Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! INFORM STRIKER RASHFORD!!!

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His Royal Highness Sir Marcus Rashford MBE has got a STRIKER INFORM!!! Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown on this 600k position changed TOTW! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Rashford
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Bobi 3 timer siden
Man says its not smart to go militao and still does it
Billy Leahy
Billy Leahy 4 dager siden
Anything Gordon Ramsay is god tier
bcfc_ gb
bcfc_ gb 7 dager siden
Brooklyn nine nine is elite tv
latiefa Isaacs
latiefa Isaacs 8 dager siden
New girl
latiefa Isaacs
latiefa Isaacs 8 dager siden
Modern family
latiefa Isaacs
latiefa Isaacs 8 dager siden
Money hustle
latiefa Isaacs
latiefa Isaacs 8 dager siden
How I met ur mother
Simon Wardell
Simon Wardell 14 dager siden
Bake off Andy true
JS91198 14 dager siden
Andre Andre is the portuguese one I can confirm
Dan 14 dager siden
Four in a bed is the goat
XYZzZzZ 15 dager siden
Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding is the most elite comedy partnership ever
Max Cooper
Max Cooper 15 dager siden
any one else wondering how tf laura made it to final over ermine
Matthew King
Matthew King 21 dag siden
Dinner date is a laugh!
MortYy 99
MortYy 99 23 dager siden
Andre andre is a portuguese midfielder mate. It’s not that guy😂
Charlie Hickey
Charlie Hickey 24 dager siden
God TV show when it was here= jezza Kyle
The Teasdales
The Teasdales 24 dager siden
Cobra Kai but it ain’t on Normal tv
WAVE000014 24 dager siden
Rashford is very good u bums
Dino Feartovic
Dino Feartovic 25 dager siden
Why didnt he switch fekir when he guessed it right?
Antony Jefferis
Antony Jefferis 25 dager siden
Liverpool Man city
ORIGIN ELECTRICZ 25 dager siden
Prodigal son on sky one
Adyan Ahmed
Adyan Ahmed 26 dager siden
Loved seeing Harry Maguire play with Andy. Absolute class from the Captain.
Jon born
Jon born 27 dager siden
Thanks for having me on mate!
Callum5323 28 dager siden
friday night dinner
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster 29 dager siden
Habers face is very puncheable
nath hallett
nath hallett 29 dager siden
blacklist .. warrior ( on sky one ) .. blindspot
Man Like Marley
Man Like Marley Måned siden
Hells Kitchen makes me Crease thats on the tele atm
matias verrone
matias verrone Måned siden
Rashford is incredible in-game
Sumron Måned siden
"Those Penalty united Strikers are absolutely useless" that why they only score penalty goals
Sumron Måned siden
"Fekir is slow" has the same pace as Griezmann
Dylan Obrien
Dylan Obrien Måned siden
does anyone actually watch the gameplay?
Charlie Jackson
Charlie Jackson Måned siden
Cobra Kai Netflix it’s the way to go
Connie Brook
Connie Brook Måned siden
Adore four in a bed & bake off😍
16:13 how about robertson
Nicht Ich
Nicht Ich Måned siden
How could he buy a varane and put him into an sbc. That would mean, that he put an untradeable! Varane on the transfer list.
Jane Mantle
Jane Mantle Måned siden
Bake off is god tier how dare he
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell Måned siden
Goggle box is god tier
HollaRams Måned siden
I swear this is some of the best content on NOpost
Josh Whittall
Josh Whittall Måned siden
Talks too much
Nah Man
Nah Man Måned siden
I agree with haber the only tv shows I watch is 4 in a bed and come dine with me
Kieran Willis
Kieran Willis Måned siden
Four in a bed Over bake off any day
Kelvin Pringle
Kelvin Pringle Måned siden
They’re totally disrespecting Homes Under The Hanmer
FLT 3 Måned siden
Goretzka is not on full chem
Niall Kavanagh
Niall Kavanagh Måned siden
It’s haber used to be the source of morgz views and subs
Kieran Barry
Kieran Barry Måned siden
Lottie’s class, I want her to win and she’s pretty local to me tbf
willr7 gaming
willr7 gaming Måned siden
Can’t pay we’ll take it away is god tier TV
YoUrLoCaLiNdIaNtEcHsUpPoRt Lol
YoUrLoCaLiNdIaNtEcHsUpPoRt Lol Måned siden
mans made a fut champs team in SBSD feels bad duud.
