Garden Find 6-Speed V12 BMW E31 850i Revival - Project Marseille: Part 1

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M539 Restorations

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This beautiful Calypso red E31 850i was left to rot in Southern France for the last 10 years. It was sitting outside in a garden all this time and that took its toll on the poor 8er. I bought it sight unseen and in this episode, we go over the condition of the car as the time has come to bring this forgotten legend of the '90s back to life! Projects update at the end of the video and some exciting news too!
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Kevin Kelker
Kevin Kelker 15 timer siden
Love this cat. He makes me want to get my hands dirty. Also gotta love a German who throws out Spanish slang. I'd have beers with this dude.
semaj d
semaj d 20 timer siden
How much for these wheels?
Daniel Crain
Daniel Crain 21 time siden
Thank you youtube for recommending this channel to me! I can't wait to see what the car looks like once the restoration is completed.
jayzee Dag siden
My new dream is to buy an old restored bmw from you that I can bring back to the states when I leave Germany
أبو يزن ABO YZN I
أبو يزن ABO YZN I Dag siden
Good evening, I am a follower of your channel, a fan of your work and an excellent BMW fan from KSA
Christer Sundin
Christer Sundin Dag siden
"What happened to you, BMW?" =)
Boris G
Boris G Dag siden
It’s great that you save these cars, i love BMWs, especially older ones like this one and it’s very nice to see someone take more than proper care of them.
xblHAPPY303 2 dager siden
This is my dream car ♥️
avienas 2 dager siden
You can outsource body shop somewhere in LT, PL, or RO, good quality paint job will cost you +/- 2k
Village Flavors
Village Flavors 3 dager siden
I got a BMW 318CI 2001 in an auction and the same without an engine. I want to fix a BMW engine - Manual esp 6 cylinder. Which one would u recommend for this model
The Chopper Dad
The Chopper Dad 3 dager siden
Yea boy! Full time leap of faith. Best move ever
Henrik 3 dager siden
Crazy you managed to find this in france as a german, how do you scouver for objects / cars?
0RESTIS _g 3 dager siden
Why not wrap the car instead of painting it If u want to paint it jut do it yourself it will be a nice expirience
Ivo Rutten
Ivo Rutten 4 dager siden
When I ran out of projects on this channel and tried to find similar content on one gets even NEAR. Keep up the good work: capable mechanics, funny commentary, good sound and camerawork. I'm a huge fan. Oh! and I almost forgot the added squeaky noises! They definitely liven things up...must be a lot of work to edit them in later, thanks for taking the trouble.
joey H
joey H 4 dager siden
expedition in germany?? i didnt know they had them there, cool!
german 1979
german 1979 6 dager siden
Original oem bmw tool cloth in the wild! - Keep up the great vids :)
PompeyMatt17 6 dager siden
I'd love for you to sort out my 1997 Z3 Individual, engine ! (M44B19)..come on it's finished in Fiji Green 😁
B K 8 dager siden
Bring it to Turkey, extreme quality paint job would cost you around 1500-2000 euros, im located in Canada at the moment but i can hook you up with great and honest people, or you can do it via a Turkish friend :)
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 8 dager siden
How come there are no follow up videos on this project?????
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 8 dager siden
Because I am only one man and can work only on one car at the time. But there will be soon :)
atroise 10 dager siden
Where is the part 2?
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 10 dager siden
There isn't one yet.
atroise 10 dager siden
Unbelievable how ahead BMW used to be. However from the early 2000 they started to make problematic cars with very low quality
elefterios mouratidis
elefterios mouratidis 10 dager siden
14:45 We are going to throw that away :-)
Anton Yurchenko
Anton Yurchenko 11 dager siden
Congrats for starting your dream career !!!
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago 11 dager siden
This video is AWESOME!!! May it live forever!!! 🤘🏼😄
Gio 13 dager siden
Very very very big respect from me to you for this honest job ⭐✊🤜🤛💪🇬🇪
Almir Duric
Almir Duric 13 dager siden
Hahaha he said "I'm going to get Hugh Jackman".
fz 14 dager siden
How much did you pay for this car ?
alvaro porras
alvaro porras 18 dager siden
talking and talking and talking,. please stop! get to work , but shut up dude!
C. M.
C. M. 18 dager siden
a slavic guy that lives in germany, speaks english, french and spanish, reparis old barnfind cars but also produces high quality youtube videos? i am subbed
K1DW1THGUN 18 dager siden
Amazing channel the knowledge u have is amazing video editing is perfect good luck can’t wait to see more
Brian 330xi
Brian 330xi 18 dager siden
850i is the perfect project car! Do You Do A Restauration?
Billy 19 dager siden
4:23 That “ackman” is Huge!
Don KiksBiscuits
Don KiksBiscuits 19 dager siden
The i8 should have been this car .
