Final Crossfit Games 2019. Battle of Fraser and Ohlsen

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Final Crossfit Games 2019. Battle of Fraser and Ohlsen
Final event:
The Standard event features:
30 Clean and Jerks (Grace) - 135 LBS
30 Muscle-Ups
30 Snatches (Isabel) - 135 LBS
(Time Cap: 12 minutes)
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Fanatic Team
Fanatic Team År siden
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IL COMMENTATORE 2 dager siden
Doping 💊
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 4 dager siden
Gay games 😂
nabil ghafar
nabil ghafar 4 dager siden
Just a little bit...
Ameya Mandke
Ameya Mandke 5 dager siden
3:54 ghdhgfghd
C S 9 dager siden
Mad kipping on those mups
Jakov Gugić
Jakov Gugić 10 dager siden
Shoulders left the chat.
Tom Simon
Tom Simon 11 dager siden
All these boys shooting without being able to even do the first exercise😂😂😂😂
ICETEA123 11 dager siden
Hello class
dominique taranko
dominique taranko 13 dager siden
Why crossfit pay more than strongman? Cause is more human
Luka Muren
Luka Muren 22 dager siden
This has to be the dumbest "sport" out there by faaaaaaaaar
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain 25 dager siden
So gay
Carlos Carrillo
Carlos Carrillo 26 dager siden
a weeks workout in 8 min lol
kkskkhdbbbxjjj 29 dager siden
Ulises Juarez
Ulises Juarez Måned siden
Berserker mode
smith williams
smith williams Måned siden
Looking at the crowd these guys have a lot of family members. Damn
Amon Chhetri
Amon Chhetri Måned siden
the first set of done for me!
Ronaldo Oest
Ronaldo Oest Måned siden
La técnica me da dolor de cabeza
Ben's View
Ben's View Måned siden
Too easy
Vicky Pawar
Vicky Pawar Måned siden
I am sitting in my Recliner Chair at Home watching this.... And I am Sweating just watching this... Bravo to these SUPERHUMANS....
Cortez the Killer
Cortez the Killer Måned siden
ErickGz Pro
ErickGz Pro Måned siden
They have some good ass physiques lol
Lazar stankovic995z
Lazar stankovic995z Måned siden Muscle ups, street workout X:D
Lazar stankovic995z
Lazar stankovic995z Måned siden
@ErickGz Pro Thank you man. Appreciate that!!!
ErickGz Pro
ErickGz Pro Måned siden
Lazar stankovic995z oh no, that’s super good! You’re strong
Lazar stankovic995z
Lazar stankovic995z Måned siden
@ErickGz Pro Yes man, I had better form a bit later.. That was casual video just to see how much I can do, but I posted it just to sit there so I can also re-watch it whenever I want :D
ErickGz Pro
ErickGz Pro Måned siden
Lazar stankovic995z I checked out the video, is that you?
Lazar stankovic995z
Lazar stankovic995z Måned siden
@ErickGz Pro For sure, no doubt in that. But, that's Crossfit, they do all the stuff like that :)
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak 2 måneder siden
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HSB 2 måneder siden
This is insane. Love it! Good work all contestants
Sparta Crossfit Annaba
Sparta Crossfit Annaba 2 måneder siden
Amarildo Jose
Amarildo Jose 2 måneder siden
Não faça merda faça crossfit ou que quê eu desenhe .
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson 2 måneder siden
P90X1 - P90X2 - P90X3 if you like to still be in the best shape of your life and injury free! 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s like the creator Tony Horton. I know CrossFit will get you fit but, at what cost?
jordan rams
jordan rams 2 måneder siden
Je vais en enfer si je dis qu’ils pourraient tous perdre 4-5 kilo de gras ?
Saint X
Saint X 2 måneder siden
2:50 is that really up push ?
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon 2 måneder siden
Anyone know the music at the beginning behind commentators’s voices ?
Арам Якимов
Арам Якимов 2 måneder siden
Frasers Muscle Ups🤔!
Автомат Калашникова
Автомат Калашникова 2 måneder siden
Is it some kind of gay sex?
TD 2 måneder siden
русский комментарий - который ты ищешь
Joe Hmingsanga
Joe Hmingsanga 3 måneder siden
i cant feel my shoulders
AJAY AJ 3 måneder siden
Natural energy ?
DJVedLemarTV 3 måneder siden
USADA has joined the chat
cristobal salamanca pineda
cristobal salamanca pineda 3 måneder siden
FreeArrows 3 måneder siden
Что это было за гаВно!?
Jim97 3 måneder siden
Final injury games 2019. The objective is to get injured doing 0 reps
Jim97 3 måneder siden
Everyone tie with 0 reps, theres no winner
can uzun
can uzun 3 måneder siden
Why no one wear mask ???
