Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#23: Grace Pass Not Found

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4 måneder siden

Minecraft Server. Today we experiment with Dolphin's Grace by building a secret tunnel to the End portal. We head to the Shopping District to deal with the road issues. Then we build a wall at base, check out a Gold Farm, and fight for our right to be the Stand-Off champion.
Beef: nopost.info/throw/upyydo-SyY96hZI/video
Note Block Music:
Final Fantasy 5 - Dragon Spreads Its Wings
Runescape - Sea Shanty 2
Cave Story - Jenka 1
Final Fantasy 5 - Evil Lord Ex Death 2
Final Fantasy 1 - Gurgu Volcano
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
#hermitcraft #etho #minecraft

Polina Lavrova
Polina Lavrova 3 dager siden
Joe's imagination of OrUcHiMaRu is a bit weird. I mean it's a suit with stripes and a weird pixel art at front, worn by a humanoid creature of a bit wrong color... (I am not complaining!)
michelle valentin
michelle valentin 20 dager siden
The zesty surname ethically tremble because goal markedly exercise at a difficult mexico. medical, classy border
tjappa schuur
tjappa schuur 25 dager siden
Bit late, and maybe he already did it, but cant he just trap a zombie pigmen and agro him with a snowball everytime he uses the farm?
Suhyu09 29 dager siden
PETA dislikes this video
JCO Måned siden
I'm American. But I thank you for being Canadian and spelling 'favor' without a u.
Elise Dutcher
Elise Dutcher Måned siden
GTWS is good time with scar becuase it was bad time with scar typing aka scars camera account
Jane J
Jane J Måned siden
Ocicat 007
Ocicat 007 Måned siden
I like the detail work on the base! So ccol!
Baby a Agarwal
Baby a Agarwal Måned siden
I like montage stuff more
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 2 måneder siden
Kill the zombie pigmen with foxes holding looting swords
rjamesstephens 2 måneder siden
Always happy to see another hermitcraft vid :) I know you prefer ssp, but honestly smp is so much fun too sometimes.
Dan Ovadia
Dan Ovadia 2 måneder siden
Etho always gives an analysis of how his farms work by giving a spectators view in survival mode. So the stakes are high and the challenge is real.
Unholy Critter
Unholy Critter 2 måneder siden
Ik this is late but I enjoy your detail work more then anything else
Robert Karas
Robert Karas 2 måneder siden
Sea shanty 2 baby
Josh Carter
Josh Carter 2 måneder siden
I knew one day he would turn the whole episode into "I did a little mining off camera"
Timothy Asis
Timothy Asis 2 måneder siden
dont betrey mycelium nerd
William E
William E 2 måneder siden
I love how he references film theory/game theory at 14:50
Lee Love
Lee Love 2 måneder siden
I love the detail/explanation building
Sam Loos
Sam Loos 2 måneder siden
Joe sounds like his nose is always blocked
kamahamaha 2 måneder siden
14:47 only loyal theorists will understand
Kevin 2 måneder siden
I like the more detailed build sessions with explanations.
Kadin Riggs
Kadin Riggs 3 måneder siden
It's okay if nobody finds out about it -Tunnel -Using Xisuma's farms -Sneak-E-E's
JellyFishArmy 3 måneder siden
Lol the cheaper tho
Aarav Gamer
Aarav Gamer 3 måneder siden
Miðgarðsormr Apophis
Miðgarðsormr Apophis 3 måneder siden
Bdubs and Guude Beef and Pause Etho and Doc nothing lasts forever
Pyndragon 3 måneder siden
Chiuwiu The First
Chiuwiu The First 3 måneder siden
Detailed building is better
Killing Survival
Killing Survival 3 måneder siden
FILM THEORY REFERENCE! YES! “That’s just a theory, a colour theory!” Yes ETHOOO FILM THEORY - LOVE IT TOO! (Also game theory)
gatze 3 måneder siden
I love the game theory reference
WaffleDemon1929 3 måneder siden
Joe looks like beetlegeuse
TobyMcCroby 3 måneder siden
I really enjoy the slower more detailed building moments
Muzik Bike
Muzik Bike 3 måneder siden
24:50 perfectly cut scream
Antonio Estrada
Antonio Estrada 3 måneder siden
A_Shfox 3 måneder siden
Ah a naruto fan like me nice
Easton Funk
Easton Funk 3 måneder siden
When etho said secret tunnel the song secret tunnel poped in to my head
Champion Lime
Champion Lime 3 måneder siden
You should do a building tutorial for how you build and your style
martiekr 3 måneder siden
Still love that RuneScape tune
Madison Nott
Madison Nott 3 måneder siden
My brother at the beginning: I wonder what he's building. Me: Is it his tether nunnel? I meant nether tunnel! 😂
Leonor Helling
Leonor Helling 3 måneder siden
Make the bottom honey blocks so that the pigmen take damage but not so they die
Richard DiPreta
Richard DiPreta 3 måneder siden
Etho: The most profitable shops are made of crime “No Taxes” Scar: Has big diamond pile but wants more
XempireX18 3 måneder siden
wtf, that's the worst prize. come on, give something good.
