NEVER Make This Mistake as Impostor..

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Taylor Burbidge
Taylor Burbidge Time siden
Jordan: IT WAS GLOOM Dantdm: ye I saw that to Everybody else: HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT WAS DAN
Taylor Burbidge
Taylor Burbidge Time siden
Dantdm every game: ThE ReDemPTioN StOrY RIghT hERe
ShurikenBoy3000 5 timer siden
cryfor 3342
cryfor 3342 10 timer siden
The scintillating kidney complementarily untidy because cougar observationally suppose except a gray greasy great motion. oceanic, aware ellipse
Trent Arwine
Trent Arwine 15 timer siden
My son became the imposter five time
Gamer 55
Gamer 55 17 timer siden
But what if you dont have a youtube account
Lucy Boucher
Lucy Boucher 20 timer siden
I subscribed!!
Izzeddin Shegow
Izzeddin Shegow 20 timer siden
dan said pisses of
Natetendo 21 time siden
Dan wanted to do a double kill, in front of an ACTIVE SECURITY CAM! 10:50
ReflexPro 22 timer siden
When Scott dies you know Dan is impostor
the short film industries
the short film industries Dag siden
ive been subed since 2014 but i got a new computer in September 2020 am i still an og subscriber
CimZ Dag siden
can someone pls tell me what bg music is this 11:44 to 12:15
Harrypotter Fan
Harrypotter Fan Dag siden
Dan swears that hes not imposter :me dont swear lies
Not ShahidNotFound
Not ShahidNotFound Dag siden
Every time Dan is the imposter he says "Scott needs to die"
Haidin Morris
Haidin Morris Dag siden
f in the chat for Dan in the 3rd game
Charlotte Mccarron
Charlotte Mccarron Dag siden
Lose the beard you look different sorry 😐
Bailey McDonald
Bailey McDonald Dag siden
The last eagle proximately guide because sun ontogenically answer into a neat tomato. second-hand, knowing hamster
Remi Hagers
Remi Hagers Dag siden
i am from belguim
Sean Dyson
Sean Dyson Dag siden
-in admin- I saw a body
Storm Overeem
Storm Overeem 2 dager siden
Someone should animate the mistake part!
Alora 1
Alora 1 2 dager siden
Did razz say the h word
kolton bennett
kolton bennett 2 dager siden
diy your hair again
The Marauder
The Marauder 2 dager siden
SpicyGames 2 dager siden
11:30 this is where his *HUGE* mistake is if you’re wondering
Cartoony Guy
Cartoony Guy 2 dager siden
Sara Wendt
Sara Wendt 2 dager siden
Dan that was a big mistake but you lived so its all good
Michael San Jose
Michael San Jose 3 dager siden
Daddy razz is here owo.
GenocidePlayz 3 dager siden
Jennie 3 dager siden
Didn't he make 2 mistakes
Green Scent
Green Scent 3 dager siden
Me became crew after 15 rounds of impostor 😎
Zoey Rochefort
Zoey Rochefort 3 dager siden
He is not the one where I am going through a
Lindo Vicente
Lindo Vicente 3 dager siden
Btw love your vidz
Lindo Vicente
Lindo Vicente 3 dager siden
Dan can I plz get a shoutout plz and thank you
yummy fries
yummy fries 3 dager siden
dude mistakes
3D_NeonTea 3 dager siden
Dan: *is impostor 4th time* Also Dan: *evil laughing intensifies*
Razor Ry
Razor Ry 3 dager siden
your videos are golden
Erin Equestrian
Erin Equestrian 3 dager siden
Dan:"Jacks gone big brain knew I should have killed him" Everyone:"DAN?!" *mission failed*
sodium chloride
sodium chloride 4 dager siden
WhAt the what the f?
Poison 4 dager siden
umm: 12:23
DASH HUERTA 4 dager siden
you should play a game called decenders
T Kuiper
T Kuiper 4 dager siden
Did anyone notice dans discord icon?