Faheem Shaigi
Faheem Shaigi 3 måneder siden
Calisthenic athletes: /\ /\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 2:50 _____/ \ / \_________________________________________________________________ \ / \ / \/
Philipp B.
Philipp B. 3 måneder siden
Snap City Champion
Emir Keser
Emir Keser 3 måneder siden
Talos353 3 måneder siden
Hey guys! Lets compete in who's the best at exercising! lul
Khadhraoui Ghassen
Khadhraoui Ghassen 3 måneder siden
Why are you dump ?
Matthias Polak
Matthias Polak 3 måneder siden
I have the highest respect for these men, but you can't call that a real muscle up. Here is a link to learn it the right way:
Gian Oyson
Gian Oyson 3 måneder siden
no crossfit in the philippines Its really sad...thats why i built my own crossfit gym here and train alone
Gian Oyson
Gian Oyson 3 måneder siden
Matt frazer having hardtime doing full dips in his muscles ups...but amazing snatch and clean and jerk hes very fast in those to know hes a fan of adaptogenic mushrums for stamina and melatonin for sleep
Tsar Cassum
Tsar Cassum 3 måneder siden
I don’t do CrossFit but i can spot jealousy from a mile away. So many comments here whining 😂 get your ass from the couch
Joed Arboleda
Joed Arboleda 3 måneder siden
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 måneder siden
*A wise chinese crossfiter man once said:* You can not fight with a bear. Running away is what you can do...
Farci Lindha
Farci Lindha 3 måneder siden
ErickGz Pro
ErickGz Pro Måned siden
Farci Lindha I’m pretty sure they can do clean forms lol
Im Pankaj
Im Pankaj 3 måneder siden
Mr R to the B
Mr R to the B 3 måneder siden
How the hell do you find motivation to do this? I barely hit the gym 4 times a weak doing lazy bodybuilding workout 😅
YaGuAr 3 måneder siden
Where is Viktor Blud?!💪🤔
ABHINAV JAIN 3 måneder siden
Olinda Santos
Olinda Santos 4 måneder siden
hello, I LOve EUA
Sachin JAAT
Sachin JAAT 4 måneder siden
The last man Is more popular 😂😂.
Sachin JAAT
Sachin JAAT 4 måneder siden
Who last..????
Carmelo Fulmine
Carmelo Fulmine 4 måneder siden
A Yagomate
A Yagomate 4 måneder siden
Krista Grym
Krista Grym 4 måneder siden
Naveed Asghar
Naveed Asghar 4 måneder siden
Fucking machine men, Fittest freaks on planet
Johan Stander
Johan Stander 4 måneder siden
I believe that everyone should have the freedom and enjoyment of training.... except for crossfitters, fk em
Dylan Cobb
Dylan Cobb 4 måneder siden
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Facu Facu
Facu Facu 4 måneder siden
ningún hombre negro
michael reader
michael reader 5 måneder siden
Crossfit games: Momentum and Steroids
Cj B
Cj B 5 måneder siden
Gymnast does muscle up: Gym rat, hey that's awesome! Crossfitter does muscle up: Gym rat, these fools gonna need a surgeon 10-4
Cj B
Cj B 5 måneder siden
incredible athletes, just incredible. I see quite a few negative comments, presumably from the meathead crowd that have mirrors in their gyms.
Juicing Factor
Juicing Factor 5 måneder siden
Matt Fraser would be hard to tell apart from the women's champ, but those stubby legs give him away. All hail the crossshrimp champ
Алексей Сорокин
Алексей Сорокин 5 måneder siden
сборище читеров, выход на две, никто считай ни разу не сделал
1080sucks 5 måneder siden
1/2 of the people in the comments laugh at muscle ups, but could not do one. Envy.
Karl Axel
Karl Axel 5 måneder siden
Lev Myshkin
Lev Myshkin 5 måneder siden
Look at all these jealous haters. Embarrassing!
sanjith reddy
sanjith reddy 5 måneder siden
People who can do clean muscle up 12rep at time ...Only they can talk about the form. people who are saying all these professional crossfitters are swinging and doing wrong muscle the they did..swing around and do 20 muscle ups...I bet your cant...People who can do clean muscle ups and also swing...know That ..whatever these pros are doing is absolutely understandable and right and enjoy the rest of video/tournament. ..other People..Take their time and point out the muscle ups...get yo ass to the gym and do Them...20 swing fucking cant. Stfo..everyones a perfect athletes here...12min...all that..they did in people cant do that even in 1hr 30min...Stfo guys..really. everyones a champ in the video...matt did great..Noah was close...even a second matters.. good tournament. Enjoy the the athletes. Ps:I apologise If I was rude..just..Purely pissed about amateurs dissing professionals With years of training.
