Film Theory: You'll Never Be Happy (Rick and Morty)

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6 måneder siden

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I really got to thinking after watching episode 7 of Rick and Morty season 4, 'Promortyus'. Those alien facehuggers posed a very interesting question, but maybe not the one you were thinking. See, their evolution as a society to find more meaning brought them to peace - even if it was only a ploy by Summer. Yet, it didn't last. What does this have to say about us all and our pursuit of more? Let's find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Cas DJ
Cas DJ Dag siden
What a parody of Alien!
AWSOME DTH2 2 dager siden
R.I.P Ronnie
Mackenzie Chan
Mackenzie Chan 3 dager siden
Although I’m not optimistic about anything, I really don’t want children because giving birth is an alien like idea to me. I’m just explaining it now and I’ll be saying some inappropriate things so you may leave if you want. So basically human reproduction is where you get a rod of flesh inserted into your body, have tiny half creature implanted into your organs, and then after nine-ten months it forcefully breaks it way out of your body and then you love it, yeah no thanks.
ace boogie
ace boogie 3 dager siden
He probably didnt want to poop his egg because he was attached to genius
Chibi Cthulhu
Chibi Cthulhu 4 dager siden
What’s the point in “Progress” if the real issues aren’t being addressed? I don’t think humanity can truly move forward until nations stop pointlessly fighting each other and focus on the real issues like climate change, world poverty and many important social issues. And I honestly don’t see that happening any time soon.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 6 dager siden
Organic food doesn't have more nutrients but it has less pesticide.
Blaze Crafter
Blaze Crafter 7 dager siden
Balance is best
Thiago Penna
Thiago Penna 7 dager siden
This video was made by the natural gang
REN PLAYS 8 dager siden
I have a more painful and disgusting makeout scene. Season 1 of doom patrol episode 15: the Ezekiel and whiskers makeout scene. I had nightmares for a month.
Spruce Mouthman
Spruce Mouthman 8 dager siden
friend of mine said if I have any chance of understanding rick n morty I should study the basics of philosophy, what it means to be human, and the infinite universes theory.
Saul Treglown
Saul Treglown 9 dager siden
True most people who grow up wealthy end up having no purpose or being spoilt snobs, the rest of us working class have a lot of struggle but have a set goal even if its something illegal for the sake of the family.
ekundayo paul
ekundayo paul 9 dager siden
Then who wins? Nature?
Charles Dupee
Charles Dupee 11 dager siden
this episode is clearly about vaccines and i'm loving it
anissa 1403
anissa 1403 12 dager siden
Tittle: theory you'll never be happy. That isn't a theory it's my life in few words...
snæsi 12 dager siden
My god you can talk for a long time without saying a word. Amazing
Tmb Potatoe
Tmb Potatoe 14 dager siden
Meh poatatoe
Spruce Mouthman
Spruce Mouthman 8 dager siden
THESUPERIORBOO era of imagination
THESUPERIORBOO era of imagination 16 dager siden
Man the environment being changed scene looks like the screen of a virtual boy 😄
VeteranRedBeard 17 dager siden
So it's called glorzotube? Does that mean they are saying glory to you? Are these worshipful of the self?
wythedestroyer 17 dager siden
Tsukasa be senku
Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler 17 dager siden
To be fair, both creators are a bit pervy... the "family stuff" is sadly unsurprising.
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander 18 dager siden
"You'll never be happy" Well......
ginger Buchanan
ginger Buchanan 19 dager siden
😯 😴 👕👉rick vented morty👈👕 👖 👖
ginger Buchanan
ginger Buchanan 19 dager siden
😈 👔 👘
Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder 19 dager siden
Table talk lol
ПАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ & ПЕСНИ 19 dager siden
ПАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ & ПЕСНИ 19 dager siden
Thomas Willard
Thomas Willard 20 dager siden
Didnt they already go over this debate with the Unity episode?
Jory Marshall
Jory Marshall 20 dager siden
Adityachandra Pradeep Nair
Adityachandra Pradeep Nair 20 dager siden
Who watching in quarantine Also Glorzo Masks ?
Ryan Kearney
Ryan Kearney 22 dager siden
🎸🎶Anyone want me to play wonderwall?
The Faceless Channel
The Faceless Channel 25 dager siden
Didn’t matpat say that this theory would be one of this minis
Tworpish 26 dager siden
Y'all wanna hear some wonderwall on my discord server
Chris M
Chris M 26 dager siden
Repeating "for a show requiring a high IQ..." doesn't make it true and doesn't mean you have a high IQ. Hearing that every video is really off-putting.
Billy Breakaho
Billy Breakaho 27 dager siden
If you've never seen the 'Primitive Technology' channel I suggest you watch one of his videos next. You're welcome. 10:45
Billy Breakaho
Billy Breakaho 27 dager siden
How are we in the middle of a pandemic and no one is selling Promortyus masks?
The CyberNinja
The CyberNinja 29 dager siden
LOved the theory matpat till you got to the part where marriage came into play people don't get married as often because of the person since a guy loses so much because of a divorce I can speak for a lot of guys saying its better to just dating or single
Dino Hunting Corp.
