2021 Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Team Launch | Meet the F1 W12

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Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

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Join us LIVE from our home in Brackley, as we say hello to the 2021 Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance! 🖤🥰
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Hammad 9 dager siden
F1 is a sport in which 9 teams compete to beat Mercedes
Turbo 16 dager siden
Another year of Hamilton winning 90% of the races...yawn 🥱
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 12 dager siden
Aww cissie straggie whity opresdor is crying
Kamso 19 dager siden
We live performances 👍🏾👏🏾🙌🏾♥️♥️
Ersin Kesgin
Ersin Kesgin 19 dager siden
I really want to mention the Moderator - great job dude!
Milan Janssen
Milan Janssen 21 dag siden
song name?
Ngozi Agyei
Ngozi Agyei 23 dager siden
is it just me or Lewis wants to make it like he is struggling but on the grid he is gonna reck them
corpse 25 dager siden
The professionalism, the humbleness, eagerness, and determination from Toto Wolff speaks VOLUMES! I love this team! See you guys on race day!
S Wojtenek
S Wojtenek Måned siden
Ich sehe keinen Silberpfeil mehr, Echt traurig diese Entwicklung! Verstehe das eine Jahr aber so eine schöne Tradition und dann bloß ein Teil davon traditionell.... Weg mit dem Schwarz
Gabry Negri
Gabry Negri Måned siden
Forza Ferrari
Paperback Writer
Paperback Writer 27 dager siden
Forza s🅱️in
Gabry Negri
Gabry Negri Måned siden
Mercedes-Benz Is 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮
Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan Måned siden
Is it safe to assume they are the black arrows now?
BLiTZ! Måned siden
song name? XD
Jonteh Hel
Jonteh Hel Måned siden
"Sir Lewis Hamilton". That is music to my ears!:)
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Måned siden
I love Toto. He is def the reason I love Mercedes. And Sir Louis Hamilton 😂. Love him too
Education International
Education International Måned siden
The Champion is born 😍 i want my completely Black ❤️
miko foin
miko foin Måned siden
I like the straight-forward event anyway - much better than others..
Mistery Girl
Mistery Girl Måned siden
Get in there LEWIS !!
Rayad Boyce
Rayad Boyce Måned siden
So are we getting underglow this season? 😂
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Måned siden
Mercedes are the Borg of F1.
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Måned siden
Please put the names of the people in the video in the comments. I'm 1 week new to the sport and I can't quite catch name of the driver on the right side
james green
james green Måned siden
Love listening to Totto and James. So knowledgeable I could sit and listen to them to talk for hours . Best of luck for the new season go for 8
miko foin
miko foin Måned siden
cd C(see). C me. Aliens flew it dwn n2 his car fr their Spaceship at Mst of his races. Now U know Why he Corners so Quick. But just a little Finger Vane will Change d Aero 2 S
Deepak R
Deepak R Måned siden
WOW! That’s a good looking car 🤩
Adriel Njie
Adriel Njie Måned siden
I love the w12 the front wing is kind of the same to the w11 its just the blue on it and ive seen the big engine mercedes is gonna use and lets hope mercedes gets more champs on the constructor championship!
Jamison MustyRushroom
Jamison MustyRushroom Måned siden
It’s interesting to see how methodical the whole process is... whole team are detail rangers
Bom dia
Francisco Marques
Francisco Marques Måned siden
Mercedes Go, Go, Go
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
Much more interesting than some of the other opening events. Take note!
pida siouy
pida siouy Måned siden
be in point compared to everyone else , you take that mindset into the actually team and performance and you see hey they win ......hats off
Roberto Guzman
Roberto Guzman Måned siden
I am amazed at the level of quality that this team shows! The car, the drivers, the directors, the videos in this channel, everything transpires attention to detail, it's awesome. Way to go Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team! Keep the great work!
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Måned siden
Wow, thank you!
Dawn Winner
Dawn Winner Måned siden
I'm 42 ,retired a net worth of $1 million. I'm currently travelling the world with my partner. I've loved the fire movement ,planned for it and I did it! You can do that too
Dawn Winner
Dawn Winner 22 dager siden
@RemonDX that's his official whassapp line over there
RemonDX 26 dager siden
Relevant to F1, how?
Lag Bot
Lag Bot Måned siden
Yeah, I’m a Nigerian prince and some times it huppens that I randomly give money to people...
Ubok Wilie
Ubok Wilie Måned siden
Have you gotten an email from a Nigeria prince?
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Måned siden
hey lady, you're a rock star!
Trigon r
Trigon r Måned siden
A beast waiting to be released
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
What are the odds that Valtteri wins a couple? I’d like to see that.
Lewis is going to blitz it!!
hug0 Måned siden
i feel steve jones did a very good job presenting
steel one
steel one Måned siden
Mercedes are the Borg of F1.
