Teofimo Lopez vs Vasiliy Lomachenko - Highlight Reels Replays Slow Motion

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Teofimo Lopez vs Vasiliy Lomachenko - Highlight Reels Replays Slow Motion
Watch the Headbutt Incident and see if it was Intentional or not nopost.info/throw/0pPKgqqdu2aFfKc/video

VrMojo Måned siden
This fight has caused controversy in the boxing community, especially the scorecard. What do you believe happened?
Zak Quinn
Zak Quinn Dag siden
@anthony ponafala bro I'm so glad you commented I was gonna take the time too but would have taken ages. The thing is dude there's no point even arguing with these people they're so incredibly unintelligent and set in their views they'll just have watched it once or maybe twice with no critical insight then go "nah man Lopez won that 8-4". People are really stupid and now Loma has lost all the belts and this weight bully hype job is gonna be having ass licked. Lopez won round 1 by landing minimal straights to the body whilst Loma was on retreating. Realistically it should be a draw because Lopez was hardly effective with his aggression - OK ill give it to him that he made Loma hesitant but youve actually got to cut off the ring off and land punched. Round 2 like you said is no doubt a Loma round, Lopez landed a scuffing hook with his palm whilst taking a clean calculated combo from Loma. Loma also landed a very clean straight earlier, whereas Lopez hitting Lomas leg and mostly elbow with those two hooks to the body. Embarassing that anyone can argue that round for Lopez, boxing is primarily about punches landed, and in this round Lopez does not fulfil the criteria. I cannot believe these scummy judges scored round 1 - 6 all for Lopez. Either incompetence or corruption. Even in rounds 3, 4 and 5 Loma either is outlanding Lopez with cleaner punches or at the very least scoring similar no.of landed shots. Round 6, I'm sorry you just cannot score for Lopez. Loma was winning the round convincingly up until that supposed uppercut right hand which the commentator managed to convince the sheep actually landed when hit his shoulder /front delt/chest. One of the most disgraceful decisions I've seen tbh..1-6 all 3 judges gave to Lopez.. Fucking idiots
blessethishe 12 dager siden
@nando carpi Lopez after the fight had 4 teeth come out and dislocated his big toe. He underwent surgery and hopes he recovery. So if a surpress Loma who gave 50% (half the rounds) to Teo did all this imagine what stronger fighter will do next to Teo. The punch will send Teo going his little back flip, hitting the canvas with his legs tossed over his head. Cinderella Teofimo won't have those titles for too long.
nando carpi
nando carpi 12 dager siden
loma did not dominated and did not made lopez look that bad (i think round 2-7-8-9-10-11 and 12 lomachenko landed the most significant punches . more in numbers and more accurated . lopez was lucky he did not stop trying to land but in reality only 5 punches he landed clean the rest was blocked by loma elbow includit 80%of the uppercut that seems connecting but nope. it was a fight that lomachenko was going to win only if he could stop lopez but a 10 years younger fightr took all loma has that night buy doing it he complete the trial those judges set up for him beating loma in the amirican people eyes. this was US vs ucraina , nothing else.
blessethishe Måned siden
@Cheek Clapper The fight i saw, (Loma actually stretched Teofimo cheeks open.) Blood pouring out, face swollen. Head bobbled. Idk but i saw Loma as i watch it several times as the winner if not a draw.
blessethishe Måned siden
@Masha Quinn the right man won in your eye's but the right fighter was robbed in my eye's. Its not about race, Loma whooped little Teo.
Herry 6 dager siden
☝ rematch!
Dainius Žvinklys
Dainius Žvinklys 9 dager siden
Lopez lost the fight
Mark Daryll Sanchez
Mark Daryll Sanchez 11 dager siden
teofimo is outclassed in the mid rounds. loma is much careful not to be get hin in early rounds cause teofimo had the power to hurt.
Александр Круль
Александр Круль 17 dager siden
Плевать на этот говно-счет судей. Если плечо и вправду мешало Васе работать на полных оборотах, то в таком случае он просто бог. Потому что отбоксировать так с опасным соперником нахлабучить на контр атаках, и оставить в его победе столько со мнений это нужно быть реально крутым боксером.
