Emanet 130. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 130 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
long and I hope she makes him beg and leaves.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Måned siden
Is this the same yaman who drove around the city with a bullet in his shoulder trying to save her from that psycho music teacher and who inhaled gas for her?!
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Måned siden
brazo de tan nefasto animal
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Måned siden
brazo de tan nefasto animal
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
Yaman I hate you
AlicitaInes Måned siden
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Måned siden
Seyirciyi memnun edecegine Seyircileri Sinir küpü ettin. Lanet olsun yaptiginiz dizilere. kendin yaz kendin izle. insallah bir seyircin kalmaz. Nazmiye yilmaz
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Måned siden
only as RELATIVES nothing more for YUSUF SAKE
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Måned siden
Sichtiniz dizyi ustunde tcttctc
Lenchel De leon
Lenchel De leon Måned siden
My suggestion to those who complain is stop watching! Hehehehe that’s the game of the story. The writer thinks it’s nice to the viewer to see the actor stupid. And see the actress so distressful. This time let the enemy wins. From the start till the end. You will see one of them will die at the end
KORALA MAAN Måned siden
80% of people who are watching this comments, Wish Their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 👍❤❤❤🙏👍🙏🙏God bless you💕💕💕
Sara Khoshabeh
Sara Khoshabeh Måned siden
So very sad to see what the writers are doing to two extremely talented actors.the series was on a beautiful journey ,and now it's truly turning NASTY and EVIL. The series it's CALLED LEGACY should be full of love ,normality, warm,it's not a THRILLER, So much violence, accidents, greed Etc. So much left to find out (Yaman and his brother,Seher's sister's death,WHY is Arif baba keeping secrets from Yaman and his brother,and many more ...instead all we are given is the 2🐍🐍plotting more EVIL,and Yaman and Seher fighting. REALLY 🤔🤔
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Måned siden
Bu qadar haqsizliq olmaz.Artiq o seviyesizlerin yalanlari acilsin
Janete M. C. Silva
Janete M. C. Silva Måned siden
¡Hola a todos! Os dejo el enlace al canal 7 que transmite esta novela en Facebook. Allí podemos decir todo lo que pensamos sobre las actitudes de la escritora y quizá la dirección del canal nos dé alguna atención. @t
Seby Chats
Seby Chats Måned siden
Vidi se da seriju drzi seher i jusuf pogledaj te preglede
Sophia sophia
Sophia sophia Måned siden
English subtitle please????!!!!
Cathy Mutschler
Cathy Mutschler Måned siden
Seher haven't sleep with Selim but Ashamed on Yaman for sleeping with Zuhal. He's cheating on Seher. Biggest Mess up his life. He shouldn't revenage against his innocent wife.
prenses Måned siden
Ya içimden bi ses diyorki bu olay sezon finalinde çözülür Yaman her şeyi öğrendiği an biter bölüm bizde kaç ay böyle merak içinde kalırız tabi ikinci sezonda da Seher Yaman’ı affetmesini bekleriz
Abdullah Kayani
Abdullah Kayani Måned siden
Pray for sehar and yaman they live happily in the future oh God
Ayfer arslan
Ayfer arslan Måned siden
Gercekler ordaya ciksamasi en iyisidi sacmaladilarrrr bu gidişle izlenmez tadi kacdi
Sevtap Dogan
Sevtap Dogan Måned siden
saçmalıklar ülkesi oldu bu kadarda dizi batırılmaz
Emine Karakesek
Emine Karakesek Måned siden
Yaman I hate you
marlene krettli
marlene krettli Måned siden
Não vou comentar nada so quero ver o tombo do Yaman 😂😂😂😂😂🇧🇷🇧🇷
selma turactemur
selma turactemur Måned siden
NAZMIYE HANIM yaptigin dizi senin gibi Kötu . Biz ailecek sana ait hiç bir diziyi izlemiyecegiz. Okadar kötülük oluyor. kötüler kazaniyor. savunmazsiz bir kiza onca kötülük.... Seyirciyi memnun edecegine Seyircileri Sinir küpü ettin. Lanet olsun yaptiginiz dizilere. kendin yaz kendin izle. insallah bir seyircin kalmaz. Nazmiye yilmaz
Emine Limanova
Emine Limanova Måned siden
Sichtiniz dizyi ustunde tcttctc
Emine Limanova
Emine Limanova Måned siden
Mafettinis diziyi
Free Spirited
Free Spirited Måned siden
Today is awful.. The planted jewelery
Free Spirited
Free Spirited Måned siden
Nedim ... Eww
Elşən Rəsulzadə
Elşən Rəsulzadə Måned siden
Bu qadar haqsizliq olmaz.Artiq o seviyesizlerin yalanlari acilsin
Elşən Rəsulzadə
Elşən Rəsulzadə Måned siden
Allah cezani versin yonetmen.Teziqimiz qalxdi eseblerimiz darma daqin oldu.Bu seriala baxdiqim gune das duseydi.😡2 gunu gel indi gozde.Delirecem
Dyanhanum Mamedova
Dyanhanum Mamedova Måned siden
bu Yamani de ahnamiyorum, butun kuyumcular kameralara burunmusler, bir bakmadi ki kart neregitti, altinnari kim aldi. O Nedime guveniyor o da bir b... beceremiyor. Zuhal bile onu atlatti. O is yerinde bir insan yok mu o Zuhal ablasiynen konusanda bir kimse ok etrafta. boyle gitse hala cok ceker togrulari tuymak Yamanin. Yazik Sehere.
