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Mauri Måned siden
how much does it cost? this squad? 150k?
Wayne Breezy Brown
Wayne Breezy Brown Måned siden
85 rated squad for an 84 player that doesnt get upgraded... ya'll crazy!!!
Greg Macken RC
Greg Macken RC Måned siden
Nepenthez - he will make a great cdm
M WJW Måned siden
For a central cam in a. 41212 would engine be the best for him
Jorn Måned siden
How can you find the SBC's on PC, I dont know how u guys get there
Harmel C
Harmel C Måned siden
did him asap, got tier card
xFallenxNinj4x Måned siden
Anyone know what website he was using to check card stats and worth?
mcgrillhd Måned siden
I just made a player review on Talisca if anyone is interested in seeing it! Some feedback would also be appreciated as it's my first fifa video!
Max Strijbos
Max Strijbos Måned siden
Great card a bit expensive but did him next to paulinho and in front teixera an bakambu and hulk on the right and on the left matheus who is great.. defence i all brazil so let’s go fun to play with👍🏼👍🏼
Glenn Jacobs
Glenn Jacobs Måned siden
teixeira dude CSL too and acheampong, renato augusto
Jonathon Ramsay-Connell
Jonathon Ramsay-Connell Måned siden
I don't think you can get away with a high-low CM in a 4-4-2 in this game. This card looks better as a CAM/CF or even a striker for me. I know no league link but seems better value than that Malong card.
Wouter Alberda
Wouter Alberda Måned siden
Him or firmino?
Omar Fadel Al-Ali
Omar Fadel Al-Ali Måned siden
Me: pls a la liga or pl player SBC EA: nah fam Talisca and Ma Long
Ping Bong Gaming
Ping Bong Gaming Måned siden
i did not know that even SHEAMUS from WWE played Fifa :D
Im Dex
Im Dex Måned siden
Why is he so happy about talisca he is so dead
OG 97
OG 97 Måned siden
This guy alongside paulinho at cm and Costa at lw with lewa is unreal
Harry Fearn
Harry Fearn Måned siden
I packed mbappe from the marquee matchups
Jake Jones
Jake Jones Måned siden
had to search for this nep wasnt showing in my subs for some reason :(
Connor Panter
Connor Panter Måned siden
4 2 2 2 paulinho cdm talisca cam teixeira St
Connor Panter
Connor Panter Måned siden
HRSBOIGAMER 125 Måned siden
I have done anderson talisca and my first 5 matches on rivals he has scored 12 goals and 4 assists he is mad
z0ke Måned siden
Here i am packing no boards while nep has most top rated cards and 3 mill already
andrewchevrier Måned siden
I find that submitting 6 85s and 5 84s for an 84 ovr, is too much.
WHY NOT LADS Måned siden
R icon sbcs getting released?
J J Måned siden
Koulibaly and manolas or milatao and Carlos
FXN Productions
FXN Productions Måned siden
I’m getting this card ASAP, Talisca’s normal card has been insane for me
RetiredMLGamerYT Måned siden
awesome video!
James Mcmillan
James Mcmillan Måned siden
Team press needs fixed, Turns average joe into a pro. Mixed with drop back 1 depth
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Måned siden
How did you not mention Alex Teixeira?
Hugo Norrbom
Hugo Norrbom Måned siden
Do you guys think talisca is better than firmino as a cam
Jack walsh
Jack walsh Måned siden
I packed rulebreaker andre and I'm so happy :)
Josh Ophide
Josh Ophide Måned siden
The uefa marquee matchups was new btw if you didn’t realise after making this video.
Jamesy TheReDevil
Jamesy TheReDevil Måned siden
Ilias Måned siden
Maybe IF paulinho?
T47- Ali
T47- Ali Måned siden
Sheamus is that u??
J 2wavvy
J 2wavvy Måned siden
Yes I can’t wait to hear “cheeky keylor navas u do love you see it we can pop him up to the “TALISCA SBC” I love it because I’m Costa Rican
ADAM67891 Måned siden
Vinsmoke Sanji
Vinsmoke Sanji Måned siden
So apparently the uefa marquee matchups doesn’t exist😂😂😂
Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall Måned siden
You never just check basic chemstyle
james slatter
james slatter Måned siden
"Do I think 85 is worth it yeah it's worth it" start of video 83 or 84 worth it anything above no
Dionyssus Adhie
Dionyssus Adhie Måned siden
Talisca scored a brace in his last match, played as a ST. With this SBC, I'll take it EA won't give him an IF tomorrow ??????
