SC2 - Clem vs. Reynor - DH Masters: Winter 2020 - Grand Finals - EU

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2 måneder siden

In today's matches at DreamHack SC2 Masters: Winter 2020
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Kyle Bourret
Kyle Bourret Dag siden
Battle of the kids!
Johnny Smoke
Johnny Smoke 19 dager siden
Interviewing the players after games would be awesome.
Maciej Ratajczak
Maciej Ratajczak 21 dag siden
Wish their faces weren't visible.
mike77588 Måned siden
Kinda funny these kids playing the final of an international tournament from their basements)
Smackin Baits
Smackin Baits Måned siden
Clem is officially the zerg killer...
Sylvester Pedersen
Sylvester Pedersen Måned siden
why is first game missing?
David Lee
David Lee Måned siden
How did reynor start this series with 1-0?
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Måned siden
because Reynor came from the winners bracket and Clem came from the losers bracket.
terryfeynman Måned siden
Man who else wants to hear what reynor is saying/singing while he plays ?
Leish Tek
Leish Tek Måned siden
A new foreign badass. Glad to see it's a terran too.
smartbbrain Måned siden
Any chance the DreamHack 2020 Winter Finals tournament will get uploaded? Will the uploads continue with the new twitch contract?
Boris Koslowski
Boris Koslowski Måned siden
Does anybody know why the season finals don't get uploaded?
Skye Måned siden
Awesome games to watch. ty for posting. Had to edit it. Sorry but I just do not like these two casters any longer. Someone new to this game would get so much wrongful information from these two. Should've had Nate and grub do this instead. Or any other 2.
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Måned siden
OMG how good is Clem??! He seemed completely untouchable toward the end of the series.
Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy 2 måneder siden
Feardragon’s shrill screaming is what passes for casting I guess? I’m glad I normally only watch GSL/ASL.
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Måned siden
CLEM BEAT SERRAL?!😳 Really starting to rethink the whole “kid” thing when I watch Clem.🤔
M Purr
M Purr 2 måneder siden
Terran hard counter response to everything... "A", "A", "A", "A", "A", "D"..."maybe 2 or 3 tanks."
SIBAL SEKI 2 måneder siden
Low tier player spotted.
Nicolas K
Nicolas K 2 måneder siden
After seeing a lot of reynors replays, my attention has been attracted a lot by this guy kinda moving a lot around etc so now I gotta ask two things by curiosity: 1) is he talking to himself trough-out the game or singing ? 2) Is he like on anything while playing or something or it’s just normal?
Diego Arias
Diego Arias 2 måneder siden
Diego Arias
Diego Arias 2 måneder siden
17:50 The lurkers weren't on hold fire, they just couldn't see through the vision blocker
Salty The hooligan
Salty The hooligan Måned siden
casters were blind
Fighting Student
Fighting Student 2 måneder siden
Just wow, the new Champ is here, Clem destroying Serral and Renyor? What a young talent!
ch br
ch br 2 måneder siden
whats reynor listening to
Vanness W
Vanness W 2 måneder siden
Congrats Clem.
Alan Oxford
Alan Oxford 2 måneder siden
wall the natural or die to zerglings jeez
Donair 2 måneder siden
I'm loving how hungry Clem is
kalki __
kalki __ 2 måneder siden
why is feardragon casting every game I want to watch :(
Matt Kovacic
Matt Kovacic Måned siden
exactly how i feel
Paul Sernine
Paul Sernine 2 måneder siden
bien joué frérot
MihaiH 2 måneder siden
Basically marines with stimpack + medivac takes to win a game... against roach + ravager + ling + bane
George Romania Jr.
George Romania Jr. 2 måneder siden
Reynor’s cam is obnoxious. Not a fan
Tyler Gall
Tyler Gall 2 måneder siden
Can we get a mic on Reynor?
Ac3sw1ld 2 måneder siden
I'd love to see Clem Raynor and Serral play in the GSL for 1 season just to shake things up on that side and support the "foreigners" over there
Paolo Damasco
Paolo Damasco Måned siden
@Leonardo Prada how many games did they play against each other?