Anar Måned siden
Senarini yazan Allah belivi qırsın dizi basliyanan çörək verən yokdur evde ağlaşmadı 😅😅
Taleh Haciyev
Taleh Haciyev Måned siden
Yaman bilsin artık gerçekleri Sıkıldık yalanlardan
Berk Sari
Berk Sari Måned siden
Helal olsun be senarist gurur duyabilirsin kendinle bir dizi nasil siradanlastirilir basardin tebrik ederim ayni adini sen koy gibi oldu👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Angelina stupar
Angelina stupar Måned siden
I think we need URGENT..... ARIF BABA...... 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rustam Axmedzade
Rustam Axmedzade Måned siden
Bıktım vallahi. Bu ne haksızlık,bu ne vicdansizlik,bu ne ya??? Bazen hiç izlemek istemiyorum. Hasta ettiniz adamı. Neden su kız kardeşler bu kadar kalleşler?
Magda C
Magda C Måned siden
Ever since yesterday my head is full of thoughts. I read twits, I thought my self, I'm torn, sad and dissapointed. As if it was me there....
sara alnajar
sara alnajar Måned siden
To writers , plz let Sahar ignore Yaman for a while or you will lose your fans , she have the right to know what’s going on , and once she knows , she should leave him for a while or ignore him completely . From Egypt with love
Maria Helena Rodrigues Silva
Maria Helena Rodrigues Silva Måned siden
Oi estou esperando os episodios de hj kkkk...
snow white
snow white Måned siden
وين الحلقه ليش تاخرت
yorcelis cantillo castro
yorcelis cantillo castro Måned siden
Any Garto
Any Garto Måned siden
Talvez lo pongan tarde y sin subtitulos
Mcd Svrn
Mcd Svrn Måned siden
Zuhal's jacket is nice on her. If Nedim be unsuccessful on getting truth of voice record it would be surprise for me. So I will think about Yaman how he got his wealth with this people.
Ljljana Tanaskovic
Ljljana Tanaskovic Måned siden
Koliko su mi samo slatki Jaman i Seher, i ako postoje nesuglasise medju njima, odnosno Jamanove sumnje, ali se i dalje vidi da se mnogo vole, tako da jedva cekam baredni dan da vidim sta ce biti dalje, zato mi vikend uzgleda jako dugacak, Srbija
cris varhau
cris varhau Måned siden
Esse é um exemplo de roteiro que ensina como acabar com um personagem, que amor é esse? deu pra mim, estou fora!!!!
Royal osmanov
Royal osmanov Måned siden
Doraemon Måned siden
The only thing you need right now is a tight slap!
Fadila Khelif
Fadila Khelif Måned siden
The file was in zuhel 's bag and zya found it ..i think he Will tell his brother.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Måned siden
That doesn’t change anything Yaman already knows that 🐍 investigated Seher 😭😭😭😭
Sevda Suleymanova
Sevda Suleymanova Måned siden
Usaqligin yarasi cox derin her bir subhe o yarani qanadacaq ve agridacaq her an inamini silkeleyecek Sehere cox yazigim gelir bu qeder eziyyet cekir ureyim agridi sebr versin
N GK Måned siden
Hey you LEGACY STORY WRITER I WANT TO SEE 333 episodes of two devil sisters suffering
N GK Måned siden
What truth Yaman? We learned enough of your truth you are a coward to find the truth by yourself shove your fortune where it belongs
N GK Måned siden
Yaman 🤜😈🤛 use on your face
N GK Måned siden
Wake up devil eyes yaman
Janice Shippy
Janice Shippy Måned siden
When will this episode air?
