FNAF WORLD - Dark Secrets UNCOVERED! (Part 1)

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4 år siden

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Scary Games Friday is getting a SPOOPY makeover with FNAF WORLD. It might not be the horror game we know, but true to the FNAF franchise there are some serious easter eggs going on here. True to form, FNAF World looks like it's going to be a lot darker than we all expected.
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Kirby From dreamland
Kirby From dreamland 3 timer siden
The poppers do attack just use it 3+ times
Scrub Cub
Scrub Cub 14 timer siden
What if the entire time FNAF WORLD had referenced glitchtrap by the trees and going to deep you get stuck just like Vanny/Vannesa did in MatPats theory
Kelly H
Kelly H 3 dager siden
I have fnaf world
YouTubeCritic 5 dager siden
2020 anyone?
Hunter 2043
Hunter 2043 5 dager siden
Good so far I'm impressed
Ech0Ven0m 6 dager siden
I am just rewatching all of their fnaf game play throughs, and they are GREAT!
Kingston Hambrick
Kingston Hambrick 6 dager siden
You should react to fnaf songs
The Wizard
The Wizard 7 dager siden
The Wizard
The Wizard 7 dager siden
Hot chease +piza
Rado gd
Rado gd 8 dager siden
yes i have all character
NateRocks9 9 dager siden
I actually like this game, but, like, people hate this game. It’s a really good game.
Eric likes games
Eric likes games 7 dager siden
me too i love this game
Mohammed Bishara
Mohammed Bishara 10 dager siden
Matpat: no one stands a chance against us The rainbow: are you sure about that?
Oucher Bouchers
Oucher Bouchers 10 dager siden
4 years ago. coming up on 5 years. wow.
RetroKade 10 dager siden
I got this in my recommendation 4 years later lol, if you are watching 2020, I'm sorry
Plant 10 dager siden
A remnant from a more hopeful time
The Wizard
The Wizard 11 dager siden
I lovevthat the scary twisted anamatronick and the fantoms
Øther ør Another YT
Øther ør Another YT 11 dager siden
I’m failing to see why you don’t like this game
Whatevs 12 dager siden
26:20 Oh that’s pretty pog
Lazy Draws
Lazy Draws 12 dager siden
17:26 oh my god they’re psychic
Hawkeye Hollow
Hawkeye Hollow 14 dager siden
StayhydratedEveryday 365
StayhydratedEveryday 365 15 dager siden
Ah yes Scott's hated child
hoddie_ animatronics
hoddie_ animatronics 19 dager siden
*flan exists* me: Micheal but green?
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 22 dager siden
Clark is my moms frends name
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 23 dager siden
Flan is food!!!!!!!!!!!😡
[ Dreamxr ]
[ Dreamxr ] 20 dager siden
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 22 dager siden
Flan is also poop 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 22 dager siden
Never mind 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lxve Lxfe
Lxve Lxfe 23 dager siden
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez 24 dager siden
Haha 2020
Sansyboi 611
Sansyboi 611 26 dager siden
The Freddy dancing on the stump in the snow area, reminds me of that one character in TLoZ Majora's Mask.
Danielle Gordon
Danielle Gordon 26 dager siden
LOL cheese
Frying Panda
Frying Panda 27 dager siden
it's 2020, im watching a stream archive about a game from 2016 that no longer exists.
MightZJPoepet 26 dager siden
It's in Gamejolt, btw, I was just taking a nostalgia trip
liam velazquez
liam velazquez 28 dager siden
Hi i love your vids love you guys
Yurimi Gacha
Yurimi Gacha 29 dager siden
Phsychic friend fredbear what
EM 993
EM 993 29 dager siden
Who else was watching this while studying on remember remember the fifth of November and fireworks are going MAD
Glenice Fong
Glenice Fong Måned siden
i love cheese even the hot verzion
Yurimi Gacha
Yurimi Gacha Måned siden
I love this game
Federico Iaschi
Federico Iaschi Måned siden
When they were fighting phantom marionette it was about 5 mins It felt like hours
Gåłåxÿ Gåmėr
Gåłåxÿ Gåmėr Måned siden
Łøvê thîš łîvē
Kayla Richardson
Kayla Richardson Måned siden
51:03 matpat: “you know, the final theory” Game theory fans: “haha ‘final’ “
Jayden Kalff
Jayden Kalff Måned siden
"Something went wrong." #blamejason
Cordy Cat
Cordy Cat Måned siden
is this really maxxed at 720p? lol
Theo boss lol
Theo boss lol Måned siden
Hi I love your vids sooo mush
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Måned siden
Don't freeget to save.
