Travis Pastrana’s NEW Subaru STI Gymkhana Car: First Ever Tire Test (In All Raw Carbon!)

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8 dager siden

Welcome to the newest addition to a long line of wild Gymkhana cars: Travis Pastrana’s 2020 Subaru WRX STI Gymkhana car, purpose-built JUST for the film. This is Travis’s first time ever seeing, driving, and sliding this car… and damn if it isn’t glorious. Another super important part? Picking which Yokohama tire that Travis will be doing his Gymkhana exploits with. Spoiler alert, it’s the same exact tire you can run on your own street car.
Big thanks to everyone who is making this car, and Gymkhana possible:
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MAS 8 dager siden
Pastrana is doing the gymkhana now??
Hans Schufleur
Hans Schufleur 5 dager siden
Tandem gymkhana in the future?
Ward Tam
Ward Tam 5 dager siden
I think the first video should be them both together because ken is the man and I think he should say goodbye
Joe Maddox
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Papa Pruett
Papa Pruett 6 dager siden
@Hoonigan the only things missing are a roof scoop and vortices
ROACH 6 dager siden
@AudibleVisible nope. Hes bin competing in gymkhana against ken for years. Or do you just know about the videos that kens the driver.
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson 4 timer siden
Anyone else impressed how fast travis figured out driving a gymkhana car bc he did bad ass really exited for gymkhana
Faiz Ibrar
Faiz Ibrar 5 timer siden
Squad bruh
Squad bruh 5 timer siden
Hopefully travis passes the torch to tanner would love to see him in a gymkhana as well
George Duarte
George Duarte 9 timer siden
Wtf is the.....
droopy aguacat3
droopy aguacat3 10 timer siden
"Idc its what looks good in camera" savage ass lol
Griffin Bryson
Griffin Bryson 18 timer siden
Gunna miss ken
michele galiazzo
michele galiazzo 19 timer siden
it would have been nice with a drone shot @Hoonigan
Gamma Light
Gamma Light 23 timer siden
Look at ya'll doing cool stuff again!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
Here’s hoping they add this car to a bunch of racing games it’s cool as hell
jm8373 Dag siden
Really??? 15mins of watching the same move over and over again. Boring 😴 😴 😴. Let leave the Real Gymkhanaing to the *Master Ken Block*
Boaz Tennekes
Boaz Tennekes Dag siden
Travis has so much respect for the gymkhana's, this is gonna be great. (weird thing but the subaru guys' masks are so nicely fitted)
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
Eww, not even a hatchback.
Pastrana, is a Jedi walking among clown shoe level IQ mofo's. Same clown shoes, that haven't the faintest what this even means.
Hawaiian Hachii 86
Hawaiian Hachii 86 Dag siden
I need to write on my next resume I can draw a chalk line and bring my own hot wheels for the pre talk of the shots
Kerry Kalls
Kerry Kalls Dag siden
That thing is sick. Also ugly AF
jb oxner
jb oxner Dag siden
gymkhana will not be the same without Ken Block
Dereck Smith
Dereck Smith 2 dager siden
Should have ran the new Crawford gymkhana exhaust lol
Ryan Mann
Ryan Mann 2 dager siden
I live in helena and i ain’t even know you came here
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
Pastrana khana. Seems legit
William Kiley
William Kiley 2 dager siden
Bruce Wayne's car when he was a reckless teenager
Nick Dills
Nick Dills 2 dager siden
Only thing I heard was mumbling from those masks. Subaru sounds awesome.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
😬 @#$&
Joe Young
Joe Young 2 dager siden
Less talk and more driving. That and get rid of the lame stuff on the car starting with that lame wing/spoiler.
pbandjwrx 2 dager siden
y'all should've got michelin or toyo....just being honest.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 2 dager siden
Masked, outdoors in the middle of nowhere.
Paugh Eric
Paugh Eric 2 dager siden
Must be nice, if I only had a chance I'd dominate
Kyle Duran
Kyle Duran 2 dager siden
Montana 🤘🤘
Dank wise
Dank wise 3 dager siden
That aero looks atrocious
Arrtus 3 dager siden
Eww, not even a hatchback.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 dager siden
"There's nothing you can't fix by putting a little bit more speed on it" - Scotto the prophet 2020
Balaw Tv
Balaw Tv 3 dager siden
Vans shoes 😍
chucka187 3 dager siden
Be honest guys this things looks like a wreck. They went way over board and again in typical Subaru fashion they dropped the ball once a gain for us old school loyal rally fans.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 dager siden
Thats a 1dx hahahha
Diego Molina
Diego Molina 3 dager siden
This has to be the ultimate dream car of any rally driver. My mind is blown away and I’m in love. God damn it. This is the rally batmobile.