Janice Shippy
Janice Shippy Måned siden
@Amparo Toro thank you! 😊
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Måned siden
12pm central time in 🇺🇸
Hakima El Allaoui
Hakima El Allaoui Måned siden
The funniest thing is that the story line is not reliable, for example why didn't Yaman ask who wrote that contract with the 6 months rule in it or who the one was behind it, Zuhallll gave it to Seher duhhhh and Zuhal gave Yaman the name of the so called detective, why did he not go to him with a gun in his face, this all vanished, the sources of the truth are neglected, I understand that it's a serie but please give some thoughts to the story line. And the description of Yaman doen not make any sense, that he could drive away like that I am sorry but you need a really good doctor if you are able to do such a thing for the person you mean to love that much. And believing in all the documents is also rubbish, Yaman is the master of making false documents, the false banc account of Seher that she was related to Turgut and his gang what made her go to prison. Sorry Nazmiye you need to think more about the caracters!!
Silvia Abc
Silvia Abc Måned siden
Enough ! Too much is drawn from this situation ! The interest for the series is diminishing ! You assume the decrease in views !!!
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Måned siden
@vastvistas 😱 ho no they love mistreat women 😭😭😭😭
vastvistas Måned siden
The admin doesn't care about international YT viewers. You know what.. yesterday's episode had a high TV rating, which means the local people love this story line while we hate it. 😜
Rosy '84
Rosy '84 Måned siden
Tag di oggi Hiçsin (non sei nessuno)... ci aspetta una puntata terribile mi sa (questa frase la dirà Yaman a Seher)? Forse lui gli dice questo a Seher e lunedì scopre la verità, e da lì il lungo pentimento e rimorso (che non basterà, io lo avrei lasciato seduta stante). Nemmeno Yusuf può essere una buona ragione ormai, per quanto bene lei gli voglia. Dov'è la sua dignità e il suo orgoglio? Infatti credo che lei scopra tutto in settimana perchè dalle nuove foto uscite lei non ha l'anello (nemmeno lui ce l'ha)...
Mehul Shah
Mehul Shah Måned siden
This series is giving me grief and heartache now..
ستوريات تيك توكات
ستوريات تيك توكات Måned siden
متى تنزل الحلقه 129 130 بليز
sara jaya
sara jaya Måned siden
Selim mother should know seher issue.she will ask yaman as a mother she has the right...I hope yaman will let go alittle n from there things can get better
walkiria mallea
walkiria mallea Måned siden
Yaman esta luchando con el mismo con su orgullo y ala vez con sus sentimientos y esos celos que lo matan, lo bueno que veo es que a pesar de su gran error no se ha ido del hospital, esta alli con su cara de amargado, pero esta y no se ha quitado el anillo de matrimonio😜 y eso me gusta.
HFAMH HFAMH Måned siden
Please we want arabic
Intasar Ahmad
Intasar Ahmad Måned siden
Please all give to vote halil abrahim chyan best actor in turky 2021 by Google
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Måned siden
@Intasar Ahmad yes 👍🏼
Intasar Ahmad
Intasar Ahmad Måned siden
@Monique Borrello thanx dear
Monique Borrello
Monique Borrello Måned siden
Done... I check every day and vote maximum when available....👍
Intasar Ahmad
Intasar Ahmad Måned siden
@Amparo Toro not every day one time 24 hour
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Måned siden
Done every day he is firt place 👍👍
Sediqe Mirzeyeva
Sediqe Mirzeyeva Måned siden
Ne olur Yaman gercekleri tez oyrensin Seherle coook mutlu olsunlar ikbal cadsi catlasn
Fauziah Gnr
Fauziah Gnr Måned siden
Can't wait to see yaman know the truth.. 😥😥😥 I dnt like to see them get hurt... When their loving part will start 😭😭😭
kilimo biashara
kilimo biashara Måned siden
i cant believe yaman let his workers know whats going on before seher ,i swear if am seher i will never forgive yaman easly,he must pay first n i hope after discharge from hospital seher go to mom nadire and give him space
Bego Arraras Lizarribar
Bego Arraras Lizarribar Måned siden
Que salga la verdad ya que no aguanto mas ver lo mal que lo esta pasando Seher y lo injusta que es esta acusación!!!! Yaman ,me voy alegrar muchísimo cuando te estalle la verdad en tu cara y sufras por lo injusto que has sido con Seher con todo lo que te ha aguantado ella!!!!! Ya vemos que el amor y los celos cada uno lo vive de distinta forma!!!!