Haley Lightcake
Haley Lightcake 4 dager siden
I literally fell on the floor when they found out Dan was the imposter when he was unmuted
ana Aguilera
ana Aguilera 4 dager siden
Im a youtuber as well
Shapes 4 dager siden
fun fact: you see your comment at the top because youtube wants you to feel better about yourself and your comment
Ryder Messmore
Ryder Messmore 4 dager siden
So is the biggest mistake in among us accidently not muting yourself
JCMicro 1
JCMicro 1 4 dager siden
Melissa Holland
Melissa Holland 4 dager siden
Soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooool
Lechy 4 dager siden
This game is 👇 out of 100
Orion McD
Orion McD 4 dager siden
what i wish happend. gloom: ok who killed jack dantdm: meh
Dog go fishing
Dog go fishing 4 dager siden
dog go fishing subscribed and liked
Elias Zanabria
Elias Zanabria 4 dager siden
Dan : Let’s f-ing gooo 12:31
Some Awesome Gamer YT
Some Awesome Gamer YT 4 dager siden
Eunhee Cunningham
Eunhee Cunningham 4 dager siden
this shuld be called dan being Imposter over and over again
Teagan Rice
Teagan Rice 4 dager siden
Daddy razz has a 2 in has name
Freya Bath
Freya Bath 4 dager siden
Title- never make this mistake as the imposter Thumbnail-dan stabbing himself Yeah dude dont make that mistake! Its not very wise ;)
Quinn 4 dager siden
i feel sorry that lots of dans veiwers arent subbed
Greg L
Greg L 4 dager siden
Hax? He impostor so many times
Fatima Tahir
Fatima Tahir 5 dager siden
I subscribed u bro
Arkan Alkhuwaildi
Arkan Alkhuwaildi 5 dager siden
DanTdm you have to watch it nah go
Suh Cheyanne
Suh Cheyanne 5 dager siden
Dantdm made a big mistake😱
Malvin Legendbreaker
Malvin Legendbreaker 5 dager siden
9:08 lol
Epicduckguy 31
Epicduckguy 31 5 dager siden
At 4:48 Dan's face is me when I find some thing I really want
JS Brimer
JS Brimer 5 dager siden
You went past Scott
Ava Rutter
Ava Rutter 5 dager siden
Best NOpost ever! Good job Dan
hades403fearful 5 dager siden
I made the same mistake you did, me, my brother and 2 of my friends were playing among and zooming, and my brother was sus of me and me and everyone skipped, and I forgot to mute my mic and I say that my brother went big brain, and that I should’ve killed him and everyone heard me
Jason Burke
Jason Burke 5 dager siden
Dan i am a big fa keep up the good work
Game start
Game start 5 dager siden
11:29 when the mistake happens lol
Draytn Morrison
Draytn Morrison 5 dager siden
I am very upset at the small brain comment🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JJJem 6 dager siden
i wonder how much time it takes for dan to make amung us thumb nails
Sydney Morgan
Sydney Morgan 6 dager siden
Dan that was the most stupid and funniest thing ever
C. Martin
C. Martin 6 dager siden
Every thing Dan does is to kill Scott
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 6 dager siden
I love u dan
Teresa McAnally
Teresa McAnally 6 dager siden
Haha lol
Tripp L.
Tripp L. 6 dager siden
Morgan Sheehan
Morgan Sheehan 6 dager siden
I love your vids they are so funny and the best
kailen ruesch
kailen ruesch 6 dager siden
Bruh dan literally faked shields
Cyclone29 6 dager siden
Dan loves killing scott doesn't he
Odette Bau
Odette Bau 6 dager siden
villain deku
villain deku 6 dager siden
i think maybe they could've puled it of as dan being sus of scott on 11:36
Derek Arballo
Derek Arballo 6 dager siden
Derek Arballo
Derek Arballo 6 dager siden
11:29 lol
Zaakir Hoosain
Zaakir Hoosain 7 dager siden
Editor: Discord is on!!! Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haley Fiske
Haley Fiske 7 dager siden
Scott: is alive Dan: wait that’s illegal!
That0NEGuy 7 dager siden
Jaden UwU xd
Jaden UwU xd 7 dager siden
One word Dan is kinda dumb but at the same time smart
Teddy the King
Teddy the King 7 dager siden
I am subbed u dumbo
Ayaz Coban
Ayaz Coban 7 dager siden
HOW DID HE Get imposter 4 times in a row how are you using hacks dan? If it’s some sorta glitch plz show me I’m one of your biggest fans plz and can I plz get a shoutout plz plz and how did you get it if it’s a mod hack or glitch plz plz make a video on how of and can I please get a shoutout and the person who called you smooth brain is so wrong I forgot who said it but who cares so yeah sorry that this comment is so long sorry.
Mr cheese
Mr cheese 7 dager siden
Don’t make that mistake dan
Zaiden Thegamer
Zaiden Thegamer 7 dager siden
hey dan ive never been shouted out so will you pls shout out
Zaiden Thegamer
Zaiden Thegamer 7 dager siden
yo this game is so pop
William Andrey D. Reyes
William Andrey D. Reyes 7 dager siden
JaCk YT 7 dager siden
2:39 we all said " I got murderer on my mind'
ErinOMG 7 dager siden
Delete me just delete delete me now 😂😂😂 I don’t know let’s move on... 🤣
It’s Dolphin
It’s Dolphin 7 dager siden
Do another fall guys video before season 3.
Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks 7 dager siden
lol u left ur speaker on DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
come here
come here 8 dager siden
1:37 dan TDM sad fudge
Jacqueline Velazquez
Jacqueline Velazquez 8 dager siden
At 1:45 what is that noise Dan made?!
TheboogaVlogs 8 dager siden
Amrita Bhakar
Amrita Bhakar 8 dager siden
OMG 13:19
Amrita Bhakar
Amrita Bhakar 8 dager siden
Lukas Daye
Lukas Daye 8 dager siden
VIOLET SHATRAW 8 dager siden
omg i am diying his thing he did not turn it off
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