Hermitcraft 7: Pyramid Plans (Episode 79)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we create a new Nether Tunnel to the map district and begin a very cool project in our Great Pyramid.
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cubfan135 Måned siden
Hello! Thanks for watching! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay safe!
Jake Lewis
Jake Lewis Måned siden
What if im British
nolan rock
nolan rock Måned siden
can you show how to make that bee farm you made earlier in the season
Patrick Whocares
Patrick Whocares Måned siden
Happy holidays, stay safe
Gabe BrickFilms
Gabe BrickFilms Måned siden
@DEADLY GAMING you said ypu simple mastake not big deal
Seth Hunter
Seth Hunter Måned siden
All Americans have a happy thanksgiving and all of the English guys (me )have fun in lockdown
stsddsod 26 dager siden
This is the Great Pyramid, not the Okay Pyramid The Greatest Line EVER
PxMANxTV 29 dager siden
Cub, put an eye of Osiris so the gods will always be looking down from the ceiling. Make the eye being golden with lapis blocks to compliment
Peter Roef
Peter Roef Måned siden
hermitcraft S7 ep27:IM RICH!!!! ep79:im poor ):
FREEZE Måned siden
Go get your crafting table back
John Goht
John Goht Måned siden
Agh pick up your crafting bench lol
Aaron Hobe
Aaron Hobe Måned siden
S H Måned siden
Super smelter? I think you mean soop soop soop supa hot fiya!
Jacob Trump
Jacob Trump Måned siden
This is my first time in a while watching your vids, last time was tips and tricks part 4
Winston Gaming
Winston Gaming Måned siden
Cub: gets mad at people using the roof Also cub: uses the roof to get to his farm
iDee Måned siden
Villagers sell lapis. The cleric's sell it.
Skizzledog Måned siden
Alternative title: The Pyramid Scheme
شريف امام
شريف امام Måned siden
I am from Egypt bt i know English
Терминатор Måned siden
Ur moms gay stfu
Терминатор Måned siden
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez Måned siden
Gtfo here
GreenBayBug Måned siden
Hey cub! Love your videos and love the pyramid! Just thought I should let you know the lanterns at the entrance are off-center. Cheers!
Specimen Måned siden
You can also get lapis from villagers
Jacksonmontyart Måned siden
See the rabbit at 8:22 ?
Lewis Russell
Lewis Russell Måned siden
I like it . But the ancient Egyptians used limestone block from a quarry miles away. So in respect of that I used enderblock to build my pyramid .
כפיר עטיה
כפיר עטיה Måned siden
Love you cubfan $;÷&×£$;$;
Dog from Saskatchewan
Dog from Saskatchewan Måned siden
why would you put lava in the middle
ProUzer Måned siden
You should try and create a sphynx (or two) to add to the amazing egyptian aesthetic, from pyramid exterior
Kaelan Mick
Kaelan Mick Måned siden
Can't you get lapis from cleric villagers, if that's the case, it might be easier to get it that way. Although I'm late, so you've probably already mined it all
Kylie Stetson
Kylie Stetson Måned siden
Lapis ceiling. Ok then. Cub is one heck of a hard worker
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Måned siden
Shaan Fisher
Shaan Fisher Måned siden
You could get lapis from cleric villagers
agopo Måned siden
Track id at 2:55 ?
pan cake
pan cake Måned siden
Do a lama Sphinx
Kay Cee
Kay Cee Måned siden
Maybe a design of lapis, gold, & glazed terracotta .
Holphana Scott
Holphana Scott Måned siden
You're gonna love "Dual Universe" maybe you should try the beta. *singsongy* youuutuuubveee contenttttttt.
Zuper4Man Måned siden
That time lapse music is bumpin
Madaline lepire
Madaline lepire Måned siden
A dome like roof with mosaic structures would be pretty impressive, difficult though. Glow stone should be added into the design so it can be seen from the floor point of view.
Conor Heaney
Conor Heaney Måned siden
You missed a perfect opportunity to call it pyramid scheming lol
-ファントム Måned siden
Bad time lapse
William Johnson
William Johnson Måned siden
Can I join Hermitcraft? It is my dream!