Voodoochill Måned siden
Toto sounds so much like Arnold Schwarzenegger...
kerrie kerry
kerrie kerry Måned siden
BAR Supertech/BAR Honda/HondaF1/Brawn GP/Mercedes
Dezee Fresh
Dezee Fresh Måned siden
Yep, I know ab dem Aero Tweaks. Found Out buildg my Alien " Stealth TechnoDrone 2 Honor Senna. " It's a Stealth Alien Wing Drone dat Senna hd sittg n his Rear Wing dat body cd C(see). C me. Aliens flew it dwn n2 his car fr their Spaceship at Mst of his races. Now U know Why he Corners so Quick. But just a little Finger Vane will Change d Aero 2 Such Level. Ballsman Hamilton gt dem Alien ppl n him 2. Whn I Finish Buildg dis "Stealth Alien TechnoDrone 2 Honor Renner " , I wish 4 Ballsman 2 cm w me 2 Brazil 2 Release it. Cms w d Baddest Bikini 4 Ur SuperHottie. SuperBad Alien Wing 4 Ur SuperBad car gvs U Plenty SuperHottie. U'll C.
Dexter Bernard
Dexter Bernard Måned siden
Its race by race by race...crystal balls don't work. I'm excited for all of teams. Bonne Chance to all.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock Måned siden
This host was terrible! Always interrupting everyone with his stupid smirk on his face! Toto looked like he was going to slap him! The interviews didn’t flow at all!
Thybulle'un Bisküvileri
Thybulle'un Bisküvileri Måned siden
I love this car ı want see this car soon on the track
Garrett Gustafson
Garrett Gustafson Måned siden
Lewis Hamilton is the Goat of F1
Adam Wroten
Adam Wroten Måned siden
For some reason mercedes just seems to do everything better , the small things even , event presentations , how the teams work, video presentations, everything just seem to be in point compared to everyone else , you take that mindset into the actually team and performance and you see hey they win ......hats off
white ttlove
white ttlove Måned siden
come back silver color.
ieman Z
ieman Z Måned siden
Linda TheOne
Linda TheOne Måned siden
Even launch you are is very profesional
SMMAB Måned siden
What are the odds that Valtteri wins a couple? I’d like to see that.
SMMAB Måned siden
She’s gorgeous. Bring it Red Bull!
dex räikkönen
dex räikkönen Måned siden
One thing no team has done so far is ask Pirelli for a all black set of tires to properly show the livery, making it look a bit less busy. It would look much better in my opinion.
dex räikkönen
dex räikkönen Måned siden
That is how you do an F1 car launch. Did you hear that, Aston Martin?? (theirs was a cringe show)
David Addley
David Addley Måned siden
Well lewis complained about his tires again....guess he gunna win...the whole season lol
HighestGrails Måned siden
The guy hairline: ⬇️
Ale Ole
Ale Ole Måned siden
Thanks for the last 7 boring years to F1..
זה סודי
זה סודי Måned siden
Ibra Ibra
Ibra Ibra Måned siden
He sound like Schwarzenegger
Saturday Josef
Saturday Josef Måned siden
The goat will still remains the goat trust me 💦
Ronit Ghosh
Ronit Ghosh Måned siden
the beauty & a beast : Petronas Mercedes-AMG..... my racing team
Paul brown
Paul brown Måned siden
Be good to keep the under car lighting for the night races
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke Måned siden
Is Lewis Excited?
Mr RoyalGard
Mr RoyalGard Måned siden
Man this looks amazing :D
David Mead
David Mead Måned siden
They seem to have given up on silver completely. Shows the power of Lewis.
Latvijas Hokeja izlase iihf
Latvijas Hokeja izlase iihf Måned siden
Hi Mercedes - amg petronas formula one TEAM
A_64_Vivek Raj Dewangan
A_64_Vivek Raj Dewangan Måned siden
I read that Nico Hulkenberg can be Mercedes reserve driver this year.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock Måned siden
Hope not! Stoffel is great!
NobleStar Måned siden
Its like they highlight all the previous star graphics on photoshop and then change them to AMG logos.
Abravado Måned siden
well people the Black is an AMG thing, but feel free to take is as whatever you want it to be...after all idiots have rights to be themselves.
sicmic Måned siden
Mercedes have done an exceptional job over the past 7 years. I just hope that someone can give them a real fight this year so we can have some truly exciting racing, rather than knowing who is going to win every weekend.
MrSappergav Måned siden
Love James Alison, love toto Wolff, love hammy and bottas. Will be sorry when this partnership ends
Jesse James Bell
Jesse James Bell Måned siden
Got to love ToTo " Get to the Chopper " Wolf !