Kresien //M
Kresien //M 20 dager siden
Enjoy watching your videos - hope you do a E34 project as it is my favorite 5 Series
David 22 dager siden
Loved the video. How funny and enthusiastic you are! Subscribed
Parzival14 23 dager siden
I was praying you were going to wash it and you didn't disappoint 👍 Rare car to find in manual, can't wait to see how this turns out. Great vid as always. P.S that outro is perfect love it 👌
Lee F
Lee F 23 dager siden
Who says Germans don't have a sense of humour... Great content and loves his BM's if only one was a RHD would trade in my F11 boring BMW and buy one of your finished examples... a nice E39 530 or 40 M-sport would be nice
Martin Reid
Martin Reid 23 dager siden
The Hugh Jackman Brilliant!
Στ. Δ.
Στ. Δ. 25 dager siden
If road taxes weren’t soo expensive in Greece I would probably buy sth like this tbh
theinsuranceguy101 25 dager siden
New subscriber here, excited for this 850 series!
Kristian Sønnervik
Kristian Sønnervik 26 dager siden
Please keep making these forever. Helped me enormously with my 750il e32 . Only request is: Can you start including links to where you sourced the parts?
eLinwelin 26 dager siden
I’ve watched all the video with the idea “we need to support this guy to quit his job and do what he likes to do” So I am going to patreon page now. Thanks for amazing videos!
Sebastian Andersson
Sebastian Andersson 27 dager siden
congratulations !!! love the videos :D
macman6107 28 dager siden
Man I love your videos. Definitely one of the more interesting channels on here. The car. I honestly never knew the E31 had the option fora manual gearbox. That makes it even more of a dream car for me. However I will always have a soft spot for the 80s & 90s BMWs having owned a few. I look forward to the next instalment and stay off the cocaine. 🤘
Uber fenastray
Uber fenastray 28 dager siden
7:50.....let there be light.
Thomas Martinussen
Thomas Martinussen 28 dager siden
nailpolish collor sadly
A W 29 dager siden
I wasn't subscribed for some reason, I am now! Great on you for taking the leap of faith to grow your channel and do what you love most. Seeing the growth in automotive NOpost channels is nuts and yours is right up there with the best my friend! Cheers From Canada!
Pbperez 210
Pbperez 210 29 dager siden
Why do you hate aftermarket wheels? What about aftermarket BBS's? Lol
overbehindunder 29 dager siden
lol at the foot injury comment :D
gotany1 Måned siden
Please when it is up and running, at stand still put it in 5th gear and pull away.
Rnd 314
Rnd 314 Måned siden
frankfurt my fav city
Dj Raulio
Dj Raulio Måned siden
"Imagine if this would have been a new 7 Series. I'd be rushed to the hospital with a foot injury now... " I CRAKED ON LAUGHING =)))))))))))))
Condrea Vitalie
Condrea Vitalie Måned siden
Best wishes man, hope you get to work at an 850CSI
Velasco Lawtx
Velasco Lawtx Måned siden
No sunroof. Lovely find.
Norwegian Rebuilds
Norwegian Rebuilds Måned siden
The new 7 series grill comment did it for me! Great videos.
MCR Halifax
MCR Halifax Måned siden
Hi, love your video and the BMW 8 series is in my opinion one of the best looking bmws. Great video. 👍
Kabi Kazakh
Kabi Kazakh Måned siden
14:11 and 18:01 best moments lol
Rui Marques
Rui Marques Måned siden
Binge watched your channel during confinement and i'm hooked !! The E39 M5, the manual E61.. 👌 What you did with the Project Dubai 750 is just heart warming, and the fact the new owner wants to drive it to Portugal (my country) is the cherry on the cake. 😀
yehia yasser
yehia yasser Måned siden
Please rebuild a 1st generation 6 series
Lee Page
Lee Page Måned siden
" Deploy the foot" ,,,, excellent !! And yes, I hate sunroofs also !!
hasawu74 Måned siden
Nice collection: E31, E32, E38, E39 and E46. All these are amazing series of 80s and 90s. What is missing is the E34! Hopefully you got an E34 soon ;-)
Strange Times
Strange Times Måned siden
Schönes Teil und mit Schaltung... geil!
AlboJax Måned siden
Don't know how I got here, but this is the first video in a while to genuinely make me laugh out loud. Your videos are amazing and your commentary is wonderful. Keep up the amazing work!
Per-Håkan Svahn
Per-Håkan Svahn Måned siden
AJ G. I totally agree. He has this low key southing effect on my mind. And of course, he’s a brilliant mechanic.
Dimitris S.
Dimitris S. Måned siden
Hey dude, I've been enjoying all your videos for some weeks now. Why don't you look into getting a paint job in some of the cheaper EU countries like Greece? I got my 1999 Suzuki Samurai completely repainted for 1100€, and we're talking full sandblasting and electrostatic painting to factory spec. Yeah the samurai is tiny though but it might be significantly cheaper to drive to Greece from Frankfurt (~around 2400km), get it painted here, and then drive back. I'd gladly provide hospitality in either Athens or northern Greece, anywhere you find a good professional.
James Fenton
James Fenton Måned siden
Well done......this channel really is superb and an absolute favourite of mine. Mr M539 you are an inspiration!!
Cormac Ó
Cormac Ó Måned siden
"Deploy the Foot!!!" . . . .brilliant.