Durva Bhatt
Durva Bhatt Måned siden
I wish they finish the Ikbal and Zuhal chapter now and bring in a new villain or something...
Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana Måned siden
On sec thoughts plz Halil n Sila we dnt dislike you or ur acting ...infact both ur acting is on point Mashallah ....it’s just d portrayal of characters that’s irritating us n inviting our ire tho we knw it’s not real but reel life 😜that’s how much we involved with emanet !
carmen A.L
carmen A.L Måned siden
Que incoherencia nadie coge a la loca que hace y deshace en la oficina de Yaman lo que le da la gana ?,nadie la escucha cuando grita ?
Amira Måned siden
Nazmiya hanuma YOK torture i depresija, EMANET je 15 na rejting listi a zasluzuje biti 1 mjesto na rejting listi, za SILU i HALIL ZVIJEZDE TURSKE PAR TURSKE OSKAR ponos TURSKE Nazmiya hanuma ljubav ,a ne zlo Pobjedzuje 👁️👁️💜🌟🌟💯💯💯
Tuty Nur
Tuty Nur Måned siden
Anyone here from Indonesia??
bubabuba fenerbahce
bubabuba fenerbahce Måned siden
Yanan bu olayi hemen çösemezse ve bu kadar imkan sahibi biri bu kadarda aptal olamazzz
Fatma Polat
Fatma Polat Måned siden
Ya ben anlamıyorum? Ikbal ve zuhal kadın başına neler yaptılar koskoca yaman kırımlı bir ses kaydıyla iki satır yazının gercek olup olmadığını bulamıyor .Tabi zuhal nedimden onlarıda öğrenmese?
Urooj Waqar
Urooj Waqar Måned siden
The writer must change now 😒
Meto 31 Oç
Meto 31 Oç Måned siden
Пусть помиряяттся яман и зеар
Meto 31 Oç
Meto 31 Oç Måned siden
Когда 130 боллим
Rosaline Chhakchhuak
Rosaline Chhakchhuak Måned siden
If you want the truth go and ask your wife Yaman
Yza40 Måned siden
Oh Yaman you want to know the truth, talk to Seher not just mad at her at knowing the truth. Nanggigigil at naiinis na ako sayo😡
Jana Kundraci
Jana Kundraci Måned siden
Avusturuyadan izliyorum, harika bir dizi, 🙂👍Devam 👏❤
Rica Moncillo
Rica Moncillo Måned siden
Zuhal crazy
Maria Alba
Maria Alba Måned siden
😓Hoy he sentido pena y tristeza por Seher, porque ella es leal y fiel a sus sentimientos 🌹 Yaman nunca estará a la altura de ella 😭 como ha actuado contra ella 😡ha perdido toda credibilidad sobre sus sentimientos 😭,Espero que aparezca un nuevo personaje y que sienta amor verdadero hacia ella , porque ya es hora de que sea Feliz, y ella aprenda que hay otra vida sin Yaman 🥰
Pilar Parrilla Moreno
Pilar Parrilla Moreno Måned siden
Que malas uuuuf
sadaf usman
sadaf usman Måned siden
What is the difference between salim and yaman? Salim left her when she was dying because of gas in the room and saved his life While yaman doubts her and left her to death (accident scene) both are the same She is the innocent soul i would say sehar should never forgive him As he ruined her honeymoon and without talking to her doubt her. Shame on you yaman..
Pilar Parrilla Moreno
Pilar Parrilla Moreno Måned siden
Jolín no megusta como la trata Yaman más amor
Maia Memanishvili
Maia Memanishvili Måned siden
ძალიან დიდხანს მოგიწევს ბოდიშის მოხდა. რა ცუდია, როცა მამაკაცები ერთგულებას და სიყვარულს ვერ ხედავენ. ეს ფილმია, გასაგებია, მაგრამ რეალურ ცხოვრებაში ასეთ მერყევ ხასიათს ვერ ავიტანდი. არ ვაპატიებდი.
Ramil Memmedli
Ramil Memmedli Måned siden
Gerçek tez bir zamanda ortaya çıxmalıdır. Uzansa mənası qalmaz. Favori dizimdir
Teona tea
Teona tea Måned siden
"You need something? I need the truth!:" Well, the truth is in front of you! Such pity you don't want to see it! You had your reason to react like this, but now it's time to wake up and look around..... So you don't lose everything...
