my message to KSI. lmao.

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Jake Paul

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Park South Freestyle Ft. Mike Tyson

Apellex 13 minutter siden
Somebody’s mum: why won’t you play with the neighbours kid? The neighbour’s kid:
Svensko92 Time siden
He still fucked you up
Official_Alex Time siden
Didn’t sign Ryan contract so stfu lmao
Owen Watson
Owen Watson 4 timer siden
Siblings or dating
GamerGod7650 5 timer siden
Imagine making fun of someone who is more successful and *FUNNIER* than you
ProchY 5 timer siden
You are in jon room
Owen Limrick
Owen Limrick 5 timer siden
Jake Paul is the type of guy to look up and down before crossing the road
Ethan Coe
Ethan Coe 5 timer siden
Had to get your mom’s permission before making the vid??
veer baalyan
veer baalyan 6 timer siden
He is just like a 10 yr old tryna act gangsta
Clayton Play’s
Clayton Play’s 8 timer siden
Miss the old jake
Noodle Verse
Noodle Verse 7 timer siden
@Clayton Play’s which one? the one that showed mildly censored nudity to children?
Clayton Play’s
Clayton Play’s 7 timer siden
@Noodle Verse the og jake was good
Noodle Verse
Noodle Verse 7 timer siden
Why does everyone say that? All the jakes suck
Pedro Rangel
Pedro Rangel 9 timer siden
sibling or relationship
Alicen Santiago
Alicen Santiago 9 timer siden
KSI be like: *you mad bro*
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb 11 timer siden
ksi is crying
Good Guy Mahnie
Good Guy Mahnie 12 timer siden
Now I have to remove taste from my playlist fuck dude
Unbox Warehouse
Unbox Warehouse 12 timer siden
Mom is riding shotgun. How is she cool with this behavior? Money?
medzyt A
medzyt A 12 timer siden
Oi jake be quite brove before you were scared of him now he will beat u up brov so stop taking
Gus 12 timer siden
Your laugh will arrive in 5-7 buisness days
The TV boy called Jimmy
The TV boy called Jimmy 13 timer siden
Getting higher and higher with your parents keep doing that if u really want to 'sweet home Alabama'
TTV LAF190 13 timer siden
Bit racist calling him scooby doo lad
The TV boy called Jimmy
The TV boy called Jimmy 13 timer siden
The amount of times he said 'sign the contract bro'
xHir 13 timer siden
Why is jake so hated tbh after that everyday bro song I've never seen jake paul again ngl never checked his channel nun of thaf
LetsPlaySundae 14 timer siden
the fact this video has more likes than dislikes amazes me
SwoodishVooking 14 timer siden
Oh you’re on the A side. Why is everyone on the KSI-de
Sophie Coppin
Sophie Coppin 16 timer siden
This guy has become the US equivalent to Katie Hopkins.........
Ben BeightonHorne
Ben BeightonHorne 16 timer siden
I'm a real dog. Jake definitely looks like one
Clarky DIZZLE 16 timer siden
Your short teeth is horrible looking
Clarky DIZZLE 16 timer siden
Your pretending to speak black
FRX 16 timer siden
He was 100% high when he made this
Reck Less
Reck Less 18 timer siden
Wtf is that laugh at the end
ツZac 19 timer siden
This guy on drugs now bruh wtf😂💀
J.I. Pistachio
J.I. Pistachio 19 timer siden
When he says he’s a real dog 😂😂😂
Hm 20 timer siden
He says ksi is about the money when he says he wants to make more than him.
anomunus lol
anomunus lol 20 timer siden
.... dint he lose?
Your local shiba inu :D
Your local shiba inu :D 21 time siden
Was he on weed? and also Jake do be sounding like a 6 yo
Nick B
Nick B 21 time siden
Lol he is next to his mom
Simra Ahmed
Simra Ahmed 21 time siden
And you think you’ll win?
Curtis Tomkins
Curtis Tomkins 22 timer siden
I'm pretty sure that jake saying "Scooby doo ass Mfcker" was a racist dig at ksi
Grace Riley
Grace Riley 22 timer siden
RAH he calls ksi scooby doo when jakes litterally shaggy Scooby doo is also the best Shaggy is worthless
Jake wadlow
Jake wadlow 22 timer siden
Jake Paul is the reason shampoo bottles have instructings
Flame-Ingo77 23 timer siden
hes drunk
Decently Good
Decently Good Dag siden
Actually does it next to his mom 😂😂😂
bald army
bald army Dag siden
He got his mummy
EMRLLAND Dag siden
Ur a joke😂
Andreas Geropoulos
Andreas Geropoulos Dag siden
Mom: My child will be the smartest kid in the world. Child: 1:03
Amirov So2
Amirov So2 Dag siden
and this guy has 20 millon subs
Koen Tromp
Koen Tromp Dag siden
Omg so much gayness
A BIG FAT L TO JAKE 😂 he gonna Eat them Words after KSI VS jake. Man thinks he can beat KSI after he’s brother got fucked up
qow11 Dag siden
ksi 22mil subs jake paul 20mil subs lol
fbs Dag siden