Jacques Sebastian Paclipan
Jacques Sebastian Paclipan 17 dager siden
Bias highlight
Dreko Forbez
Dreko Forbez 18 dager siden
Lopez got hit heaps of time
Dreko Forbez
Dreko Forbez 18 dager siden
Teddy atlas will tell you who really one l
Ajax Sanchez
Ajax Sanchez 19 dager siden
Lomachenko was a scared little man 🤣
Fafa Lala
Fafa Lala 20 dager siden
Loma just show pure skill of boxing he is the art of boxing 🥊
BenJay Matautia7
BenJay Matautia7 23 dager siden
I do like Lopez as a fighter but let’s be honest they don’t want the rematch because they know Loma gonna come back and take the W for sure. I do see how Lopez won this fight though especially after the 12th round and the first 6 rounds where Loma was being cautious and to Patient while trying to tire Lopez out for the later rounds. I truly believe Loma only lost to himself and not so much how great Lopez was, that’s just my opinion ✌🏾
gary fen
gary fen 25 dager siden
First time I saw Loma got gas ⛽️ out last round??
Carlitos Carlitos
Carlitos Carlitos 29 dager siden
Loma was robbed definitly. 😬
Graf von Rix
Graf von Rix Måned siden
Two years without a fight and fighting two divisions up. Loma will be back. In the meantime let’s see how long Lopez can keep his belts.
Woo Lee
Woo Lee Måned siden
If mayweather did exactly what loma did he would have won the fight and that is a fact!
blessethishe Måned siden
They did Lomachenko dirty on this one, they screwed Loma.
Rodageado 14 dager siden
@blessethishe totally agree man.
blessethishe 14 dager siden
@Rodageado This one meeting alone. Teofimo said he lost 4 teeth and dislocated his big toe and is now trying to recover after surgery. If a surpressed Loma did all this, I don't see Cinderella Teofimo lasting too much longer with those belts. He would have to continue to go the streched and have the Judges on his side.
Rodageado 24 dager siden
Big time man.
sule maan
sule maan Måned siden
Loma should use racism strategy like Floyd mayweather uses
Serik Myrzashev
Serik Myrzashev 11 dager siden
White people don't have VOICE in US... Especially white guy from former USSR
Joy Camaro
Joy Camaro Måned siden
Tatalunin ni loma c lopez sa rematch
sparky vator
sparky vator Måned siden
Loma was practicing social distancing . Got his ass kicked plain and simple.
Andrew Labudzki
Andrew Labudzki Måned siden
Watching the last 5 round Lopez will not give Loma the rematch. His head was bouncing way too much and way too hard.
gavino consuelo
gavino consuelo Måned siden
lol people are in denial that loma lost. 1-7 and 12 is lopez.
Lade Fajobi
Lade Fajobi Måned siden
Loma won corrupt judging as per usual these commentators are retarded
Dragon The knight
Dragon The knight Måned siden
the same thing was done with Golovkin. Ridiculous judges-women who judge in the right direction. Western guys turned the sport into bags of money and bet on a certain horse even if it lost, in order to make money again and continue doing it again with the help of bookmakers. Apparently they liked the story with Roy Jones at the Olympics so much that they decided to use this technique themselves, and sometimes too brazenly and not covered up.
Toulong Vang
Toulong Vang Måned siden
If floyd is loma, they woulda give the win to him and said its a master class. F*** these dumba**. Just like pac dominated broner and they made it a close fight. Loma is the best we have ever seen in boxing follow by rigodeaux. Pure defense, with no dirty tactics like pushing or hugging once the fight gets tough.
marcnewellaceret Måned siden
Lopez is very lucky that Loma doesn’t have knockout power. He gets hit way too easy by Loma.
Pedro Tapia
Pedro Tapia Måned siden
Lopez no footwork at all. Like I said before, he landed to the gloves, elbows and the chest. Lopez didn't do anything to Loma except maybe on the 12th rd. He's not a killer he's a chump.
Jay G.
