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Why do we have to keep using PDFs, which are often annoying to deal with?
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Ioan Koka
Ioan Koka 8 minutter siden
Linus, you should know better that PDF was not meant to be edited once it was distilled. Noob! Yes, new "container" type of "editable" PDF came along and blabla, yes Adobe wants money. Anyway, if you own the original file source you should be alright as you still have it. Not owning the source... well, pay the damn price :D
Erik de la Forest
Erik de la Forest 2 dager siden
This video was sponsored by the. DOX gang.
Gaurav Khole
Gaurav Khole 3 dager siden
Love your content ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fr0z3n 4ng3r
Fr0z3n 4ng3r 3 dager siden
well that pulseway video explains the state of IT systems all over the world
dutchguy1975 5 dager siden
When I have to sign something that's in PDF format I have to physically print it, sign it, scan and save it as pdf... I refuse to pay money for a feature that should be free to use.
Daniel Sieker
Daniel Sieker 5 dager siden
"Who uses Microsoft Word anyway?" *looks at statistics* "Oh, those people"
Connor King
Connor King 6 dager siden
DVI gang
Kevlar Canuck
Kevlar Canuck 7 dager siden
Awesome. Now I'm curious _why_ the PDF format is reliable between different software environments even though word etc is not. Are the formatting and font options different or more comprehensive?
Seth Glover
Seth Glover 7 dager siden
There was a pulsway ad on ur vid and I was just watching it thinking it was the vid
GFX Daniel
GFX Daniel 7 dager siden
My teacher keeps assigning pdfs for online school, idk how to edit them
Aldo 8 dager siden
Btw shoutout to Drawboard PDF for Windows.. pretty great Adobe alternative :)
Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus 8 dager siden
When reading documents I much prefer them to come in a format that means you don't accidentally edit them. Also when publishing it is normally desirable to have a format that is difficult to edit
Melvin Astrahan
Melvin Astrahan 11 dager siden
PDF is the native format of MacOS. Its GREAT! your video title is the only thing that "SUCKS", this video was a waste of electrons
Viced Rhino
Viced Rhino 12 dager siden
I print to PDF all the time. It's a good way to save digital receipts. You know, all those pages that say "Print a copy for your records"? My records are a folder on my NAS. No way I'm wasting paper on that.
GooseFeather 12 dager siden
PDF is gucci on Mac!
Raditiya Valendeto
Raditiya Valendeto 13 dager siden
"PDFs suck" every 60 seconds in africa, a minute passes
SugaryHull 13 dager siden
Anyone remember DjVu? Those were the days
Sonic Fan Channel: Triple Trouble
Sonic Fan Channel: Triple Trouble 13 dager siden
i got an ad for an app wondershare pdfelement lol
Luiz Pessoa
Luiz Pessoa 14 dager siden
You forgot to say that Adobe is the standard for the print and press industries. Back in the 80's we had to use eps files to print large format and to use the file for press, for exemple we have console cartridges, from microsoft, to convert word files to postscript for the printer, they are inserted. After pdf you not only can sent your file to any place to print... you save money a lot doing pre-press, proofs and, the one of the most important things after fonts, "color correction" Adobe RGB, Adobe Gamma that´s the magic words! Because these, you pay a premium for adobe pdf, mostely...
Leon Moto
Leon Moto 15 dager siden
LaTeX is the way to go
Ninja J
Ninja J 15 dager siden
Linus the only dude who can spend a whole video talking about a document format we use in college
Poushal 16 dager siden
Microsoft print to pdf is a lifesaver
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 17 dager siden
Agree, editing a PDF is a pain in the ass. I had to edit one on my phone the other day to request a refund for an undelivered item via Yodel.
Kuhluh 17 dager siden
Here some (good) alternatives to Adobe if you want to edit PDFs (although the "edit" part doesn't really seem to be standardized, at least it doesn't feel like it, but hey, just print when you are finished to pdf (or paper) and you are good to go again): - KDE Okular (originally from Linux, but also available on Windows (Store) these days) - Foxit Reader Both are pretty good (knowing from experience), so yeah, give it a try if you want to.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 18 dager siden
Print to PDF is my daily savior at work.
