Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)

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What is Disney's Body Count? ►
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What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!
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Editors: Marc Schneider, Matteo Adonis, Alexander "Sedge" Sedgwick, Chance Cole
Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Research and Fellow Death Counters: Zach Stewart

Cole Schadel
Cole Schadel År siden
*When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*
Max Partridge
Max Partridge 2 dager siden
calculate how many bees can ya fit in the bee movie ya like jazz;]
Tavianne McShane
Tavianne McShane 4 dager siden
Still sounds better than doing online school.
galaxyraider9 20 dager siden
ethan lu
ethan lu 23 dager siden
spends nearly a year racking up disney death count and madagascar lemur population only to forget the family that didnt die in dinosaur (Idk if u did or didnt if u could respond thatd be helpful)
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 29 dager siden
Seems legit
Chickenlad 3 timer siden
What about when the king told of his hubris and accidentally killing his entire civilization it was shown on screen
Pokémon master Z
Pokémon master Z 6 timer siden
How big are the squares I am being serious
Pokémon master Z
Pokémon master Z 7 timer siden
This video is about death
Leah Clemente
Leah Clemente 7 timer siden
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw 10 timer siden
Leeds Judson
Leeds Judson 12 timer siden
When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit
Donna Smith
Donna Smith 20 timer siden
Do Bluey now
Bacon Boi669
Bacon Boi669 Dag siden
Do descendent s
Grimm the gacha Reaper
Grimm the gacha Reaper Dag siden
Rip atlantis you were my favorite Disney movie
Pasghetti Dag siden
i remeber when we thought 2018 and 2016 were bad... we had no idea what was coming in 2020
Gr8Pooba Dag siden
Dinosaur was my fucking childhood
Doodle Mentor
Doodle Mentor Dag siden
Evolution is fake
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Dag siden
I just noticed that the character Matt Pat threw on screen when he talked about dad jokes was from Dream Daddies..... Dreeeeaaaaammm Daddies Great, THATS gonna be stuck in my head...
Mr. Dodo
Mr. Dodo Dag siden
Kaleigh White
Kaleigh White Dag siden
Okay, so it's almost been 2 years since the Disney death count. I propose a challenge: Marvel cinematic universe death count. I'm rewatching Winter Soldier and I was thinking, "geez, how many people DIED in the course of these movies?" So, there's an idea, if you want a tough one/an excuse to watch Marvel movies! I'm not sure if it'd be possible honestly 😬
IDK Mate
IDK Mate Dag siden
Lmao F to the leamers
Cookiedog_rulesall Dag siden
16:05 look at the lady in the yellow dress I laughed instantly EDIT----- yellow towel?
ada ada
ada ada Dag siden
Cristofer Cermeno (Student)
Cristofer Cermeno (Student) Dag siden
this is me from the future in 2030 and i came tell you that we are DCVGHBJNKHGCFGHJHGCVBHNMHNVGFCGHVB BBBBN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
foxys cheesepuff factory
foxys cheesepuff factory Dag siden
Mat pat:death death and more death 💀
Richmond Andrei De Quiroz
Richmond Andrei De Quiroz Dag siden
Go to 4:46 comment if you remember that note pad.
olawunmi popoola
olawunmi popoola 2 dager siden
You forgot one Mulan character: The Great Stone Dragon. Poor guy never stood a chance.
Timofe The Man
Timofe The Man 2 dager siden
can we take a minute to appreciate this mans dedication to these topics
Muhammad Shakeel
Muhammad Shakeel 2 dager siden
Lion king
Trigger word Productions
Trigger word Productions 2 dager siden
I need a Pixar death count
Memelord Memelord
Memelord Memelord 2 dager siden
What about 2020
Ramiel 2 dager siden
Crazy... I would have thought the Disney movie with the most deaths was Infinity War with Avengers! An honorable second, Star Wars the last Jedi with several worlds being blown up!