Shockeray 3 måneder siden
I prefer the old style detail build videos more than the montage ones.
Mallu the Gamer
Mallu the Gamer 3 måneder siden
He watches game theorists or film theorists
Saulius Kerinas
Saulius Kerinas 3 måneder siden
No no no I not allow it dolphins are one of the few animals that should never be used for this thinks USE CONDUITS!!!!!!!!!
Shrek Da comrade
Shrek Da comrade 3 måneder siden
That.But thats just a theory a COULOR theory. Made my day
The Nug
The Nug 3 måneder siden
make a red stone contraption that can switch between afk farming and player killing.
Mandalorian 3 måneder siden
Now I realize why Grain put down a slap with his name on it. EthosLab
amy he
amy he 3 måneder siden
GTWS means goodtimewithscar
BiggestRook 101
BiggestRook 101 4 måneder siden
Lol this episode was pretty funny, gg lol
Cheryl Parry
Cheryl Parry 4 måneder siden
Etho i dont have twitter cuz its noisy but I've been looking around and all the noteblock tutorials are olldlddddddd.. ots of new blocks and redstone devices ahve been added. anyway we can get a wonderful etho conducted noteblock 101 tutorial. hmm say what each note is, the different 'instruments', and how redstone works with the noteblocks. i saw something about being able to hold a note for however long needed. i havent played piano in a long while but id really like to try and make some songs that nobody has yet
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming 4 måneder siden
Swiftness pots & conduits for water tunnel?
Rionplayz 4 måneder siden
Damn,the sync at the beginning was so satisfying 😆
Yenwodyah 4 måneder siden
I love the FFV music!
Brian Clark
Brian Clark 4 måneder siden
I love the game theory reference 😂
Venomous Cat
Venomous Cat 4 måneder siden
Ahem good sir, Grian would like to know what you smell like.
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy 4 måneder siden
that dolphin must be given more space :(
jason D
jason D 4 måneder siden
The first minute of your videos are becoming my favorite part.
I’m a moron and
I’m a moron and 4 måneder siden
Those dolphin cages are cruel Etho!
Bman Mooman
Bman Mooman 4 måneder siden
Game theory/film theory reference I sense
JustsBob 4 måneder siden
Dolphin slavery and abuse ....
Blox Builds
Blox Builds 4 måneder siden
Nutty Nuts
Nutty Nuts 4 måneder siden
Give them a shallow flow of lava to land in before they hit the bottom (can be disabled with redstone) so they survive the fall. The bottom will have soul sand and wither roses that way you can collect the loot with soul sand. When a pigmen drops smack him, that way pig men falling down will be agro'ed, making them drop ingots.
Apiary 4 måneder siden
Add Speed 2 & a riptide trident and you can reach some pretty nuts speeds when using a lead on a dolphin or placing them at regular intervals
Matthew Mo
Matthew Mo 4 måneder siden
It be a good fit of character if you joined the myciliem resistance
Cold Ramen
Cold Ramen 4 måneder siden
more detailed building is definitely better and if you don't like it then skip it >:)
Vin Vin
Vin Vin 4 måneder siden
Tidbit 4 måneder siden
Loved the editing of the Stand-Off game! Super well done!