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul 3 dager siden
How many Canards do you need... TP: Yes.
Peter D_law
Peter D_law 3 dager siden
😬 @#$&
Jack Lougheed
Jack Lougheed 3 dager siden
Pastrana khana. Seems legit
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 3 dager siden
Would look sick with a set of Fifteen52s
Ryan Mcguire
Ryan Mcguire 3 dager siden
Helena regional airport thats where they hold the drag races every year
Hindi Gago
Hindi Gago 3 dager siden
Lies! That’s the new bat mobile!
nigel hill
nigel hill 3 dager siden
so what happened to Ken Blocks 4wd Mustang?? Does he still own it
Travis Louisseize
Travis Louisseize 3 dager siden
Travis has a unique talent at being fast no matter what he is driving and adapting to knew situations. Like a 6th sense that let's him get closer to the limit much faster than other drivers. He is also the most down to Earth driver I ever met
Brandon Kent
Brandon Kent 3 dager siden
car belongs in world time attack. not this crap
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
WRC from 2013 for some tips.
Dominique LeBlanc
Dominique LeBlanc 4 dager siden
Hey Ron, a 1dx with a green tape on it still looks like a 1dx!
Dominique LeBlanc
Dominique LeBlanc 4 dager siden
Even Scotto's cane got a wheel! Pimp that $hit!
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
You know subaru needs to redesign the WRX when not even gymkhana can make it look cool...uhg...
mattjubie 4 dager siden
I like that you are wearing masks outside...idiot!
Karam Tanda
Karam Tanda 4 dager siden
Thats a 1dx hahahha
det300zx 4 dager siden
OMG that car is ugly... miss the 06-07 hawkeyes… but gets the job done!
Shadowshot9400 4 dager siden
I can’t wait to see y’all in MD I’m a huge subie and even bigger Hoonigan fan 🔥
Dominik Gorowski
Dominik Gorowski 4 dager siden
Watch and learn all u ford and chevy lovers😭
russell hite
russell hite 4 dager siden
That should be on a shirt "there's nothing you can't fix by putting a little bit more speed on it"
Joe Honson
Joe Honson 4 dager siden
When he caught that wing with the Tail of the jet in exact position..... impressive... Or completely coincidental.
Jason Ruckwardt
Jason Ruckwardt 4 dager siden
Living in the UK its still mad to me that people use a plane to travel within the same country
Joni K
Joni K 4 dager siden
Can you tell more about the engine?
siu dun
siu dun 4 dager siden
did ron just disrespected the 1Dx with a crappy lens? we need machine gun larry please!!!!!
Jens Rahm
Jens Rahm 4 dager siden
So happy they went back to Subaru.
Jonathan Roachford
Jonathan Roachford 4 dager siden
Batman looking car you got there buddy
JMALVA3 4 dager siden
Try this on a tEsLa
Connor Campbell
Connor Campbell 4 dager siden
How much hrsprs????
J. S.
J. S. 4 dager siden
You know subaru needs to redesign the WRX when not even gymkhana can make it look cool...uhg...
Jason slezak
Jason slezak 4 dager siden
Welcome to Monfukintana guys have fun
J Williams
J Williams 4 dager siden
It’s honestly sad how bad this guy tests a car after all these years of hoonigan content, this is the most weak.. Call me a liar but look back, even Ken when he had a subaru or early into the Ford days was 20x better than this.... I love that if you just have money and a few sponsors you can do whatever you want... just like Adam Lz who has over 20 cars just to boast about and think he’s the top of the league....
Kenny 4 dager siden
Cool. I've actually run the Advan Sport A/S for nearly the past year on my FC. I haven't done any crazy standing burnouts with them but i do have a ton of fun in that car. Hands down the best all season tire i've ever bought. I wanna try the Apex really bad now. Maybe i should consider some standing burnouts idk....
Alex Grajeda
Alex Grajeda 4 dager siden
8:30 One Piece fans will know 😂😂😂
Ampersand McVinegar
Ampersand McVinegar 4 dager siden
Apparently Travis has an unlimited supply of Red Bull . . . or cocaine . . .
Eureka Moment
Eureka Moment 4 dager siden
Y'all made the auto zone special! Ricer 4 life!
ponypwr 4 dager siden
Nice Livery..... lol this car does NOT have the BALLZ the Ford does......
Vishnu Simon
Vishnu Simon 4 dager siden
That looks like an Apollo IE fanboy
Matthew C
Matthew C 4 dager siden
Tarence Carter
Tarence Carter 4 dager siden
Way cooler than a shitty Ford.
