Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again By 3 Weeks To December 10 After Going Gold

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YongYea 29 dager siden
Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my cyberleg... and my cyberarm... even my cyberfingers. The cyberbody I've lost... the cybercomrades I've lost... won't stop hurting. It's like they're all still there. You feel it too, don't you? SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Bancheis - Brin - Charlie Galvin - CommittedHall - DatadyneExecutive - Jonathan Ball - JT - WECKmaster329 [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon Schick - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue
Leonardo Farias
Leonardo Farias 10 dager siden
@FilipinoFinesse If you think we're not getting the ideal scenario
yamil marrero
yamil marrero 14 dager siden
@Leonardo Farias I really wish I could trust that but I cannot recall a single game I've played in recent memory that didn't have bugs at launch. I think that statement is preposterous but I sure would like that to be the case.
FilipinoFinesse 14 dager siden
@Leonardo Farias yeah that would be the ideal scenario, right? But in the gaming industry, we either get delays or incomplete messes... sometimes.
FilipinoFinesse 14 dager siden
@Leonardo Farias yeah that would be the ideal scenario, right? But in the gaming industry, we either get delays or incomplete messes... sometimes.
Leonardo Farias
Leonardo Farias 14 dager siden
@Falmosta How would it be broken if it went gold?
Gray Scale
Gray Scale Dag siden
Im convinced that this game is like anthem
Dag siden
Going to be delayed again in December. Just you see
Jeff Heyer
Jeff Heyer 2 dager siden
Fans? Lol not yet. We have to play it first.. probably going to be awhile now. I heard it was delayed and knew it would be pushed back again... why not just tell people a later date? And how bad is communication when the day before they are confirming release dates
Jeff Heyer
Jeff Heyer 2 dager siden
I’d say this delay will cost them a lot of money. I don’t buy a lot of games. Like one every 2-3 years. I really wanted to buy this one, but I’m honestly not that invested. These delays make me weary of buying a brand new game, that if developers aren’t confident with, then maybe I shouldn’t be either. Honestly it’s not even about principle. I will forget about this game in a month. Sorry to whatever studio fucked up.
Jeff Heyer
Jeff Heyer 2 dager siden
You know.. as an “old school gamer,” the thing I am most concerned about is a half done game. The thing that pisses off gamers most, is games that are half done, and then “updated.” Maybe they are marking it better, or maybe it’s a sign it’s not as good as they say.
George l
George l 3 dager siden
To be fair, this is CD Project Red were talking about... as much as they delay it we all know it will be worth the 7 year wait.
jordan kerr
jordan kerr 4 dager siden
i was so confused when i seen cyberpunk preview vid came up today. i was pretty sure it was supposed to be out already
jordan kerr
jordan kerr 4 dager siden
if this game releases broken its going to be soooooooooo bad lol
jordan kerr
jordan kerr 4 dager siden
this doesnt make me nervous at all lol
Hitokiri Battousai
Hitokiri Battousai 5 dager siden
Let me guess. Some beta tester found out that he cant be a women with penis and black skin?
Chris Foxx
Chris Foxx 6 dager siden
Cyber Wick
Cyber Wick 6 dager siden
Cyberpunk is going to be 2020 number one hit.
AbdulRahman Al-Ashmori
AbdulRahman Al-Ashmori 7 dager siden
A delayed game is eventually a good game, a bad game is bad forever.
Synthetic B
Synthetic B 7 dager siden
I was so excited to play on my birthday which that day it was to release in nov 19th like fuck that pandemic shit give us our fucking game
Synthetic B
Synthetic B 7 dager siden
Ever since this covid 19 bullshit came along caused a major delay in a bunch of games like fuck that
Synthetic B
Synthetic B 7 dager siden
Yeah like they need to make their fucking minds up and hurry up with this shit like is this gonna hit xbox one????
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay 7 dager siden
No excuse if it doesn't run flawlessly now.
Josh Mieszczur
Josh Mieszczur 7 dager siden
CDPR: We delayed it to 2077 to go with the title of the game.
Kevin Harvey
Kevin Harvey 8 dager siden
I really think that this delay will hurt their sales. I think this delay will come back and bite them. You can only delay something so many times before people start to get angry or lose interest like myself.
Kevin Harvey
Kevin Harvey 8 dager siden
My question is.....did they not know this in advance? Ive actually lost interest in this game. I was going to buy it but I think I'm gonna delay that until it goes on sale. Lousy cdproject......lousy lousy.
FortuneSeek3rz 8 dager siden
I wonder how long it will take to download the 70GB file on Steam?
