How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

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Full Detail! Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. In this video I show you how to clean your carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner. The super clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we vacuuming the carpet but we are also shampoing it with an extractor to remove all the embedded dirt and smells.
Next Super Clean video (Dash, Center Console, Doors): Coming next week
How to Super Clean your Seats: Coming the week after
SuperClean Exterior:
SuperClean Engine Bay:
SuperClean Windshield:
Carpet Cleaner:
Carpet Protector:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Shine Protector:
Waterless Wash and
Microfiber Towels:
Shop Vacuum:
Steam Cleaner:
Extractor Vacuum:
Detailing Brushes:
Drill Brush Attachment:
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ChrisFish 12 dager siden
I want to see a How To SuperClean Your Boat video ;)
Hafiz Hazami
Hafiz Hazami 15 timer siden
@ChrisFix oh man i cant wait
denzyrooster 16 timer siden
@Bluster Lumino he gonna use Phil swift's boat that he sawed in half
Sansara 20 timer siden
@ChrisFix I was expecting you to say "I live in the desert, don't have a boat" hahahahaha
Adam Wood
Adam Wood Dag siden
@ChrisFix I'm a big fan love your vids all the drift ones please make more
Xdclean ➊
Xdclean ➊ 2 dager siden
ChrisFish lol 😂
C Joe
C Joe 6 minutter siden
If someone wanted to vandalise a car, wouldn't they just destroy the exterior?
Sebastian Mireles
Sebastian Mireles 7 minutter siden
Hey buddy I love your videos! Is there any way you can do videos on diesel motors? How to upgrade then etc... thank you!
Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog 18 minutter siden
I have a Honda pilot that doesn't start or crank and it has no lights we were told that the engine needs to be replaced I wanted to know if there was a way I could fix it with our replacing the entire engine.
Qutut 23 minutter siden
Honestly, I feel like this entire series is SUPER helpful if you wanna sell a car. I mean, I personally would be willing to pay more for a car that is super clean than one that is all dirty and stuff.
Darrren Betker
Darrren Betker 46 minutter siden
Ya its called sweep it out, vacume then shampoo.
Yeetmobile 48 minutter siden
My family used to own the same car same color too
Plum Nesse
Plum Nesse Time siden
kennedy lim
kennedy lim Time siden
your dog is in your car 🚙
kennedy lim
kennedy lim Time siden
lol 😂
Ahmad Razi
Ahmad Razi Time siden
Operations cost for this cleaning is worth more than the value of the car.
F20s Time siden
Should i waste 27 min of my life when i have to choose between letting my dog jump on me and into interior of my car and not opening the door and let him jump with claws on my clear coat ?! :)
Michael A
Michael A 2 timer siden
Really looking forward to the next video. My wife's car has this weird sticky substance on the dash -- I think someone was trying to clean something and used a product that wasn't meant for it. It's sticky and shiny so in the sun it reflects off the windshield and makes it harder to see. I really hope you've got some magic to help fix that, cause it's a safety issue.
Ross Fright
Ross Fright 2 timer siden
I dunno why this came up in recommend but..... watched it and thought decent, went and subscribed and WHOA! Nearly 7 mill subscribers! 'Who da fook is dat guy' 😂
daniel broad
daniel broad 3 timer siden
so staged that interior
Cake_ManYT 3 timer siden
You should make a vide on how to fix saggy headliner or ripped
Borge170 3 timer siden
Hey can u put a big spiler on ur red driftstang
Any Factor
Any Factor 4 timer siden
13:12 cursed chocolate milk
Qaserty 4 timer siden
Hey Chris can you make more vids about your DriftStang i love those vids about your DriftStang. Love your vids keep up the good work!!!!
Surgit 5 timer siden
I just want to see you working on the mustang a little bit :)
Mrbamochester Bam
Mrbamochester Bam 5 timer siden
Chris fix got any videos to help out with a 2003 sun fire that has little bits of rust
zackmorris25 5 timer siden
Great job by a Great Jersey guy! Keep up the good work!
Rupinder Singh
Rupinder Singh 5 timer siden
I watched the entire video even when I don’t have a car :-p. But its fun to watch your videos 👍
Prostě_Kuba 6 timer siden
Me waiting how to install turbo
Daniel Simonds
Daniel Simonds 6 timer siden
"I don't think anybody's that dirty" I work as a mechanic. I've seen worse than that in people's daily drives and work vehicles...
Gaymer 6 timer siden
I really hope you and demo ranch do a collaboration with some vehicles or even hang out and shoot. I've been watching both of you for years and I was so excited when I found out you were friends on Instagram.