Jay G. Måned siden
Loma started way too late, that’s why he lost
Alberto David Licea
Alberto David Licea Måned siden
I have no doubt Loma was robbed again, loma hit a lot more important shots from the 6 to 12 than Teo hit in the first half. How many times did teo hit loma face in the whole fight , and how many times did loma hit Teo face. I have Teo 6 rounds and loma6 rounds but loma without doubt hit a lot more shots.👊
jesarel raices
jesarel raices Måned siden
Everybody here thinking that this replays show the winner or something these replays don’t even show a full round anybody that watched the fight know that Lopez won that fight CLEARLY and let’s not pretend like Lopez almost didn’t knock Loma in round 12
OCNBXNG Måned siden
As Khabib said: "Nothing change" Loma will come back
Dinesh Gopinath
Dinesh Gopinath Måned siden
why loma didnt go for body shots .
BigBoy Gains
BigBoy Gains Måned siden
Boxing is a very unfair sport you do not let the judges decide like for this fight for example Loma came in to the fight with mindset to go 12 rounds not a knockout you want to win a fight your do not let the judges decide you decide yourself that’s why you go in with a mindset that your going for a knockout
Fabio 1986
Fabio 1986 Måned siden
Loma won that fight
Кеша Кешович
Кеша Кешович Måned siden
Лопесу ещё не кто так не набевал сиськи под глазами как зделал Лома . Красава.
Кеша Кешович
Кеша Кешович Måned siden
Как красиво Лома настрелял Лопезду,но к сожалению поздно начал. Не смотря на результат Лома лучший, номер один.
Ran Zhao
Ran Zhao Måned siden
I suggest all of you to see the first fight between triple G and Carnelo.... if that’s a draw, this fight would definitely at least be a draws
Ran Zhao
Ran Zhao Måned siden
Loma couldn’t be mayweather, or he’d win the fight
Ganstaz003 Måned siden
Loma clearly won this as far as clean and effective punches go! I challenge anybody claiming Teo won, to find as many head snapping punches Teo landed on Loma as the amount Loma landed on Teo. Some will say 'oh but Teo landed many more body-shots'. But the number of body shots Teo landed was far an between, and clearly less than the number of clean and effective head-shots Loma landed on Teo. So Loma wins this fight, in light of the primary criteria, which is clean and effective punching. Keep in mind that clean and effective punching is the primary criteria for scoring a boxing bout, which means if everything else is equal or even unequal, clean and effective punches have precedence. So for example, if boxer A is the ring general but lands fewer punches whilst boxer B is not the ring general but lands more clean and effective punches, boxer B would be the superior. However, even if we were to give ring generalship the same level of importance as clean & effective punching, Lomachenko would still come out on top since Teo was the ring general for the first half of the fight whilst Loma was the ring general for the second half. So in that department, they were totally equal. And there are other criteria such as defense, which is where Lomachenko factually and undoubtedly dominated since he landed at a much higher connect percentage whilst Teo landed at a much lower connect percentage. This means Loma blocked more of Teo's punches, and made him miss more of his punches than vice versa, proving Loma's defense was better. And the last criteria is effective aggression, which again was equal since Teo was the effective aggressor in the first half of the fight whilst Loma was the effective aggressive in the second half of the fight. But an argument can be made that Loma was the better effective aggressor since his aggression allowed him to land cleaner and better punches in the second half of the fight than Teo's aggression in the first half. So at worst for Lomachenko, he dominated 2 criteria (defense and clean & effective punching) whilst the other two criteria were equal. So Lomachenko absolutely deserved the win!
DDon Vrgas
DDon Vrgas Måned siden
Loma should have a perfect score. That Salido fight was total Bs. around 10 punches in the balls. Then this wannabe badass that doesn’t wanna give rematch cus he knows he’ll get his ass handed to him lost too
Samuel Bethea
Samuel Bethea Måned siden
I’m sick of watching this fight 10 times
Samuel Bethea
Samuel Bethea Måned siden
Haney would kill both of these clowns and I’m not a Haney fan! Boots and Shakur!!
