Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

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8 dager siden

I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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Davie504 8 dager siden
M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too
Raina Bark
Raina Bark 5 dager siden
Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'
Heath Lockwood
Heath Lockwood 7 dager siden
jop 7 dager siden
Dr dre!!!!!!!!
jop 7 dager siden
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls 7 dager siden
eshneto Time siden
Dude, I miss the time when rappers were black. Still, Jesus with a cat did a great job.
Insane Potato
Insane Potato Time siden
Say Mass Debate Fast
Insane Potato
Insane Potato Time siden
Davie ur the beeeeeest!❤️🎸
A- animations
A- animations 2 timer siden
4:20 sounds like eminem
Andy Thomason
Andy Thomason 2 timer siden
ok Cat man and the bass solo for the win. Honorable mention to Mr. jazy piano man.
Dmfsm tube
Dmfsm tube 2 timer siden
Tom Joe
Tom Joe 2 timer siden
kitty rap is winner easy
the random player
the random player 3 timer siden
davie: we are a christian channel also davie: hell yeah me: davie didnt you say your christian so why you talkin bout hell
FROST PH 4 timer siden
SUGAR !CE 4 timer siden
Kinda epic
No Intentions
No Intentions 4 timer siden
Why did watching snoop rap over that feel like a key and peele skit
riketscience 4 timer siden
Snoop the only one who gave the nod to RBL Posse's Don't Gimme No Bammer track here. Great effort everyone by the way. Hard to choose between you. Norman David (second up) had a great vibe going on.
Raistlin Walls
Raistlin Walls 5 timer siden
Glad this happened
leyland 5 timer siden
lol kid- plays trumpet* Davie- "that's a weird bass"
phostnok 5 timer siden
2:36 best for me 4:00
Angelo Azzollini
Angelo Azzollini 5 timer siden
nice bass player, but your english is like a 6 yo baby
Sofia Tav
Sofia Tav 5 timer siden
4:48 new emotions found on Davie 504 😍 Slapp like now
Raul Gomes
Raul Gomes 5 timer siden
Foda demais kkkkkk
Good Fellow
Good Fellow 5 timer siden
i did 1 hour version check it out on my channel
Ambrose 6 timer siden
Everyone writes for for hours and then records in perfect quality. Snoop dog just picks up phone and goes
Falumil 6 timer siden
The first rapper was as white as it gets
Shartak 6 timer siden
Damn these guys were talented, reminded me of the 90s hiphop era (the best one). Rappers nowaday got more money than talent... that's just sad for rap and hiphop.
Matthew Lopes
Matthew Lopes 7 timer siden
Snoop went from being legit to having to hustle young kids on you tube who are trying to come up. Especially kids as talented and generous as Davie... Davie, snoop should have paid you bro. Smash like and subscribe to that snoop.
Romel Deloso
Romel Deloso 7 timer siden
W😯😳W... Nice epico BASS...and rappers....slaps assss👍
Maliq Farraz alvaro
Maliq Farraz alvaro 7 timer siden
Idk why is the snoop dogg is very addicting to watch
Noah Sly
Noah Sly 8 timer siden
I dont like rap but this makes me-
Brody DeLarge
Brody DeLarge 8 timer siden
7:15 for snoop dogg.
Philip Williams
Philip Williams 8 timer siden
Gosh Snoop was terrible, I was expecting far better from him, pretty disappointing really.
Amir 8 timer siden
The cat rockstar won. Even over snoop dogg... O M G!
squirrels in my pants !
squirrels in my pants ! 8 timer siden
Rap + Swearing? Nah bro
ALONZO, Angelyn L.
ALONZO, Angelyn L. 9 timer siden
I love the cat guy😆
mobile legend
mobile legend 11 timer siden
mine trumpet,first clip, and 4rth
Noodle of Hyrule
Noodle of Hyrule 11 timer siden
The people in these submissions can legitimately say they rapped better than Snoop
mobile legend
mobile legend 11 timer siden
"davie davie don't gimme no bammer weed"
Luna Rose
Luna Rose 11 timer siden
I watch this not as entertainment, but as me scoping out the competition. I will become a better bassist than you >:3
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera 12 timer siden
ZeXCS :3
ZeXCS :3 12 timer siden
jezus was great. I vote for that one..😆😆😆
David Estrada
David Estrada 12 timer siden
Snoop was lazy, get Eminem next time
Ali Dez
Ali Dez 12 timer siden
Am I the only one that found the first guy cringe af? His voice and flow are both terrible. But I'm an 80's and 90's cat, so what do I know about kids rapping in 2020.
Ali Dez
Ali Dez 12 timer siden
When one of the most famous rappers on the planet is the worst rapper in a video full of no bodies.
markkens9 13 timer siden
D504 that riff was so epic! and then Dogg and a blunt and brother DelRio ( who is on his way up the scale, IMHO)
hakon ericson
hakon ericson 13 timer siden
If Davie doesn’t slap like on this comment he’s a hypocrite. I slapped like on this video.
Ed Aghryan
Ed Aghryan 13 timer siden
davie v thedooo??????
Geovanny Francisco Reyes Constante
Geovanny Francisco Reyes Constante 14 timer siden
Andyx Dalaza
Andyx Dalaza 14 timer siden
I swear I thought the 3rd entry was Japanese Man Yuta
Imannuddien Baharum
Imannuddien Baharum 14 timer siden
Snoop Dog rapping is the worst. Everyone else made an effort except him. And to think that Davie paid for that.
