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How To Cook That

How To Cook That

6 dager siden

Debunking more viral videos and the google v news media fight.
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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks and discussing the controversy surrounding the google v news media code. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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How To Cook That
How To Cook That 5 dager siden
Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug? nopost.infostore
angeli 6 timer siden
Hey Ann love your vids but I made microwave mac and cheese and here is how I did it! I put some pasta (like you did) in a mug and added more water than in the video. Every time the water bubbles up I would stop the microwave so the foam could go down again and just continue it, when it’s cooked add double cream and cheese and microwave for 10-5 secs till the cheese is melt-y. I always end up making way to much though but that’s just my mug maybe. ❤️
Holy freakin' Shit Balls!
Holy freakin' Shit Balls! 11 timer siden
I would love to buy one of your debunk mugs. New subscriber 👍❤ Edit: wet wipe cloth semi works for stain removal.. it definitely works in the washing machine
Lynn Gardner
Lynn Gardner 12 timer siden
You can get colour stain removal sheets to add to your laundry. they may have used one of these.
milkiie 13 timer siden
i thought the rock that made a crystal was a chicken nugget ;-;
TreeStevens 14 timer siden
I appreciate all that you do. And I refuse to allow myself to become mentally amd psychologically undone by a thumbnail picture. You and your husband are always having fun and provide one of the more educational channels to watch on NOpost. Carry on Ms Reardon. I quite enjoy your channel and look forward to your next video. Edit to add: I left you a gluten free recipe for fudge in the comment section that my family is addicted to. I hope you'll try it and let me know what you think. Thank you!
michael lindblom
michael lindblom 3 timer siden
Thank you for informing me about Google and News
NoodleDaddy 3 timer siden
cheese toasties....
Poptart _ Peeps
Poptart _ Peeps 3 timer siden
Plot twist Ann is in charge of so yummy and five minutes crafts and she’s using these debunking videos to get more views
Blitzyman 3 timer siden
Please buy a microphone, i can't with this echooooo-oo-ooo
Pryxer 3 timer siden
I didn’t even know that Chefclub was the cooking equivalent of 5 minute crafts 🤦🏻‍♀️ I‘ve seen their recipes all over Pinterest^^‘
Tiny pancake_13
Tiny pancake_13 3 timer siden
all though daves reactions are really funny i can't begin to fathom actually eat these things
Albert Batfinder
Albert Batfinder 4 timer siden
Dave and Ann: an exercise in trust. Love you guys.
Conor O'Donoghue
Conor O'Donoghue 4 timer siden
"Who is getting paid? Google is getting paid". I have no desire to defend Google but I don't think that is correct. Goggle gets paid if you click on an advertiser's link. But in all other cases no-one gets paid. I don't think you fully understand how it works.
Nicholas Salazar
Nicholas Salazar 4 timer siden
Google is under scrutiny in America as well, and if it loses the lawsuits, it WILL be broken up into smaller companies as per our Anti-Trust laws. Tech companies are rightfully scared!
The Father Rabbit
The Father Rabbit 4 timer siden
Even if the ramen grilled cheese was real, why would anyone want to eat raw pasta covered with cheese?
Chloë Gillan
Chloë Gillan 4 timer siden
where did the truffles go???
Mason Rumuly
Mason Rumuly 4 timer siden
The google situation will sort itself out best without state intervention. If giving Google free samples to hand out is ineffective as a business model, the ones who do will stop (one way or another) and Google will not have any free samples to give out, leaving people to click through or Google to pay for snippets. Alternatively, if it is viable to give Google an allowance to move up in the search rankings, then there wasn't a problem in the first place.
kal 4 timer siden
This is not google, but Bing. Everytime I want to watch a video and click on it. It always stays on bing and I have to click the actual link after clicking on the video to actually go to youtube or other sites. So, that's whats happening. Man, that is horrible. I still go to the actual website, but many probably won't.
