I Spent a Day in Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park

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Abroad in Japan

Måned siden

Not far from Mount Fuji is Japan's biggest British theme park; a park so large it has its own working railway! This week on Journey Across Japan we visit the most iconic viewing point of Mount Fuji, wander the streets of a British theme park and maybe - just maybe - get a view of Fuji once and for all. Featuring a cameo from Natsuki! 🍿 EPISODE 5 in our blockbuster 6 part series!
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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Måned siden
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: And I thought ET was terrifying. I think post-modern Humpty Dumpty scares me even more. 5 days, 1,000km, 8 years of waiting, but we got what we came for. SCREENSHOT IT. PUT IT ON YOUR WALL. TELL THE WORLD. The weird guy from Abroad in Japan saw Mount Fuji. The only question remains, who snapped the best photo? And DON'T MISS the Natsuki cameo.
POÑO 8888
POÑO 8888 Måned siden
Abroad in Japan AKA FUJi
Jo Hays
Jo Hays Måned siden
Awsome video as usual. If we cant be in japan holidaying, watching abroad in japan is the next best thing. Maybe your next across Japan could be Theme park across Japan. Keep up the great work.
Lim Hui Yi Hannah
Lim Hui Yi Hannah Måned siden
Sorry Chris but Joey's "Barbershop" was the better pic
Mitford679 Måned siden
Spectacular views of Mt. Fuji! OK, now for my vote...Barbershop On The Corner. And then the one with the two of you saying it's good to be back home. Love your videos they are so amusing!
Burger Croissant
Burger Croissant Måned siden
You are not fooling us, we know it is a green screen or some kind of C.G.I. trickery !! Try harder next time.
Samantha Beaty
Samantha Beaty 7 timer siden
Apparently I've been victim of the "Abroad in Japan" curse as well--I visited Japan on a 5 day business trip in 2019 and I was so excited to be able to go during Sakura season. While the cherry blossoms were absolutely breathtaking and I enjoyed all of the festivities surrounding the season ... the view of Fujiyama-san was completely shrouded in POLLEN for my short 5 day trip. I was so disappointed. :( But I hope to return someday, especially after having found this channel! Maybe I'll try my luck in autumn ...
RGI The Anime Figure Guy
RGI The Anime Figure Guy Dag siden
Second time watching this in my just over a month long Abroad In Japan marathon and I realize I didn't give it a like! Shame on me! This has now been rectified!
Xentrolis Dag siden
Joey looking super threatened by Humpty Dumpty is big mood.
NetherBoats Dag siden
inaccurate representation. Not enough rain.
Anton Silva
Anton Silva 2 dager siden
Ah... Mt Fuji...... The place where I experienced a fog so thick I cannot see beyond a meter.
Raphael Manarpz
Raphael Manarpz 2 dager siden
"Thorno of the Rose" seems to be a suitable title for my upcoming novel, lol.
andrejs gēliņš
andrejs gēliņš 3 dager siden
@6:01 Flag proportions on sign
JonLupen 3 dager siden
That's a pretty spectacular view of Fuji-san!
krulty 3 dager siden
Looks more like Germany to me lol. British Tudor buildings are wonky, warped and worn. not pristine and perfectly straight new buildings. Plus the streets of those types of places here are cramped and narrow. Not wide open spaces.
FAT LANCE 4 dager siden
Satisfying to see him see mt fuji, but hurts me bcs i nevee get a chance to go to another country
Jaye B
Jaye B 4 dager siden
I love the Japanese reactions to a white dude who’s like 20 lbs overweight. They’re so over the top polite but it’s also such a hilariously dick move. “Lol you know how you’re kind of fat? Look I got you this t shirt that says you’re not fat. It’s funny because you’re fat! Thank you for visiting 🙏 “ Such a vastly different cultural attitude regarding weight, and such a polite way to insult someone.
Michael Lesko
Michael Lesko 4 dager siden
I miss natsuki
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 5 dager siden
I like the bus driver of teddy bears better!
mike wazouski
mike wazouski 5 dager siden
Their were some really cool shots here
Ana-Eliza 5 dager siden
Of course the UK photos dont look real. It's sunny outside.
FADS 5 dager siden
Damn England looks different after Brexit
Ash Willis
Ash Willis 5 dager siden
so at least one part of this was green screened then right?
D B 6 dager siden
Why do you try to be Ricky gervais? Lol
Son of Jesus
Son of Jesus 3 dager siden
Meh there’s an influence but it’s not that overt imo, try jackmaate for someone really trying to be ricky gervais
101starwarsfan 6 dager siden
wow this dude , he is getting fatter and fatter. He needs to stop eating all that junk food that he eats
london man
london man 6 dager siden
where is changi , hell fire pass or the bridge over the river kwai ?
Suttebun Network
Suttebun Network 6 dager siden
I am fat, I'm 360 mate. But because I can still ollie, they call it "big". Great video. In the presence of rum, I could say I truly love your travel blogs. Natsuki is the man.