Komahan B
Komahan B 5 måneder siden
Is this a circus show?
ZAHID HASAN 5 måneder siden
*Negative People have a problem for every solution.*
Daniela Robles
Daniela Robles 5 måneder siden
I hate the people who drops the bars!
Subhash Sahu
Subhash Sahu 5 måneder siden
OMG toughest game I ever seen , next level
Giovanni Gijsen
Giovanni Gijsen 25 dager siden
Only if they didnt half ass the reps lol
ILL 7 5 måneder siden
So much haters? Why i dont understand 😂 they are in super shape also super strong power stamina.... I dont know why so much hate 🤔
gdsainoy 6 måneder siden
crossfit is a little odd but it's cool I guess
Elias Contreras
Elias Contreras 6 måneder siden
Suddenly this comment section is full of muscle ups experts, what a surprise
Ramon Forlo
Ramon Forlo 5 måneder siden
Don't nees to be an expert to understand that they're not using proper form
zynkaitos 6 måneder siden
Cuenta la leyenda que también usan sustancias, será cierto?
freelancerAM 6 måneder siden
Juice it ups
Moien78 6 måneder siden
Beasts. I’m tired just to watching at this.
Athalla Juno
Athalla Juno 6 måneder siden
i can feel the pain just by watching this
Rahul Sadanandan
Rahul Sadanandan 6 måneder siden
Form doesn't matter in this game I guess..
joeincorrect87 6 måneder siden
Not cool dude not cool
Paraskevas Kalleas
Paraskevas Kalleas 6 måneder siden
Froning only
Michael Bean
Michael Bean 6 måneder siden
All of you commenting about muscle up forms, are so quick to discredit the insane amount of work these guys put in year round. Also no one is claiming they are doing perfect form strict muscle ups, but they are still muscle ups just a different variation!!! If you do squats and I catch you quarter squatting which I know half you people commenting do, I’m not gonna come point out that you are half squatting when you could be full squatting. Just do your thing and let other people perform the fitness they wanna perform. CrossFit games athletes are the fittest people on the planet because they can do everything. If you think they can’t do strict muscle ups go check out 2016 regionals. They had to do 10 Rounds for time, 4 strict muscle ups!!!!!!!! They kip because it is most efficient and if it’s allowed and your competitors are doing it and you are competing for $275,000 and you kipping will get you closer to that and the title on a world stage, you would kip as well! However, you are not there because all of you complaining do not even have what it takes to be there. Also kipping is a tough skill to learn properly, I can assure you. Kipping strict however you wanna do it, not a single person complaining about the form could even come within a few minutes of Mat’s time.
Fren Måned siden
man i don't know if you ever listen to your physics and biology teachers, but I can assure you that every one of those ""athletes"" is gonna regret doing CrossFit. look at how fast they came down before suddenly and violently stopping. That isn't healthy at all, they're destroying their joints and they could have easily rip their biceps or lats. Now that they're young, they seem fit, but 10 to 20 years from now they'll be experiencing so much problems with their joints and muscles. Also, they are definitely not the fittest people, there are many chalistenic athletes who are far fitter, because they have to keep their mass lower to be able to move their body around. This ""athletes"" are too massive to do a lot of proper muscle ups. sorry if I misspelled something, I'm not mother tongue
Re_Beats Rishabh Verma
Re_Beats Rishabh Verma 5 måneder siden
Ok boomer
Dan Hampton
Dan Hampton 6 måneder siden
This is the worst video ever i hate it
EinDude -
EinDude - 6 måneder siden
wtf is this
lo jee
lo jee 6 måneder siden
Soldiers what is your profession ???
Himanshu Parmar
Himanshu Parmar 6 måneder siden
a coffin for me at the end of this circuit.
Claudiu Balint
Claudiu Balint 6 måneder siden
Awesome and amazing, congratulations to all for sacrifice, mostly to Mat Fraser!!!
chud jackson
chud jackson 6 måneder siden
My mate said crossfit was shit but I had to see for myself. He was right.
Juan Saravia
Juan Saravia 6 måneder siden
Don't ever call those Muscle Ups. As a Calisthenics athlete that is wrong. I prefer seeing a guy kipping than this. Sorry, I just couldn't finish this video...
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson 6 måneder siden
Athletics with only white people, hmmm🙄. Seems legit.
Jack Minnella
Jack Minnella 7 måneder siden
i love how noah went over to cheer on the other people finishing up the event. really shows what kind of person he is
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