Smit Patil
Smit Patil 19 dager siden
Libreoffice draw saved me multiple times when I had to quickly edit PDFs on my laptop. No reason to pay Adobe
Joseph1NJ 20 dager siden
Why is he wearing a winter hat indoors?
R Valent
R Valent 21 dag siden
i import my pdf into libreoffice drawer then re export it as pdf
Stephen V
Stephen V 24 dager siden
I thought it was "Printable" Document format. in the sense that it's the pre-publication version of the document before it goes to mass printing, designed specifically for consistent print layouts.
Gustavo Domínguez
Gustavo Domínguez 26 dager siden
I Apple was gonna be dropped somewhere, hoping for a free refresher. :) From what I remember Apple either partnered or contributed to it so they've had Adobe-levels on insight since the beginning all the way from NeXTSTEP. It was open sourced for Apple or royalty-free or some like that. It's deeply integrated with macOS, with the kittens era the golden. It's written into Quartz..or Quartz from it?--IDK, somebody will correct me but the point is that it forever has been crazy smooth and seamless, it still isn't like that in some viewers outside of Apple, let alone authoring tools. macOS itself is a pretty sick PDF author without any extra 3rd or even 1st-party (Pages, Keynote...) software It's one thing I'm really going to miss now that I'm sick of Apple's biiIIsh*t and moving away from the eco. :/
Pat 26 dager siden
any of the 3rd party viewer/creators lend themselves to indexing folders of PDF's?
aesir1 ases
aesir1 ases 26 dager siden
PDFs are great and this video is not lol
Jim B
Jim B 27 dager siden
Adobe Acrobat DC is part of the subscription Adobe suite bundle without anyone needing to pay for the PDF creation/editing app subscription alone.
josir1994 27 dager siden
didn't pdf stand for print da faq?
Blue 29 dager siden
So is there an alternative? A file format that contains every necessary content to display consistently but is able to be edited easily? Sounds like it should already exist right?
Dominic Toretto
Dominic Toretto Måned siden
So why do they suck ???
Michael Måned siden
Ah yes pdf, java of word processors. Portable across systems and machines...
Vinnie Davis
Vinnie Davis Måned siden
People pay for pdf editing? I've been editing mine using open source software lol
Salman Hussain
Salman Hussain Måned siden
He mostly said positive things about PDF but then titled it negatively. I’m confused.
Fivos Sakellis
Fivos Sakellis Måned siden
I hate it when I download pdf service manuals and I have to edit them because some pages need rotating, and then the website that hosts the pdfs locks them with a password! Arghhhh
Yelrebmikkim Måned siden
So many pro PDF comments. It is so handy to print and have final copies saved as published softcopies - because it is hard to accidentally edit!
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Måned siden
On Android there is a widget that scans to your Google Drive folder. It also creates PDFs. What I like is that the black and white is crisp, no blotches all over or other stuff. The only downside is it does not look like a document that is typed but that is only because it does not correct any waves in the page. It is great if you need a way to save a scan of a receipt or other important document that you might prefer to keep for a while. That can be tax documents that you absolutely would prefer to keep for deductions or even as evidence in an audit (should you be so unfortunate).
Naeemul Hoque
Naeemul Hoque Måned siden
I want something exactly like PDF or better and i want it open source. Maybe google can help here. 👍😉
Davi Fiks
Davi Fiks Måned siden
HAHAHA really ??, just remember when back in the days you had 1000 versions of editing programs (that were not free), i could not open something in some places because they don´t have the exact editing program you have, PDF is not for editing, PDF is to have a document that will open anywhere you want, it's purely for reliability
Davi Fiks
Davi Fiks Måned siden
Addressing the main issue he pointed, the document you do is in your editing tool, the document you deliver is in PDF, as you deliver the document you can simply delete the one you deliver and just stay with the one original one in your editing tool, you simply don´t need to edit PDF if you are well organized
Box Collider
Box Collider Måned siden
the captions are *G E K O L O N I S E E R D*
Mr. Arshed
Mr. Arshed Måned siden
Frankly, nothing said is new. A debate over a solution offered by Adobe. Well, you don't like it, don't use it. PDF editors are everywhere these days at very low prices.