this guy really bitched out for a good 2 years and then he beats a retired nba player and thinks he's muhammed ali
Frost God
Frost God Dag siden
i actually find it funny how KSI forgot this clown existed and isn't replying because this guy is irrelevant lmfao
belikeemi 369
belikeemi 369 Dag siden
o dog water 💦
Boncca Twissle
Boncca Twissle Dag siden
bruh why you wearing the fucking hat like that, you look even more like a tool than you did before pmsl
Layton Lane
Layton Lane Dag siden
Mans was sleeping with his mom
SN1P3Z_EZDUBZ YT Dag siden
That laugh at the end tho
Dwight Leones
Dwight Leones Dag siden
That laugh is the most weirdest laugh i have ever heard
Potato HEAD
Potato HEAD Dag siden
That old hag sitting next to Jake: dating? Or incest.
Kronzoi v2 -
Kronzoi v2 - Dag siden
To more dislikes
Kronzoi v2 -
Kronzoi v2 - Dag siden
Let’s get this vid
Kronzoi v2 -
Kronzoi v2 - Dag siden
He said that ski is a fat man with titis bruh jake your the one with no shirt on and a broken rib your dumb
Kronzoi v2 -
Kronzoi v2 - Dag siden
Jake your a bum
Kronzoi v2 -
Kronzoi v2 - Dag siden
This got hella dislikes
qSqxintz Dag siden
This guy says “all about money” but he always makes fights about clout, 🤦🏽‍♂️
Josephthepandaguy Dag siden
is jake paul drunk in this
Larry Cheese
Larry Cheese Dag siden
He’s one to talk about music careers lmao
Jake paul sit yo ass down.
JMH Gta Dag siden
Jake paul is the perfect ad for condoms
S9 zemz
S9 zemz Dag siden
Look at his mom on the side😂
Andrew R
Andrew R Dag siden
Where are your shoulders at
Caden Delaney
Caden Delaney Dag siden
I think he a little drunk
Levi Smith
Levi Smith Dag siden
Who else wanna slap up jake ?
17hates Dag siden
Jake:SUP Fucker Im Ik you scared. Im A real dog I became the biggest fighter. Also Jake: Im Scared To sleep alone thats why Im sleeping with my mommy JJ: Wdym Your the biggest fighter you're a Manchild My Comment:I THINK HIS MOM Regrets Having Jake as a son She has MADE A MISTAKE Having Jake Paul As her son!
Caleb Pinon
Caleb Pinon Dag siden
Wakez Dag siden
Lmfao 138k dislikes
Farhan Wakil
Farhan Wakil Dag siden
Someone knock him down to size getting too big for bus boots. Can he challenge khabib or someone
Josh Canwell
Josh Canwell Dag siden
Shut up I’ll box u like fish
Isla Lane
Isla Lane Dag siden
the way pam smiled-
Pedro Henrique Rocha
Pedro Henrique Rocha Dag siden
I actually wish that they fight, because KSI would beat Jakes fucking ass
Tinuola Dag siden
Wel if ksi is scooby then jake your shaggy..
Alfie Hawkins
Alfie Hawkins Dag siden
He said his music ent going anywhere he just got platinum jake was dropped as a kid
Alfie Hawkins
Alfie Hawkins Dag siden
Please like so jake sees this he will get destroyed it’s easy money for ksi
amiin upg
amiin upg Dag siden
bro how can a person be so much hateable
Josiah Rodriguez
Josiah Rodriguez Dag siden
He sound like he on somthing
Finaly Coulter
Finaly Coulter Dag siden
Jake go back to bed the monsters are gone now
Finaly Coulter
Finaly Coulter Dag siden
Dating or siblings
U can’t fight McGregor will knock u out in 2.1 seconds
superfurball89onyoutube Dag siden
(Every Fortnite kid in a nutshell)
CCW BACON Dag siden
His laugh is like a goat knowing its going to be executed
La Flame
La Flame Dag siden
jordan kjallberg
jordan kjallberg Dag siden
It's the mom for me
Petar Ereiz
Petar Ereiz Dag siden
YO Jake Paul 1v1 me
Yxng Jimbo
Yxng Jimbo 2 dager siden
Biggest prize fighter for beating a basketball player ........
Xpro gaming And activities
Xpro gaming And activities 2 dager siden
Is jake on crack
Thomas Dag siden
Potato Yumm
Potato Yumm 2 dager siden
"You're scared!" Said the guy who cries after the fight
Big borris Fans
Big borris Fans 2 dager siden
When his video has almost the same amount of dislike and likes
John Carlos Santos
John Carlos Santos 2 dager siden
What was that laugh at the end
Bugs Bunny001
Bugs Bunny001 2 dager siden
is this a mental health awareness video????????????
Thomas Dag siden
•Whovian •
•Whovian • 2 dager siden
I think I have heard this speech for my 10 year brother lol
Surya Pillai
Surya Pillai 2 dager siden
song in the background?
kayleigh roblox
kayleigh roblox 2 dager siden
Anyone else kinda finding this rasist?
XxPandazxX 5634
XxPandazxX 5634 2 dager siden
Jake lad JJ will flatten u out mate hes just bulking leave him alone
Thomas Dag siden
nah hes training
Kevin Uzric Teves
Kevin Uzric Teves 2 dager siden
Im a ksi fan f jp bro
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