Thomas Gutierrez
Thomas Gutierrez 14 timer siden
Lin-Manuel Miranda is the only remaining legal option for rap bass challenge
Jose Rafael Gonzalez
Jose Rafael Gonzalez 14 timer siden
WOW!!! APPROVED!!!!!!!
WILD FM DJ DR. MOUSE 15 timer siden
roses are red violets are blue the moment you"ve waiting for is 7,10
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis 15 timer siden
3rd was good
Danny Dacheeto420
Danny Dacheeto420 15 timer siden
said curse words lame
Kubrat Z
Kubrat Z 16 timer siden
hey Dave, where r u from?
Pohujwamto Niepodajski
Pohujwamto Niepodajski 16 timer siden
Infidel 207
Infidel 207 16 timer siden
You paid 4 that?
Stefan Kessels
Stefan Kessels 17 timer siden
Norman David sounds oldskool! Sounds very NYC mid '80s
QuiznosBear 17 timer siden
2nd was best EZ
JOHN LOYDE SAPINOSO 18 timer siden
So Jesus Can Rap ?
Trev is a cool boi
Trev is a cool boi 18 timer siden
i like the first one
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 19 timer siden
If you guys didn’t notice Davie’s “link in description” actually rhymes to the last rap.
Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell 19 timer siden
the cat guy made me uncomfortable
Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell 19 timer siden
they were all too white for me
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 19 timer siden
My fave is the cat one for sure!
ThunderBlastvideo 19 timer siden
holy shit these are all so good
ANGRY CAMPER 19 timer siden
All was 🔥 Los Epicos!!!
Karlhto 19 timer siden
cool video
Alexandr Konyaev
Alexandr Konyaev 19 timer siden
Не понимаю, как это попало в ленту, но, очень интересно.
Chris 20 timer siden
The worst was Snoop Dog.
Ralts 20 timer siden
Next certified platinum record by snoop dogg
Kruxxor 20 timer siden
These raps were actually decent. Most got a chuckle out of me. And Davie slapping that bass like a god.
Narice 20 timer siden
the cat one.
Snake 777
Snake 777 21 time siden
Third guy sounds like snoop dogg but better 😂
Snake 777
Snake 777 21 time siden
The first one
Jared Paulson
Jared Paulson 21 time siden
I couldn't stop laughing at the cat song
Chloe Miller
Chloe Miller 21 time siden
"Mass debate"
GAME OF DRONES UK 22 timer siden
I always slap like!
Siddhant Parab
Siddhant Parab 22 timer siden
The cat guy can be a very good salesman
Kurose Music
Kurose Music 22 timer siden
My fave is the cat one for sure!
Bobb Bob
Bobb Bob 22 timer siden
love snoop but that was lame and that bass line is pretty good though I could do better.... i lied that bass was actually epic
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles 22 timer siden
Snoop was wack
Terror Blade
Terror Blade 22 timer siden
Where is Jppllnd??
Joe S
Joe S 23 timer siden
You gotta do a collab with Marc Rebillet!
mksouthon 23 timer siden
Snoop looks like if Hulk Hogan had been sitting in the sun since he retired.
Ed Perkins
Ed Perkins 23 timer siden
Iya ya Allah.
Isaiah Helvey
Isaiah Helvey 23 timer siden
Looked like Snoop was recording this on a google meet. SLAP LIKE NOW!!!
Tyson Dag siden
Everybody rapped better than Snoop Dogg
Bradley Bernard
Bradley Bernard Dag siden
Oh, while you can’t really rate music because each has its merits, I vote for Mike Choe the Man in the Basement, he kept getting better and faster and I wished he had more time, and the kid on the trumpet was epic beyond his years,
Mike Choe
Mike Choe 10 timer siden
Roberto Sharpless Hecht
Roberto Sharpless Hecht Dag siden
Hahaha I love all the hate on SD. Those kids dont realize the flow and keeping simple is more powerful.
Bradley Bernard
Bradley Bernard Dag siden
My first exposure to Davie just now and I approve it! I’m slappin’ like right now! Great job Davie504!
Music And Friends
Music And Friends Dag siden
I want to learn bass but I don't have a bass
Barın Korkanç
Barın Korkanç Dag siden
ggoD poonS
Anton Trüloff
Anton Trüloff Dag siden
@Davie504 Mix it up
Kim Olsson
Kim Olsson Dag siden
Next Eminem.
Cheater 23
Cheater 23 Dag siden
Get a colab with Harry Mack! Live bass and rap off the top!
Morris Burgess
Morris Burgess Dag siden
Cat Rapper FTW
Luna Duan
Luna Duan Dag siden
Davie has instilled in me the good habit of likin' before watchin'
Davide Arroyo
Davide Arroyo Dag siden
My fav rap is Mike Choes' and between the instrument players Nicola Tenini was my favorite
Mike Choe
Mike Choe Dag siden
Sergi Giménez
Sergi Giménez Dag siden
Davie504 talking about Snoop Dogg's rap on camera: "Pretty mind-blowing, isn't it?" Davie504's real-life reaction to Snoop Dogg's rap: "Cos'è sta merda?"
Brian M.
Brian M. Dag siden
THe cAt rap is epico
James T
James T Dag siden
this beat is forcing everyone to rap like ice ice baby
Midwest God
Midwest God Dag siden
Mike Cho the only not cheesy dude
Mike Choe
Mike Choe Dag siden
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