喜只狼 7 timer siden
Yo Chris, may I ask a quick question please? My Dad's Chrysler got oil paint sprayed on the windscreen. It made the windscreen smoky and I feel unsafe to drive it during the night. Could you please advise how can I remove the tiny oil paint spray spot on the windscreen please? Thanks
Htown713southside 7 timer siden
I'm trying to clean my seats but I don't have that vacuum to absorb the water
maroof khan
maroof khan 7 timer siden
Why don't u make vedio quick I mean u take a month after a vedio to make another vedio
Alejandro sandoval
Alejandro sandoval 8 timer siden
How to install power windows on Manuel driven windows!
Ruslan Rodriguez
Ruslan Rodriguez 8 timer siden
This cleaning videos are soooo satisfying! Thank you
GnarDope__ Radington
GnarDope__ Radington 8 timer siden
GnarDope__ Radington
GnarDope__ Radington 8 timer siden
Jesus man, that interior is giving me an anxiety attack 😂 I had a customers lifted excursion that looked pretty similar, and it honestly felt like I was working on it for 2 years straight. Started at 7:30am and finished at 10:30pm. The day just wouldn’t end
Abu Naeem
Abu Naeem 8 timer siden
Hey Chris I challenge you to do a face reveal when you hit 7 million subscribers pls
Sweet Caramel
Sweet Caramel 9 timer siden
That’s actually a flood car. I worked for an auction and floor cars are one of the cars that got sent to the auction to be auctioned off.
Proverbs 16:2 All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.
Robcis Gamer
Robcis Gamer 9 timer siden
When the new season will come out
Gaming With_Adam
Gaming With_Adam 9 timer siden
who started whacting this channel because of the drift stang
Deoxys X
Deoxys X 10 timer siden
Such energy these days! You’re still awesome after all these years keep it up!
SonnoMaku 10 timer siden
I don't have a really dirty car to clean but this is great. I'm definitely looking forward to the next video.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 11 timer siden
Great video! Will definitely be using some of this! Would love to see one that covers leather interiors.
zez Creed
zez Creed 11 timer siden
Chris Vandalizes cars to clean them again
Mystic dixin
Mystic dixin 11 timer siden
Wen are u going to do a drift stang video
I am a Time Traveller
I am a Time Traveller 11 timer siden
What become of the black car and the neighbors red car with the timing chain problem?
Iconic D.n.o
Iconic D.n.o 11 timer siden
At 3:41 he said slide it forward when he did it backwards and the he said slide it forward
Damon Imrie
Damon Imrie 12 timer siden
I heard there is a wild ChrisFix replying to comments for 4 hours a day
MXT OneSadPrius
MXT OneSadPrius 12 timer siden
Where's that face reveal your at 6.9 M subscribers do it for the boys
Jimmy Luna
Jimmy Luna 13 timer siden
How to undercoat a car ?
u2nwonknu1 13 timer siden
What drill are you using?
C- Note
C- Note 13 timer siden
ChrisFix, you’ve outdone yourself with this one, great content, great editing and great tips. Thank you for sharing
Alex Hooper
Alex Hooper 13 timer siden
This video came out at the perfect time! I supercleaned my old car and traded it in and it definitely helped me out! Got another great car now! Keep up the great work Chris! 👍😃
Anders Spratling
Anders Spratling 13 timer siden
Would you ever get a tesla?
Jalen Mendiola
Jalen Mendiola 13 timer siden
Hey ChrisFix, my car is revving up with barely any acceleration. For example in fifth gear i press the gas and rev high but dont speed up. Any idea what may be the problem?
Mopar 14 timer siden
Can’t wait for my Hoover spot clean to clean e tomorrow
MrRchrd725 14 timer siden
Father Leo
Father Leo 14 timer siden
You are the MAN, ChrisFix!!
xxbiaxx 14 timer siden
You don't know me if you think that car is filthy
saintkartoon sk
saintkartoon sk 15 timer siden
So what would you recommend in my car? I have a headliner that is similar to the one you did. But a while back I had a soda can freeze and explode and the liner is pretty well stained.
C Diaz
C Diaz 15 timer siden
My car is worse. Super extra clean
RS Karma
RS Karma 15 timer siden
13 years old bought my first car and now am completed with body, paint, cleaning/detailing, brakes, doors, and wheels such an inspiration
Claude Desaulniers
Claude Desaulniers 15 timer siden
By the time that spray bottle water gets to to the stains, the water isn't warm anymore.
denzyrooster 16 timer siden
If you could link me a video on how to refill windshield wiper fluid, thatd be great.
Lil Cat
Lil Cat 16 timer siden
Bru I have been watching you seens 14k
Miguel Echevarria
Miguel Echevarria 16 timer siden
Good tips bro keep Up The good work
Samuel sattler
Samuel sattler 16 timer siden
20:13 another reason to clean that moisture builds up there and helps it rust. Not good to have that
J H 16 timer siden
@6m40s" "...five horsepower..." would be 3.7kW, or about 31A at 120V. Does your power outlet offer 31A? .: They're lying.