Miranda J
Miranda J Måned siden
honest to god think I’ve watched this game on the stream all the way through at least ten times.........this is one of my comfort series and what about it
Kirby Master
Kirby Master Måned siden
I don't know why but I have too. It's good background audio at the very least.
Huey Spectrum
Huey Spectrum Måned siden
Its so annoying to see how wrong people are almost half a decade later
Bakugous Wife
Bakugous Wife Måned siden
bro this was 4 years ago it feels like 1 jeez
Chaos Control Freak
Chaos Control Freak Måned siden
V Volfa
V Volfa Måned siden
3:14 dayshift at freddy's 3 intensifies 9:02 *DAYSHIFT AT FREDDY'S INTENSIFIES EVEN MORE*
Joaquin Castillo
Joaquin Castillo Måned siden
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins Måned siden
Nope sorry There's two versions of that loading screen where it says He And the other She
Just a Mudkip
Just a Mudkip Måned siden
It’s weird to see it as pixley because now it’s not pixely
Crash Bot
Crash Bot Måned siden
if anyone was wondering the little teaser thing at the beginning or something is at 9:27
Britton Dallape
Britton Dallape 2 måneder siden
ANGELO ANDILAB 2 måneder siden
He's here he's there he's everywhere who you gonna call... pyshicic friend fredbear
Denise Zohr
Denise Zohr 2 måneder siden
Use mystery box
PxPcorn Funny vids
PxPcorn Funny vids 2 måneder siden
I did see that (I gave up on the game)
Ellen Mayfield
Ellen Mayfield 2 måneder siden
its not normal i tried it
eEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE
eEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE 2 måneder siden
Anyone else get triggered when they used the fnaf 2 animatronics firts
Georgia Parr
Georgia Parr 2 måneder siden
Ever since I have descaled fnaf I have not trusted closets anymore.
brandon xu
brandon xu 2 måneder siden
Find the Clocks
Maria jose Figueroa
Maria jose Figueroa 2 måneder siden
You lied about the the old man consequences and in ultimate custom night why it didn't work I tried it I tried it it didn't work and also this is Scott coffin
Arson Phrog
Arson Phrog 2 måneder siden
“Getting new animatronics is a way to, like, level up and out of your characters.” Me, with my level 17 original parties: 👁👄👁
林銘鎧 2 måneder siden
fridaygroup gaming
fridaygroup gaming 2 måneder siden
halapeno popers vs party popers
Dylan Aden
Dylan Aden 2 måneder siden
Watching them make me feel so cool
john Davis
john Davis 2 måneder siden
Anyone know where I can download this now?
john Davis
john Davis 4 dager siden
@Umber Gill thanks!
Umber Gill
Umber Gill 4 dager siden
It was removed from steam, but you can find it on gamejolt
john Davis
john Davis 2 måneder siden
@Christian Trent But I thought it was removed?
junkrat 21
junkrat 21 2 måneder siden
seen it befor
The Donut Birds
The Donut Birds 2 måneder siden
When you theorize something with the word breadcrumbs
jbro_sall 2 måneder siden
Concept for a crying child attack: Read em and weep It causes makes you get more faz tokens and it does a bit of damage (Emotional damage)
Zanman 2 måneder siden
Ok why do you keep bullying Jason
Noah Joseph
Noah Joseph 2 måneder siden
This is my favorite FNAF game in the series, so I love to see these again
Umber Gill
Umber Gill 4 dager siden
@Michael Cordova No he didn't. He felt it was a rushed and unpolished game, offered refunds, took it off steam and put it for free on gamejolt.
