Dana White on Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier, Khabib and Nate Diaz returning to lightweight

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Dana White speaks to Oscar Willis of TheMacLife.com ahead of Conor McGregor's return to the Octagon.
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Everybody 45 minutter siden
I love how the interviewer purposely tries to get Dana all fired up 😤 on piracy 🏴‍☠️ just to get a laugh 😂 out of him and then uses his illegal quote on him haaaa this Mac life journalist deserves a raise 💰
D M Time siden
You'll do fookin nootin
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Time siden
you'll do fookin nothing
wade wilson
wade wilson 2 timer siden
War Dustin!!!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 timer siden
9:46 Diaz part
eddie santini
eddie santini 3 timer siden
Another fixed fight there’s no way. Mcgrogor loses
Alaska Young
Alaska Young 3 timer siden
So where you guys streaming the fight at?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 timer siden
It’s fucking illegal!
lucasino8 4 timer siden
Dana the guy who makes people fight in cages Interviewer on piracy incriminating: You're a sadistic man, Dana Me: well yeah, we already knew that
MMA WANNABE 4 timer siden
Bro your dumb if you are buying the ufc fight off of a guy off the internet just pay the 60-80 to watch it or watch the fight the next day on MMACORE
Roberto Ramos Hernandez
Roberto Ramos Hernandez 5 timer siden
Dana been hitting the juice and gym BiG O armS .
alexbk44 5 timer siden
Dana with a smirk when mentioning Askren
Revolt Ter
Revolt Ter 7 timer siden
He looks like an old perv.
Manicminer 7 timer siden
Connor will beat the shit out of Dustin. He’s got that left hand .
Hempking2424 7 timer siden
I'm from Indiana and when you can it would he great to have a big megafight in our capitol Indianapolis !! We've hosted the superbowl so why not the a mega ufc fight !!! Us Hoosiers get lonely fighting with corn all the time
Manicminer 7 timer siden
Dana number one fight promoter bar none. The boxing fans wish they had a promoter like him.
Authentic Truth
Authentic Truth 8 timer siden
It's crazy howmuch of a Jorge Masvidal fan i was before and hated ColbY.... Now it's the other way around for real, Jorge is the fakest dude ever ive seen that now., im not a fanboy i respect anyone whos REAL, ...the truth is jorge is fake and colby is the real one
Alfie Hiller
Alfie Hiller 8 timer siden
I love how Dana White makes out as if he’s the terminator and is personally out hunting down pirates 😂
Jay Luvchild
Jay Luvchild 8 timer siden
Dana: Dudes acting like, "I'll fight anybody, no its not accurate, and I don't wanna come out and say ..Masvidal is afraid of Colby
Jakob Baker
Jakob Baker 9 timer siden
Me waiting for the Conor masvidal question
thomas burns
thomas burns 9 timer siden
Dana the only thing criminal is the prices you charge for a ppv hahaha looking forward to stream this bro
Daniel Hape
Daniel Hape 10 timer siden
Dana looks."JACKED'... 😂
Green Planet
Green Planet 10 timer siden
I got the feeling they paid Dustin to lose. So mc gregor will have rematch with khabib.
drewie123 10 timer siden
It’s fucking illegal!
drewie123 10 timer siden
This interviewer is a game.
Marcello Firenze
Marcello Firenze 11 timer siden
Dana is right . Pirates are criminals. Thank you Dana for making this all happen and all you did. Pirates are criminals and deserve the worst punishment. It’s takes so much to build and the pirates are thief’s that pray on taking someone else’s hard work. Pirates should not be encouraged . They should be reported. Thank you Dana.
Rainman 11 timer siden
Dana "100%" white
The Unknown Projects
The Unknown Projects 11 timer siden
The dark side has emerged from Dana! The anti piracy cry maker 🤣
Mitchell Porter
Mitchell Porter 11 timer siden
Lmfao you are funny Dana. Dumb but funny.