Leonardo Prada
Leonardo Prada Måned siden
@Paolo Damasco 1 game each time? Exhibition? ... GSL vs the World is a real tournement ... what are you saying? XD
Paolo Damasco
Paolo Damasco 2 måneder siden
@LowLinK When did Serral "dominated" in GSL? iirc, he only played 2 matches (GSL vs The World) and both are just exhibition matches where he played only 1 game each time. He did not go through a gauntlet. I like Clem, being a biased Terran. I don't know if he is the "best player in the world right now". I haven't watched many matches recently but I'd say Reynor is pretty good, too. The 3 of them are. But, like you said, if any one of them were grouped with Rogue, Inno, TY, etc., what are the chances that they will go on to the next round?
LowLinK 2 måneder siden
Playing in Korea isn't as easy as people think, you have to adapt to their lifestyle, the food, the culture, being homesick, everything, not to mention the playstyle difference in solo Q that obviously would influence the way they play. Also they would be treated different for being foreigners, at least in the beggining, the picking system for Bo16 makes the tournament really interesting, but back then they would throw Scarlett and Special in the same group against like Rogue and Inno and no foreigner had like any chance of going to round of 8 (while Partying and TY had easy groups, for example). So it's not all flowers. Serral dominated even in GSL but nowadays he just seems weaker, like a Ro8 guy at best (specially seem how bad Zerg is performing in GSL). Clem probably would win GSL because he really is the best player in the world right now, but even then I'm not sure because of the reasons I just outlined. Anyways, I think it's more interesting with them in Europe because we have different tournaments with top notch players, and they still clash in World Championship anyways
Paolo Damasco
Paolo Damasco 2 måneder siden
Many casters are hyping the Serral is the GOAT, to me it seems like they think GSL players are scrubs. I would like to watch these 3 compete in 1 whole year of GSL and see if any of them win a title.
Ji Krochmal
Ji Krochmal 2 måneder siden
Dreamhack, *please* consider adding a half hour of black screen after the games at least in the finals. It is almost impossible to avoid seeing the length of the video and thereby realize who wins.
Zino Wagner
Zino Wagner 2 måneder siden
@John Paul Bamberg yup
John Paul Bamberg
John Paul Bamberg 2 måneder siden
NOpost doesn't like that. They notice that people stop watching the last half hour of the video and it hurts the ranking.
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson 2 måneder siden
That would be something. I would prefere if they just included the before and after talk of the match instead. Adds to the experience in my opinion. If people prefere to just watch the matches they can always skip the beginning/end of video.
Jordan Stout
Jordan Stout 2 måneder siden
Can you not spoil the results in the description :/
Qolt 2 måneder siden
Reynor didn't hold position his lurkers. He didn't have vision through the bushes to shoot earlier.
David Loos
David Loos 2 måneder siden
Insert "Thank you"-Meme from The Office.
Anton Teyken
Anton Teyken 2 måneder siden
Lurkers are just terrible Siege tanks, shorter ranges, lower damage, worse attack type and higher cost. Since stealth doesn't work vs. Terran, it's just silly.
Alan Oxford
Alan Oxford 2 måneder siden
tall grass eat your heart out
zyos 2 måneder siden
Really dissapointed, Clem clearly deserved to win but Reynor played at like 80% of his capacity, such poor decision making all the freaking time.
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
maybe, Clem vs Serral was better match, but yep, i think TvZ Clem is the best of all
Kapalek84 2 måneder siden
Great games! Clem is top class Terran!
Tomas Derville
Tomas Derville 2 måneder siden
Been waiting for this moment for a while, congratulation!!!
RoBoLoGy 13
RoBoLoGy 13 2 måneder siden
There's a new Sheriff in town boys.
silverware dot
silverware dot 2 måneder siden
No offense but do people like fear dragon? Guys voice and style just flips me out
David Langley
David Langley 2 måneder siden
Our community is so small that we can’t dislike anyone
Moreish 2 måneder siden
Clem is a GOD wow that last game wtf 😳
Αntonis B.
Αntonis B. 2 måneder siden
I... wasn't expecting that! i'm so glad someone else than zerg wins the EU finals tbh, clem what an amazing performance and he's so young!
zyos 2 måneder siden
Game 4 was played so poorly by Reynor, every single Zerg player knows that if you want to beat a mech player, you need a better economy, or you need to get cost efficient trades and you need Vypers for that. He played the entire game with like 74 Drones or so...
The Lightning Count
The Lightning Count 2 måneder siden
CLEM BEAT SERRAL?!😳 Really starting to rethink the whole “kid” thing when I watch Clem.🤔
Andrew Ooi
Andrew Ooi 2 måneder siden
I hate the comment "I don't hate it ..". What does that mean? You like it? You don't like it? It's good? It's bad? It's not bad? It's not good? It's just a non answer for me !!!