Dionyssus Adhie
Dionyssus Adhie Måned siden
@Haseeb M.Chaudry I think you're right, I can see now why Talisca is the SBC. If Paulinho gets an IF, a lot of people WILL do the SBC (spending coins) to link IF Paulinho with Rulebreakers Talisca. EA needs to take coins off the market.........
Haseeb M.Chaudry
Haseeb M.Chaudry Måned siden
Paulinho gon get the if bro. He was motm with 2 assists and a goal.
Ross Little
Ross Little Måned siden
Might get an Inform Paulinho too which will be good to link
Fifa Dillon
Fifa Dillon Måned siden
Just too expensive to be a super sub for me would rather wait and see if there will be a sbc that I can put that player straight into my team
Diego Neuville
Diego Neuville Måned siden
Will he get a dynamic image?
Mario Montaño 10
Mario Montaño 10 Måned siden
I got xavi and Havertz from uefa marque matchups
Ahmed Deghady
Ahmed Deghady Måned siden
Please Nep you say it a lot, 30 items in Mega packs will never sell at 1000 on average. Most if it are consumables that will sell at 200, and of course most of the players common they are or rare won't sell at 1000 either. 83s right now are even selling under 1000. Your only hope that pack a walkout to get your money back otherwise it's not as good value as it sounds.
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
"amazing"???? If by amazing you mean amazingly overpriced dross..... I agree...... This is just as bad as that malong crap the other day
Joah Mambwene
Joah Mambwene Måned siden
Another good vid of sbc content 👏👏👏
L E E Måned siden
Nep I’ve used Rivaldo Kaka and a good few other high end legends and preferred Talliscas normal card to them so I’m hyped about this tallisca done him for 50k was trying to stay away from sbcs but how good he is and how little he cost me I’m happy with the return
Abdullah AL-garni
Abdullah AL-garni Måned siden
SBC Are very expensives this year I have not done anything yet last year we had a lot of good values SBC but this year the prices are insane despite the fact that the market is so cheap imagine what will happens if we had like an icons SBC a player like talisca who is 84 rated and impossible to link will cost at least 150K
Abdullah AL-garni
Abdullah AL-garni Måned siden
@Frawd I know that he costs 60K because the market is so cheap but if the market increased for whatever reason he will cost a lot for a player if he was in the market he will be around 30K or even lesa
Frawd Måned siden
He costs 60k
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Måned siden
imo I think when saying corona you should treat it as a swear and say c***na just a thought nep 😅 I mean gorrila used to do it on twitch soo
Nails I-am
Nails I-am Måned siden
Is it just me or do Medium/medium work rates feel low/low, they literally just stand there on offense or defense. It's trash, move dammit!
Ben Puch
Ben Puch Måned siden
Only OG Nep fans laughed when he said “a cheeky little Kaylor Navas”
Default skin
Default skin Måned siden
Bruh you're saying "OG" like he said it 4 years ago, it was like 3 months ago 😂
Martin Ponce
Martin Ponce Måned siden
i’ve been watching him for 6 years and i didn’t laugh... Am i not og?
william lewis
william lewis Måned siden
Mason Nealgrove
Mason Nealgrove Måned siden
Just packed Mbappe from a prime mixed players pack !
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Måned siden
Man go and try alex texeira, he is a beast
Dedektif kedi
Dedektif kedi Måned siden
Come Back to Beşiktaş (Turkey) Talisca. We miss you
BFMert Måned siden
Talisca is amazing but im not sure if its worth 85 rated squad
Xeltiic Måned siden
Wtf Liverpool Goalsong????? Tought there are only Dortmund, Real and Roth Milans?
Flower Of Scotland
Flower Of Scotland Måned siden
No one cares for CSL cards.....
Cameron Måned siden
just got KDB out of a season pass mega pack
Jonathan Måned siden
Build a new team every week so not putting 60k+ into an untradeable player forcing me down the brazil route. I only do the player SBC's if its a chelsea player or insanely good price/offers packs with completion. For how good team's are this year talisca might as well be a 1 week loan before he gets turned into a super sub.
Corey Blakee
Corey Blakee Måned siden
Whey just got ucl salah from my 100 assists in separate games rare players pack :)
Hector Sandoval
Hector Sandoval Måned siden
how did he make it to 10 minutes god damn😂
Brandon Fox
Brandon Fox Måned siden
Too expensive
ELUF _ Måned siden
Here is anyone elses xbox not even turning on and just going a blank screen
truther archiel
truther archiel Måned siden
High low work rates are the meta I've got baby Lineker and his goals and assists to games is next level
Mitchy Mitch
Mitchy Mitch Måned siden
i can fit him or aguero in my team, who do i go for?