KotaJMomo 7 dager siden
Yoo, my mom's from Shuzenji (Izu peninsula)!
ron josh
ron josh 7 dager siden
to be honest those printed t-shirts looks kinda dope
Bat Man
Bat Man 7 dager siden
Dat bri'ish feme pahk is bluddy schewpid innit
Wyglaf 7 dager siden
The thorno of the rose. Magnificent
c64cosmin 8 dager siden
Fuji Sama is mad on Chris, you must bring Natsuki with you to vanquish your sin. The video ended with Natsuki so that is why you folks were able to see it though.
blvk3 8 dager siden
if the trains in the theme park are on time, then its not an authentic British experience
Ömer Can
Ömer Can 8 dager siden
You sir are one of the best tubers i have seen. Good content, i like yur short tempered but no aggressive character and humor. And you dont beg for subs or likes.... big props
DOOSH MASTA 9 dager siden
Joey’s Eva gear is fire
Nicole Soto
Nicole Soto 10 dager siden
Chris you are so hilarious when you are mad
r 10 dager siden
they should hire you to be their park's mascot.
LifeOfLewi 10 dager siden
looks more like 18th century Britain to be honest. Well done for the effort Japan! You have a beautiful country
Dr. Nav
Dr. Nav 11 dager siden
pleas note the thorno of the rose
Will Coddington
Will Coddington 11 dager siden
Are the fish-flops supposed to be mackerel? And, in that case, would they not be Saba-tons?
Foreseen G.
Foreseen G. 11 dager siden
Eng Land?!?!
KZSR_Pandamania 11 dager siden
The British weather follows the British man everywhere he goes.
hatdog 5 dager siden
Junko Okuda
Junko Okuda 11 dager siden
There is another large British Theme Perk in Shiga prefecture. Some beautiful gardens with roses and herbs, manner house.. It's the almost country side in UK. Pls visit there in early summer, when roses are beautiful. Rosa and Berry Tawada: www.rb-tawada.com/english/rosa-garden/
Fantastic Mister
Fantastic Mister 12 dager siden
So lewd, why did you show a thorno on your video?!
The Commander
The Commander 12 dager siden
I feel disappointed by the lack of Margaret Thatcher jokes
Eddoo Nissaar
Eddoo Nissaar 12 dager siden
My ultimate move is : '' THORNO OF THE ROSE '' !
Snake Will Guard
Snake Will Guard 12 dager siden
I'm sorry Chris... "Barbershop on The Corner" wins the photo competition hands-down. I'm FROM England and I don't think I could have taken a more "top-of-the-morning-to-you-old-chap" photo.
Argentfan 12 dager siden
Who's driving this thing.
Argentfan 12 dager siden
Chris acting like he's in a rap video when he sees Fuji.
nagchampa 13 dager siden
Romney Bus text sounds ominous, like the UK is about to restart colonialism
Sniba 13 dager siden
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim 13 dager siden
If this is Japan's biggest British theme park... does this mean there's more?
Tanya Chou
Tanya Chou 10 dager siden
Good question!
Rivyn Daniel
Rivyn Daniel 13 dager siden
Gonna be real soon as I saw those Fish Thongs, I instantly wanted a pair XD
flor zorro
flor zorro 14 dager siden
I call green screen..... suspicious for sure.....
Steven Kaest
Steven Kaest 14 dager siden
You're not fat you're pleasantly plump! Congratulations on finally getting shots of Mt Fuji!
Mirza Prasetyo
Mirza Prasetyo 14 dager siden
Chris, the drone shots are absolutely tremendous. I really really really love it!
Debbie nunya
Debbie nunya 14 dager siden
"it's beginning to feel like a week long date with Joey" --*pulls up to a makeout spot 2 episodes later*
Helen Mudge
Helen Mudge 15 dager siden
Blue sky and sunshine? Absolutely nothing like the UK.
Sono 15 dager siden
Manfred Much
Manfred Much 15 dager siden
The End seems like a Movie where the villan swears revenge. Maybe it's the Music
Lewis Leng
Lewis Leng 15 dager siden
Only thing that gives it away that it’s not in the UK is that it’s not raining
Manfred Much
Manfred Much 15 dager siden
I snuck into a train station is the most english photo
gay rtz
gay rtz 16 dager siden
chris and joey has a weird chemistry that just works idk, chris being a foreigner but has actually lived and loved the country for several years and joey being a hafu that knows that culture but hasnt stayed in the country until recently, its amusing how it works out, really love this duo
Buko Nut
Buko Nut 16 dager siden
why the fuck does joey knows where everything in japan?
