Among Us but I have the cold hard FACTS

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Mr. Fruit

3 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but I have the cold hard FACTS

vera sing
vera sing 11 dager siden
Gervonta Davis
Reigne Stephen Regalado
Reigne Stephen Regalado 17 dager siden
Bruh. Sonic heard meowing and don't know if it is a dog or cat.
Jason Sekiguchi
Jason Sekiguchi Måned siden
Ohm and Sharkk's double kill was pretty tight though.
Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 2 måneder siden
15:31 literally me during school
Lyle Ratchford
Lyle Ratchford 2 måneder siden
specimen scan?
Chris Weakley
Chris Weakley 2 måneder siden
One month later. This video is still my favorite Fruit and Crew Among Us video.
Gracie Sears
Gracie Sears 2 måneder siden
At 5:22 when he said "ladies and gentlemen" I said "we got em" at the exact moment the video said it . Yeeee
Mallory Robb
Mallory Robb 2 måneder siden
I miss the animations that you used to put in like the amount us animations
YaBoi Thunder
YaBoi Thunder 2 måneder siden
9:19 dork
Dull Star Warriors
Dull Star Warriors 2 måneder siden
when your tiered you are dorkshadow
Screebb 2 måneder siden
Congrats on the sudden Among Us success! I've been a long time fan of the channel and I'm glad to see your starting to get view counts that you deserve.
Mackenzie Long
Mackenzie Long 2 måneder siden
Hears meowing “So is that a dog or a cat?”
Blackout 2 måneder siden
"I did hear the meowing" "Does he have a dog or a cat" Mate, I hope it is not a dog...
shreeya udgata
shreeya udgata 2 måneder siden
9:04 got me cracking
Bananamaninthecan 017e
Bananamaninthecan 017e 2 måneder siden
I miss when it was called "Among Us but I have the impostor receipt" or something along those lines
NasWii 2 måneder siden
“I would like to report a ninja” - Ohmwrecker, 2020
it's jack Hamill
it's jack Hamill 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who can guess sharks imposter voice easily
Jarrett Lubbe
Jarrett Lubbe 2 måneder siden
Where can I find the last music in the credits?!
Rebecca Hutchins
Rebecca Hutchins 3 måneder siden
Someone killed the lover’s 😂😂😂😂🥺❤️
Devils Prømise_
Devils Prømise_ 3 måneder siden
Then demanding one more game: please? Fruit: ugh fine… Fruit a couple minutes later: *deep voice* I… Stayed up… For this…?
killer -30000000
killer -30000000 3 måneder siden
Dork when he laughs sounds like a grown man, meanwhile everyone else sounds like pre-pubescent teens.
Teskii 94
Teskii 94 3 måneder siden
I.....stayed up.......for this!!?? Lmao
Exlipse 3 måneder siden
2:05 no his dog meows
Tara GY
Tara GY 3 måneder siden
I knew it was ohm the minute he said "what makes you think its shark and blub?". Sir....
No Body
No Body 3 måneder siden
I love rhabby 😂😂😂
Leone Luis Vinluan
Leone Luis Vinluan 3 måneder siden
Chris Weakley
Chris Weakley 3 måneder siden
By far the best among us video
Welyn Bumpkins
Welyn Bumpkins 3 måneder siden
Detective Fruit on the case
Rae 3 måneder siden
Poor fruit just stayed up to be double killed with aerious 😔
Fatdirty Gamer
Fatdirty Gamer 3 måneder siden
blue: red sus red: how ? blue: you say ssshhh at the start everyone: voted red was the imposter
UnkNownn26 3 måneder siden
The Title: Among Us but I have cold hard fact Everyone: Fruit Sus
MKWiipro 3 måneder siden
ohm keeps ruining intimate times
galetaf 3 måneder siden
8:45 lmaoooo
Liam Schwickert
Liam Schwickert 3 måneder siden
“Dropped the soap” said fruit (30. Sec later at meeting) me and areios almost kissed
Weston Leith
Weston Leith 3 måneder siden
Honestly I feel bad for Mr. Fruit cause all of his other videos get considerably lower views and he has got to be getting bored with this game and once it’s not popular and the internet is done with it, his views will fade even tho he’s great
Peak of the Apex
Peak of the Apex 3 måneder siden
Challenge: you and aaerios date irl
LucidDreams 3 måneder siden
Rhab: I gotta go feed my cat Sonic: I did hear the meowing. Does he have a dog or a cat? Sad thing is I didn’t even catch that that was a dumb question until the music started playing 😂
Tyrone Crossman
Tyrone Crossman 3 måneder siden
Rob “now we know nobody is going to be running towards there” Mr Fruit “ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT!”