Excarituds 8 dager siden
I took off a whole week off for this game!! And it sucks because I was really looking forward to this game and enjoying it stress free. Having time to do it. Now having to worry about other life things and it just plain sucks
king darius of persia
king darius of persia 8 dager siden
Is it possible that it will still suck even thought it had all these delays
AceOnBase1 9 dager siden
Looks like we got cyberPUNKED
Korin Mathus
Korin Mathus 9 dager siden
CDProjeckt Red did this with the Witcher 3. They want to produce quality, not like spammy Activision or EA garbage.
zentum aisle
zentum aisle 8 dager siden
And witcher 3 still has bugs at 2020, bland combat, and highly repetitive quests
Nuberish1 10 dager siden
Not even mad bro, all caught up with exams until 11 dec
Mugen0445 10 dager siden
If there's another delay it's refund time on Steam. Good luck having console support from now on. Wouldn't be supporting this damned company.
Sareth Lin
Sareth Lin 11 dager siden
think about people who broke their promises more than three times, did you still trust them?
Dr. Sweetlove
Dr. Sweetlove 11 dager siden
With how much this game focused on gameplay mechanics and nothing else it already feels like it will be trash.
A Karem
A Karem 11 dager siden
Its ok i am glad to wait👍 its not Blizzard and the game is not warcraft 3 Reforged💔, so even if the game has bugs i am sure its much better than Warcraft 3 Reforged 💯
The 9ine God
The 9ine God 13 dager siden
I’m getting a refund on my preorder. I’m all set. This game is never coming out. All of it is bullshit.
Doug Bairead
Doug Bairead 13 dager siden
Becoming beyond a joke, just very annoying
Suáve -
Suáve - 14 dager siden
Yeah just as i thought the true release date is 2077
Gamersart 14 dager siden
I got a notification on my PS4 but I never pre ordered it glitch?
Neo S.
Neo S. 12 dager siden
Yes glitch
Larry Foulke
Larry Foulke 15 dager siden
Honestly, I don't think this game is ever coming out. Glad I don't pre-order games. It just gives you false hope.
AdrianFox2000 15 dager siden
Rumor said its going to be delay AGAIN to Jan 2021. If that's real I advice CDPR just straightly delay the game to April 1st and tell people the game is just a April fool joke and never exist.
P Game
P Game 16 dager siden
Remember how bad Witcher 3 was on release don't think they want that nightmare again
P Game
P Game 12 dager siden
@Neo S. Most likely
Neo S.
Neo S. 12 dager siden
If you delay a game 3 times the game has to be a mess.
joe shilo
joe shilo 16 dager siden
Well I've been trying to get my hands on the collector's dish with the that's pretty much sold out so I'm wondering what they released the game my PS5 on this cuz as it is right now PS4 gives you a free upgrade to PS5 my body just get the disc for PS 5
M.Grey 16 dager siden
you can tell this is a console comment section when no one realizes it was delayed due to the years old hardware that will explode when it runs this game without insane optimization.
Neo S.
Neo S. 12 dager siden
@M.Grey You really hate consoles don't you
M.Grey 12 dager siden
@Neo S. of course they want that score,the game literally can't run on those laptop ass consoles. At least red dead redemption 2 was a slow game but this is fast paced with better AI,the only hope of this game running on a base xbox one would be the world to be completely built around first person with low fov.
Neo S.
Neo S. 12 dager siden
@M.Grey They devs said they want a 90+ score because all their games had one and they want to keep the standards. Like it is what they said why are u so mad?
M.Grey 12 dager siden
@Neo S. you right in the head there,it's freaking ready to launch on pc and next gen consoles. The only thing they are doing right now is actually trying to make it run on base consoles,the fuck does you score justification have to do with this.
Neo S.
Neo S. 12 dager siden
They literally said they delayed it because they want a 90+ metacritic score. So yeah you can rant against console players but thats literally what they said.
Its Zelix
Its Zelix 16 dager siden
Me: i wonder if 2020 could get any worse.. Cd projekt red: :((((((((((((((((((((
Zonah 16 dager siden
This actually hurts cd project red's image ngl.
Scarce Hyperion
Scarce Hyperion 9 dager siden
Agreed. I have no trust in them to meet a release date anymore. I don’t even believe they’ll meet the December 10th date as much as I’d love to be wrong about that.
Zonah 16 dager siden
This is a joke thats not fkn funny.