Dino Hunting Corp. Måned siden
I am a little bit dissapointed because you show a elephant tusk in 6:20... but ı dont need a elephant tusk or a rhino horn or tiger bones for survive, everyone in here know who using them 😑
OVscientia Måned siden
yoooo you really missed the point of summer going from goddess to being executed so suddenly. SHE GOT CANCELLED BY GLORZO
Yourlocal_granger Måned siden
I literally watched this and it seemed very very long but yet it's 11 mins xd
Manuel Elia
Manuel Elia Måned siden
Who wants to hear me play wonderwall?
Angelashley01 Måned siden
I know a lot of people who refuse the thought of having children because they would prefer not to bring a child into the world as messed up as it is. So I definitely agree with that
OVscientia Måned siden
we have nothing to thank but "progress" for how messed up the world is
Rocky Bob
Rocky Bob Måned siden
A modern literaty genius. If you put MatPat's words in a book people would trouble themselves over the words for 100 years.
kai Måned siden
the title is basically me to myself every other day
Cannamangoeat Sheit
Cannamangoeat Sheit Måned siden
Bullshit .. organically grown non GMOs are healthier
Cannamangoeat Sheit
Cannamangoeat Sheit Måned siden
Than non organically grown GMOs
Kittycat Kimmy
Kittycat Kimmy Måned siden
I can’t believe my friends don’t watch rick and morty but have rated R (we are like kids tho)🤣
Maximillian Watmough
Maximillian Watmough Måned siden
Not having children doesn't mean that you dont think that the future is good enough for your children, it can mean that, maybe, theres this thing, you know, OVERPOPULATION?
Rylan Hollingsworth
Rylan Hollingsworth Måned siden
the banana fact makes me angry: at school im known as "banana man" because i always randomly say banana and am going to be a banana for halloween and every time there is a banana in my lunch i scream at anyone who touches my lunchbox and i give bananas human traits i treat bananas better than pets i attempt to feed bananas i yell at those who eat bananas. i need to stop commenting stuff.....
Stormy does everything
Stormy does everything Måned siden
Jokes on them I’m a happy person
female doomer
female doomer 4 dager siden
Chriztopher Brennan
Chriztopher Brennan Måned siden
If you havent watched it check at david atembrough on netflix
ttv morro
ttv morro Måned siden
You have to think if that smiling, blue-shirted man is happy matpat is using his picture.
Blood Queen
Blood Queen Måned siden
im deeply disturbed.
Isaak Salinas
Isaak Salinas Måned siden
I'm not happy
Aarzang Måned siden
Fun fact - the jabs at the studio involvement and how how bad is it for the series in the train episode have earned themselves a full theory episode, but countless grumbling about fanbase and its expectations in this one is barely mentioned. I wonder why. Seriously, I mean, was it even possible not to mention? The entire episode consists of the list of things that viewers "demand" from R&M crew - the forced pop-culture references (looking into the alien eggs), the edgy jokes (9/11 & pearl harbor), the meta jokes (congratulating themselves on choosing a "less edgy" option), the side-story starting at the dinner table (Jerry's beekeeping. Because it's a bee-plot, Carl! Get it? GET IT?!), the main characters that have to have a new plot "thing" for the episode (yep, that is a stand-in for "character development" and how it is seen by the authors), the cringy shipping and a lot more. Rick literally screams "starting pointless action scene" at the top of his lungs for the most unattentive viewers. And, unlike the train episode, nobody seems to notice. Or at least care to acknowlredge that.
The Lead Innovator
The Lead Innovator Måned siden
Sam O' Nella Academy banana exposed
27VS Entertainment
27VS Entertainment Måned siden
That episode of Rick and Morty is closer to the facts of our predicament, than ANYTHING in the news or in media. Reality Bath by Lamb of God is another compliment to this.
Lone Heckler
Lone Heckler Måned siden
Sounds like conservativism vs liberalism
Mr. Mirage 2
Mr. Mirage 2 Måned siden
Europe is modernized, Russia is,not only U.S and Germany
Chewby Acca
Chewby Acca Måned siden
You said growth in GDP and immediately my mind went to Grand daddy purp 🤣🤣🤣
Aesthetic Fantasy
Aesthetic Fantasy Måned siden
Actually. Progress on animal crossing I'm always planting trees to sell for money tryna make 99,000 bells. I'm gettin there! I know I sound... like an idiot but um.. atleast I'm rich.
Aesthetic Fantasy
Aesthetic Fantasy Måned siden
Uhhhh I pick or
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe Måned siden
This is how many times he said Glorzo. 👇
Sid The Guy
Sid The Guy Måned siden
*Sees title* Me: "someone owes me money"
Kaw Ming Man
Kaw Ming Man Måned siden
Who wants to hear my........