Scanoru Gaming
Scanoru Gaming 4 timer siden
The restaurant in the analogue is asking that Google doesn't take the money that the customers paid to eat the restaurants food
Alexsrson 4 timer siden
That ad was cringe
Ace Mulder
Ace Mulder 4 timer siden
wow how to cook that is easily one of my favorite youtube channels, a true skeptic and an amazing mind. I'm a little sentimental today The Amazing Randi died and i was a huge fan. but this video kind of cheered me up. Gives me hope for the future. There are still a lot of strong thinkers out there that dont shove things down your throat. They just present you the facts and let you come to your own conclusions. Amazing video long time fan first time commenter. You are awesome and amazing. Mucho love from Mexico.
Ronald Chow
Ronald Chow 4 timer siden
Why would they waste brownies and instant noodles like that! 🤢🤮 like just eat them separately... Edit: and then waste water, limes and condensed milk 🤦‍♂️
Lill Phino
Lill Phino 5 timer siden
I wonder how many microwaves youve went through
Your Local Weasley
Your Local Weasley 5 timer siden
cHeEse toAstiEs
Michael Worthy
Michael Worthy 5 timer siden
I think the fact google is painting themselves as the “honest working person” in this scenario should raise ALL THE RED FLAGS
Doctor BoADl Doctor BoADl
Doctor BoADl Doctor BoADl 5 timer siden
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Michael Worthy
Michael Worthy 5 timer siden
Dave: “It’s two great tastes and that taste 🤢 together”
Mara Azul Gutierrez
Mara Azul Gutierrez 5 timer siden
If u start to do videos talking about current topics and idk politics I would totally watch them. love from Uruguay
Lee Elizabeth
Lee Elizabeth 5 timer siden
That lime drink is brazilian limeade and its really good, its supposed to be bitter
Krissy999 5 timer siden
That look of betrayal on Dave’s face gets me everytime. 😂
Nose Kid
Nose Kid 5 timer siden
NOpost supports misinformation and predators
Jolololo Jo
Jolololo Jo 5 timer siden
People: don’t put utensils in the toaster! Also people: *proceeds to put in tinfoil*
Antonio Olsson
Antonio Olsson 5 timer siden
That ramen brownie abomination got me thinking of sweet italian pasta pies that, if I remember correctly, were quite trendy here (Sweden) in the early 2000. Torta Ricciolina is a traditional one I think, never tried it sadly. But sounds oddly delicious based on the ingredients.
kitty cat alot of that
kitty cat alot of that 5 timer siden
poor dave
Holy Ravioli
Holy Ravioli 5 timer siden
Perhaps they used instant cook pasta? That stuff only takes like 5 minutes for a full pot of pasta.
James Warf
James Warf 5 timer siden
14:43 Looks like a large piece of salami
Megan Cain
Megan Cain 5 timer siden
Dave is a very tolerant husband.
Gayman Tseries
Gayman Tseries 6 timer siden
Samantha Quant
Samantha Quant 6 timer siden
You never explained the “hack” in your thumbnail. Pet peeve of mine...
Pr1nc3ssP34ch 6 timer siden
That "really old picture of Johnny Depp from the 80s" was actually a scene from the movie Benny and Joon. I don't think he actually did this...
Katie Cottingham
Katie Cottingham 6 timer siden
Google started as a vulture, but it's become a gangrenous infection on modern society that we don't have an antibiotic for.
Meninadocabeloazul 6 timer siden
Dave is amazing lol love his comments on food. Can someone give him a cooking tvshow ?
Alyssa Tony
Alyssa Tony 6 timer siden
that was so interesting about google and australia, i had no idea that was going on! in the us, we should be concerned about that too...
rachid llhrizi
rachid llhrizi 6 timer siden
Alyssa Tony
Alyssa Tony 6 timer siden
LOL 5-minute-crafts debunking themselves is so funny to medfljkdsfk
Amones-Ray 6 timer siden
nice detour
Darata Švedarauskaitė
Darata Švedarauskaitė 6 timer siden
I'm so glad you put that Google vs classic media bit and I'm really surprised that the fight is only happening in Australia. Their bus video was ridiculous
Luciferhelidon 6 timer siden
morticia addams or elvira cosplay please mommy
janetz1001 6 timer siden
The cheese toastie one I used to do when i was in unie, Since the dormitory has no kitchen. I didn’t own any small cooking appliances
merry hunt
merry hunt 7 timer siden
How can a drink with sweetened condensed milk and added sugar be healthy? By the way, you can take those two ingredients and make Key Lime pie. Delicious!