Levi Oelrich
Levi Oelrich 4 dager siden
This "undisclosed location" in the middle of nowhere, looks a lot like the emergency training track by the Helena Regional Airport, in Helena MT. There is a dirt track on the other side of the airport that would have been sweet to see that STI rip up! Brup Brup Brup
Ryan Mann
Ryan Mann 2 dager siden
It is indeed that track. I live in helena and it was great to see mount helena in the background
Kase Krossed
Kase Krossed 4 dager siden
Capsicle 4 dager siden
This is the ugliest Subaru I've ever seen
Greasy Style
Greasy Style 4 dager siden
Subaru probably used an older style engine to make it reliable:P
Juan David
Juan David 4 dager siden
anyone notice the Robin theme song from one piece at 8:30
Josh Southerland
Josh Southerland 4 dager siden
They used the works upgrade on it.
Alejo Cain
Alejo Cain 4 dager siden
No guys don't hype subaru haha they are finally coming down in price hush hush please
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz 5 dager siden
Cool stuff Guys
Shane Davis
Shane Davis 5 dager siden
i love my subarus but there is just no way to make a new STI look even vaguely good
Timothy Warehime
Timothy Warehime 5 dager siden
masks outdoors in montana? wtf is the point? sheep
Matt S
Matt S 4 dager siden
Hoonigan - you sound like a real sheep...hope that’s working out for you.
Hoonigan 4 dager siden
You sound like a real rebel. Hope that’s working out for you...
DrakotheHusky 5 dager siden
you should build an og STI the legacy sti that started everything
knurri 5 dager siden
get those face diapers off!!! So scared about a flu with a 99.7% survival rate,
Matt S
Matt S 4 dager siden
knurri - careful now, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone with facts. Under 65 years of age this Plandemic has a survival rate over 99%, that is according to the CDC own released numbers
Dan 5 dager siden
David Kasprzak
David Kasprzak 5 dager siden
The cars ugly. That body kit needs to go
Dimontor 5 dager siden
It looks like a bug, not a trick.
Chris Keegan
Chris Keegan 5 dager siden
Is that an EJ motor???
Rik Von Himmlick
Rik Von Himmlick 5 dager siden
Of course it is.
Scypheroth 5 dager siden
goona need a engine in 40-60,000kms as per subaru regular maintenance....not to mention these cars sound like absolute shit....strictly a high school kids car IMO.
Marc Münster
Marc Münster 5 dager siden
Turn right to drive left. Why not.🤣
Test Mule
Test Mule 5 dager siden
@brianscotto Come back for another test and tune and I WILL GET YOU IN THE MOST RIDICULOUS FIRE TRUCK YOUVE EVER SEEN!!!
Test Mule
Test Mule 5 dager siden
You came to my home town and did t tell me!?!!! Baahhhhggg!! 😭😭😭
Braeden Pokar
Braeden Pokar 5 dager siden
The hoonigan masks look waaay unfitted for anyone lol
Chocolate dragon
Chocolate dragon 5 dager siden
Holy fuck I'm getting old and so is travis...
nathan morin
nathan morin 5 dager siden
Long time friend of mine had a hand in building that and it was built about 15 minutes from my house
Rik Von Himmlick
Rik Von Himmlick 5 dager siden
Prove it.
Bane Guy
Bane Guy 5 dager siden
Watched it the whole way up till the part where these tards were wearing masks OUTSIDE. I'm out commies 👌✌
Jahman Borneo
Jahman Borneo 5 dager siden
Wrap it up boys, that's officially the ugliest car ever. Like a teenager was given an unlimited budget to trick out their car, buying only gear from Wish.
Miguel Afonso
Miguel Afonso 5 dager siden
Why all that aero if the car spends 95% of the time sideways and burning tire?
Rik Von Himmlick
Rik Von Himmlick 5 dager siden
It's just for looks not function. Idiots.
trance bynature79 SIM racing
trance bynature79 SIM racing 5 dager siden
Man..that's my kinda car!!!Scoobie all the way
Tom Budin
Tom Budin 5 dager siden
travis is such an OG
Joshua Goodger
Joshua Goodger 5 dager siden
Odd thing to say but, did anyone else recognise Nico Robins music from One piece from the sexy photo part 😂😂😂
Todd LaPlante
Todd LaPlante 5 dager siden
Whats the Vermont sports car sticker?! My state in the house?
TheSalad Bowl
TheSalad Bowl 5 dager siden
“How many canards do you want?” “Yes”
Jarod M
Jarod M 5 dager siden
Bro , that picture is *PERFECT* @ 08:33 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥....
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