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2 måneder siden

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Cam Tanner
Cam Tanner 21 dag siden
For the handball it’s a no for me his hand was to close to his body and in, an natural position
ITSDATBOI 07 21 dag siden
Where is lanre?
Nathan Dickason
Nathan Dickason 24 dager siden
Yousef Killer
Yousef Killer Måned siden
Why doesn’t manny play??
Cammy Milligan
Cammy Milligan Måned siden
Mate eze actual looks like eze from Crystal Palace 😂😂
Nitro Calum
Nitro Calum Måned siden
This 3G pitch was where my brother got injured against peoples fc 😂
Michael Tavares
Michael Tavares Måned siden
Before rona?
dot periodt
dot periodt Måned siden
Lmfao at first I thought Manny said “Black Guys Matter”
J_Perez 554
J_Perez 554 Måned siden
it was game day today and the pregame ritual for me is to watch a UTR match i scored a hatrick today !
Sims Sally
Sims Sally Måned siden
This field is soooo big
Oliver Lancaster
Oliver Lancaster 2 måneder siden
Manny after watching NOpost for years I hope you see this i have watched so many NOpostrs and your the only one I still watch great content and amazing commentary keep it up bro this team is amazing some great talent 👏
Illusion Clan 12
Illusion Clan 12 2 måneder siden
Anyone else feel like the red didn’t give them anything
JFlegends247 2 måneder siden
Rising ballers vs UTR
YUSY DA BEAST 2 måneder siden
When u gonna start playing again bro
Aiden Parker-Hunt
Aiden Parker-Hunt 2 måneder siden
ZenTex NuKeZ
ZenTex NuKeZ 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or EZE can’t shoot 🤣
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 2 måneder siden
22:47 look at Jon showing the respect ✊🏿❤️
Mace Tshibindi
Mace Tshibindi 2 måneder siden
Og’s remember John was the keeper at Jam last season
Matus Pompa
Matus Pompa 2 måneder siden
yung filly ?
Joshua Straw
Joshua Straw 2 måneder siden
I'd say no pen
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts 2 måneder siden
Eze is a baller
Iyaaz 07
Iyaaz 07 2 måneder siden
Does manny play?
Steven Fowler
Steven Fowler 2 måneder siden
The penalties were so nerve-wracking! That last goal had me hypeeddd!!
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd 2 måneder siden
yo Manny will y'all ever consider going from Sunday league to non-league like Hashtag. I think that'd be sick
Jukey Z
Jukey Z 2 måneder siden
It’s a pen
munashe dube
munashe dube 2 måneder siden
Why doesn’t manny play anymore
Cameron Stevenson
Cameron Stevenson 2 måneder siden
Will has to be the most key player he’s so solid in defence keep him in the team and the trophies are yours
S A 2 måneder siden
I haven't watched this series in so long and just wanted to ask if anyone knows if Simon or Ksi still play?
Nozb0ne 2 måneder siden
they don’t
Gregor Sandford
Gregor Sandford 2 måneder siden
For future, during penalties goalkeepers are not allowed to touch the crossbar, posts or net until after the ball has been kicked. IFAB Law 14: The Penalty Kick
Connor Candy
Connor Candy 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Eze run and move like Iwobi 👀
Vexxy Aims
Vexxy Aims 2 måneder siden
We wanna see manny play againn
ali sabah
ali sabah 2 måneder siden
Eze looks like gervinho
Danny Goverd
Danny Goverd 2 måneder siden
Tolu is absolute class
Itz Beanz
Itz Beanz 2 måneder siden
Class from jon going over to the other keeper immediately after, big respect
Stevenx27 2 måneder siden
Terrible striker I’m sorry Thomas but you have to do more
CAMEDY 2 måneder siden
Lanre could either 20 years old or 30 literally cannot tell
Jay Lee
Jay Lee 2 måneder siden
Can’t stand that ref. Had him for so many games, barely even speaks English
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 2 måneder siden
I love you guys but sorry that’s not a penalty
Hello! 2 måneder siden
So many roadmen!
Team Flame
Team Flame 2 måneder siden
The thing when they are playing they look bad and like they don’t look good but it is super hard, by the way it looks this is easier then my u14
giantsdms 2 måneder siden
100% pen, red needs to grow some balls and make the tough call
TheGamingMonkey 2 måneder siden
Eric’s passing at important moments is shocking
Claire Armstrong
Claire Armstrong 2 måneder siden
This was one of my fave game
Farsley AFC Goalkeeping Coach
Farsley AFC Goalkeeping Coach 2 måneder siden
How you mangeing to train and play football while in full lockdown all the country activities for socialising and football teams are restricted from training out playing until December the 2nd how you managing to play
TheVarietySquad 2 måneder siden
These games are before lockdown. England has suspended football till December 2nd
G chris
G chris 2 måneder siden
VAR👉🏿 pen
ThatTriniJay 2 måneder siden
Sam has really grown as a player over the years
Sajman 2 måneder siden
Wait why does manny not play sorry I'm new
ThatTriniJay 2 måneder siden
He has an injury
Hasseb Khan
Hasseb Khan 2 måneder siden
Keeper makes two penalty saves *Everyone* lets go celebrate with the guy who scored the last pen
Rey G
Rey G 2 måneder siden
Lanre is a star inside and outside the pitch
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed 2 måneder siden
Whens manny gonna play?
sebastian fernandez
sebastian fernandez 2 måneder siden
why’d it go to pens?
curt_ ghost
curt_ ghost 2 måneder siden
btec england vs colombia
Lokie Legend
Lokie Legend 2 måneder siden
It was ball to hand
noahs ninja 2.0
noahs ninja 2.0 2 måneder siden
thats clearly a pen it would have fell for the volley forutr
Cestrian Gaming
Cestrian Gaming 2 måneder siden
Isn’t it insane how they miss players due to injury or personal stuff and still have a quality squad! Love that! UTR!