Taisei Cragg
Taisei Cragg Måned siden
Please help tinfoil chef and give home some nether right and some spear dimonds armor he still has iron armore
Jason Xie
Jason Xie Måned siden
it’s lapis la-zu-lee, not lapis lazu-lie
Phoenix A
Phoenix A Måned siden
Cub does the smelter work on bedrock
Joey Productions
Joey Productions Måned siden
Hey I think this is a great channel but would you Mind not saying God dangit or anything along those lines I know that your not religious but I am and it would make this even more enjoyable
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Måned siden
I love how cub fixed a staircase, looked around, and then just broke the one above it to get back in 😂
ProUzer Måned siden
@Dakota Jones do you know what sophisticated means?
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Måned siden
@ProUzer ohh haha yea, I won’t be responding anymore. Thanks. You seem like the type to act very sophisticated over very tiny things. Such as a block.
ProUzer Måned siden
@Dakota Jones thats "willy nilly placing", i said "correctly place"
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Måned siden
@ProUzer uh, you tap a button on the controller? Lol
ProUzer Måned siden
You clearly don't understand how to correctly place a stair block
campbell Måned siden
Saw that thumbnail and had to click, Jesus Christ
campbell Måned siden
@ProUzer exact same with me, I tried to watch the modded series and was completely overwhelmed lmao
ProUzer Måned siden
@campbell Yeah he is just awesome. I watch his vanilla singleplayer and his hermit craft series. Not a huge fan of his modded playthrough but only because I personally prefer vanilla
campbell Måned siden
@ProUzer yeah, I’m a big etho fan
ProUzer Måned siden
You watch hermitcraft?
Cadaver Måned siden
Cub gets burned by lava and doesn’t even hesitate
C Craig
C Craig Måned siden
Anyone else notice the rabbit on the side of the pyramid
Dzonnys Måned siden
DAMN,i feel like episode one was yesterday
Joseph Deal
Joseph Deal Måned siden
Please, oh please, make a Sphinx with a villager head.
Nm GG Måned siden
I'm curious as to how many torches you have crafted so far this season trying to keep your enormous and amazing pyramid lit up
Not HALO Måned siden
I never heard of you the other guys and gals never talk about you but now I'm sub and watch from episode 1 lol
Clarque Quent • 100 years ago
Clarque Quent • 100 years ago Måned siden
Hi Cub! New Subscriber here! you didn't disappoint me so far
fergus hebbert
fergus hebbert Måned siden
Finally, an ethical village in a minecrafter's base
MISTER SIR Måned siden
I just love how you keep expanding on the Pyramid, it's clear that your visions are vast. Most of the other hermits have kinda put aside their base builds for a long time now, but you always put in the grind and it truly is coming together as possibly the best build on the server. Really looking forward to what's gonna happen on the top floors!
MISTER SIR Måned siden
Having a statue in each side of the pyramid (on the inside top floor), supporting the roof, would be incredible. One could be Horus, one Anubis, one of Ra, and another one Osiris, or you chose whatever. The body could be of minecraft golems, and the faces of the gods, just like how ancient egyptians depicted them with the human bodies and the face of animals. Of course all done in blackstone and black concrete
Commander Cavy
Commander Cavy Måned siden
A guy from my Twitch said I sounded like you. So I looked you up and you sound better than me, I sound like an insecure dude lol. anyway, love your minecraft videos!
Guus Klaas
Guus Klaas Måned siden
I made a lapiz roof in my palace treehouse... it was a pain and I gave up on mining for it, and instead used a bunch of cleric villagers to just trade for it. So much less painful!
Xavior Wegener
Xavior Wegener Måned siden
Haha 8:30 all I could c was that rabbit bouncing on the pyramid
AAA-master-2002 Måned siden
Cub :*needs iron The golems in the back :*sweats nervously
Brian Shelley
Brian Shelley Måned siden
Goodbye crafting bench.
John Collins
John Collins Måned siden
This Pyramid might be the most impressive; breathtaking thing I have ever seen in Minecraft. Very well done
Niek Scheltinga
Niek Scheltinga Måned siden
Put thorns on ur boots, only costs u 75 levels 😁
Harrison D
Harrison D Måned siden
Did anyone else notice he left his crafting table is the beacon shop
Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza Måned siden
Use villagers with the hero of the village bonus to get lapis
kawan Måned siden
why you dont add abu al hawl it will be so cool
Ariyan Patel
Ariyan Patel Måned siden
Cub you can trade clerics emeralds for lapis
Adam Elhalabi
Adam Elhalabi Måned siden
I'm late, can someone explain why Cub is obsessed with Egypt, is he Egyptian or something?
utseb1 Måned siden
Cub's next plan, let's build Gizeh around the pyramid
utseb1 Måned siden
Your pyramid looks amazing
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez Måned siden
Cub what about a trippy terracotta roof in the pyramid?
