Final Fantasy VII • Retro Analysis.

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An in-depth review of Final Fantasy 7 for the PlayStation one.
This video explains various design choices with the goal of learning what lessons the games of old have to teach us going forwards.
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*Night Dive Studios
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*Final Fantasy Wikia.
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TeeToes 3 år siden
This is the type of content that makes me wanna make more stuff of my own. Good job dude.
J T 2 måneder siden
@MR_ALT_ lmao nice
MR_ALT_ 6 måneder siden
but you dont have any content...?
AesirAesthetics 3 år siden
+Tee Toes thanks
Jam Life
Jam Life 5 dager siden
Oh my god. This is my favourite game ever made. Thank you for this video!
Push Play
Push Play 16 dager siden
Found you channel on a King’s Field video. Great content, and you deserve a ton more subscribers. Liked and subscribed!
Dr. C
Dr. C Måned siden
One of the best videos on FF7 which is my favorite game!!! Thank you for this video!
AesirAesthetics Måned siden
You're welcome!
PeggyHill12 Måned siden
This dude doesn’t have enough fans. He’s way good.
AesirAesthetics Måned siden
Thank You !!!
Nolyn Sprouse
Nolyn Sprouse 2 måneder siden
Prevara 2 måneder siden
you went from sounding british to sounding dutch halfway thru the video
AesirAesthetics 2 måneder siden
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 3 måneder siden
Here's my 2 cents. Ff7 is the best game ever made. Obviously, that's different things everyone wants from a game. I don't simp on the story like a lot of people, I think 9 was sakaguchis magnum opus on the circle of life story he was trying to tell. But 7 was the pinnacle of game design. Dungeons are tight, masterfully designed. You can breeze through all early game dungeons except for mandatory ladder climbing segments which pace the dungeon by slowing down progress. 3d models in battle scenes lack textures but this benefits the game in eliminating any noticeable loading time or delays which was a big problem in 9. Also, although I think ff7 and metal gear solid steered the industry toward watching games rather than playing, ff7 had more raiding dungeons and less sitting in a room watching people talk....which ff8 I think went in a very bad direction with. The battle and character progression was extremely was the last game really where there was a sufficiently complex stats screen for every character. Dark souls is the only game in the modern day that doesn't just bore the fuck out of me because I crave complex stats management in my games. And that's my 2 cents
Garry Combine
Garry Combine 3 måneder siden
Still better than remake, but my favourite is IX but I looooooooove FFVII sooooooooo much. This review is good, but I'm gushing from love and nolstagia.
Roger X
Roger X 3 måneder siden
This makes me realise of how sad I actually still am of what became of FF after VIII.
Abel Amézquita
Abel Amézquita 3 måneder siden
Can't wait for the FF7 Remake analysis now. I enjoyed this one
Shiningforceking 4 måneder siden
"Cat sheee" *C O N N I P T I O N S*
antichicken 5 måneder siden
Ff7 sucks
Bob Barker
Bob Barker 6 måneder siden
20:00 *the bomb has been planted.*
Shaewaros 6 måneder siden
I can't emphasize how important the Kalm story sequence is for the character of Sephiroth. Being able to have Sephiroth as a party member demonstrates his god-like powers in a way that no told story can capture. The moment when Sephiroth turns hostile is genuinely an unsettling moment, because the player knows that Cloud won't be able to oppose Sephiroth who eats dragons for breakfast. This is why I think the Remake won't be able to do justice to the character of Sephiroth - it destroyed his character by introducing him too early and failing to show him as a multifaceted, tragic character the way the original did with the Kalm flashback.
Shima Shimanoseki
Shima Shimanoseki Måned siden
I super agree with you. When I saw the ghosts of fate or whatever their called I'm like damn here we go
Andrew 7 måneder siden
Hello everyone. I'm coming to you For asked to help with the quick issue. - sleepy Joe
Dominic078 7 måneder siden
great video
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 7 måneder siden
This was incredible. Excellent work, and thank you!
AesirAesthetics 7 måneder siden
Glad you liked it
bob smith
bob smith 7 måneder siden
As seemingly massive as FF7 is, I don't see why it takes 40 million dollars and teams of dozens of people to produce. Like, sure it's big... but it's not THAT massive like some of today's games. Like, 1 person should be able to write design and implement everything in a matter of a few months, then just need a team to work on the grunt work of develloping and implemenitng the visual aspects
Leonardo Groia
Leonardo Groia 7 måneder siden
Loved it
Dustin McCarty
Dustin McCarty 7 måneder siden
Haven't seen a video about FF7 for awhile now, which gets me thinking. You managed to introduce me to so many new aspects to the game. Great job Mr!