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Måned siden
Mercedes Amg what a great F1 w12 it is very interesting about valtteri and Lewis working as teammates for long time I like how respect one another and Toto wolff and James are good at giving details on some new work done for 2021 season thank you to Mercedes and Steven Jones for interview everyone.
Adamantium T.
Adamantium T. Måned siden
-TruthSeekerUK- Måned siden
Some many geniuses in one building.... and then steve 😂
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog Måned siden
pratik hapase
pratik hapase Måned siden
What is that aero man....damn! watched that atleast 10 times🔥🔥I am starting to get a feeling now of how many lap times' records the W12 is gonna break!! The aero itself if freaking intimidating!
GrandadJim99 Måned siden
You won’t ever get a better driver than Lewis
Pete Måned siden
So why the black color, is BLM still a thing?
Paul Gooddy
Paul Gooddy Måned siden
For Hamilton, yes.
Gentleman Driver
Gentleman Driver Måned siden
I dont like that they are giving up their traditional silver colour.
Denzel Heden
Denzel Heden Måned siden
Mercedes, what is the difference between your Engine and the Engine you provide to other teams? it isn't the same ahhh..that is why you are winning all the time and those who use your engine are not winning lol
Paul Gooddy
Paul Gooddy Måned siden
Engine is a mass part, yes. But also the chassis and drivers make a big part of the equation.
Imlerith Måned siden
Silver arrows better than AMG 👊
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag Måned siden
That’s one looooong car....
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Måned siden
Awesome looking car. funny how much better it looks knowing how dominant is has been. lol. Launching late has put a huge smile on all their faces. GPS has snitched on their competitor"s performance. Merc is a well oiled machine so my props goes out to every supervisor in the company. 8 + 8 in 2021
frezeychiller Måned siden
Einfach die Begrüßung von Inskope21 geklaut ja moin 🇩🇪
adamhprs Måned siden
Wow what a good looking car! Well done team good luck in 2021
keita-mansare mady . d
keita-mansare mady . d Måned siden
Beat them again this year. Lewis is back.
Bobby Baggs
Bobby Baggs Måned siden
Those wheels are SICK!
Alyssa Krosbakken
Alyssa Krosbakken Måned siden
Gosh she’s a gorgeous machine! Fabulously executed reveal, Mercedes. Listening to the team talk just draws you into wanting to come work for the organization.
Joe Sarker
Joe Sarker Måned siden
U getting rock hard buddy chill
Maine-mail_ 2019
Maine-mail_ 2019 Måned siden
Bring back a Mercedes F1 car in silver livery...please!
Blath Måned siden
Shame it’s not silver
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Måned siden
Much more interesting than some of the other opening events. Take note!
The Man
The Man Måned siden
It's all a con job. Lewis is a average driver at best. The sport has to stop George form exposing it's all fake.
Paul Gooddy
Paul Gooddy Måned siden
Like Schumacher was.
10K Cam0
10K Cam0 Måned siden
Hussain Azfar
Hussain Azfar Måned siden
You cant get enough of James talking about the car. very professional
Simon O
Simon O Måned siden
Lewis, you're losing your audience my friend. Focus on TALENT and the opportunity that it provides, please, which you have demonstrated your entire life. Still your No 1 fan!
D. Måned siden
Where are the famous silver arrows?
Darling Luv
Darling Luv Måned siden
Way to go Mercedes & 2021 belongs to just you - Dolly, loyal Merc girl for this lifetime 🚙
Colleen Malo
Colleen Malo Måned siden
W12 is such a beast can’t wait to hear her RRROOOOOAAAARRRRR!!
traida111 Måned siden
enjoy it while it lasts, easy when you have the fastest car. Lets hope its a level playing field and those these guys are not just racing against eachother
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie Måned siden
Beautiful car!!! Mercedes AMG Petronas nailded it again!!! But I'm disappointed that the car is black again. 😔😔😔I liked the silver livery of the silver arrows much more!!! They looked and were actually a lot cooler for the drivers!!! Black lives matter statement is outdated now Lewis!!! You made your statement Lewis!!! Don't get me wrong, I also dislike racism!!! But now it's time to look forward again and get back to the original silver livery plz!!!
YinYang Måned siden
here comes toto wolf toto wolf morphs through wall
SuperMario Ryley
SuperMario Ryley Måned siden
Before: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Now: AMG Mercedes AMG Petronas AMG F1 AMG Team AMG Jokes aside, nice livery... AMG, AMG... AMG
Der Boss D.K
Der Boss D.K Måned siden
10:00 it would be lovely to see the underfloor lighting also in the night races. 🤩
goddar Måned siden
Imagine the drivers getting shout at by Arnold Schwarzenegger during the race. I would have s**t my pants.
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson Måned siden
Toto definitely hits the gym.
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry Måned siden
I liked the music at the end
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