Samuel Bethea
Samuel Bethea Måned siden
Loma was afraid to sit down on his punches snappy arm punches with less power to shell back up! Waiting for the 23 year to tire! Lmoa! Normally it’s the other way around
Three Official
Three Official Måned siden
In slow-motion Loma one clearly
Harli Muin
Harli Muin Måned siden
From the review round by round, I think loma chenko win. I believe the jusges that were blind
badrobot3 NG
badrobot3 NG Måned siden
This highlight video is trash...you cherry picked the best scenes where loma was dominant. If y'all want the truth watch the full fight.
3RD CAV 26 dager siden
@badrobot3 NG talk to espn about that bro, the point is these arent edited by the NOpostr they are the highlights from the live fight on the night.
badrobot3 NG
badrobot3 NG 26 dager siden
@3RD CAV official...? Who made these edited clips the official highlight...?
3RD CAV 26 dager siden
bro these highlights are the official ones that were shown during the fight tf u talking about? its not his fault lopez didnt do shit and they have nothing to show for him. it was a robbery plain as day.
John Longo
John Longo Måned siden
Funny how he won't get a rematch
Kandace Ortiz
Kandace Ortiz Måned siden
Lopez lost the fight but I guess they was blind
Brian sihombing
Brian sihombing Måned siden
Carlos Zarate
Carlos Zarate Måned siden
Loma we setup for failure.
Jovie Minnow
Jovie Minnow Måned siden
Vasili Lost-machenko.
юрий бобер
юрий бобер Måned siden
Так само тягнули майвезера , Лома боксер і воїн , лопес бумажний чемпіон і тріпло .
dwinosam Måned siden
Basketball: all about the stats. Football: all about the stats. Boxing: oh he just looked more aggressive.... Loma dogged all the attacks, connected with more accuracy. He and GGG got cheated, they were the better boxers
Loma didn't win, but he could have won, the thing is that Loma is smaller, trying to fight bigger boxers, he needs to be perfect to beat Lopez...
N bil Loma
N bil Loma Måned siden
Revanche loma...🤛🏻🤛🏻
Niggar Family
Niggar Family Måned siden
Man teofimo didnt land shit lol 99% partial lands of straight glove punches
Akylbek Baigabylov
Akylbek Baigabylov Måned siden
Not that much evident win of Lopez to take 3 belts in one time. Shame to refs!
Raman Rai
Raman Rai Måned siden
Whatever people says, Loma is a best, and he will back and take all
Adrian Pintilie
Adrian Pintilie Måned siden
Golovkin home... Lomacenko home 🙈 mexican style😂😂
Beardfacegang gang
Beardfacegang gang Måned siden
Yall all clearly didn't watch the fight live. Loma got beat up. The fight is 36 min dont let a 4 min slowed down clip fool you. Lopez beat the brakes off loma.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Måned siden
Almost looked like Loma was winning to me. Someone needs to sit down and actually count the points not the misses. Loma out scored him.he caught Lopez left eye at least ten times
pabllok Måned siden
To all who are saying there is no clean punch from Lopez, this highlights are Loma's highlights amd rest is cut.
Chris Biden
Chris Biden Måned siden
A bit like Tyson Fury's first fight against Wilder. The American influence in the fight that should not have gone to Lopez. Time will show that Lopez is not the true Champion!
PAPPA SWAGG Måned siden
15 rounder and Loma knocks him out
PAPPA SWAGG Måned siden
This is what I was talking about I had Lopez winning but Loma could have made this fight a lot easier and won and looked good doing it but too little too late
Saige Khan
Saige Khan Måned siden
Lmao who this man hitting? Loma most definitely won this fight 😒
Il Fionda
Il Fionda Måned siden
119-109 117-111 MAFIA
MR. Lee
MR. Lee Måned siden
Y mayweather always win by running and cover ,lomachenco did that now but he lose
Ільченко Артем
Ільченко Артем Måned siden
shame on u, Lopez!!!!
Greg Caldito
Greg Caldito Måned siden
stefan obradovic
stefan obradovic Måned siden
Loma wins
Sergey T
Sergey T Måned siden
Good fight from Loma side. Fuckin referees. Very shame .