Shado2us 8 måneder siden
New sub!!! Awesome vid!!! I'm playing FF7 again because of the remake to see if anything else is going to change on this new telling of the game!!!
Relaxing Topology
Relaxing Topology 8 måneder siden
This video is incredibly relevant right now.
Sammy GBaby85
Sammy GBaby85 8 måneder siden
...also, all your critiques are looking at the game in TODAY’S eyes... back in ‘97 when the game was released, it was an absolute graphical PHENOMENON. I don’t understand how you can look at this and say it didn’t age well... of course by today’s standards, yea, the graphics look bad, but when you start it up KNOWING it was made in 1997, you should understand and try and think of allllll the other games it was going up against when it released. These graphics were and are still great with the technology of the time. It’s has a distinct style that you can’t help but fall in love with after playing for an hour... if you play it today and go into it thinking “these graphics suck” and blah blah, then you aren’t thinking of how it was consumed 20+ years ago
Sammy GBaby85
Sammy GBaby85 8 måneder siden
Love the video, but FFVII was not one of the West’s first taste of turn based combat... every FF before this was turn based. The rpgs on SNES, like Chrono Trigger, hell Earthbound was even turn based
peeny wallie
peeny wallie 2 måneder siden
While it wasn't literally one of the first turn-based games released in the West, it was one of the first to be recognized by the mainstream. JRPGs were not nearly as popular in the West as in Japan before FFVII and Pokémon broke the ice.
Sarada Sreeram
Sarada Sreeram 8 måneder siden
The game makes sure to make you care about every main character *flashes to Cait Sith* Every FF7 player nods their head
Magnus718 8 måneder siden
To be honest FF7 move from Nintendo to Sony is what made me own a PS1. Still to this day, FF6 is my favorite FF, and MGS1 is my favorite PS1.
Duane McClure
Duane McClure 8 måneder siden
The music in the background is light and whimsical. This is an absolutely beautiful version of it and it goes perfect with the review! That was another thing these games were known for. They went all out for that too! I never knew the story behind Aerith's death during development. That IS genius! I have to agree. And the game is loaded with things like that. Think you'll go back to do something on the side quests? There's so much to cover in these games.5 CD's worth! I'm playing back thru it now on my PS mini. I'm glad they included it. How couldn't they?! This is going to take a while - doing both the review and playing again. There is sooo much that went into these and they're soooo big! I also agree about the graphics. All 3 of the PSX installments of 7,8 & 9 of some, if not the best of all. What the hell.. I'm hanging around to hear about this. Great work, Man!
thunderbreak 8 måneder siden
Some very in depth insights for FF7, excellent work there. There are a few points I'd like to share. First what you said about Aerith, she actually indeed joined the team for selfish reasons. In the beginning she tagged along with Cloud because he reminds her of Zack (reference date scene), then post Midgar she came with the team for self discovery, she wanted to learn more about Cetra and Gaia, being the last of her kind. No one knew about the destruction of the planet until the Temple of the Ancients, where the temple told her the world is in danger from meteor and she can help save it. Cid and Red 13 are the only ones who tagged along without any selfish motivation. Cid is convinced his dream of going to outer space was over and had nothing better to do with himself, and Red 13's whole reason to tag along was to return to Cosmo Canyon, where Bugenhagen told him his responsibility isn't this valley, it's the planet. So he decided to stay permanently. Also we do know that human survived 500 years later, as that scene fades black, you will hear kids laughing and giggling. Suggesting the idea of youth and life, and the team's sacrifice wasn't in vain.
Fratres Minores
Fratres Minores 8 måneder siden
Holy shit. I love the idea of Cait Sith being Reeve.
Robot Bjorn
Robot Bjorn 8 måneder siden
Great use of music! Thanks for making this.
CondemnedGuy 8 måneder siden
"Tetsuya Nomura talked some sense into the other developers..." First time I ever heard this lol
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 7 måneder siden
Haha. Exactly
Quarren Everett
Quarren Everett 8 måneder siden
do 6
Quarren Everett
Quarren Everett 8 måneder siden
final fantasy 1 2 ord 3 on nintendo didn't have turn based combat?