Nobody Måned siden
I totally love cubfan with lionfan135
Brad Wooo
Brad Wooo Måned siden
you should have a towering seat for the Pharoah cub!
spider man
spider man Måned siden
Cubfan:i built this in survival Me:i could even not build that in creative!!!
Weston Early
Weston Early Måned siden
It is pronounced lapiz lazūlē
Marieke Måned siden
Did you know you have the same b-day as Etho?
Daniel Grubb
Daniel Grubb Måned siden
You could do a Lapis challenge!
Alex Schwegmann
Alex Schwegmann Måned siden
Hey cub can you think about dantdm being a hermit next season
KaiCrafted Måned siden
Hey Cubby have you considered buying lapis from villagers? Not great quantities but it may help
George Fothergill
George Fothergill Måned siden
Hey cub, what do you think of TA Music's moopop remix?
Ben Måned siden
I’m making the thumbnail my new home screen
Levi G
Levi G Måned siden
Love the music lol
Piyush Dhamecha
Piyush Dhamecha Måned siden
Season 5 was amazing on mushroom island!!
90%Nerd Måned siden
When cub reaches 1 million subs before season 8 he should go to the actual great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
90%Nerd Måned siden
@Boiled Egg Gaming you are right
Boiled Egg Gaming
Boiled Egg Gaming Måned siden
The hermits are blowing up this season with subs
Boiled Egg Gaming
Boiled Egg Gaming Måned siden
Not if you mean when
Emma Parkin
Emma Parkin Måned siden
Happy belated Thanksgiving! X
thibault Måned siden
For anyone on bedrock who needs a super smelter head over to silentwhisper he makes a ton of bedrock farms!
Masrur Bule
Masrur Bule Måned siden
Trading with cleric is a pretty good source of getting lapis lazuli
Shadow 603
Shadow 603 Måned siden
I feel like your voice hasn't changed since 5 years ago
Matthew Olive
Matthew Olive Måned siden
Don’t forget to add your diamonds spent on the smelter to the investment book
Rain Måned siden
2:55 cub bumping at the club oh my, what is this wonderful tune
Bobby Bologna
Bobby Bologna Måned siden
Cub's choice in build music always makes the building seem more interesting than it actually is lolol
Evan Miller
Evan Miller Måned siden
I can't look at super smelters the same way since Tango's insane setup this season.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Måned siden
Put something in the hermiton Harold about the nether hub
Minogamer 001
Minogamer 001 Måned siden
the thumbnail is so fricking good
TaterTot Hotdish
TaterTot Hotdish Måned siden
On the ceiling a minecraft hieroglyph would be awesome
Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren Måned siden
Is anyone else wondering if he let that 1 block of lapis despawn?
Alyssa Stevens
Alyssa Stevens Måned siden
oooo i really like the timelapse music with the heavy base.
AARAV SHARMA Måned siden
Episodes in which he works on his majestic pyramid are always the best
MemeLord_69 Måned siden
Cub: The supersmelter design imma use is my own design Cub to cub: No need to thank me
Abdelrahman Taha
Abdelrahman Taha Måned siden
Watching from egypt 😎❤
joe doub
joe doub Måned siden
Very nice pyramid Club any more lapis trade with villagers make them into clerics you can glow stone redstone and Lapis an XP bottles and making a village right there you go have a nice Thanksgiving and good luck
JanusZeal11 Måned siden
When I heard he was going to make it like the Great Pyramid, I thought he was going to put his Tomb inside...
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez Måned siden
Hey Cub, love the ceiling idea! One thing that may help reduce the amount of lapis you will need is that ancient Egyptian ceilings often had white or gold stars painted on a background of blue. If you google Egyptian stars you can see what I mean.
Jacob Lichti
Jacob Lichti Måned siden
Looked that up and they look very cool!
gferrol118 Måned siden
I still don't get why soul speed uses durability, but stuff like depth strider or feather falling don't
Ephis Måned siden
Hey cub ! Apprentice Cleric sell Lapis lazuli, you should go trading over mining for your ceiling :)
TheePluto Måned siden
20:38 The fact that he did that perfectly is beyond me
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