Nathan Lovely
Nathan Lovely Måned siden
You should play the rest of the game if yous are drawing
Dan Murf
Dan Murf Måned siden
I was here for the squad builder showdown not the tv talk
Dom Armstrong
Dom Armstrong Måned siden
Haber is a knob after what he did to vizeh
Dom Armstrong
Dom Armstrong Måned siden
@Rob tried to get with vizeh girl then called her a snake and golddiger on stream and started saying vizeh is a bitch basically even though he was being horrible to vizeh and his Girlfriend
DerMarkus 1202
DerMarkus 1202 Måned siden
Notice the Difference: -Benjamin Andre, French, 80 rated Rare CDM from Lille (Ligue1) -Andre Andre, Portuguese, 75 rated Non-Rare CM from Vit.Guimaraes (Liga NOS) -Andre Gomes, Portuguese, 79 rated Non-Rare CM from Everton (EPL) technically the same player for Andy and Haber 😂
DerMarkus 1202
DerMarkus 1202 Måned siden
Andy next time you make an SBSD against Haber you should make a Midfield of them 3, just for the bait 😅
Insaf Måned siden
SQBS has become more lik a podcast lol
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Måned siden
The Chase is god tier
Jake Bram
Jake Bram Måned siden
haber is shit at this
Elijah Kent
Elijah Kent Måned siden
I like both Loti and Peter so idrc
Lucy Kirwan
Lucy Kirwan Måned siden
AFLAH ASHRAF Måned siden
Do a squadBuilder show down with Simon miniminter
Harry Difelice
Harry Difelice Måned siden
I guess Vizeh is never gonna be on Squad Builder Showdown then.
The Dally-Outlaw
The Dally-Outlaw Måned siden
You can’t use griezmann at cam cause he’s a striker 😂
Trav TDS
Trav TDS Måned siden
Griezman comes out as an ST so you shouldn’t have used him at CAM!! CHEAT
zainab sajjad
zainab sajjad Måned siden
Ur not welcome
Tyler Butcher
Tyler Butcher Måned siden
On netflix you should watch scorpion Andy, it's actually pretty good
BruRio 09
BruRio 09 Måned siden
It got a be four in a bed
ankit tadanki
ankit tadanki Måned siden
Salute him all you want and he is great, but ronaldo still makes him look like he has a lot to learn 🤦🏻‍♂️
Domen Bremec
Domen Bremec Måned siden
Lennart Krikken
Lennart Krikken Måned siden
Do one on Hero Traore from Ajax please
Kid socer
Kid socer Måned siden
I am her when rashford socord a hatrick
Kid socer
Kid socer Måned siden
Brocen Gaming
Brocen Gaming Måned siden
Honestly, the best tv show is Peppa Pig
Conner Sanchez
Conner Sanchez Måned siden
That watch is dope af, if anyone knows where to get it let me know.
Billy Carlton
Billy Carlton Måned siden
Bake off is sick haber! What are you chatting
Taylor Bogle
Taylor Bogle Måned siden
My go tier tv show is peppy pig
Millie Hood
Millie Hood Måned siden
Did no one notice when havre guessed again after greizman and guessed fekir and that is that Andy guessed and didn’t say enythink
Xvibes_ Hedges
Xvibes_ Hedges Måned siden
I’ve watched mandolorian on Disney plus
Дмитрий Головин
Дмитрий Головин Måned siden
0:39 I help you setup a blog and setup it to earn money W ha ts app +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1
nicola davis
nicola davis Måned siden
Watch cuckoo in bbc iPlayer or Friday night dinner
Eesa Hussain
Eesa Hussain Måned siden
Bake off in fireeeee
Xzjxck Måned siden
When they were talking about elite television they didn’t talk about a league of their own
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Måned siden
Andy plz do an SBSD with Castro
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock Måned siden
Is Rashford Knited?
fifa bros
fifa bros Måned siden
I'm not member and I'm watching🤣
Pablo Måned siden
Haber looking like 2019 Neppo.
Trav TDS
Trav TDS Måned siden
I’m watching this while having a poo
Newman 4
Newman 4 Måned siden
Goretzka only 8 chem?
Aidan MORRISON Måned siden
I just wanna also Andy love the vids
Aidan MORRISON Måned siden
Can u do a squad builder showdown with miniminter or thogden
Milan Dijkstra
Milan Dijkstra Måned siden
Try among us with REEV an Itani
Alex Collins
Alex Collins Måned siden
Taskmaster is absolute god tier
Isaac Paxton
Isaac Paxton Måned siden
Strictly come dancing? I hate it but it is a biggie for the brits 💁🏼‍♂️
thebiggeez Måned siden
How you gonna talk about God tier TV and not mention Taskmaster?
Charalambos Xydas
Charalambos Xydas Måned siden
Hey Andy since its a rulebreaker theme on fifa, why dont you make a special episode where each player is allowed to break ONE rule while building the squads, i.e player position or 2 trump cards, but no warning whatsoever????
Oliver West
Oliver West Måned siden
What is Andys kit called?
hazzawillo Måned siden
I would of got all 3 defenders of Andy’s
Joe Enoch
Joe Enoch Måned siden
Great British Bake Off is the god tier of tele
Deadshot Clan
Deadshot Clan Måned siden
God tier tv is my Xbox
YoinkMayster Måned siden
Andre andre is the Portuguese guy from Porto Andy
Valc Måned siden
Bake off is god tier tele ❌🧢
Attila Posta
Attila Posta Måned siden
Isnt putting a striker griezmann into cam considered cheating andy?😏
camo80 Måned siden
Love the bake off i always watch the Swedish, Danish and English version
Luke Harbud
Luke Harbud Måned siden
U could of had Laporte at cb for the strong link
average warzone
average warzone Måned siden
Andy I want to let you know I'm not a member but I can watch all member only videos
Perfection Måned siden
Does anyone know what the white kit Andy using is ?
we just placed a $1,000,000 bet on this
we just placed a $1,000,000 bet on this
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