RichardQuirke 8 måneder siden
Played this game when I was 14 so 22 years ago and finished it including beating all the weapons but genuinely never knew how detailed the story actually was and missed most of it, I think I must have just clicked past all the dialog boxes quickly or didn’t read it properly 🙈 Great video by the way really enjoyed it and it leaves me with a better grasp of the story of the remake.👍 once I’m 100% done with that il be playing through the original again!
Quarren Everett
Quarren Everett 8 måneder siden
done 6?
Quarren Everett
Quarren Everett 8 måneder siden
2d doesnt have or feel adventure? herasy
Juma Spears
Juma Spears 8 måneder siden
your channel is excellent
HenglishShogun 9 måneder siden
Brilliant video bro, first time watcher, instasub I would add that Cait Sith did actually have an environment of sorts in Shinra, as Reeve Thank you!
Modern Day Monotony
Modern Day Monotony 9 måneder siden
watching these types of vids while playing on switch is like sex
AesirAesthetics 9 måneder siden
marsjake8 9 måneder siden
Cloud “stole” zacks sword and clothes? What?
Thoreau 9 måneder siden
Great analysis will you be playing the remake?
AesirAesthetics 9 måneder siden
Maybe if I have something to say after the whole thing has releases but in all likelihood not.
Scroom120 9 måneder siden
I seriously only used Aerith when I was forced to. Same with Barret. My party comp was at all possibly times Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII. Cloud had what I called "The Protector" as his meteria build. Red and Tifa would be some mix of Support and damage spread across them with Red always holding the Enemy Skill.
ballroomscott 9 måneder siden
I understand your argument about manual save points, but I greatly disagree with your conclusion. A great example of how doing things in the totally opposite way can be exactly as impactful as what you're talking about here is the way Dark Souls always instantly saves after every action you take. Because of that every choice you make has huge impact because you have no way of going back and changing it. Your argument about the save point before Aerith's death is particularly ill conceived as that is exactly the type of spot where an auto save would be triggered and the player could then go through the exact same loop of going back to the auto save to retry in the hopes of a different outcome. You also seem to be ignoring the balancing act that exists between auto saves and manual saves in most games. Players are encouraged to manual save from time to time because there's always a chance that you can get yourself stuck in a permanent death loop if you only rely on auto saves.
SebbywebzTV 9 måneder siden
Hey man, I’m an actor & Twitch streamer who games in character. My next stream concept is Jordan Peterson doing a Let’s Play of FF7, and this vid was super useful for my preparation. Thanks for making this, keep up the good work 👍
MikeflightFPV 9 måneder siden
Great recap and absolutely analysis! Getting ready for remake!
Polybius 10 måneder siden
I don't always rename my FF7 characters but when I do, I name Aerith "Dead Meat".
FawkesMuldarr 10 måneder siden
Aerith's death = fake news. 2 words: PHOENIX DOWN
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 11 måneder siden
I personally believe that summons are just beings who are constants across all realities.
FireLordVahn 11 måneder siden
Only a little while longer till the remake! Hope you're excited!
Moxdragon År siden
Amazing video....for once my 4am NOpost searches found a great video and channel. Needless to say I liked and subscribed!
Mike LA /slade8427
Mike LA /slade8427 År siden
Great video, ff7 was a game changer, third video in a row of yours ive watched, glad i found this channel. I was in 6th grade i believe when final fantasy7 came out and it was something amazing i knew it even back then. It was such an experience. When you were talking about the save points and also how you could lose track of time and play for so long, me and my brother wouls be up all night playing not sleeping b4 school. Cant wait to re play it in the re the remake.
G85 W
G85 W År siden
Should change name from *Aesir* Aesthetics to *Aeris* Aesthetics
James Lay
James Lay År siden
23:39 I remember spending like 30 minutes trying to figure out how to climb that wall.
Roger X
Roger X 3 måneder siden
The hardest hurlde in the entire game! ;)
Robert MacKinnon
Robert MacKinnon 8 måneder siden
Mitchell R
Mitchell R 10 måneder siden
Jeroen Putzeys
Jeroen Putzeys År siden
Great content
River St-Grey
River St-Grey År siden
Worth noting that text boxes also give players control over the voice acting in their head, which allows for greater player customization over the characters.
TheStolenBattenberg År siden
58:10 why would you use this song, I really hoped I wouldn't have hear it again!
tlozfreak888 År siden
"Name the three most important characters" Good old Sephiroth, Sephiroth and Sephiroth. This won't get incredibly confusing later, i swear.
lebebop År siden
Absolutely amazing analysis. This game has always been near and dear to my heart since my first play through in 1997. Thank you for this.