GameplayCBEB 7 timer siden
why would you make him eat that? oh god
Slagged 7 timer siden
I can't help but feel bad for Dave in these videos XD
Maia Sutton
Maia Sutton 7 timer siden
Congrats on the streamy nomination!
Siena Hertafeld
Siena Hertafeld 7 timer siden
Love your work, Ann. I was wondering if you were going to do a cake rescue on that ramen brownie fail recipe.
Amanda Leigh Bump
Amanda Leigh Bump 7 timer siden
I’ve made a grilled cheese with an iron before, but with a brown paper bag. It was a dorm room staple when I was in college. Hard pass on that ramen brownie though.
Oscar Mejia
Oscar Mejia 7 timer siden
Thank you for the Google explanation. It was really eye opening
Gustavo Yanez
Gustavo Yanez 7 timer siden
the arcing in the microwave is making the diamond
Zoë MacGregor
Zoë MacGregor 7 timer siden
Cheese toasties?
Yana4u4life 7 timer siden
Love your videos. ❤️
Morgan Y
Morgan Y 7 timer siden
Independent media in Australia. Hahaha Murdoch is a virus that has destroyed the media in this country
Maurice Watkins
Maurice Watkins 7 timer siden
The grill cheese thing with the iron is what a lot of people from prisons learn to do. Definitely wasn't Johnny Depp that started that or inspired the trend. LOL
Briyanaism 7 timer siden
No Daves were harmed in the making of this video.
Bluelion Puza
Bluelion Puza 8 timer siden
Why Google greedy content?
Paweł S
Paweł S 8 timer siden
Maybe in their videos, that was never a microwave, but some kind of a machine that can change things at molecular level? :P
Madam Creepypasta
Madam Creepypasta 8 timer siden
on the glass in sand thing. I think someone just gathered sand from a beach and found seaglass in the sand and assumed that it was formed in the sand instead of seaglass from litter.
Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno 8 timer siden
Bro o didn't know molten glass was that hot, when was small i went to a glass factory and saw some glowing orangy reddish glass on the floor, i touched it and it left the tip of my finger black for a couple of weeks.
Bluckamey 8 timer siden
Google should pay
Biana Vacker
Biana Vacker 8 timer siden
only people that remember her old intro can like this
dat_random_gal 8 timer siden
김나리 8 timer siden
Where I live, So Yummy is now on TV. I was getting gas and saw their videos playing at the pump for gas. And kids could watch those while their parents get gas, and they would want to do them. And some of the ones I saw were dangerous.
LivingLikeRylie 8 timer siden
The fact they didn't turn off your comments is glad I saw this video and thanks for breaking it down. Gosh we love in a very unbalanced society...
That One Dude
That One Dude 8 timer siden
I've been trying to perfect my cheese sauce for years and they come along and tell me I can just throw cheese and milk in a mug
Bebos 01
Bebos 01 8 timer siden
pre-al dente is my favourite quote
Justsomebiggerman2 8 timer siden
Thats why i absolutely hate those videos not only fake bs but also dangerous
Barbucha 8 timer siden
Ah yes. Another gift from the devil himself. Ramen brownies.
Issabella Leigh
Issabella Leigh 8 timer siden
thanks for adding the segment about the issues with google search!! ive never thought about it that way, but those are really important points! very interesting :0
beepo 8 timer siden
every time i see dave in these videos im like nooooooooooo daveeeeeeeeeeeeee runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn save urself dave
Katie Kok
Katie Kok 8 timer siden
Can you please make a video on how to make hot chocolate (or hot cocoa) bombs? Those chocolate spheres that are filled with mini marshmallows that melt when you pour hot milk over them and explode with marshmallow goodness? There are a few videos are available now that show how to make them, but I love the production quality of your videos,and I'd like to see how a food scientist goes about constructing this new culinary trend.
David Edward
David Edward 9 timer siden
What kind of complete idiot would believe that microwaving graphite would turn it into diamond?