Alvaro Casillas
Alvaro Casillas 12 timer siden
look Ik everyone thinks khabib,jones,st pierre are goats but I really feel when u look at who’s had the biggest impact in the ufc and basically uplifted the sport in a major way from my view Conor the goat 🐐 o 🇨🇮🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Jack Scully
Jack Scully 13 timer siden
Oscar is building momentum, another great interview 👌
RajmanGaming HD
RajmanGaming HD 13 timer siden
I like Oscar, he asked some good questions
Chris pro
Chris pro 4 timer siden
Give me a shout out
Jr Rdz
Jr Rdz 13 timer siden
Dana 60gs BABY
Jon Man
Jon Man 14 timer siden
Dana is on WAY too much TRT and roids. All of the sudden he has veins all over his arm? Damn the dude needs to lay off the drugs that ant good for you. Naturally he is a skinny dude like me. Why cant he just be natural
Patrick Chasing Hawk
Patrick Chasing Hawk 14 timer siden
It has to be Diaz vs Oliviera 🤔🤔🤔
Luke Padilla
Luke Padilla 14 timer siden
Calling it right now meet me back here when they announce the diaz fight it's going to be diaz vs Islam 155 with big implications
Mario Nitu
Mario Nitu 14 timer siden
Any good website to watch the fight ? As the crackstreams got taken down
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 15 timer siden
Dana’s come a long way,He said if you’re a guy OR A GIRL that can sell pay per views etc!!!Way to go Dana!!
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson 15 timer siden
Dana always sounds dehydrated.
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00 16 timer siden
Diaz vs El Cucy. Winner moves up to 70 to scrap for the BMF
James Ron
James Ron 17 timer siden
Dana White looks like he can beat up John Danaher and take off his rash guard.
fruity picks
fruity picks 17 timer siden
A lot of sexual tension between Dana and the interviewer
Chris Reid
Chris Reid 18 timer siden
Omg this interviewer has the dumbest questions. Had to stop watching.
Joy Boy
Joy Boy 18 timer siden
7:58 Dana you cocky guy brother! :D
Joy Boy
Joy Boy 18 timer siden
6:46 khabib part
Abdellah Salmi
Abdellah Salmi 18 timer siden
come on dana we the poor people can't pay for the PPV how the fuck we gonna watch MMA our favorit sport ?
Namgyal Lama Official
Namgyal Lama Official 18 timer siden
Looks like young Putin interviewing Dana.
RIcky Rick
RIcky Rick 18 timer siden
This interviewer asks the stupidest questions I've ever heard.
Black Russian
Black Russian 19 timer siden
Dana is either on GH or doing TRT.
TWEEK0423 19 timer siden
All I wanna know about is nick diaz
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 19 timer siden
It's awesome that Dana supports Trump..... A man with brains !
king zuzz
king zuzz 19 timer siden
thanks for the tony question
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 20 timer siden
Ahahhaa Dana is the Man!!
Trevor 20 timer siden
To be fair, he's not wrong that most streaming sites have malware to steal your shit.
Arman Amirkhanyan
Arman Amirkhanyan 21 time siden
*Dana* speaks about catching Americans pirating some fights cause they can’t afford to pay 70 bucks every month for a fight night. *Literally the the rest of the World watching fights for free laughing their ass off*
miguelinoz 21 time siden
dana is ripped
Zaddy Baddy
Zaddy Baddy 21 time siden
Holy shit its gonna be Nate Diaz vs Justin Gathje
chris baltazar
chris baltazar 22 timer siden
The only thing I got out of this is Dana feels the tingle
robert floyd
robert floyd 22 timer siden
Great interviewing, good questioning. 👊👌
No Cap
No Cap 22 timer siden
I can’t wait for Diaz return
oplix 23 timer siden
Dana is going to be dropping down your chimney making sure you're not sharing your PPV with friends.
Jorge Herrera
Jorge Herrera 23 timer siden
I love the no crowd as a fan watching from home. I bet the atmosphere in the area is amazing, but I no crowd from a home watcher perspective
EchosBeat 23 timer siden
Dana white stuttering hard @5.32 saying title fight when it’s not a title fight 😂😂😂
DryUrEyesM8 23 timer siden
$70 for a PPV that happens once a month, no thanks. Also, who pays for a bootleg stream... laughable.