Alice eyes
Alice eyes År siden
this is amazing my friend i am sorry i am only finding your content now but im glad it finally came into my feed
Tom Adam
Tom Adam År siden
I appreciate what this game was trying to do and what it did for the industry but it has never sucked me in. No matter how good the story is ( and it is good) the world has never felt real to me as the backgrounds and the melted lego character models do not match up at all and in my opinion fail to convey the gravity of what is being told. I'm really looking forward to the remake as ff7 was way ahead of its time and it looks like the technology has finally caught up with it which is brilliant. 👍
Andrey Koshelev
Andrey Koshelev År siden
Fantastic content. Thank you!
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson År siden
Haha vá hvað íslenski hreimurinn er þykkur!
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson År siden
@AesirAesthetics Skil þig, það mun líka ekkert toppa að spila þennan leik í fyrsta skipti. Alla vega, ætlaði ekki að vera leiðinlegur með fyrsta kommenti, það heyrist bara alltaf svo vel þegar íslendingar tala ensku :P Keep up the good work!
AesirAesthetics År siden
@Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson Já og nei. Nenni engann veginn að býða eftir að allir partarnir eru kláraðir en allt sem eg hef séð hignað til lýtur frekar vel út.
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson
Halldór Kristinn Guðmundsson År siden
@AesirAesthetics Já en það breytir því ekki að videoið er mjög gott, kann að meta alla vinnuna sem hlítur að hafa farið í að gera það. Gaman að vita að það er íslendingur þarna úti sem er jafn ástríðufullur og maður sjálfur fyrir Final Fantasy VII :) Spenntur fyrir remakeinu?
AesirAesthetics År siden
Finnst þér?
acidbath32 År siden
im starting to think everything that is sci-fi/fantasy and comic book universes are all real
Jenova År siden
Papa Emeritus reads FF7 summary
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger År siden
I love you essays. This is the second video of yours I've watched tonight. Thank you for taking the time to record your insights.
AesirAesthetics År siden
Thanks Arnold, I loved Predator btw.
Irrelevant Nobody
Irrelevant Nobody År siden
The first time I played Final Fantasy 7 was a few years ago. I remember loving it. It's one of my favourite role playing games alongside Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star 4, and Paper Mario TTYD.
llazy77 År siden
Will you review other final fantasy games? I love your in depth analysis
AesirAesthetics År siden
One day I will.
max rav
max rav År siden
This game amazed me when I first played it. True classic.
Zuki Gray
Zuki Gray År siden
I miss save points so much. But they /seem/ to be making a comeback? I hope they do.
Em[i]L År siden
Thank you.
Amber År siden
I'm a bit late, but thanks for this amazing video! you covered like.. everything this game has to offer and did so brilliantly. I was very touched by the end of it, which I can't say often about NOpost vids haha. So thank you for all your hard work on analysing my favourite video game ever 😊
AesirAesthetics År siden
Glad you liked it😁
Warhawk År siden
That was really well done. It gives me shivers thinking about this game also makes me want to play it again.
Lost År siden
best game because there is a character named TIFA
Gattsu År siden
I love you for making this
kapo ral
kapo ral 2 år siden
youtube has to give us a way to give more blue thumb,i wouldn't mind clicking thumbs up a hundred more times.great analysis dude.thx
sentry zero
sentry zero 2 år siden
Dutch David Tennant
Old School Ben
Old School Ben 2 år siden
I love that your videos are actually picking apart the gameplay and design elements that make these games great rather than harping on the game's nostalgic value. It's hard to look at games that you grew up with or have warm feelings about and objectively. These are great for anyone studying game design and what makes a good game. Keep up the good work :)
Raiden MacJack
Raiden MacJack 2 år siden
Awesome material, but there's one thing I don't agree with. You said that Cait Sith lacks an environmental backstory, but if you think of Cait Sith as Reeve (which he apparently is, Cait being only a puppet controlled by him) he does have quite much of an environmental backtsory and significance to the story of Midgar and Shinra
JesusCommando 2 år siden
Excellent vid'!
Christy Ann Cormier 69
Christy Ann Cormier 69 2 år siden
Nice game!
Dániel Z.