Terrance Pillay
Terrance Pillay 16 dager siden
Chris don't seem to happy with Joey in general
bnnnacke e
bnnnacke e 16 dager siden
Touch Me
Touch Me 17 dager siden
"I snuck into a train station" looks the most like UK but the bear photo inside the bus is the coolest
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison 17 dager siden
Love Joey's NERV hoodie
Steve Mellor
Steve Mellor 17 dager siden
Bloody enjoyable to watch chris does a great job . His a lucky bloke living on such a magic island . Would do well on a TV travel show .
KoKoBaek 17 dager siden
As someone who lives by Stratford upon Avon I was offended to even think you might consider us to have a pub called UK Margaret
Tristan Brouwer
Tristan Brouwer 17 dager siden
Anyone else disappointed that it's not snow capped?
Supernova Leftover
Supernova Leftover 17 dager siden
Imagine if the Tshirt didin't fit him.
Quirky cloud
Quirky cloud 17 dager siden
I love the ;who is driving this thing; photo it is funny
Supernova Leftover
Supernova Leftover 17 dager siden
You think you've had Mount Fuji problems. I travelled all the way from the UK to see Mount Fuji, but fell ill and spent 2 weeks in my hotel room. It's unfinished business, I will be back!
Quirky cloud
Quirky cloud 17 dager siden
Those photos are obviously fake. and you Wana know what give it a away..............................................................The nice weather..
Justin Scott
Justin Scott 18 dager siden
How dare they culturely appropriate the british
Teddemon '
Teddemon ' 18 dager siden
I'm eyeing that "Star Wasabi" T-shirt. Definitely gonna get one when visiting there!
Mikey De Puy
Mikey De Puy 19 dager siden
everyone gangster till the fog becomes poisonous
黒瀬勝夫 19 dager siden
Pleas note the thorno of the rose
L.V.C 19 dager siden
U.K Margaret probably refers to Margaret Thatcher or princess Margaret otherwise idk 🤣
Padmanabh 19 dager siden
15:07 There's something with Discovery written on it, in the car
Padmanabh 19 dager siden
Japan is the God's own country. what a place to be in! so lucky!
Carthonol 1
Carthonol 1 19 dager siden
Re-watching the journey on my last day off before work starts and I find myself wondering how anything other than the thorno of the rose can be anymore british 🤣🤣🤣
deyon100 20 dager siden
Have you done a video on national holidays in Japan I’m rather intrigued to what they celebrate yearly
deyon100 20 dager siden
Wow what a nice place man your one lucky person well I know you got there through hard work but man it’s paid off 👍
Stardusting 20 dager siden
My favorite Engrish I've ever seen I actually saw in the real UK, in Manchester. The conveyor belt walkways in the airport were out of order and had a sign written: "Apologise for the inconvenience." This wouldn't happen it if were in the US, because we'd know there's a difference between 'apologize' and 'apologies' going on here, but not in the UK! I said I was sorry.
kkyaw 20 dager siden
15:16 the car's door... (PTSD INTENSIFIES)
Rasyid Adji
Rasyid Adji 21 dag siden
anyone know music title in 8:00 ?
TSI 21 dag siden
*I snuck into a train station* definitely looked somewhat of a train station as some stations still haven’t had their platforms fully renovated as someone who lives here
Brooke 21 dag siden
Is it weird I'm just so happy Chris got to see Fuji?! Like I happy teared up LMAO...I'm such a weirdo...
DSQueenie 21 dag siden
Tbf the area around the Japanese primary school in London does look like this park a bit.
abzu looks
abzu looks 21 dag siden
So can I clarify something. If you went to the BIGGEST British Theme Park, does that mean there's more than one?
Joob in Japan
Joob in Japan 21 dag siden
I got so excited to see the prefecture i live in, in a video! Highly recommend coming to Kofu to try some Houtou!
Savannah McFarland
Savannah McFarland 22 dager siden
So um, where do I get Fish flops??
Mark Semple
Mark Semple 22 dager siden
what happened to the honda fit?
Luna and Stella
Luna and Stella 22 dager siden
Who’s driving this thing definetly
AudieHolland 22 dager siden
Shame you left out the vandalized seat. That was so unlike Japan.
Zara Louise Peyton
Zara Louise Peyton 22 dager siden
those flip flops are horrifying.... anyone walking around with those on will be walking around in "despair"... 😹😹😹😹😹
cowchipsbotme 22 dager siden
That seems soooo unlikely they happened across this on the day of this challenge.
Kuolitee 22 dager siden
14:37 i can hear connor's voice coming from that NICE t-shirt
Chizero 22 dager siden
The gang shit music playing whilst psycho chris tells everyone to do one cause he's seen the tip sends me
Chizero 22 dager siden
Holy shit he's only gone and done it
canadian bacon
canadian bacon 22 dager siden
6k? Oh, I'm watching in 240p.
Mouse Kander
Mouse Kander 22 dager siden
Barbershop on the corner for sure wins that one
Killian Kilmister
Killian Kilmister 22 dager siden
I was so happy Chris finally got to see Mt. Fuji.
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