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 3 måneder siden
😂😂😂 Rhabby
Wolfox dogscatscute
Wolfox dogscatscute 3 måneder siden
Lol xD 13:18 15:15
Rowdy Rob Gaming
Rowdy Rob Gaming 3 måneder siden
Click the messages
ASPECT GAMEZZ 3 måneder siden
I saw the meeting time exactly when it was 69s NOICE
trevor baker
trevor baker 3 måneder siden
NCHurricaneHunter 3 måneder siden
John 3 måneder siden
Cold hard facts is more like cold hard fruits My clementine is delicious
Thomas Dabler
Thomas Dabler 3 måneder siden
And i quote: "I heard the meowing, does he have a dog or cat"
Tsukasa 3 måneder siden
"I heard the meowing, does he have a dog or a cat? I actually dont know.." Me after 4hours of sleep in my 7:30am class
Colossus 3 måneder siden
😬🥺 I feel ya Mr. Fruit
Warriorcat04 3 måneder siden
as someone who also has a cat, Rhab didn't deserve this.....
B McAndrew
B McAndrew 3 måneder siden
Gaia The Nature Witch
Gaia The Nature Witch 3 måneder siden
does Dorkshadow have a channel? He's funny
The Lord
The Lord 3 måneder siden
2:07 I think it’s a frog
Tw0High IQ
Tw0High IQ 3 måneder siden
I wish I could like this video n save it forever "ladies n gentlemen we got em" Press F to pay respects for Rob 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tw0High IQ
Tw0High IQ 3 måneder siden
"I'm back, I'm skipping" everyone votes him i dead 💀 he even got robs pov this is the best video ever 😂 💓
Mahou Okami
Mahou Okami 3 måneder siden
At this point just play L's theme when Fruit is being a detective since he deserves it. Heck, it might as well be Fruit's theme now.
FireWarrior 3 måneder siden
what song does he use for his outro?
abby rain
abby rain 3 måneder siden
You should a vent only challenge, when you get imposter you hide I the vents and when someone comes by you pop out and kill them and go back into vents
Sketch 3 måneder siden
Have have warm soft facts
Wolfy_foox 3 måneder siden
2:00 i did hear the meowing but does he have a dog or a cat
Kevin de Graauw
Kevin de Graauw 3 måneder siden
best time in among us is being Impostor
Mr. Merfington
Mr. Merfington 3 måneder siden
Edna Daniela Razmerita
Edna Daniela Razmerita 3 måneder siden
I love Mr. Fruit's laugh! 9:10
Unknown Killer
Unknown Killer 3 måneder siden
Sonic: I did hear the meowing or what, I don't know if has a dog or a cat dog: Meow
Kane Doxsee
Kane Doxsee 3 måneder siden
bro i don't know but that fucking outro is such a vibe it gives me such good vibes its so weird anyone else ?
InkyVoid 3 måneder siden
9:10 literally the cutest bond ever i cantt
243037tldsb 3 måneder siden
5:44 ultimate voice crack
FELIX RODRIGUEZ 3 måneder siden
when you where really early that you remember the name being *among us but i have the imposters receipts*
Finn !
Finn ! 3 måneder siden
"Aaerios and i almost kissed" *Mr. Fruit and Aaerios get killed* Bryce: "SOMEONE KILLED THE LOVERS!" i loved it
Ariel Mancera
Ariel Mancera 3 måneder siden
y’all should try one imposter
DAMIAN SAENZ 3 måneder siden
sorry man just the time lines that you had to stay up on this one
Simeon Toews
Simeon Toews 3 måneder siden
It’s weird how Fruit is always bugged to not get imposter While CaRtOoNz over here gets it 9 times in a row all day 😂
ęńðì 3 måneder siden
Rhab have cat? Then subs him 😂
Sassy Winter Fox
Sassy Winter Fox 3 måneder siden
-first time seeing Robs face- ... ... ... He's so handsome.