Rudy Campbell
Rudy Campbell 2 måneder siden
Mark my words UTR are going to sign their number 77
Jaestr0 2 måneder siden
Be Honest Who's Been A Fan For A Long Time? (Also Gifting To Everyone Who Subs To Me💕)
Liam New
Liam New 2 måneder siden
Just realised that’s my training pitch
Raze_Noob Aziz
Raze_Noob Aziz 2 måneder siden
why do they dive in slow mo
Nimbus ᴥ
Nimbus ᴥ 2 måneder siden
When is past and present coming back to fifa
Patricio Bahena
Patricio Bahena 2 måneder siden
Marcus Johnston
Marcus Johnston 2 måneder siden
What happened to the home kit
2 måneder siden
Nobody talking about how cold number 11 on the other team is lmfaoo hes saucy no cap
Alex 2 måneder siden
7:56 I find myself commenting about Eric and his sauce every. Single. Week... We just gonna ignore that one? Absolute baller, Eze turned them man inside out too
Jesus Jr.
Jesus Jr. 2 måneder siden
I wish I could fast forward to the day that Mike gets back on the pitch!
Liteboho DT Mohapi
Liteboho DT Mohapi 2 måneder siden
You got that guy from Crystal Palace...sick
Sohil Francis
Sohil Francis 2 måneder siden
Eze was my MOTM
Football Tv
Football Tv 2 måneder siden
Jonno Y
Jonno Y 2 måneder siden
Honestly! Been there from the beginning, but for me the most consistent under appreciated player on that team is brad! The guy is great week in week out! He’d be first on my team sheet week in week out
NIKIMBO 2 måneder siden
Good hard fought victory 😎⚽️
Aaron S
Aaron S 2 måneder siden
Sams celebration was cold
The Emerald Fire
The Emerald Fire 2 måneder siden
Big Centre Back Will seems like as a person he would be a gentle giant
ym.official 7
ym.official 7 2 måneder siden
Why aren’t u playin (manny)
The Emerald Fire
The Emerald Fire 2 måneder siden
Big O
Big O 2 måneder siden
Sam is quality
louis S
louis S 2 måneder siden
Nah this ref guy man
Harvey Carter
Harvey Carter 2 måneder siden
their goal shouldnt have counted and they handballed it ref was paid
Daniel Kearns
Daniel Kearns 2 måneder siden
Manny hope you see this, i think it would make these vids much better (in my opinion) if there was less music, love hearing the teams during the games👍🏻❤️
David C
David C 2 måneder siden
Loved Sam's celly. Dude is a hell of a player.
Jackson Kenny
Jackson Kenny 2 måneder siden
they play in a new cup every week
P Jツ
P Jツ 2 måneder siden
Hopefully Jed is back soon🙏🏻 what a baller
Hayden Ellery
Hayden Ellery 2 måneder siden
Absolutely a penalty, what a joke by the referee
Loso Caseudidntknowso
Loso Caseudidntknowso 2 måneder siden
What a pen by Lamar man gg's
Dylan Rice
Dylan Rice 2 måneder siden
Wheres jed?
Daniel McNeil
Daniel McNeil 2 måneder siden
How are you Playing football
Ismaeel Dawood
Ismaeel Dawood 2 måneder siden
I miss Jaime
Lachlan Brophey
Lachlan Brophey 2 måneder siden
When is this cup final that has been on the Insta
Ishop Barouk
Ishop Barouk 2 måneder siden
I like your editing alot it is nice and beautiful
Hqrv3y 2 måneder siden
Played very clunky today
Harvey Mcculloch
Harvey Mcculloch 2 måneder siden
How do u feel about tobi being a man u fan?
Chris Loko
Chris Loko 2 måneder siden
Manny needs to be a fifa commentator
Jimmy 2 måneder siden
I just love the way manny acts like he hasn’t seen the game already😂
my friend
my friend Måned siden
Right 🤣
Jonathan Barillas
Jonathan Barillas 2 måneder siden
Dylan brown
Dylan brown 2 måneder siden
there left back must be sad ahahahha
Dylan brown
Dylan brown 2 måneder siden
why does bradley dribble on his left foot?
A 101
A 101 2 måneder siden
Where is Jed
Trevor Bull
Trevor Bull 2 måneder siden
Love eze 🔥
Omarie Nelson
Omarie Nelson 2 måneder siden
this is probably the most professional-looking team u have played so far
GbK Gaming
GbK Gaming 2 måneder siden
Guys are tobi and manny the Same people
Liam Devine
Liam Devine 2 måneder siden
The kneeling before every game is just getting too far now, I love all people but kneeling for 10 seconds before every single game does nothing
Gozie 2 måneder siden
defo penalties
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