Alwyn Angeles
Alwyn Angeles Måned siden
Marten Algra
Marten Algra Måned siden
This plot really doesn't require smarts to understand, it's pretty obvious
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry Måned siden
"despair.." me: D A N G A N R O N P A-
Karleigh Vaughn
Karleigh Vaughn Måned siden
I wish matpat would do bee and puppycat
RetrixTRSB Måned siden
hey mat
Drizzt536 gaming
Drizzt536 gaming Måned siden
holy crap rick and morty is just 8th grade science
Motley Brit
Motley Brit Måned siden
9:55 Alternatively, access to birth control and not needing children as free labour means not being forced by the environment to have children, and turns out lots of people don't actually want lots of children. Children are a literal decrease in net happiness in modern society
Lemonade VA
Lemonade VA Måned siden
Who said I was never happy
Tri Agung
Tri Agung Måned siden
William Brown
William Brown Måned siden
Bruce is wrong. A performative contradiction is the most fatal flaw one could make. Cons will always try to sell you a lie but his lie is exempt from that rule of course.
William Brown
William Brown Måned siden
Anyone can be happy. It's a chore, an uphill battle, you can't keep doing shitty things and feel bad about it. We all need to take time out to care for our own happiness like we should be caring for our own teeth. And all it takes is one simple step, a plan and a promise. Only you can hold yourself accountable. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to start. Even if you're crawling you aren't treading water.
Fikret DEMİR
Fikret DEMİR Måned siden
Cyanobacteriae caused extinction of 99% of all species that time. I shall not sacrifice myself for others or other species. If you want to live like caveman, live like that, it's your choice not mine. If you are arrogant about how bad will future be, it's your choice to not breeding. If you don't value your life, it's your choice. Value is subjective.
Corben Riley
Corben Riley Måned siden
If anyone sees this I am in terrible pain my Harte is causing me bad chest pain and I cant describe how my Harte fells i opened window for air and had water and it’s stilll hard it’s hard to. Talk I really need help this is not a joke I’m in pain yes indeed the most horrible of it that’s for sure
Christopher Stephens
Christopher Stephens Måned siden
What you're saying is, "Vote for Jo Jorgensen!"
Jacob Fletcher
Jacob Fletcher Måned siden
isnt the reason that the birth rate lower bc of the lower death rates hence why poor countries have more babies bc less of them survive
Guilherme Soares Sodre
Guilherme Soares Sodre Måned siden
If the birth rate is a despair indicator, so young people are dead badly informed about the world. And that's that!
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago •
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago • 2 måneder siden
Me: broke my foot and falls down stairs Ah I should watch film theory it should make my feel better Film theory: you will never be happy Me: .... True story
Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One
Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One 2 måneder siden
Wubba lub a dub dub
Jonathan Stiles
Jonathan Stiles 2 måneder siden
I can't use my own definition of progress because literally all of humanity would have to pull some real BS to meet it.
Deathboy17 2 måneder siden
Personally, I dont ever plan to have kids of my own. I plan to adopt two kids
WestAfricanGod 2 måneder siden
That's honestly incorrect. The current cost of our progress stems from our very own ineptitudes. The same way henry ford powered his motor cars with fuel, he could have powered them with something else that would have spared the world the destruction that petroleum has wrought on our ecosystem. There are many more points to make but my thesis is that great progress only comes at the cost we are willing to accept. In a universe left undiscovered, there are so many possible ways of achieving something without devastating costs.
Devjeet Mishra
Devjeet Mishra 2 måneder siden
Who wants to hear me play wonderwall?
Valery Rekken1
Valery Rekken1 2 måneder siden
Jade Rush
Jade Rush 2 måneder siden
08:20 *laughs in depressed Belarusian* Dictatorship and failing economy for the win, amiright.
SavageValky 2 måneder siden
So basically equivalent exchange
Liliana Diaz
Liliana Diaz 2 måneder siden
Max’s Adventures
Max’s Adventures 2 måneder siden
You should ruin the Childhood classic land before time. Or at lest look at land before time stone of cold fire. My little sister just watched it.
Silver The Gamer
Silver The Gamer 2 måneder siden
Maybe the problem with the world is capitalism
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 2 måneder siden
Not in my dimension no happiness no peace and no good
Jo The Ukulele Guy
Jo The Ukulele Guy 2 måneder siden
I find it funny how MatPat knows about WolfieRaps, havent seen that guy post in months
Leande Manzi
Leande Manzi 2 måneder siden
Hi, I'm... Down in the... Comments... With my... Acoustic... Guitar🤐
Melo-Hanka a.k.a. Aizawa simp
Melo-Hanka a.k.a. Aizawa simp 2 måneder siden
I haven't even watch R&M but whatever
Dark Side ÔwÔ
Dark Side ÔwÔ 2 måneder siden
Title: "happy is a lie" Me who just watched the video: .... **questions lie and exists** Edit: : *,* ) Brother pick me up from game theory
Goldie Fatale
Goldie Fatale 2 måneder siden
Pro progress. Can't stand organic people. I don't get it.
Dank creeper [2nd channel]
Dank creeper [2nd channel] 2 måneder siden
3:19 Yeah I would stay that side Nature is nature
hamster four
hamster four 2 måneder siden
Well I'm poor already so that means that I'm happier?
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