KeepingItReal SpreadingTheTRUTH
KeepingItReal SpreadingTheTRUTH Dag siden
If all the streaming sites get shut down I guess I won't be watching anymore UFC fights. No way in hell a ppv is worth 65+ dollars. Maybe make the cost of PPV more realistic and so many people wouldn't try to watch for free.
Eric Jordan
Eric Jordan Dag siden
oplix Dag siden
Dana sounds visibly frustrated by the medical fascism taking place in the United States right now.
jerzyxvi Dag siden
Dana has some serious veins on him wow :D
Carl Cusack
Carl Cusack Dag siden
Whats criminal is what you pay some of the fighters . Ya muppet .
Your Kodi
Your Kodi Dag siden
LOL block whatsapp ane all the links that will be passed around. Stopping clubs and bars is a different ball game. Looks like dana's steroids are kicking in as he looks huge
David Dag siden
Dana's strategic thinking is totally on point as usual. Taking direct action from the UFC against the piracy will be hugely effective due to the huge platform they have to spread the word on the consequences - and we all know that he is good at hyping things and telling stories. Not even necessary to caught a lot of them really - just some well publicited examples and illegal streaming numbers will drop.
Mikael Dag siden
Interwievers head shape, is that typically Irish?
Ben Zeltser
Ben Zeltser Dag siden
I'm sorry to be cruel Oliveira is a boring individual. 85% of the crowd doesn't care if you can just fight. Sorry Charles, You gotta have some Character lines before breaking in the PPV.
CAM Dag siden
Dana whites tri,s
Chalky Dag siden
You wont catch me Baldy
Jid Dag siden
Rip Crackstreams, where we watching the fights now
e kliewer
e kliewer Dag siden
Get those big piraters dana!!
e kliewer
e kliewer Dag siden
Nate vs cowboy??? Thatd b my guess
Colin 's Phone
Colin 's Phone Dag siden
love hearing Dana talk about pirates, in my mind there is a background sound going "yo ho yo ho"
Brett Larkin
Brett Larkin Dag siden
Dana loves Kevin Holland. He is always talking about him in every interview. Love it!
Vanzan Vega
Vanzan Vega Dag siden
Bro. Charles Oliveira vs Nate Diaz. Could you imagine? I know Gaethje can't be overlooked but man. Stylistically, that match up would be insane.
George Bush Skates
George Bush Skates Dag siden
Why is Khabib even there???
franky boy
franky boy Dag siden
We're not here to take Bart! We're here to take Homer! - Mr Burns
Terry Mclean
Terry Mclean Dag siden
GSP 🐐 khabib next
IloveBaklava Dag siden
Love all these excuses about the khabjb fight. Khabib literally walked out of that fight without a single scratch on him and could have broken conors jaw with submission.
Thy Bowlling Man
Thy Bowlling Man Dag siden
"you're a sadistic man Dana" - lol
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle Dag siden
Good interview, Oscar. Thanks!
daniel finger
daniel finger Dag siden
Dana's on more juice than his fighters!
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Oh dovy....cmac
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Oh big fucking shout out to anthony showtime pettis.....superman shit
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
If he finishes Dustin..in one I call conor in one.....me vs him...daddy...this guy me..pawpaw....the fucking man.....never before seen
Brian Bell
Brian Bell Dag siden
Came here because rogan refuses to give Connor credit he deserves.
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Superman is on that same page.....
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Like tictak sharp joes that dude
Bonnie Forbs
Bonnie Forbs Dag siden
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Cikcik errrrrrbo..errrr.over errrrrrr..oh kabib hit me up......
Aaron Bonckowski
Aaron Bonckowski Dag siden
Shhhhhhh..itsokayitsokaypawpaws here...ok..cmac...aye no....easy bo..
Adam E O
Adam E O Dag siden
Great interview, congrats on the 1 mil
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