Cevriye Karaman
Cevriye Karaman Måned siden
Benim anlamadiğim zühal şirkette yirtilarak bağırıyor okadar işciden hiç kimse duymuyor ıkbal zühal evde at koşduruyor yine hiç kimse duymuyor bunların özelikleri ne nazmiye akraban filanmi birde nasıl olurda kimse duymaz herkes sağırmı yaman süzme salak onu biliyoruz artık kalıbının adamı değılmiş yaman bitti her nekadar kuvetli olursa olsun deliller yamanın yapacağı tek şey sehere dellileri göterip beraber bulmaliydılar gerçeklerı yav bir ziya kadar olamadı seher yapmaz dedi dosyayı sakladı ziya on basar yamana yaman halıne acısın grtçekler çikacak ama yamanın bittişi olacak ozaman ağlama sırası yaman da olacak nazmiye fazla uzatma çünkü daha seherın intikami var sırada
Guler Memmedrzayeva
Guler Memmedrzayeva Måned siden
Allah Cengerdən razı qalsın .
Həvəslə öyrənək.
Həvəslə öyrənək. Måned siden
yaman seher baş role
Talebe Sada
Talebe Sada Måned siden
It feels like at the beginning, with hurting her and opressing her ofending her...🤯
Caterina Piazza
Caterina Piazza Måned siden
Una cosa giusta la detta la vipera VELENOSa la più giovane di andare via perché quando la verità venga alla luce chi sa quanto booo se bisogna essere violenti lì tirei per i capelli fino al cancello e chiamare la polizia per la assassinato della sorella di seher
Shreya Paul
Shreya Paul Måned siden
The most upsetting part is that seher will still forgive yaman no matter what. Seher is also responsible for what is happening with her. Given the fact that yaman previously threatened to kill her and mistreated her..she should have never ever believed him
Suely Mendes da Silva Cardoso
Suely Mendes da Silva Cardoso Måned siden
Ele quer saber a verdade, sendo que a verdade esta bem na frente dele
Lily Afro
Lily Afro Måned siden
Celos, rabia, impotencia, amor frustracion, para una persona ya sicotica..........ese actor es mucho actor....Veamos que rostro pondra...cuando ....lo siento por las diablas....
Ade goytay Nabay ktmexi kabey koneley
Ade goytay Nabay ktmexi kabey koneley Måned siden
Please full move
Tina Nikolic
Tina Nikolic Måned siden
Nadim it’s time for you to be old Nadim who finde out everything!!!!
Palak Madnani
Palak Madnani Måned siden
Now i hv to look for other series to watch really liked this one but now i m disappointed. What a waste of time any suggestions for new series
Solange sol
Solange sol Måned siden
Seni çok sevdik çirkin yaman, zaten aklını kaçırdı bu roman kadar acı çeken, bu kadar gücü olan, bin kez Özcan Deniz'le tanışıyorum her zaman harika karakterler Oradaki büyük Kharaman'ın hayatının aşkı için sonuna kadar savaşan harika bir karaktere sahip olduğunu asla unutmayacağım. Bu romanı sevmeyi bıraktım.
lona lona
lona lona Måned siden
How despicable he let Gingar hold her hand, and when he felt that she was hurting, his hand was forced out of him He does not deserve her love
Ai Leng Chiang
Ai Leng Chiang Måned siden
Saw in dizi kanali a good looking new guy. Hope he is sehar's new love interest.
lona lona
lona lona Måned siden
Yaman failed to test his love and confidence in Saher Yaman is a disgusting complex character If he truly loved her, he would have spoken to her like a man and told her what was wrong with him Nazmeh made his character and Sahir's character, after their love for some defeated, weak, and absent-minded character We will see that after discovering the truth, he will only apologize for her, and she will quickly accept her usual stupidity A must for Sahir after finding out Yaman the truth and the emergence of its innocence Do not forgive him quickly To leave the palace for a while until he feels Yaman ugly what he committed his hand
Maria Pérez Vilches
Maria Pérez Vilches Måned siden
El mayordomo con sus buenas palabras podría solucionar un poco la situación haciendo dos preguntas a sahen. Tu amastes algúna vez a selin la contestación ya sabemos su respuesta....la segunda con mucho tacto que el siempre lo tiene preguntarle si ama a yaman el.sabe con sólo mirarla a los ojos lo que sus sentimientos hacia el.
ana cristina carrasco silva
ana cristina carrasco silva Måned siden
Y que el. Ogro de yaman esté escuchando detrás de la puerta y solucionado
🌷Phoenix🌷 Måned siden
when u really love someone you cannot avoid them. if u love only your pride and ego u will never experience true love. sad lives
Seva Elizade
Seva Elizade Måned siden
Niye bu Yamanin is odasinda kamera yokdur her seyi rahatlikla gore bilirdi
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