Final Fantasy VII Remake All Cutscenes - The Movie - Marathon Edition (Full Movie) PS4 2020

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Movie notes:
►Subtitles - There are no subtitles in this movie version because I am unable to edit things in a way that works while they are there. I often need to change around dialogue during gameplay to hide certain things and get the pacing right. Subtitles would mess up these moments. I also use tricks to try and hide visual elements when I can and again subtitles would be affected by these because they are hard coded. The game is just too long for me to type up 11 hours worth of subtitles and upload them alongside the video unfortunately
►What's included? - This is a very long game with a lot of narrative, and fitting it into NOpost's upload limit was quite a challenge. Every single mainline story quest/segment is in there, including one or two optional quests that provide some context for time passage in the game and the idea of the group spending time and helping out. Some less important story segments that involve a lot of battle and travel have been condensed to make the movie fit, it could have run 14-15 hours without these edits. A couple of examples are sections where you might have to spend an hour going through an area to "activate" something to gain access to a door. Instead of showing that whole process I will make it seem like it wasn't needed and they were able to travel straight to the door. But as you can imagine, at 11 hours long it should contain everything you need to enjoy and understand the story of the remake.
►Visuals - Some games unfortunately do not have the option to disable the HUD, so things like menu boxes, health bars, damage numbers, save/checkpoint icons etc. This was one such game, even at its most minimal there is always a "command menu" icon in the bottom left. What I did while it was just Cloud was to try and get rid of ALL HUD elements, but when you start to get more characters in the party so much of the screen is taken up by the HUD that cropping it out becomes impossible. So for battles and such it will unfortunately not look as immersive as I'd like but I tried my best to remove "gaming" elements from the screen whenever I deemed it reasonable to do so.
This one took a very long time to make and unfortunately with the way these things are on NOpost these days I had no choice but to really grind it out and have this movie ready for the release. Long gone are the days when you can meticulously work on one of these, release it a few months after the game is out and have anywhere near enough people watching to make it worth your time as a full-time content creator. As such it isn't the absolute peak of what is possible but given the timeframe I did the best I could to make this an immersive experience for those wanting to relive the story without replaying or those curious about how the game plays out. If you're liking the look of this movie I'd urge you to pick up a copy of the game yourself and really play it, there is absolutely no substitute for having the controller in your hand and playing through this 40+ hour experience yourself :)
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dansg08 7 måneder siden
For those who can't play the game but really don't want to wait weeks for me to get to the end of the Walkthrough, here's a dansg08-style specially edited movie version playthrough of the game (different to the walkthrough run). Been a very long time since I was able to make one of these for the release of a game, always super fun to make these ► 24/7 FF Stream ► ► Twitter & Instagram @dansg08 ► Support on Patreon: - A HUGE thank you to all my Patrons on Patreon for the support they provide to the channel which help me to keep making LPs such as this one, a special thank you to the highest tier Patrons: ► Josh Murphy ► j85norway ► Lauro Aranda ► Caleb Mott ► Jay_Wotw ► Matt C ► Kieron R ► Casey W ► Jesse F
Black Condor
Black Condor 6 måneder siden
Godbless you sir
April Morone
April Morone 6 måneder siden
Thank you for this. It was excellent.😊
Alvin Chong
Alvin Chong 7 måneder siden
The last time I watch the entire movie marathon from your channel was FF13, shows how long it already has been since lol.
Yuruloki 7 måneder siden
@alekesam the ff7 remake is not a copy and paste of the original story and this is only the first episode of the remake. The next episode is still in production.
alekesam 7 måneder siden
Wait, so FF7 Remake covers the entire original game story? i thought tge remake was going to be broken up into parts?
The Hylian
The Hylian 6 dager siden
A quick question. Is there a reason why the Language of Flowers scene is the only one with subtitles? Does the game force the subtitles for that scene only?
Maj U
Maj U 13 dager siden
Thanks for the upload unfortunately can’t play the game myself
meemowchan 13 dager siden
I finally finished your FF7R playthrough. I know I'm months late but I'm finally ready for the movie version 😍😍😍😍 Anyone else shed tears for the very first time at 3:41 when that iconic music hits?!
DJ McKay
DJ McKay 2 måneder siden
Sat and watched this start to finish. Best uploaded game video I've ever seen! Thank you so much for this!
ahmad aizat mohd nasir
ahmad aizat mohd nasir 2 måneder siden
muskan jal
muskan jal 3 måneder siden
First those demantors and the on 01:02:48 i thought voldemort has joined the final fantasy too.
AGhostOfSorts 3 måneder siden
The editing on the final boss fight is soooo gooooood
blue in blur
blue in blur 3 måneder siden
The heavily americanized english dub is cringe. I wish they can do it like in FF-X
AGhostOfSorts 3 måneder siden
Super impressed by a lot of these edits and cuts in battle. Like at 3:17:10 going from Barret to Cloud and everyone is in the same place and we've just got a new shot from Cloud's POV. I know it's probably just switching characters and cutting out the transition, but it's still extremely impressive and the attention to detail in incredible. It is next level. Amazing work.