V0fficiel 2 måneder siden
Clem will beat the Koreans hope to see that
V0fficiel 2 måneder siden
@Ju M ;)
Ju M
Ju M 2 måneder siden
His TvZ is crazy good but unfortunately he still has some progress to do in TvT and TvP if he wants to beat Maru Trap or TY
Jordan Hurley
Jordan Hurley 2 måneder siden
Evil Can Opener Vega
Evil Can Opener Vega 2 måneder siden
how old are these kids!??!!?
Λ 2 måneder siden
They’re both 18 years old.
lmaonader 2 måneder siden
Zerg days are coming to an end. Back to terran zzzz again.
Joker 11
Joker 11 2 måneder siden
Zerg is the most boring op race with the baneling busts and being up 20 workers every game so np their days has ended
Daniel Caneo
Daniel Caneo 2 måneder siden
porque raynor partió 1 - 0?
Ariel TV
Ariel TV 2 måneder siden
Recompensa por Reynor no perder una serie en su trayectoria hacia la final EU
Hass Mchasserson
Hass Mchasserson 2 måneder siden
lol they're literally playing out of their parents basements.
Hass Mchasserson
Hass Mchasserson 2 måneder siden
@The Doom From Latveria sorry you took my obviously funny comment as a personal attack on you bro...I know these guys make a ton of money, wasn't meant to be an insult, just making a funny observation bro!
The Doom From Latveria
The Doom From Latveria 2 måneder siden
Reynor literally won enough prize money in the last couple years to buy a house outright that is probably nicer than any of the ones you have lived in. So, if he did stream it in his mom's basement, it is by choice, and he will still have all the babes you don't have. Besides, I always thought that was a dumb insult anyway.
Gummidino 2 måneder siden
OMG how good is Clem??! He seemed completely untouchable toward the end of the series.
Voltechs Måned siden
So good! One of my favorite players!
Scawt sauce
Scawt sauce 2 måneder siden
Cyclones are literally cancer vs Roach
Phil B
Phil B 2 måneder siden
Allez la France !!! GG Clem ;)
snakuvudu 2 måneder siden
The ascension of Clem. Good to see.
Fox Shakespeare
Fox Shakespeare 2 måneder siden
Nice comeback! Clem is a new young legend SC2 :3
Fede Devi
Fede Devi 2 måneder siden
Seems like terran are doing pretty well lately eh.. maybe they'll stop whining.. *looks at the comments* no..
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit 2 måneder siden
Raynor is mumbling something like crazy..
Mecha Hitler
Mecha Hitler 2 måneder siden
I'm so happy for Clem.
Vincent H.
Vincent H. 2 måneder siden
i dont get this, clem absolutely dismantled serral all alone with his widow mines, and so far in the second game he didnt build a single one against reynor. why?
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
i think reynor is better against mines, i say that because clem and reynor constantly play, so i guess they know each other pretty well, idk though. Reynor right know is better than serral, and serral beat clem 4 matches against 5 for clem in the 2 times they faced each other in this tournament, but with Reynor Clem blasted him 4 consecutive matches agains 1 (the other one doesnt count, it was because Reynor came from winner round, so maybe mec and tanks are better? I dont know lol
Break the ice
Break the ice 2 måneder siden
Zerg's late game units are useless. Ultras are a joke compared to hive tech lurkers and broodlords are just dead weight
Alex DiLallo
Alex DiLallo 2 måneder siden
Great final!!! Nothing against Ravi(FearDragon). Him casting group stages, even early final bracket I guess.. But its disappointing to have the worst caster out of the line-up to be commentating the finals or even quarter or semi. Thank goodness for the Rotti caster carry. I think FearDragon casting most viewed days of DH is a meme now and ESL knows it. How could they not, it is repeated said in twitch chat, reddit, and anywhere else SC2 is talked about.
NerothLoD 2 måneder siden
I disagree. Zombiegrub is way, way worse, and I find she detracts a lot from whatever game she happens to be casting, with the other caster having to carry it to make it enjoyable at all. But, of course, that's my personal preference.
Handsome Hans
Handsome Hans 2 måneder siden
Why is he so bad. I don't like him, I know he is bad. But WHY?