Adam Verduzco
Adam Verduzco 16 timer siden
Can you make a video on how to take off the foggieness out of headlights pls🙏
Flip Ecks
Flip Ecks 16 timer siden
My 2014 Chevy Malibu LT2 doesn't have a carpet like most cars. When I use my shop vac and go over an area with deep grass, the carpet starts to come out almost hair like. Any ideas?
bri bri Cotin
bri bri Cotin 16 timer siden
Was this car really dirty? or Did you just make it dirty to clean it up again? Because its looks like someone just threw mud on it
CODzombies 17 timer siden
with the vacuum extractor did he use plain water?
Sheldon Legg
Sheldon Legg 17 timer siden
Make what a difference merch
John Smith
John Smith 17 timer siden
All Americans should be like Chris Fix....that is what makes America great!
Samuel Logan
Samuel Logan 17 timer siden
CHRIS I NEED THE NEXT VIDEO THANKS. Your videos are the best. I vacuumed my truck for the first time in a year because of you.
Curvia Charmon
Curvia Charmon 17 timer siden
What brand vaccum is that and the steamer
Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog 17 timer siden
How much is the car going for?
Don Brown
Don Brown 17 timer siden
5:15 You should do a video showing us how to snap our fingers to pick up trash like that LOL!
L3 Wořks
L3 Wořks 18 timer siden
🥴🤣they didn't even teach me this much at school
Tracy Dotse
Tracy Dotse 18 timer siden
Hey do you have a shop where you clean and if you do what state
Mel Hardee
Mel Hardee 18 timer siden
Chris do you have any videos on how to test your speedometer? I had some large 43" tires on my truck and took them off and the leveling kit and have a stock size truck now and I'm sure the speed is off because when it's saying I'm doing 80 mph and I'm getting passed by fully loaded semi trucks, something's off for sure.
Mel Hardee
Mel Hardee 17 timer siden
@ChrisFix Unfortunately I don't have a cell, just don't have any use for one, I use my home landline phone.
ChrisFix 18 timer siden
Download a speedometer app for your phone and compare
AJE 18 timer siden
People: this is gonna be an expensive fix! Chris: Hold my Soapy Wooder
Jan khan
Jan khan 18 timer siden
This is called MAGIC!!!!!
raikkichu 18 timer siden
ur voice is kinda hot 😳
Abdul Sultan
Abdul Sultan 18 timer siden
dude i can't wait for you to install a turbo or supercharger, i have always wondered how they are installed.
C Conroy
C Conroy 18 timer siden
Dyson stick vac has a removable head and attachments you would use with the shop vac, may not be the same HP, but super convenient and it's a nice bonus when you've already bought a Dyson for your home.
Xiaowei Jia
Xiaowei Jia 19 timer siden
Im Just wondering why your sisters car have glass in the back seats
Damien Chiang
Damien Chiang 19 timer siden
Zionks! 19 timer siden
Even though I do not own a car.... nor am I old enough to drive, I love watching your vids. Keep up the good work!!
ET-_ghost 2007
ET-_ghost 2007 19 timer siden
Why you don't open your own mechanic you can fix cars in minutes
mark nadin
mark nadin 20 timer siden
Great video but wouldnt it have been better to work top to bottom
NGL Retro
NGL Retro 21 time siden
What are your thoughts on the hummer EV coming out soon?
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans 21 time siden
Face revel at 7 million
Jack Conate
Jack Conate 21 time siden
This car seems like being excavated from a Neolithic site.
Paul Weiss
Paul Weiss 21 time siden
I find that it is easier to wash your floor mats with a high pressure washer while they are hanging...
Cliff Cheng
Cliff Cheng 21 time siden
Hey Chris! My dad and i love watching your videos together. Thanks for the awesome content, you have sparked a passion for automotives in me. Video Idea: I’ve been planning on changing the carpet in my truck recently (02 avalanche), i think it’s a very good piece of knowledge to have if you buy old vehicles. I’m sure a ton of people have watched you’re video and absolutely pissed at themselves for not taking care of it in the first place.
Sarvech Ahmed
Sarvech Ahmed 21 time siden
Ladies and Gentlemen. After the success of soapy wooder. I present to you "Durrdy"
Tarantula 21 time siden
What will be your next installment on the driftstang? I was thinking aftermarket steering wheel
Paul Weiss
Paul Weiss 21 time siden
Seeing a Chrysler badge gives me anxiety...
Eric Serino Rodriguez
Eric Serino Rodriguez 22 timer siden
what happened with the driftstang
TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty 22 timer siden
You sound like Jeff from American Dad. Lol
A k Rameez
A k Rameez 22 timer siden
Taye Jones
Taye Jones 22 timer siden
Haven't watch this guy in a while ..... I used to watch him when he was at 600k and now he's almost at 7 mill. Wow congrats
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