KabutoRyu 3 måneder siden
now THAT i called game movie
Angeloo 3 måneder siden
Loved this! Definitely worth a subscribe for me!
omid amini nazari
omid amini nazari 4 måneder siden
one of the most boring storylines I've ever chased, I've played the through the half of it and it bored me to death. so I continued it through this youtube movie because everybody said you have to wait till the end of the story and now I'm there and it didn't change my opinion. it's a waste of time compare to other single-player games like LOU1 for example. but I have to say that the story is good but not for 2020 only for the '90s.
Reuben 4 måneder siden
Theme at 7:32:00 reminds me of To Far Away Times Chrono Trigger.
meckra 4 måneder siden
Love how Aerith is all "its impossible to move in this dress" then continues to run :D
homa taha
homa taha 4 måneder siden
I want one with tifa's cut scene!
watchandwait410 5 måneder siden
I'm surprised they didn't get into that play Loveless. I was interested in that when I played the original back in the day.
Cillian Celestial
Cillian Celestial 5 måneder siden
There's missing clips.
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 6 måneder siden
This is actually my first introduction to Final Fantasy 7. So far I’m really enjoying it. Also I fucking love 4:41:31 and 10:00:20. Aerith is fucking adorable
Piki 79
Piki 79 6 måneder siden
Teaching how to be a dancing male prostitute no wonder many people prefer to play video games and die alone. TO NASA, TO NADA.---> 5:25:21 This game teaches me that going against an organization in-charge of creating advanced machinery and experimentation on humanoids while controlling everything is completely futile. :) Sounds like real life revolutions. Good video tho, Anon.
Rynn21 6 måneder siden
Thank you so much. I remember your uploads from years ago. So nice to have without subtitles. I’m on mobile. Do you have the side quests too as a "movie"? I'd love to have it.
Cristian Couso
Cristian Couso 6 måneder siden
thank you for posting and for your work, it was highly enjoyable!! I love how sephiroth represents Satan or de spiritual ego, and how shinra represents the human/materialistic ego..... and how the heroes stand for God/good/planet/Life stream and to break the deterministic/automatic patterns of material/spiritual ego... I truly feel we are all "fighting" this fight in our hearts... we truly long for goodness, union, love, ... but if we let ourselves be caught by our egotistical drives... how we can destroy ourselves... good luck to everyone on overcoming the sephiroth and shinra that we each carry in our hearts! much love to you all! :)
Peripatetic Mind
Peripatetic Mind 6 måneder siden
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez 6 måneder siden
“...and then some” - Jessie, Barret, Tifa, et al.
Kazuma - kun
Kazuma - kun 6 måneder siden
THANK YOU SO MUCH for not having subs or watermarks. You are OBJECTIVELY the best. Everyone who disagrees is an idiot. Wish you would have used their default weapons or at least better colored materia on Cloud's Sword, but no biggy.
mistaken 6 måneder siden
thank you so much for posting without subtitles, and in such high quality. now i can screenshot to the hilt!
Feliseraty Halfmoon
Feliseraty Halfmoon 6 måneder siden
I love how Cloud didn't even try to disguise his voice in the Don Corneo events.
The Chairsofter
The Chairsofter 6 måneder siden
When a girl tells you to come over later, because she's home alone: Literally any guy ever: "Oh, this is gonna be great!" Cloud: Are you really that desperate!?
Kaizer 7 måneder siden
Dammit, wish he just used the iconic Buster Sword for the final scene.
7 måneder siden
I love Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, all of them! But I have to say that it’s between Barret and Wedge that are my favorites...
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne 7 måneder siden
What was all the sparkly crap at the ending ?
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne 7 måneder siden
I HATE Zach's VA MORE than Sephiroth's VA !
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne 7 måneder siden
No way in HELL would ZACK have gone to the honey bee inn !
queena reversa
queena reversa 7 måneder siden
Is there gonna be a movie of this not a game I just want to buy the movie
Templar E-Z
Templar E-Z 7 måneder siden
So technically there will be remake part 2 ?
Ideal and the real
Ideal and the real 7 måneder siden
10:23:03 is that inception's SOUNDTRACK? It really looks the same of it
glitch kit
glitch kit 7 måneder siden
Why does the end of the game have different effects
lindsfreey 7 måneder siden
This is missing like three Tifa scenes.