Dániel Z. 2 år siden
You should have 1 m subs, great videos.
theguyinthere 2 år siden
man am i annoyed when i hear "cat she" shit
Cool-Dude 2 år siden
I hope they remaster FF7 Crisis Core and bring it to PS4 before FF7 remake comes out,
Robot Bjorn
Robot Bjorn 2 år siden
This video are sick!
Vash The Spiegel
Vash The Spiegel 2 år siden
Aesir should do a video on Valkyrie Profile ;) Good vids m8
MCH122790 H
MCH122790 H 2 år siden
i just subbed to your channel yesterday and i have to admit, i had given up entirely on finding an honest analysis video of FF7 until i stumbled on this video because most FF7 videos on youtube just consist of the person playing or analyzing the game just end up going on an endless gush-fest about the game for an hour which doesn't really accomplish anything other than showing how over-rated this game is. however, instead im highly impressed with this video because you analyzed this work exactly for what it is throughout the video and even stated at the beginning that it's not a perfect game (no game is really, even the best games of all time have their flaws). it takes a lot of guts to post an honest analysis video on this game compared to the endless gush-fest of this game on the rest of youtube, although FF7 used to be my favorite game I have since moved on and found better games yet I still go back to play FF7 every once in awhile as it's still an amazing game that deserves to be played but will never be the ultimate pinnacle of game design perfection as everyone praises it to be as no game is (even my new favorite game of all time, Xenogears, is imperfect because the game was never finished and was instead rushed to the market). In summary, im very relieved to find your channel and stumble upon this video as its just so refreshing to see honesty when analyzing a game like this.
Swoooze År siden
The game isn't overrated though. It's not perfect, what is? But it is a masterpiece.
AesirAesthetics 2 år siden
thanks :)
Jon 2 år siden
I love the conclusion "The earth was saved because of a group of terrorist that refuse to give up"
thunderbreak 8 måneder siden
Also "Stories are driven not by objects or events, but by characters." I wish this "Legendary" Nomura can take some notes.
Jon 2 år siden
the remake will be a failure, one because of the producer (they really need to fire this guy), also because of political correctness, also because from what we have seen, it's doom.
you're here for THAT, aren't you?
you're here for THAT, aren't you? Måned siden
You were wrong
you're here for THAT, aren't you?
you're here for THAT, aren't you? Måned siden
Aaron Singleton
Aaron Singleton 2 år siden
Thank you so much for this upload. I really enjoyed it and I appreciate just how much effort was put into it.
AesirAesthetics 2 år siden
thanks for watching :)
Captain Dildoface
Captain Dildoface 2 år siden
Why do a lot of people call her Aerith when her name is clearly Aeris?
Stormy År siden
Because "Aeris" was basically a translation error. She was meant to be called Aerith, but due to errors with the romanization while translating the game from Japanese to English, it became Aeris. It was fixed in the later games, like Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus or the movie, Advent Children.
Crazy Cat Guy
Crazy Cat Guy 2 år siden
Paul MOUATIB 2 år siden
Damn i loved this review! I even cried when i saw Aerith died...again One of the best experience in video games history! Thx a lot
Dr.Whatever 2 år siden
Id love to see you cover any more final fantasies. This video was beautiful and insightful
Procrastinator Håkon
Procrastinator Håkon 2 år siden
Dumb questin, but isn't it really Genova who is the main big bad guy, only using Sepheroth as a puppet?
The Dastardly Gamer
The Dastardly Gamer 3 år siden
brilliant work!
Jitterzz 3 år siden
Incredible video. Great work, Aesir. Your videos are such a pleasure to watch. This game is probably the most impactful game to me along with World of Warcraft, and seeing such an in depth look is such a fantastic thing to have as a fan. Thanks, my friend!
AesirAesthetics 3 år siden
leftyfourguns 3 år siden
Square didn't move to the PS1 because N64 "Wasn't up to the task performance wise". The N64 was significantly more powerful than the PS1 But it was the cartridges that made a lot of developers switch, because they didn't have enough data storage to hold all the FMVs developers wanted to use.
J T 2 år siden
So what you’re saying is that the N64 wasn’t up to the task?
Michael Palma
Michael Palma 3 år siden
24 minutes in and I’m loving this video, such a good breakdown of the game.
AesirAesthetics 3 år siden
+Michael Palma thanks :)
MrMamboItaliano 3 år siden
what are you talking about? Cait sith is Reeve! How does it make more sense for Vincent to be the spy? He's optional! Also how would it make more sense for Yuffie to steal the black materia when Wutai hate shinra? Again you can miss Yuffie too
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