Thomas O'Sullivan
Thomas O'Sullivan 2 dager siden
Do a thoery about the scar and the loin in hercules
Max Partridge
Max Partridge 2 dager siden
MCicepower 2 dager siden
What about Lilo and stitch. I mean lilos parents litterly die. Are we forgettin some movies? Cmon now
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Fitzgerald 2 dager siden
I think Mulan because of the avalanche seen
mahesh waran
mahesh waran 3 dager siden
matpat actually marvel movies are also disney movies as disney bought the company so the deadliest movie in disney is avengers infinity war as thanos had killed half of gamora's planet
ElY Jr. Reyes
ElY Jr. Reyes 3 dager siden
It's Dinosaur. I can feel it in my bones. Edit: I knew it! :)
Kingston Blaze
Kingston Blaze 3 dager siden
Pixar Version please do it do it do it.
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson 3 dager siden
Lion king
Brennan Kirkham
Brennan Kirkham 3 dager siden
Wow, just... WOW.
Raissha Seeley
Raissha Seeley 3 dager siden
Sorry King Julian
Logan Bodine
Logan Bodine 3 dager siden
I fel like this : ) !
Christopher Munoz-Mejia
Christopher Munoz-Mejia 3 dager siden
Ur wrong about moana and thats her dads best friend
Jordan Nicholson
Jordan Nicholson 3 dager siden
ID LIKE TO see pixar
Roy Tab
Roy Tab 4 dager siden
Its now to get so many deaths Film theory:*evil laugh*
MarcDoezRandomVids 4 dager siden
2019 goodbye GO TO 2020
Michael Cope
Michael Cope 4 dager siden
Matpat: The Entire Amont Of PEOPLE in The World at That Time Was About 1-3 Millon *Sees 9,383,093 On the View Countt* You Tripled That Nice! Man
Sergios Darlasis
Sergios Darlasis 4 dager siden
Actually I am from Greece and Hercules disney movie is NOTHING like the original myth
Sinead Purcell
Sinead Purcell 4 dager siden
Add a couple million to Hercules that part with the fates and the string you see a least 1000000000 kills
Kei-chan 4 dager siden
If the off screen count of deaths is taken into account in other previous movies, such as lion king, then the same would need to be applied to Dinosaur with the mainland where the meteor struck. Not just lemur island. It would still win, by laughable margins, but a meteor that size would have been a truly cataclysmic event that would have affected the entire planet. The actual KT (meteor) extinction that ocurred ~66 million yrs ago at the end of the cretaceous, wiped out approx. 75% of life on earth.
may tamayo
may tamayo 5 dager siden
Dud the moana should be 262 bcs her dad's freind died
Princess-Consuela- Banana-Hammock
Princess-Consuela- Banana-Hammock 5 dager siden
The, "Mulan true story," yeah, you want the real story? Okay, she leaves with her family’s consent, doesn’t hide her identity, hahah *BIG MISTAKE THERE* , yeah then the Chinese male soldiers, killed her. There you go.
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub 5 dager siden
YESH we go crazy about this stuff
Abigail Edgar
Abigail Edgar 5 dager siden
That moment of silence made me cry😭😭😭😭
Matt_Playz Games
Matt_Playz Games 5 dager siden
Anastasia Pietrowski
Anastasia Pietrowski 5 dager siden
Pls, PIXAR, and Dreamworks! Pls!!!
Rita Patel
Rita Patel 5 dager siden
Actually mat pat just now noticing but Moana is 262 because of Moana dad’s friend
Janus Initiative
Janus Initiative 5 dager siden
Would you a film theory about Trollhunters episodes? Or several film theories about individual top episodes
•Pickle Plays• ÙwÚ シ
•Pickle Plays• ÙwÚ シ 5 dager siden
me screaming at mattpatt bc it says how many hairs were cut aka how many kills their were in Hercules: 😤 >:0
Maj 6 dager siden
Walle is the winer
Ree_Gems 6 dager siden
Kaylynnlee Tuttle-ray
Kaylynnlee Tuttle-ray 6 dager siden
Avengers infinity war after snap that’s gonna be a gg thanos wins
Ghost_Hat_Beats 6 dager siden
12:00 I love hearin' that "AAUUHH!!!" lol
Ghost_Hat_Beats 6 dager siden
...idk why did i decide to watch this at 11 at night
Darrell 6 dager siden
I’m sorry you are dumb also you are wrong about Marianne wanna actually when they blew up the Kaka but I think actually they left a bunch of survivors and also her grandma didn’t die her grandma actually became an animal and actually he didn’t steal a heart he made her a new woman
Zayne Gall
Zayne Gall 6 dager siden
I think the deadliest movies going to be dinosaur
Hugo Sandoval
Hugo Sandoval 6 dager siden
RIP to all the victims of Disney
Janna M
Janna M 6 dager siden
Wait you forgot to add the soldiers deaths by the robot lobster thing, AND the villains deaths from Atlantis in the final count. That would at least give you a couple hundred more. During the memorial scene, they even state the number of how many people died
Angharad Owens
Angharad Owens 6 dager siden
What the vedeo accually is We found Atlantis
Ruby Wilson
Ruby Wilson 7 dager siden
I think you forgot to add for Moana the father's best friend that drowned
Ayaana 7 dager siden
Mat pat you forgot the death of the dads friend....