Jay Jin
Jay Jin 3 måneder siden
11:11 Rhab: “I‘m doing wires above the fancams” Ohm: “... wires above fancams?” Blue: “Wires above fancams?” Shark: “Wires above fancams??” Aaerios: “Wires above fancams???”😂😂 Rhabby actually said “FANCAMS” like wut 👁👄👁
0982_ 4357
0982_ 4357 3 måneder siden
i read cat or a dog as cat ora dog ORAORAORAORA
Thomas Hime
Thomas Hime 3 måneder siden
What's the reference @5:26?
ChikyuGaming 3 måneder siden
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours
Kade King
Kade King 3 måneder siden
Can someone send me a link to a video to where ohm loses?
General Pockets
General Pockets 3 måneder siden
does mason realize his name is very suspicious. It really looks like it spells “I’m Masonic” I know it’s missing an m but my brain reads that every time
Muhammad Zaky fadhila
Muhammad Zaky fadhila 3 måneder siden
i think mr fruits intro is a wrong cut
DropN FTW 3 måneder siden
5:44 It’s the ✨V O I C E C R A C k✨ for Me
john maulden
john maulden 3 måneder siden
I’m don’t know if this is self promotion But can people help me reach 50 subscribers
John Henry Bond-Bardes
John Henry Bond-Bardes 3 måneder siden
Dude I am WHEEZING at robs POV JAJA
Heaven 43
Heaven 43 3 måneder siden
Aerios: Are- are we abou- about to kiss rn Mr. Fruit: *wispers sweet nothings* Aerios: Fruit! U make me blush... Mr. Fruit: shhh, it’s ok Bryce: OOH! I’ll leave u two alone...
Silver knight
Silver knight 3 måneder siden
wow mr. fruit should be the lead singer in a new beatles revamp
B Foreman
B Foreman 3 måneder siden
fruit more funee wen toired
Msaboria YT
Msaboria YT 3 måneder siden
Hey guys...Uh i wanted to sponsor myself...(This is how many youtubers started please don’t hate) sorry if I get hate but I’m planning on recording tons of videos about among us and many more games and I would love for you guys to subscribe and give me a chance, if not it’s okay thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day stay safe :) ❤️
gr4ceful 3 måneder siden
No 1 gunna talk about “I heard the meow does he have a dog or cat?”
Nicholas Mehta
Nicholas Mehta 3 måneder siden
Mr fruit how do you get the viking hat? I dont see it in hats?
makenzie 3 måneder siden
sonic: i did hear meowing, does he have a dog or a cat? me: i- LMAOOOO
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin 3 måneder siden
ChaoticD x
ChaoticD x 3 måneder siden
I almost choked on water and died when sonic was like "does he have a dog or cat I dont actually know?"
Night 3 måneder siden
Rhab has a cat? Aww
UnoReverseCaard 3 måneder siden
You should name yourself "donald trump" ingame and then nobody will ever vote for you
3mang Leeuw
3mang Leeuw 3 måneder siden
New challange: when there is a body reported or meeting you can onley say 1 word.
Daniel Rickettjr
Daniel Rickettjr 3 måneder siden
Challenges: 3 imposters
Tabari Johnson
Tabari Johnson 3 måneder siden
Song? For when sonic was talking abt rhabbs pwt
Tabari Johnson
Tabari Johnson 3 måneder siden
Tabari Johnson
Tabari Johnson 3 måneder siden
Owen Miller
Owen Miller 3 måneder siden
Rob died a little
Displeased Soraka
Displeased Soraka 3 måneder siden
God Dammit Sonic :3
Xil_Ef 3 måneder siden
What's the name of the endcard song ?
9383troy 3 måneder siden
ohm has one tell and its when he goes to call a meeting on a first round double kill
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