Félix Beaudouin
Félix Beaudouin 2 måneder siden
The Mech Game was so masterfull from Clem. He seemed to be everywhere and the BC was so annoying. I almost think he should remake one as soon as Reynor has no corrupter left
Yuri Hung
Yuri Hung 2 måneder siden
i think the lockon cyclones r crazy af lol
Kevin Jimenez
Kevin Jimenez 2 måneder siden
Wow Clem Mech
teabonezen 2 måneder siden
Clem is the EU Maru Congrats Clem on overcoming OP Zerg!
CM 2 måneder siden
Beautifully played by both players. But wow! I was blown away by Clem's performance. 🙌💖
Blayne Young
Blayne Young 2 måneder siden
How the fuck do you not upload the first game!? Its such a shame the uploading of these games and delivery of the tournament for people who didn't watch live is terrible. Dont know why you cant upload the whole day of games as one upload or at least get all the games in the video.
Manhood LIVE
Manhood LIVE 2 måneder siden
Where can I get the Replays?:)
Мадияр Динасилов
Мадияр Динасилов 2 måneder siden
welcome to the top Clem
edcv 2 måneder siden
What’s this free win for coming from the winners bracket bullshit
Brian Mclean
Brian Mclean 2 måneder siden
GG Clem nice to see you get a big win well deserved
Sirk 2 måneder siden
Where is the first game esl?
Kavindu Kalhara
Kavindu Kalhara 2 måneder siden
Reynor start the series 1-0 because he came from the winner’s bracket
David Combs
David Combs 2 måneder siden
Reynor hit us with that playlist brother
MrShokolol Måned siden
@Sergey Yakunin Reynor is Italian.
Sergey Yakunin
Sergey Yakunin 2 måneder siden
Is this legal in France to be so high on online tournaments?
Zerir 2 måneder siden
What a surprise Raynor lost another final after beating serral hahaha (Also Clem has improved a lot recently, he deserves this victory)
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
Reynor beated Serral 3vs2 but clem just before this match beated Serral 3vs1, i think Clem is better in TvZ than those 2, but barely, they are better against other races though. Clem TvP is very very good, TvT it has to improve, i guess because he doesnt have much competition in Europe. Lets see how he does agains Maru, TY, Innovation and Time, i really think if he tops in his TvT he will be the next world champion.
Adrian 2 måneder siden
The winner always deserves the victory.
Simple R3m3dy
Simple R3m3dy 2 måneder siden
I'm happy I randomly predicted a Clem 4-2 win and it happened. But to think that he took 4 games in a row against arguably the best Zerg atm .. Wow! Looking forward to great things from him in the Season Finals! PS Clem winning with Mech was just Icing on The Cake
monkeybunny 2 måneder siden
SICKKKK song in the 22 min mark. What is the name of the song?
Adrian 2 måneder siden
It's ok. According to Shazam, it's called Analog Flight by La Plage
O. Iaon
O. Iaon 2 måneder siden
I'm also looking for the a playlist of all musics on DH SC2 tournments, have you tried with 1.5x speed, it's quite good.
Mauro Gallardo
Mauro Gallardo 2 måneder siden
OMG! Raynor what happen
adayinthelife0fme 2 måneder siden
wowo epic well done
FILMon 2 måneder siden
Clem vs Serral Everyone: Widowmines are broken Clem vs Reynor Everyone: ...he didn't really use Widowmines...silence
Mecha Hitler
Mecha Hitler 2 måneder siden
The people that claim such stupid things like "widowmine op" "zerg op" are trogs that have never even gotten to gold. So naturally they're wrong. :)
Lord Leckatall
Lord Leckatall 2 måneder siden
Window mines are broken. Even the king of lings is unable to play ling because of it.
Ha Peenes
Ha Peenes 2 måneder siden
@jayurenos i pray to Clem everyday what do you mean
Alfries MacDonald's
Alfries MacDonald's 2 måneder siden
Reynor so scared of widow mines he diddnt use zerglings much
jayurenos 2 måneder siden
Clem is not a god he is a human that plays starcraft well
Hector Andem
Hector Andem 2 måneder siden
Does this mean Clem vs Reynor vs Serral is officially a "Rock, Paper, Scissors"-esque matchup now? 🕵‍♂️ *S:* "Clem! You can't defeat me!" *C:* "I know, but _he_ can!" *R:* "Serral! You can't defeat me!" *S:* "I know, but _he_ can!" *C:* "Reynor! You can"t defeat me!" *R:* "I know, but _he_ can!" *S:* "Clem! You can't def- _Hol up!"_ 🤔🔁
André Leclerc
André Leclerc Måned siden
Serral = Federer, Reynor = Nadal, Clem = Djokovic
Break the ice
Break the ice 2 måneder siden
well given how Serral lost to both Clem and Reynor in this bracket, no.
