car consumes 7,2 kwh per hour. VW uses the same type of indication for fuel cars, where they typically show liter per hour als long as the car doesn’t run. This makes sense, as you don’t have a distance you can calculate with.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
Algebra fail!
Kuth70 7 dager siden
I'm guessing when VW watches your videos, they just listen for "awwww sheeeeeiiiit" and then fix whatever comes after.
EV Lifestyle
EV Lifestyle 7 dager siden
8:46 “Like a Baawwwws”
Sandweiler 7 dager siden
Your videos, comments and humor are great! Test drove Tesla M3 LR one year ago and loved it but as I am not an early adopter I just ordered an ICE car. I will definitely switch to an EV in 7-8 years: car offers will be great, prices will go down, amount of chargers will increase, range will be better, design will improve, weight will go down....
M. Fender
M. Fender 7 dager siden
No ID.3 for me. I'm now wating for the Ioniq 5.
Gianl0ca 7 dager siden
Is this the ID 3 with the largest 77kWh or only 58kWh battery?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
58 kWh
honky tonk
honky tonk 8 dager siden
But you can fly 7 lightyears in one year that is not unlogical that's about 66 trillion Kilometers.It's 'just' a tiny little engineering problem.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
7 lightyears in one year = 7x speed of light The same way as: 7 kWh/h = 7 kW
Mookie Blaylock
Mookie Blaylock 8 dager siden
Double bacon penetration))))
marcel151 8 dager siden
02:45 They just made it similar to the fossil cars when you are standing and have the motor running (l/h).
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 dager siden
My point exactly. They didn't adapt to new tech.
NotRocketScience 8 dager siden
My 2016 e-golf took an hour in one of those Grønn Kontakt 150kW chargers to get 40-50% juice. It was -20 C that day, but I had been driving so I think the battery was warm enough. Gone through this twice when I was desperate. Expensive!
latuman 8 dager siden
Batteries and their percentage displays do not work in cold. This seems to always be the case with smartphones and electric cars. They cannot compensate for the cold. Maybe it's impossible to factor in the cold effect? This theme repeats in every cold weather electric car test. Since the batteries haven't advanced at all in 20 years, I see no future for electric cars if you live in the north.
latuman 8 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland Then why isn't it ever even close to accurate?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 8 dager siden
Incorrect. The BMS knows about how cold the battery is and the SoC.
Österreichischer Flochlandla
Österreichischer Flochlandla 8 dager siden
ad 30:30: As you charge the power consumption meter simply shows the reverse behaviour, i.e. negative load.
Österreichischer Flochlandla
Österreichischer Flochlandla 8 dager siden
@Bjørn Nyland So maybe it should be 42kW? 50kW charging minus 8kW of some loads (heating system)?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 8 dager siden
It's incorrect because the charger is max 50 kW. That number doesn't correspond with actual charging power at HPC either.
Ihsan Dogan
Ihsan Dogan 8 dager siden
What do you mean with "this car doesn't give you any indication whether you can make it or not" ? Doesn't the ID.3 has a trip planner like Tesla?
James Dubben
James Dubben 8 dager siden
7.2 kWlightyear/megaparsec
Stephan Weinberger
Stephan Weinberger 8 dager siden
@11:00 "coldgate" - does the car use route planning to preheat the battery when it knows you're going to a charger? Could explain the much better charging rate at the Ionity charger @23:00 (I noticed the ID light as you turned into the gas station, so you obviously had a route set this time).
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 8 dager siden
nikwax 8 dager siden
At 15:25, when you’re setting the following distance, you’re saying that you have excessive distance between you and the car ahead. But in fact, you are two seconds behind the car in front, which is a generally regarded minimum distance. Given the road conditions, you might want to increase that distance, not decrease it.
Zoltan Hodosy
Zoltan Hodosy 8 dager siden
I have bought this car,because u have said,that it is super efficient.Now i know that it was not real.This car has high consumption,almost every car has less consumption in this segment specially in cold weather.I have seen a video about id-3 consumption from Polish guy.He made more than 400km whit this car.Is that real?!
Dixid Murali
Dixid Murali 8 dager siden
Well.. light year is distance and a year is time so lightyear/year is distance/time=speed so yep. Actually makes sense unlike Kwh/h🤷🏽‍♂️
Happy Life
Happy Life 8 dager siden
Hi, This is a Amazing travel vlog! if you ever need no copyright music, for your vlogs, search for......Retro Detune..he is a talented producer, making music with no copyright on it!!
Edmund Hayes
Edmund Hayes 8 dager siden
Drive mode B is for Bacon
Mason Shucart
Mason Shucart 8 dager siden
The kwh/h thing is an average energy consumption. kw is a unit of power. kwh is a unit of energy. kwh/h is a unit of avg power during a certain period, so it is used to show energy consumption.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 8 dager siden
But the kWh/h changes all the time so it's the instant power.
Olav Alexander Mjelde
Olav Alexander Mjelde 8 dager siden
Such a terrible user interface on this car
o00scorpion00o 8 dager siden
Absolutely disgraceful that in 2021 VW release their first proper EV that is built from the ground up to be an EV with this extremely poor charging performance with a cold battery what in the Hell were VW Engineers thinking ? A car that heats the battery won't allow you to heat it for fast charging, I'm sorry but this just isn't good enough in 2021, this is as slow as my 2015 Leaf charged at. The more I see these issues with new electric cars the more I'm going to keep my BMW i3 Rex, I don't have to worry about these serious issues and that's the way it should be because charging at 30-35 Kw seriously limits an electric cars usefulness. I would like to have known the actual battery temp, I bet it was no more than around 12 Deg C.
Krasimir Dragomirov
Krasimir Dragomirov 8 dager siden
Tesla is the only ev car as far as i am concerned
Cory Drybrough
Cory Drybrough 8 dager siden
Didn’t this guy just gave a Tesla, drives it around for a bit then return it? So now he’s going to do the same thing with this VW?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 8 dager siden
Why does this guy seem confused?
Menno Frankfort
Menno Frankfort 9 dager siden
Great test. VW should pay you.
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