Karbuncle Måned siden
Talisca normal card was my super sub for ages so this is a big plus🤣🤣
Muhle Magongo
Muhle Magongo Måned siden
u should get the new Grealish card!!!!
Al Db
Al Db Måned siden
Too expensive, would bei around 50k max on the Market, but good Card.
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
More like 30k max
Mitr0 Måned siden
Just packed Hazard and Dembele from q pack Lets go 💫
Olive Grove Hub
Olive Grove Hub Måned siden
Just packed RB Costa so will link nation up with Talisca nicely
Dean Watson
Dean Watson Måned siden
Bought common's at 3000 & rare UCL for 1800 thinking ea would release marquee matchups requiring them they didn't !!! What do I do?
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
Panic sell while I hoover them all up
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes Måned siden
You are screwed
Jordi boy
Jordi boy Måned siden
Really good card but I told myself after last year, apart from league sbcs which I can slowly grind, I’m not going to do sbc players that aren’t from major league and nation
Lucas Poderoso
Lucas Poderoso Måned siden
And there are similar players that are better (Dybala, Griezmann...)
Marcel Polanetz
Marcel Polanetz Måned siden
True waist of coins.. Someday u will need those or high rated players for better players
OSA NG Måned siden
Fully packed rashford Werner ederson and depay this week
OSA NG Måned siden
@David Britton love you too bro✊🏿
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
No one asked..... And no ones interested
James Mcmillan
James Mcmillan Måned siden
Think an 85 is great for this card considering how cheap some high rated cards are and how good upgrade packs are
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
@James Mcmillan must be different gold upgrades to the ones I open cos all I gets absolute garbage
James Mcmillan
James Mcmillan Måned siden
David Britton gold upgrades, easy to get lots of high rated cards. Neps method of using bpm to make coins to build them works great
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
What upgrade packs
TMaier16 Måned siden
It’s a good card but not worth doing for me
Shakeel Uddin
Shakeel Uddin Måned siden
When are we getting the Eric cantona rule breaker card ?
Owen Holdcroft
Owen Holdcroft Måned siden
What chem style do I use?
Shakeel Uddin
Shakeel Uddin Måned siden
When are we getting the John terry rule breaker card?
Gaffie 1996
Gaffie 1996 Måned siden
Its not amazing though is it
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Måned siden
Way too expensive again....
ITZ GAMERZ Måned siden
Yes should be a 84 team for an 84 player
awatari 97
awatari 97 Måned siden
Probably a good card, but 85 rated squad is way too much for him considering the league he is from.
viper4326 Måned siden
This card would be acceptable last year but you can buy Dybala for 40k this year who is tradeable, has better links and miles better stats
Brian Payne Jr
Brian Payne Jr Måned siden
waiting to see if i get a red paulinho, then I'll cop talisca
Danny Koning
Danny Koning Måned siden
We never get league SBC’s this quick. Have some patience
Elliott Osman
Elliott Osman Måned siden
Nep keep the good work up mate
Elliott Osman
Elliott Osman Måned siden
Imma do that card
Christian Silva
Christian Silva Måned siden
At this point I feel like nep is trying to stay positive with the crappy content released
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
He said that malong was great and he's no better than a 1.5k Emre can, lol...... Laughable
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic Måned siden
You missed uch marque matchups
Alfie Pimm
Alfie Pimm Måned siden
Paulihno inform this week as well as maybe a texiera card or richarlison on Friday and Douglas costa very good links
Brewer Playz
Brewer Playz Måned siden
How is Nep not going to mention the green link to Teixeira, real ones know!
Brewer Playz
Brewer Playz Måned siden
@DontDashboard he’s awesome, hard to believe he’s only 79 rated
DontDashboard Måned siden
Teixeira is great in this game.
Andreas Norman-Larsen
Andreas Norman-Larsen Måned siden
checy kaylor navas aahahhaa
David Britton
David Britton Måned siden
A what.......... Are you OK lad
Ken Engirth
Ken Engirth Måned siden
Done it
Un Named
Un Named Måned siden
I’ve been waiting for someone in my Spanish/Brazil team to get a better card
kufo Måned siden
As a Brazil fan, hell yeah I will!!!!
Jack Abruzzoop
Jack Abruzzoop Måned siden
I completed him, saw the stats and starting busting all over the place
Jack Abruzzoop
Jack Abruzzoop Måned siden
@wombo combo maybe...
wombo combo
wombo combo Måned siden
I hope you cleaned up
dylan mannick
dylan mannick Måned siden
I think mega packs are so bad tbh
איתמר שלום
איתמר שלום Måned siden
And it's chewsday
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