Avery Carpenter
Avery Carpenter 9 timer siden
Wouldn't the heavy cream just curtle up because of the acidity of the citrus?
morningsdaughter 9 timer siden
FYI, NOpost is Google. Google can't steal NOpost's content because that would be stealing from themselves.
Abdulrahim Bhonhariya
Abdulrahim Bhonhariya 9 timer siden
Try to make Tasty things
James A
James A 9 timer siden
Five minute craft is just promoting modern day natural selection.
TacticalDraws 9 timer siden
I have actually noticed Google doing this, especially this year. I don't personally think it's fair for them to pool information from sites like that when looking from the creators' perspective. I'm sure they are making it very enticing for consumers to view media in this kind of way so I don't know whether anything can be done about it. It is certainly wrong and unfair for them to "bump" the websites down that disagree to this type of format. Thank you once again Anne for a great debunking video, and have a great day!
maple sryup123
maple sryup123 9 timer siden
Me: *I feel bad for David to be honest*
ganmerlad 9 timer siden
When I was a kid, my friend's mother used to make grilled cheese with a clothes iron. I think she had spent several years in one of those cheap apartments where you aren't allowed to cook and that's one of the ways you get around the "NO HOTPLATES!" rule, and she just stuck with doing it that way for the rest of her life. For simplicity, I think making 'grilled' cheese in a frying pan is the easiest way to do it. You melt the butter in the pan and plonk the sandwich in instead of putting melted butter on the bread first. Sauteed cheese sandwich?
Shweta Ullala
Shweta Ullala 9 timer siden
I love how she always gives them the benefit of doubt😂
Sheryl Liu
Sheryl Liu 9 timer siden
I love that debunk mug!
Noushin Nazar
Noushin Nazar 10 timer siden
So we're gonna ignore the clickbait debunk thumbnail there?.. Or was that intentional 😂
soccerchamp0511 10 timer siden
That last take was hilarious!!! p.s. Also good job with the clickbait thumbnail and intro. lol
NovaSamX 10 timer siden
I really pity poor Dave
Lawrence Carter
Lawrence Carter 10 timer siden
I love your hair..looks super healthy
Hanaconda 10 timer siden
What's with the picture in the thumbnail? It wasn't in the video?
Ultragamer FanFic Readings
Ultragamer FanFic Readings 10 timer siden
I really do have to wonder when Dave will just say no.
harpydora 10 timer siden
The information about what Google is doing is very good, but there is a small inaccuracy in how Google operates/pulls some of their content. In some cases (such as the weather or word definitions), Google likely uses a thing called an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs allow programs to talk to each other behind the scenes, generally to exchange data. In the case of the weather content, it's likely that Google is using a API, and many sites will charge other programs for using their API service. In general, this is either charged per use or the site/application with the API will sell bundles that offer a flat price for a certain number of uses. So in some cases, Google is still likely paying the place that it is getting the information from. This isn't to say that what Google is doing isn't shady as heck overall, but there are some instances where Google is probably not ripping off sites. Anyway, I love your videos and how much research you put into them! Thank you for producing such good content!
Food Kitchen
Food Kitchen 10 timer siden
ann is literally like my mom, i love u ann
Talilena Justan
Talilena Justan 10 timer siden
What about the watermelon in the thumbnail
deprogramr 11 timer siden
The google thing seems like a new weird version of plagiarism.
maria Z
maria Z 11 timer siden
Wow I learn so much more from her videos than I've ever learned at school!
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More •
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More • 11 timer siden
Can you reveiw some of "So Tasty's" videos?
Holy freakin' Shit Balls!
Holy freakin' Shit Balls! 11 timer siden
These so called cooking hacks/life hacks of the Internet are literally made for the dumb masses of weebs that believe anything they see online. Some of them are highly dangerous.. it only takes common sense to see this.
Surprised Char
Surprised Char 11 timer siden
Today on “Dave messed up and didn’t do a project so now Ann can punish him on camera”.
Ognyan Belchev
Ognyan Belchev 11 timer siden
Click bait chilli banana
KeetyAlexx 11 timer siden
I want to know who was out there WANTING a ramen brownie.’s not a substitute for whatever ingredient, so what is the point?????
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