Costin Halaicu
Costin Halaicu 2 måneder siden
@Brendan Beehler Indeed, notable that Clem played against and won versus all other top EU players of all races this tournament. He won the top 3 zergs (Serral, Reynor and Elazer), top protoss (Showtime) and top other terran besides himself (Heromarine). He is absolutely a deserving champion, and the first time in my opinion when we can look at a terran foreigner and confidently say he's on about the same level as the top terrans in Korea. Go Clem, well done!
Brendan Beehler
Brendan Beehler 2 måneder siden
Well, in this tournament at least Clem proved better than both of them. Sure, Serral knocked him to the losers bracket but he got revenge on Serral in the losers bracket final and wound up with a positive map score vs Serral as well. Still though, these 3 were completely head and shoulders over the rest of Europe in this tournament. They were the only 3 to go 7-0 in their group stages, and the only defeats they had in the bracket stages were to each other. Europe is so much more exciting now than 2 years ago when Serral was God =)
will johnson
will johnson 2 måneder siden
how do they know they arnt listening to the stream of them play?
ivel kroezen
ivel kroezen 2 måneder siden
Clem might have spotted the greater spire, and you also have to remember that these 2 have played eachother dozens of times, so they are very used to their strategies. They are most likely not watching the stream, first because of the delay, and 2nd because they are most likely being monitored
Jarrett McElroy
Jarrett McElroy 2 måneder siden
They usually delay the stream seconds or minutes. Stream cheating is a real thing, that's what most streamers do.
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 2 måneder siden
I imagine they probably have some kind of application that monitors their sound/video.
will johnson
will johnson 2 måneder siden
Like they say broodlords and then clem makes a random thor for the first time in the game?
PoisonStarr 2 måneder siden
reynors got such a punchable face. Hes such an autistic nerd
icestandingstaring oo
icestandingstaring oo 2 måneder siden
sublime play!!!
Piglet Piglet
Piglet Piglet 2 måneder siden
Comon all you babys crying about zerg being op, it's not the race your playing it's your lack of skill terran just beat the 2 BEST ZERGS currently playing so stfu
BukovTervicz 2 måneder siden
Zerg lategame is in such a pathetic state currently. It's sad
Raphael Santore
Raphael Santore 2 måneder siden
@Simple R3m3dy they are used but people split so well the best spell is nueral, and that is only good against high value units.
Simple R3m3dy
Simple R3m3dy 2 måneder siden
@Andrey Grigorev That's true, some of these players have become so good at denying the Zerg eco. In these games for example, Reynor hardly had any window to get more than 80 drones. I wonder what Zergs are going to do in response to this current meta.
Andrey Grigorev
Andrey Grigorev 2 måneder siden
@Simple R3m3dy they're actually using them, i guess you cant see them because most games aint lasting long. And , if they do, players dont have 80+ workers, so zergs cant easily do a tech switch
Simple R3m3dy
Simple R3m3dy 2 måneder siden
I feel infestors have a place in lategame Z - especially for fungal - but I'm not sure why most pros don't use them anymore. But I'm just a casual viewer, so maybe someone can explain to me.
Raphael Santore
Raphael Santore 2 måneder siden
Biggest problem is no endgame units that can form the backbone of an army. All the endgame zerg units are support. Broodlords can siege but have to be defended well. Ultras can trade with midgame comps but are shredded if the enemy has a counter. Vipers are carrying. Seems bad to me but pro zergs are still winning!
Odon Flanagan
Odon Flanagan 2 måneder siden
So happy to see reynor lose. I can forgive him for beating serral now.
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
Clem beated Serral 3-1 right before this match, lol.
Zes 2 måneder siden
Mecha Hitler
Mecha Hitler 2 måneder siden
Sylor 2 måneder siden
Game 2 raynor loses lurkers from no vision in bush... Wasnt hold position. If had vision in bush game still in Clem favor from that prior engagement but raynor plays out
Sylor 2 måneder siden
it cant be hold position. if it was marines jsut walk past. we seethe lurker get first volley off on tank PLUS lurkers didnt have creep no any overloards we even see the over seer at clem 2nd furthermore any unit that shoots or attacks from bush will be proteced unless the ground unit enters or has air unit to spot.....