Robert Glysen
Robert Glysen Måned siden
I hate PDFs, I bought a PC in 1995, it played wing commander privateer very well, which was great, to read the manual I had to run adobe acrobat, It brought that DX2 66 to its knees.
Disthron Måned siden
Just a quick addendum, back in the day, most word processing programs wouldn't even open files created in other word processing programs. Computer file has a awesome video about it from a guy who was around at the time.
Nanto shirogane
Nanto shirogane Måned siden
Winar is trash
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke Måned siden
Captions only available in Dutch, please add English captions.
Neeboopsh Måned siden
remember when adobe was the vector for 30-35% of all attacks on computers? adobe coasted on pdf to create other software that got people hax0red, like flash, for years
Jack Kraken
Jack Kraken Måned siden
Just treat PDFs as a final version. That's exactly what I do. You should then have a draft version somewhere else like a word document which has all the details you need to change, then print to PDF when you are done. If you need to make changes, makes those changes in the word document then export as a PDF again.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Måned siden
Reads title: Angry Latex Users
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson Måned siden
The de facto ebook file format
Rik Den Breejen
Rik Den Breejen Måned siden
So is this why all schools have a boner for PDF’s?
Rik Den Breejen
Rik Den Breejen Måned siden
Portable? They take up more space then ODT files!
Baruch Ben-David
Baruch Ben-David Måned siden
I have edited PDF files for years, without ever knowing there was a service that charges money for this. Not sure why I'd ever want to pay.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Måned siden
i got a add for a pdf thing while watching this video
Strytax Måned siden
3:23 insane how they want you to install more bloatware for paying 15$
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
Reads title: Angry Latex Users
And they make us use PDFs a bunch in online school.
Videos Argentina
Videos Argentina Måned siden
DAMN... look at that golden beard, curly hair and perfect face, are u a greek god dude??? fucking gorgeous
Jonas Fermefors
Jonas Fermefors Måned siden
Like every other piece of Adobe software Acrobat is so bloated it shouldn't be legal. Just Acrobat is about the same size on disk as the entire Microsoft Office suite. I use Fox It for most things and if I really need to edit I convert files using free tools if they don't convert cleanly in Word.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
thousands for editing suite too.
peendaccarry Måned siden
audiophile? wireless? closed back? oxymoronic?
minecrafter0505 Måned siden
Wait, you can edit PDFs with LibreOffice Draw? Oh my god!
Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver Måned siden
Doesn't PostScript do this? /me glances at the Adobe red and black books on his reference shelf.
Bikerchris Måned siden
I only pay for Adobe PDF Writer, because the standard built in stuff doesn't do A1 (large page) sizes...luckily though my copy of Writer 9 STILL works, and on Windows 10 too! 😊
Quentin Farrell
Quentin Farrell Måned siden
ok getting libre office now
Mocoso7 Måned siden
Clippy hehe
Lone Dragon
Lone Dragon Måned siden
piracy go brrrrrr
SOVA Rides
SOVA Rides Måned siden
Isn't it 15 a year?
fumblingcow 9577
fumblingcow 9577 Måned siden
i got a add for a pdf thing while watching this video
MrThorBor Måned siden
Comments: Complaining about Adobe pricing Me: Looking at the cost of second Bluebeam Revu seat........
Minhaj SixByte
Minhaj SixByte Måned siden
adobe reader is the worst pdf reader ever.
hello there good guy!
hello there good guy! Måned siden
all my life i thought PDF stands for protected document format
sokin jon
sokin jon Måned siden
I use PDFs for the final version of any documents I have
Bane279 - Gosp
Bane279 - Gosp Måned siden
To Linus: You told nothing in this video, wasting my time.
sokin jon
sokin jon Måned siden
Tarlok Tarlok
Tarlok Tarlok Måned siden
So, I got a Linus ad on a Linus video
Honglu Zhang
Honglu Zhang Måned siden
pdf is literally the life of my laptop. 99% of my research documents are in pdf, whether journals, books, or my own reports and papers will always have a pdf copy. if you need to read through dozens of files and make edits all the time, I don't even care if adobe is robbing my money(btw, they are not, im not gonna pay them anything), just like LMG pays thousands for editing suite too.