Diamond Mouse
Diamond Mouse 7 dager siden
Aaron Tignor
Aaron Tignor 7 dager siden
Hey this is dead meat’s job
datraven killer21
datraven killer21 7 dager siden
David Kandil
David Kandil 7 dager siden
David Kandil
David Kandil 7 dager siden
Wait i was correct
David Kandil
David Kandil 7 dager siden
Mei Sasakura
Mei Sasakura 7 dager siden
*glad 2018 was fun*
Hayden Little
Hayden Little 7 dager siden
Atlantis is my favorite Disney movie
CKL 1122
CKL 1122 7 dager siden
I guess Plato didn't let the Atlanteans decide who lives, who dies, who tells their story
Layla Brost
Layla Brost 7 dager siden
Can you be my new history teacher?
Layla Brost
Layla Brost 7 dager siden
But theoretically, in Moana, we would have to think about the people on the other islands because, 1. The island could already be occupied by people (for them traveling to a different island to buy them time comment) and 2. There are other people on other islands that might be closer to Tafiti.
Sylvia Potts
Sylvia Potts 7 dager siden
Why didn’t you just look up the death totals for each film?
Angelo Geng
Angelo Geng 7 dager siden
Mike 7 dager siden
My favorite death is scroop from treasure planet
Juliana Bridges
Juliana Bridges 7 dager siden
wait......what if in moana the line of starts before the curse?
James Pearson
James Pearson 8 dager siden
Brendan Moore
Brendan Moore 8 dager siden
Hey, I liked Dinosaur. Maybe I'm just old
Lunarwolfie 5689
Lunarwolfie 5689 8 dager siden
Its up to Matpat to ruin ALL our childhoods
Mumen Hassan
Mumen Hassan 8 dager siden
Talk about coco man your so doom
Sarah Savitz
Sarah Savitz 8 dager siden
this is my first time watching this youtuber, and my only reaction is: Disney must hate this guy
daymon brown
daymon brown 9 dager siden
i have a theory what is one punch man is he an aline
Alexis Chin
Alexis Chin 9 dager siden
lion king
GucciTony2.0 9 dager siden
Finnian Mollet
Finnian Mollet 10 dager siden
do a theory on Avatar (the blue people not Avatar the last air bender)
Arissa Lavoie
Arissa Lavoie 10 dager siden
Do pixar
Carolyn & Carmen Mast
Carolyn & Carmen Mast 10 dager siden
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin 10 dager siden
Perez O’ dent
Sujan Manandhar
Sujan Manandhar 10 dager siden
Couch potato senpai
Couch potato senpai 11 dager siden
Hercules: Awaken my masters *pillar men theme plays* Dinosaur Atlantis Hercules
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 11 dager siden
But what if you count all the fish that has been eaten by the giant crab in Moana how many death with that be hmm?
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 11 dager siden
These movies are nostalgia indeed
EvilMoW 11 dager siden
2:55 Still better then the 2020 abomination of a live action remake
Ferret Man
Ferret Man 11 dager siden
“The Disney movie with the highest death is dinosaur.” Me, happy that a great movie ) maybe one of Disney’s best in my opinion ) finally gets the recognition it deserves.
Cronavirus 2
Cronavirus 2 12 dager siden
me: **explaining why dinosaur is the most deadly disney movie** my family on thanksgiving:
Film Theory: What is Disney's Body Count?
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