Michael Cordova
Michael Cordova 2 måneder siden
Too bad Scott didn't want anyone to play it afterwards he just straight up removed it all because of a faulty update.
mr lochtendo
mr lochtendo 2 måneder siden
5:02 here's a trip to the start of the gameplay
Patrick M
Patrick M 2 måneder siden
Fanfic time!🤩
mr lochtendo
mr lochtendo 2 måneder siden
Patrick M
Patrick M 2 måneder siden
Dragontrap 2 måneder siden
wait the real question I have is how in the name of all that is holy did you trigger that in the beginning
David 8A
David 8A 2 måneder siden
You wait and don’t click ok 👌🏻
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 2 måneder siden
This is not a game to watch at night its so bright
Trushil Parmar
Trushil Parmar 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile the puppet master (scott) is laughing at you So meaning that fred bear actually knows about scott and the real world..? SCOTT WHY YOU DO THIS?
Crusader that says Ni
Crusader that says Ni 2 måneder siden
Reapy stick
Xavier Villagran
Xavier Villagran 2 måneder siden
Facecam:aight ima be self aware
Simanto Ahmed
Simanto Ahmed 3 måneder siden
Anyone who wants to JUST start watching the game? Then this comment is for you -----> 5:52
Oliver626 26
Oliver626 26 3 måneder siden
I’m getting nauseous because of all the thing going on
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez 3 måneder siden
Does anyone notice that the animatronics have amazing quality, then foxy, looks like a toy,
The Horny Police
The Horny Police 3 måneder siden
Small wasp: daniel Neo wasp: the cooler daniel
th sharp sword
th sharp sword 3 måneder siden
45 Potato
45 Potato 3 måneder siden
It’s funny that they found the secret because they’re way too talkative.
Joseph's Toys
Joseph's Toys 3 måneder siden
Clap clap for you for finding the hidden Easter egg but DanTDM only found it
QwertyGaming 3 måneder siden
ALL OF FNAF IN A NUTSHELL: "As long as we don't get jumpscared all the time we'll be fine."
QwertyGaming 3 måneder siden
Gold Freddy: "The puppet master" Stephanie: "its Scott" (laughs) Me: "little did you know..."
squiddyboy _diego
squiddyboy _diego 3 måneder siden
They should play the newer version
squiddyboy _diego
squiddyboy _diego 2 måneder siden
@Michael Cordova no you can get it on game jolt
Michael Cordova
Michael Cordova 2 måneder siden
How wasn't it removed?
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
What do you mean you don't run? Good for you? Have a fucking gold stars you don't know how to play RPGs properly! Do you want a fucking parade?
Nikita Ferreira
Nikita Ferreira 3 måneder siden
crazy to think this game is 4 years old. i remember when this was live and i was in my old house and eating pizza while watching. things were so simple back then.
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
How and why do you even know French? And I don't think you said it right.
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
If you were racing the clock, you'd have to do things in a set time, you're racing your power level and the murderous animatronics trying to murder your face with murdery murder!
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
"That's pretty Baby" *laughs in Sister Location* And yes, I know what he meant. Don't try to "explain," it as if I'm an idiot.
Allison Webb
Allison Webb 3 måneder siden
I love how their first Withered is WitheredBonnie AKA @MatPat ‘s favorite!!! Also, where is Phantom Bonnie??
Your Buddy
Your Buddy 3 måneder siden
Also unscrew is op
Your Buddy
Your Buddy 3 måneder siden
Who else is watching at 2020?
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 3 måneder siden
Okay im guessing what the first clock was the ballon boy minigame in fnaf 3 where, to get the good ending you must... you know. Get out of the map yhea. And so it was freddy putting back ballon boy in the wihte box where you needed to collect the ballons but one was missing. Makes sense?
Cornfrog _
Cornfrog _ 3 måneder siden
10:33, their so in sinc. Also who’s watching in 2020?
Sonny Walton
Sonny Walton 3 måneder siden
This is Scott’s anime
themelonboi 3 måneder siden
My mom still doesn’t realize spooky and spoopy mean two different things This game is spoopy
Maddy Walkoviak
Maddy Walkoviak 3 måneder siden
Little did mat pat know that he was going to start a second channel in 2020 and have one of the names be a fnaf game quote......
Da holy Doge
Da holy Doge 3 måneder siden
Mafalda Ribeiro
Mafalda Ribeiro 3 måneder siden
24:13 Matt’s “great” sounded A LOT like when in Sister Location, (I think it was night two) the angsty teenager hand unit voice had a malfunction
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