Tor Djärv
Tor Djärv Måned siden
PDF:s are awesome if you are on linux and not use adobe software. Adobe reader sucks, almost any other PDF reader is better. Also you are not supposed to edit a PDF, if that is what you trying to do you are doing it wrong.
rickyu1978 Måned siden
wait what part 2 is missing.
buddyroach Måned siden
we need this for websites so they are the same across different browsers and platforms
El Has Music
El Has Music Måned siden
I’ve had to write EXAM PAPERS WITHIN THE DOCUMENT in college.
Gamerzz 96
Gamerzz 96 Måned siden
Sir can you do a video about Ghost spectre Windows lite It is super fast but there are not many tutorials how to install Windows few features.. If u make video about it many will know about Ghost spectre
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Måned siden
Linus: casualy speaks english NOpost for some reason: netherland captions
Ethereal Swordsman
Ethereal Swordsman Måned siden
I love libre office, and I didn't even know this
Roberto Fontiglia
Roberto Fontiglia Måned siden
This feels like a re-upload...
ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ
ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ Måned siden
Imagine if Adobe wasn't so shitty about modifying files like the PDF
Conor Stewart
Conor Stewart Måned siden
If you need to fill and sign something on a phone or iPad and then send it off there are apps now that make it relatively easy
Conor Stewart
Conor Stewart Måned siden
@gioyu comi not sure what you mean but you can edit pdfs, I bought an app for like £5 and it lets you create and open and edit pdfs
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Måned siden
because regular PDF won't cut it sadly
Scott Baird
Scott Baird Måned siden
PDF’s are also used for construction drawings as converted from CAD. Dell workstations can even come with Foxit Reader preinstalled, which can work without a monthly subscription
Burgo361 Måned siden
I use PDFs for the final version of any documents I have
BlazingBlueFlame 094
BlazingBlueFlame 094 Måned siden
Me who uses Kami to edit PDFs for school: 👁👄👁
frenchfry Måned siden
Oh my god I got an ad by this guy before the video started
Xeverous Måned siden
0:12 "they are annoying to edit" PDFs were designed as a final format document, never to be edited. Want good edits? Compile PDFs from *TeX.
Vitaly Tomachevski
Vitaly Tomachevski Måned siden
@Xeverous yes. Bit the option to edit it is still available. I can drag the mp3 into Audacity or Vegas Pro or FL Studio and do some modifications to it. Such as change volume levels, add effects, or trim the duration. Then You can render it out into a file of your choice. With Pdf all I can do it copy and paste the content, and reedit the vector files. but I need to recreate the typeface, and formatting. Just wish that there was.more options to support editing pdfs other than adobe acrobat.
Xeverous Måned siden
@Vitaly Tomachevski For mp3 you actually can not so easily as this format is not open and requires to purchance a license in order to legally use the file.
Vitaly Tomachevski
Vitaly Tomachevski Måned siden
So are mp3 for music, mp4 for videos, and jpeg for images. But you can still use other applications to edit them.
SibaNL Måned siden
Adobe Acrobat is absolute boat
Smash Boy
Smash Boy Måned siden
So PDF sucks, because it doesn't.
Bill B
Bill B Måned siden
This title sucks. Content sucks as well: where's CutePDF, FoxIt, Nitro?
Soul Fire667
Soul Fire667 Måned siden
Linus is that you from LTT
smmshoe Måned siden
,PDF became a part of ISO and no longer owned by adobe
Thomas Hime
Thomas Hime Måned siden
They just fixed Edge to properly have PDF display options... I will never likely install reader.
Shadicgunman Måned siden
Use LaTeX in Texworks and PDFs aren't a hassle anymore.
pfrudi Måned siden
I work in printing, PDFs looking differently than intended or lacking fonts are every day errors to deal with. It's gotten to a point were we ask for PDF/a whenever possible, because regular PDF won't cut it sadly
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