Hohepa Rossiter
Hohepa Rossiter Måned siden
This is a Loma highlight reel 🤣 only shows half the shoots landed by lopez. If you had watch the fight you would know Lopez won 🤙 he took all the early rounds and came out strong in the championship rounds where it matters. But I still don’t agree with the judge’s score cards, I think it was a lot closer then that 🤜
Pete Reid
Pete Reid Måned siden
Игорь Печерский
Игорь Печерский Måned siden
scatpack Måned siden
Las 3 rounds for lomachenko. 9 rounds for teofimo lopez .teofimo win 👌👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪
Wayan Sukaryana
Wayan Sukaryana Måned siden
Many punches from lopes...but not accurate.
Earth Vlog Tv
Earth Vlog Tv Måned siden
Loma win,,lopez no rematch bcouz he know los of this figth haha
Earth Vlog Tv
Earth Vlog Tv Måned siden
Lomw wins lol
martin acevedo
martin acevedo Måned siden
i had a tie... clearly loma landed the cleaner power shots... lopez was just a bit more active. loma rds: 2, 7-11
Wow in this slowmo Loma win but in real fight Lopez won hahaha
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez Måned siden
Robo.. Loma ganó 116 112
Juai nott?
Juai nott? Måned siden
Honestly loma was super accurate but he pulled the trigger like... until the 7 round, two might land some few punches but he stayed bussy those 7 rounds and Loma didnt, and two won definitely the 12, you do the math. I wanted to believe Loma won but facts not feelings. Teo won fair and square
John Burgos
John Burgos Måned siden
Jeff Calamba
Jeff Calamba Måned siden
Lopez is not to strong if the had a hands speed like Pacquiao, 1 think Lopez the takeover bring her own name in home haha
Jeff Calamba
Jeff Calamba Måned siden
The power percentages goes to Loma! I think this is split
Andrey Andrey
Andrey Andrey Måned siden
Stolen win
Tou Nou Thao
Tou Nou Thao Måned siden
let's see the slo-mo of loma doing nothing in the first six rounds.
stormzy j
stormzy j Måned siden
Loma clearly won this fight....another robbery...
Ingemar Kenyatta
Ingemar Kenyatta Måned siden
Lopez landed 183 punches to Loma 141. Another great white hype bites the dust. Look up the Compubox Punchstat. And all the Loma fanboys, let us not forget that he gave up the WBC belt in order to not have to fight Devin Haney.
quertbarbie62 Måned siden
loma landed clean punches... lopez landed glancing if not blocked blows. If loma was an undefeated american he would have won any round where he landed one punch clean, have it on replay on 4 different angles, played 3-4 times plus 2 slomos, then run the rest of the round.
Billy Lalan
Billy Lalan Måned siden
Oh my god he barely touch loma,, no wonder lopez doesnt want a rematch,, boxing judges are really sick,, i knew coz i have loma of a 7-5 score
Dingus Bro
Dingus Bro Måned siden
Watch the real speed live and you will see that Lopez clearly won, loma won in effective strikes(which he lands very less i must say) but Lopez had the Aggression, more punches and even in 12 rd Lopez landed a fuking clean hook
szymac90 Måned siden
Loma won - for sure.
bhuezo Måned siden
J Bizzle
J Bizzle Måned siden
These highlights were definitely in favor of Loma but for any one who saw the whole fight it was pretty clear that Lopez won. Not as wide of a margin as the judges had it scored but Lopez was the better man that night.
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez Måned siden
Who controls Vegas a boxer who lives there controls everything even judges and scorecards ooopppps
Catherine Conteh
Catherine Conteh Måned siden
The more I watch this match the more I am convinced that they stole that match from loma the commentator say lopez can punch but we are not seeing it
Larry Miller Smith
Larry Miller Smith Måned siden
And some people say that won Teofimo, jejeje
Javier Chaves
Javier Chaves Måned siden
Gano loma
soneji73 73
soneji73 73 Måned siden
whoever can even begin to pretend loma won this fight is a delusional fanboy. The same people who say loma is the best P4P fighter with 15 fights against mostly b level fighters. He ran from lopez till round 7. Dude won maybe 4 rounds at the most
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