Gianpablo Bacherozzi
Gianpablo Bacherozzi 16 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2077 is in my steam library since summer 2019
Kettu 17 dager siden
Honestly i never was hyped for this game, looks like futuristic gta game. I rarely get overhyped a game and usually the ones i truly like becomes the best games i least expect and never heard before
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV 17 dager siden
Plot twist: they will delay the game until 2021 so it won't be a disaster
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV 17 dager siden
Plot twist: they are delaying the game until all hype is lost. So players will never lose the experience of the game due to over excitement
Dgesw Retq
Dgesw Retq 11 dager siden
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV 14 dager siden
@Jair zavala Lemus i know😂
Jair zavala Lemus
Jair zavala Lemus 14 dager siden
That does not even make sense tf
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV 17 dager siden
Plot twist: game is not developed yet and the team is planning to release it in 2077
ifStatement 17 dager siden
We've been punked!
ziemiak11 17 dager siden
Poland is probably going on full lockdown from jest weekend, so don't be suprise od there will be another delay.
Julian Muniz
Julian Muniz 17 dager siden
How CD delayed CyberPunk makes me feel like I ruined my orgasm.
Jordzyi1 18 dager siden
Get over it
Hooman Bekhradi
Hooman Bekhradi 19 dager siden
f the Cyberpunk 2077 f the cdpr and f they Reason
AltimaMantoid 20 dager siden
Cyberpunk is coming out on Doom's 27th birthday. Nice
Endoe Kronic
Endoe Kronic 20 dager siden
I went to google and typed in CYBERPUNK 2077 release date... and it STILL says NOV 19th, 2020 then I read down and it says DEC 10th!!! WTF!!!! I don't care about PS5 or XBOX-X!!!!
Nekobyoneko 20 dager siden
I'm fine with this delay simply because the devs aren't jumping ship. They still have confidence it will be a good game
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 20 dager siden
Everything is being delayed video games, movies the president election...
The Chosen
The Chosen 21 dag siden
Remember when everyone was saying CD Projekt Red is one of the last companies with integrity and kept their promises.... Don’t see much of that now lol
AgenteDark69 21 dag siden
I like more how Rockstar works.. i mean we dont know nothing about a Game from their company. Then one day ... Baaaam Trailer and official release date without much delays.
AgenteDark69 21 dag siden
En español we say about this 0:55 MUCHO TEXTO ... F
Thomas Gilreath
Thomas Gilreath 21 dag siden
I preorder this game on my PS4 in the PlayStation Store hoping with optimism that it would come out and I understand the delays before but now I feel like CD Project Red just sent a shit emoji to me as a sign for it's a big giant joke. I hope when this game does finally come out on the December date that it better be the best thing ever impression and that if it does not come out on that date in December then CD Project Red better give us a damn refund.
Thomas Gilreath
Thomas Gilreath 21 dag siden
I knew I should not pre order games because this was my first time doing so and I know why now I do not pre order games because of this kind of problem would happen and I am not pre ordering ever again. This is my first and last time of Pre Order.
Thomas Gilreath
Thomas Gilreath 21 dag siden
I'll just play some Assassin Creed: Odyssey on my PS4 and just chill until the day comes in December besides getting through my everyday work life.
krzys ja 140kg 42 lat
krzys ja 140kg 42 lat 21 dag siden
when pc repack or iso
Eggsy Langley
Eggsy Langley 21 dag siden
Beyond Good and Evil 2 vibes
Gimme.Shelter 22 dager siden
All the backlash (except for death threat, it's stupid, grow up) are warranted here, they delayed 2077 twice this year and it might be again. Miyamoto's quote are pretty much a joke now. As a customer, you should respected your service provider, which in this case are CDPR but you should respect yourself as well. Say something, criticized them, CDPR definitely care.
Manny 22 dager siden
Not trynna bash but I would never wear another mans name on a shirt lol. Just me and my opinion.
lookingforahit 22 dager siden
I don't care...because the best game of the year has already came out
Jason Hurt
Jason Hurt 22 dager siden
get over it...
StarMan 22 dager siden
"Release the game or u r dead Kind regards".
Ramon Guillem
Ramon Guillem 23 dager siden
Coming holiday 2077
Shamrock 23 dager siden
I don't care how long it's delayed as long as it's good and I'm glad the devs are getting the time they need to polish the game to perfection
josemanuel velasquez
josemanuel velasquez 23 dager siden
NOpost just notified me, I thought for a brief second it was delayed again lol
Demon Snake
Demon Snake 23 dager siden
The trick to not waiting so long for Cyberpunk is to watch this video a week later when it will be released in 2 weeks
Vibes shotHARD
Vibes shotHARD 23 dager siden
imagine if it ends up bad like evolve remember how much that game was hyped
ivan pavlov
ivan pavlov 23 dager siden
Im not paying for this game anymore. Im going pirate! F* CDPR!!!