William Dwyer
William Dwyer Måned siden
This is my favorite car channel now. I’m a BMW enthusiast. I currently have an F01 750ix, an E70 4.8 and an R1200RT. I had an E30 325, an E46 330 and an E36 M3. You are living my dream. Where did you learn how to do all this?
Chris Round
Chris Round Måned siden
You had me at Hugh Jackman. Hilarious dude - subscribed :)
Joel Moreira
Joel Moreira Måned siden
When tavarish like yours vídeos!!! guess what???...a lots of people LIKESSSS👍
Hidde Sietsma
Hidde Sietsma Måned siden
The yellow headlights are allowed in the Netherlands, trade or sell just over the border.
B S Måned siden
Just to put it out there. 850CSi's are rare af and they cost £60k+ nowadays.
Martini is a wino
Martini is a wino Måned siden
That E46 Saloon is begging for an S54 swap lol
jocrp6 Måned siden
The EML's will be bad and $1500 for spark plug wire set? I pass on that one.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Måned siden
On 5 E31s that I revived, all had good EMLs and ignition wires are 60€
Gary X
Gary X Måned siden
Puff diddily lol, 850 manual is a dream car of mine, probably too expensive to find one now.
Camille Fontenelle
Camille Fontenelle Måned siden
9'57" : got some infos from the plate. The "plaque d'immatriculation" is under the previous way to register cars in France named FNI (Fichier National des Immatriculations / National Databoard for Registrations) used until 2009 when it swapped to SIV system. "13" stands for "département des Bouches-du-Rhone" where Marseilles is the main city. There are about 100 "départements" in France and each one had their own data-board before. The registration system was built on letters and numbers. It started with AA. Here, your car is the 4937th light vehicle to be registered with VV into the 13th "département" of France. Then a Seat Ibiza may have been the 4938th and so on, so on until 9999 VV. Then it goes to the upper letter VW. At the date this 850 has been bought (11th July 1991), it wore "plaque noire", black registration plates, then swapped to front white/rear yellow. If you buy another French car, you can get infos from your office chair through this new service : It gives you infos about the car but also uploaded CT (TÜV) - not all, but some. Félicitation for the full-time job ! I'm following your channel since a previous 850 project and I enjoy it very much !
Nervo 63
Nervo 63 Måned siden
I agree i absolutely hate after market wheels too ! The beauty looks so much better with the correct alloys on...
icon bit
icon bit Måned siden
эх классная восьмёрочка и дисочки от ози в тему
Dan Bajtek
Dan Bajtek Måned siden
I dont get 6k euro for a full paint job...Here in czech republic it will cost at the best paintshop 2k euros...would be worth to do the job in CZ
Emilthehun Måned siden
I can never understand why would anyone leave a car like this to just rot away. Thank God you will be saving this special machine.
Muhammad Jawwad TV
Muhammad Jawwad TV Måned siden
BMW should select you as a brand ambassador.👍👍
Yankee7000 Måned siden
13k miles a year... hardly driven....
blackmancer Måned siden
gotta say i prefer the aftermarket wheels
Sanjay Pillai
Sanjay Pillai Måned siden
Great video, eager to see the restoration 🔥
OMGWTFLOL Måned siden
Cool car, great colour. You're funny. Subscribed.
jorge gazzola
jorge gazzola Måned siden
i love dude nice jobs ! regrats from argentina!
GTOger Måned siden
I'm glad to be newly acquainted with this channel. Wunderbar!
Boris Mospan
Boris Mospan Måned siden
funny, where did U work before
Trey Praduktionz
Trey Praduktionz Måned siden
I wish I could come see da whips at yo garage man 😭 Iuv dese vids, fixin up the bimmers 🔥 much respect 💪🏿
Adrien Måned siden
french people present lol
Dawn Nadir
Dawn Nadir Måned siden
Will you fix Mercedes?
rezaq1 Måned siden
This is without doubt the best channel on NOpost. I genuinely look forward to him coming on, and I find myself mimicking his accent when I work on my cars. I also curse myself as much as he does. Great content, love the sound track aswell. I wonder where he’s from? Clearly not German.
MrCosmin94 Måned siden
Just discovered you channel. Good content, I like diesel cars like 330cd e46, 335xd etc. But i love the 850i. Can't wait for part 2 of this video.
Simon Måned siden
I always wonder what on earth these people do to wreck their car that badly.. Seriously! How can you fuck up your car on almost every single square inch?? My heart's bleeding.
Roger SoCalBeaches
Roger SoCalBeaches Måned siden
i love his resturations wish he did audi's watching this done right is very satisfying for some reason. especially high maintence older
Eduardo Amigo
Eduardo Amigo Måned siden
Me encanta tu canal! Gracias por tus vídeos!
Hussain Mohamed
Hussain Mohamed Måned siden
Love these videos. This man deserves over 1000000 subscribers
L.F.R. Andre-M.D
L.F.R. Andre-M.D Måned siden
Are you seeling those spacers with the bolts?=))) i am really intersting in it
SNAK Måned siden
someone's been watching vice grip garage
Rust Is NOT a Crime
Rust Is NOT a Crime Måned siden
When beemers were all car and not just all grill .
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