Duckman 4 måneder siden
I really like the montage stuff but with some explaining videos mixed in
Zonkular 4 måneder siden
anyone else see the periods for secret tunnel? i think he was referring to avatar
11studios raf_the_eagle
11studios raf_the_eagle 4 måneder siden
I enjoy the detail building
Endorite 4 måneder siden
I loved the banter during the standoff finale!😂💙
LaconicMuse378 4 måneder siden
I prefer to watch story/interactions with other hermits rather than watching building or redstoning.
MeliMelon 4 måneder siden
TheSquishyBoo 4 måneder siden
RonakPlayzMC 4 måneder siden
You are the type of builder which brings uses to the useless items i will say that you are the best builder and i think you should do a build swap with grian
DeuSJS 4 måneder siden
Hey Etho, I think you should consider joining Minecraft Championship. You're always really funny when you have other people to interact with, and I think you would especially have a lot of comedic chemistry with people like Technoblade and Wilbur Soot in particular. Plus, it would be a nice change of pace compared to all the solo long-term content you do. Also, there's not really much reason not to. Might as well try one week and see if you and the viewers enjoy it, and you can always stop if not, especially since the community surrounding the event isn't toxic about skill level and performance during the events.
deci 4 måneder siden
It's been a while since Etho did proper PVP
etho,pls buy a stack of mycelium from the barge you will see :)
Joyce Marie Adriano
Joyce Marie Adriano 4 måneder siden
-casually reads a fic while watching the vid
Johnsongab 4 måneder siden
NOpost recommended me you 2010 minecraft lets play and wanna see if your alive damn your content is good lol im subbing
Theos 4 måneder siden
rip you got the badest box rip
xyphenius 4 måneder siden
4:36 old school runescape boogy to Sea Shanty!!
moai mai
moai mai 4 måneder siden
Depth strider and dolphins grace is like, superspeed
SeveralEnd 8023
SeveralEnd 8023 4 måneder siden
I think him saying that a color theory, was a Film Theroy Reference, but that's just a theory, a YOUTBER THEORY.
Lucy Satts
Lucy Satts 4 måneder siden
more detailed cut jumps maybe
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote 4 måneder siden
Etho, you could utilize some sort of flame arrow suspended by a clocked piston (to prevent despawning) to ignite TNT to kill the zombie pigmen and can gain looting from this if a looting sword is being held, as well as, xp. You would need to engnieer a way for the tnt to kill a cluster of the pigmen without destroying any vital blocks while transporting the items to chests. But you're an intelligent individual and i think you'd be the man for the job if there ever was one.
Feu 56
Feu 56 4 måneder siden
Rename Netherbricks to "Netherrite" and sell it
Litzii 4 måneder siden
Sea Shanty 2!!!
I RC 4 måneder siden
etho do you scape or do you just like a hearty sea shantay? warms my heart every time i hear sea shantay 2 in minecraft
Gatt Mola
Gatt Mola 4 måneder siden
You can filter the rotten flesh into the lava lake?
Quizmo 71
Quizmo 71 4 måneder siden
Use a trident killer for the pigman farm
necramancer A gamer
necramancer A gamer 4 måneder siden
Bruh. This man has a shop thats all about being shady but doesnt have a tnt canon to shoot poeple to and from the shop. Pfftt
Samuel Sera
Samuel Sera 4 måneder siden
To rebel against scar, join grian's mycelium resistance by buying mycelium at the barge 🍄Mycelium4life🍄
King Godzilla953
King Godzilla953 4 måneder siden
Boi I miss taxes From project ozone 2
ethan 4 måneder siden
I prefer detailed building very very much
JAAKGamer 4 måneder siden
I like both montage and detailed
Colorsplash996 4 måneder siden
Who is badtimeswithscar in the thumbnail?
Ismail Bulbul
Ismail Bulbul 4 måneder siden
You could get them to 1hp by making them fall 23 blocks and then hit them all with sweeping edge and looting! It would be epic!
Solid20de 4 måneder siden
18:43 Hey Etho. How about putting renamed pigmen on a slab, thats around 4 blocks away from the platforms. Do that on every 3rd layer or so. Then anger them, and just have your pickup system below with an exit for your exp :) Should be the easiest solution ^^ Btw, nice video as always. Keep up the good work.
Jurajkof channel
Jurajkof channel 4 måneder siden
You really should go and buy mycelium at the Barge
JR 4 måneder siden
Etho I think you need to heist the diamond throne. Scar is getting a bit too comfortable with his hoard.
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