Shamrock 23 dager siden
Finn 23 dager siden
In my tech life there are so many annoying bugs that can make your experience a clzsterfuck. So if CD Project Red manages to deliver a fluent experience right out of the gate so we wont have any bad experiences associated with it (Gta Online ahem...) i'm all for it.
NOT_anartist 23 dager siden
There is absolutely no way they'll delay it again that would be taking the piss like
kinerry 23 dager siden
Every time he mentions his merch, I downvote
arsonist_1 23 dager siden
Either have your game delayed or let them give you unfinished broken shit. You decide.
Belzemus 23 dager siden
"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing, over and over again expecting shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I shot him. The thing is... He was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing... over and over and over and over again thinking 'this time is gonna be different' no, no, no please... This time is gonna be different."
GabrielCage92 23 dager siden
Yoo cd projekt red you doing it all wrong you should learn from bethesda and publish unfinished and unpolished game like fallout 76 or No Man's Sky. Whining and roasting developers for decision like that is crazy and childlish
Life 23 dager siden
i cant believe i cant play the game because they want it to run on stadia and shitty consoles im so fucking annoyed
The LonelyStoner
The LonelyStoner 24 dager siden
funny feeling that not even december will be the release
kride järvinen
kride järvinen 24 dager siden
With each delay they are building up expectations. I'm a bit concerned but still believe the game will be worth the wait.
Crazy Diamond1
Crazy Diamond1 24 dager siden
Bro 100% the game will be delayed another year.
donald stpierre
donald stpierre 24 dager siden
i dont mind at all, i just cant wait for a great game. way to many companies rush games out (Battlefront 2/EA) that they know can be better with a little more time and energy. As the consumer of these games wouldn't you rather wait a for more weeks or months to get a not broken game thats more polished?
Sos Spo
Sos Spo 24 dager siden
Wouldn't be surprised if the first effective Covid-19 vaccine comes out first than this game.
Stefan Buremo
Stefan Buremo 24 dager siden
This caused me to cancel 3 copies on pc and 2 on Xbox. Bought it for both me an my boys. Their response on pc was if a would accept GOG wallet credits. Yeah right.
Jerzy Januzik
Jerzy Januzik 24 dager siden
Delayed again?....ok, Give my $$ back
TechnoShock 24 dager siden
First week of December on Twitter : "We have decided to move the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 by 77 days!"
The Higher Power
The Higher Power 24 dager siden
At this point 2077 isn't the setting. It's the release year.
DutchSweetShid 24 dager siden
I've been waiting so long my beard has grown so much it is also my underwear, although it's nice and warm, HURRY UP
Leon Choe
Leon Choe 24 dager siden
I’m so excited to play this in Korean dub. When will I play it. Will I be alive when it comes out?
Tan Zolo
Tan Zolo 25 dager siden
At this rate they could Release Cyberpunk in 2077
Celvin Ardenwu
Celvin Ardenwu 25 dager siden
i guess this is one of the good points of owning a potato pc/no new gen console. Sure, you get exited like other gamer when games like cyberpunk is announced but you can never play it/buy it but then stuff like this happens and people like me are like, "okay, i guess shit happens and let's just keep going like nothing happened" This is by no means are gatekeeping, just sharing my thoughts on situation like this. i mean tbh the pain of not playing current/new games are sometimes hurts too much but we pretty much have gotten immune to it :'(
ltrgman 25 dager siden
Just seems like poor project management ~ feel bad for the devs.
Brayden Staton
Brayden Staton 25 dager siden
I was in 5th grade when the first trailer dropped. Now I’m about to graduate 🤦‍♂️
jeff spinner
jeff spinner 25 dager siden
Denovo was cracked so they needed to get a new version of Denovo tested.
Tekkenbd30fan 25 dager siden
Dope Shirt Yong ... and here we go ... I was like FUCK!!! NOT AGAIN ... I'm not taking off that day ive already lost $ from all these delays
MR FREEZE-98 25 dager siden
Don’t get me wrong I’m still kinda excited about this game. But overall it’s a 2013 title that just keeps having issues and is always being “perfected”. This game probably won’t live up to expectations
Derek Thorson
Derek Thorson 25 dager siden
If these millenials are able to put out the game by 2077 I'll be happy.
Cyberpunk 2077 DELAYED AGAIN smh...
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