Alex DiLallo
Alex DiLallo 2 måneder siden
Re Watch it my dude, they were on hold position.
Kavindu Kalhara
Kavindu Kalhara 2 måneder siden
Lurkers were on hold postion. If they were not bio could not close the distance. If the lurkers were on normal command he would have won the engagement.
Chad Chotia
Chad Chotia 2 måneder siden
Clem is gonna be the best star craft player we have seen
Mir Nicht
Mir Nicht 2 måneder siden
@Johannez De La Cruz Well, he just beat Maru 2 0. With early game Aggression. I actually think his tvp is on Par with his tvt.
Johannez De La Cruz
Johannez De La Cruz 2 måneder siden
@Jimmy Velasco Yes he's a beast in TVP he beats top korean protosses consistently - zest, stats, trap...
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
@Johannez De La Cruz Agree, i guess its because there isnt other great Europe terran, he doesn't have practice. I really hope he can improve, it's the only thing lacking, because TvP i think is top tier right now, he defeated Showtime 3-0.
Johannez De La Cruz
Johannez De La Cruz 2 måneder siden
He is at his best against Zerg. His TvT is his weakest especially at late game. He was exposed by Maru recently.
Kavindu Kalhara
Kavindu Kalhara 2 måneder siden
His TvZ is god like because he play against best two zergs in the world. But his TvT and TvP is lacking.
Khoa Huynh
Khoa Huynh 2 måneder siden
I wonder what reynor is saying when he's playing
J L 2 måneder siden
he stops singing at game 6 tho, getting serious.. lol
Y Z 2 måneder siden
Italian Rap he said.
Alex Ervin
Alex Ervin 2 måneder siden
Looks like he is singing or rapping
wingedarr0w 2 måneder siden
"Fuck this shit broken race." Reynor, probably.
Johannez De La Cruz
Johannez De La Cruz 2 måneder siden
Maybe he's streaming? Or he was singing to a song? Lol
Robert Young
Robert Young 2 måneder siden
Anthony Pham
Anthony Pham 2 måneder siden
I was rooting for Clem. But based on past games, I wasn't sure he would win against someone as strong as reynor. When he did, my mind was blown away. Congratulations!
Brotoss 2 måneder siden
@ivel kroezen i remember one of his game against maru , he outmicroed maru so damn hard, maru shaked his head and smile almost laughed. he lost that game and serioes tho lol. he just needs a bit more experience thats it.
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
@ivel kroezen Clem just beated like today Maru 2-0. Clem is looking god like
Jimmy Velasco
Jimmy Velasco 2 måneder siden
Clem beated Serral and Reynor constantly now, i think it's fair to say that he is the best TvZ in the world right now, TvP and speacially TvT has to improve, rooting for him!
GamerDevTim 2 måneder siden
@ivel kroezen I agree he is but there is the Peyton Manning syndrome where you are the best by far yet on the big stage you cannot perform. I’m not sure what clems nerves are going to be like in front of 1000’s of fans. That is why I think all offline tourneys are skewed quite heavily in fact. Also there playing with there optimal rigs chairs etc. at tourneys your thrown into crappy quarters and expected to produce, much different mouth feel.
ivel kroezen
ivel kroezen 2 måneder siden
@GamerDevTim I mean, Clem is not yet there, I believe that Maru is still above him in terms of overall skill, but Clem has shown to be improving rapidly
Steven Green
Steven Green 2 måneder siden
Alfonso626 2 måneder siden
Those both players deserve a higher league than GrandMasters. Respect for them,and Serral too :D
Alfonso626 Måned siden
@Poogle Chen Watch GSL vs The World. Serral beat them twice. GSL doesn't have enough level for them, even more now those 3 are in a completely new world.
Poogle Chen
Poogle Chen Måned siden
These three should really join the GSL, perhaps all in the same season
Zes 2 måneder siden
Alfonso626 2 måneder siden
@Karl Wilzén And 7500 MMR at least :D
Karl Wilzén
Karl Wilzén 2 måneder siden
In chess there is a term that would be appropriate here: Super grandmaster!
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[FR] Clem vs Reynor - Grande Finale - Dreamhack Fall EU 2020
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