Yung Steven
Yung Steven 7 måneder siden
if you dont like me at my 3:09:53 you dont deserve me at my 5:27:52
Afroenrike 7 måneder siden
yeaa sin subtitles excelent
Captain Hash
Captain Hash 7 måneder siden
I dont know anything about ff7 until this game. Im watching the video. The plate falls. Everyones running. Everythings on fire And then a tiny cat boy with a crown and cape runs out and slams the ground Excuse me wtf who is this cat guy im sorry what😂
William Kaplan
William Kaplan 6 måneder siden
Cait Sith... he joins your party when the gang decide to get some R & R at the Gold Saucer.
Riza Muhammad
Riza Muhammad 7 måneder siden
Why you didn't turn on the subtitles?
Skye L
Skye L 7 måneder siden
After seeing this I bummed that half it we half to wait another year for part 2 of FF7
Kynisen :
Kynisen : 7 måneder siden
THANK YOU! I was searching for a version WITHOUT subs
Swaky 7 måneder siden
Every time Aerith says "I'll show you what I can do" for some reason it reminds me of Stewart from Mad TV. "Look what I can do!"
Camilla 6 måneder siden
Swaky Good to know I’m not the only one lol 😂
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 måneder siden
This is good but i cant wait for part 2
Marcus Rozier
Marcus Rozier 7 måneder siden
I wonder when the next part comes out if your characters keep their equipment and experience
William Kaplan
William Kaplan 6 måneder siden
I think the best thing to do is to have Yuffie steal everyone's Materia.
TonyKanameKuran 7 måneder siden
Aerith's favorite song-- "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" by Jane Child
Yazzy Poo
Yazzy Poo 7 måneder siden
This remake has shown me that cloud does weird shit for his friends...thanks for sharing this with me
Rage Shadavor
Rage Shadavor 7 måneder siden
Should I watch this or play the game?
meemowchan 13 dager siden
HD 98
HD 98 7 måneder siden
Damn, I want to down some Midgar Special with a Cosmo Canyon after watching this.
Rikku Nietes
Rikku Nietes 7 måneder siden
where's Yuffie, Vincent, Cait Sith and Cid?!
The Chairsofter
The Chairsofter 6 måneder siden
They never came into the game until after you've left Midgar... Vincent you meet at Shinra Mansion, back at Cloud's hometown Yuffie you meet in Wutai, Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer and Cid... dunno anymore. Point is, back on PS1 this was all Disc 2 and beyond
CHiLL PiLL 7 måneder siden
Jessie as a woman is so real, there are girls like that willing to do the first move, not because they are are slut, but they knew what they want from a guy. I've meet quite a few girls like that and they are keepers.
Brooke Batterton
Brooke Batterton 7 måneder siden
I was trying to hold out and watch your lp but my excitement for the game got the better of me. I’ll still probably watch your lp though. 😂
CHiLL PiLL 7 måneder siden
I've been waiting for this dangs08, you are the man when it comes to games turned into movies.
Victor Castillo
Victor Castillo 7 måneder siden
Insert disk 2
Neriehem 7 måneder siden
Not sure if many people noticed Buhnivelze-like figure off in the distance near the end, where Cloud battled Sephiroth alone in a cutscene and was offered to join him in fight against destiny. At least that's who I seem to see there :P FF XIII easter egg? EDIT: Instead of noticed it, it's more of associated that dark outline of a being in red constellation-thing with Buhnivelze.
Val 7 måneder siden
Very well done for putting this together so quickly and thank you. You have clearly worked very hard and I am so glad that you got to be one of the first - it is fully deserved :)
Viktoria Müller
Viktoria Müller 7 måneder siden
OMG Biggs is alive
Penderson HD
Penderson HD 7 måneder siden
Jessie: It's not Tifa & Cloud: 😭 Me: YOU BETTER SAY PSYCHE RIGHT NOW JESSIE!!!😭😭
nekokna 7 måneder siden
those dark figures in robes that kinda look like auditors are actual plot police here?
4surprisingly 7 måneder siden
Danng cloud dancing at the honeybee inn 😍
Tabby Scientia
Tabby Scientia 7 måneder siden
Dang. That was quick
Andrew V.
Andrew V. 7 måneder siden
now who do I have to pay to get that last Cloud vs Sephiroth cutscene with the OG buster sword???
Lenny Pinskiy
Lenny Pinskiy 7 måneder siden
They changed the music in Wall Market! That was one of my favorite songs in this entire game! That bass line was godlike!
Lucas 7 måneder siden
hi there, can you upload FFVIIR a movie version but not for the longest version? i thought 11 hours it's too long for me. i hope i could watch a movie version with a short duration. Maybe you can upload a movie version for every chapter too. Thank you 😁👌
lightsidemaster 7 måneder siden
Hey Berk :) Thank you for uploading this. Are you gonna put in the massive time and effort of one day uploading all the side missions scenes + all the cutscenes of different story branches?
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne 7 måneder siden
I'm totally CONFUSED !
Laura L
Laura L 7 måneder siden
Just got to the end... Those goosebumps! ❤️
Yasin Delfa
Yasin Delfa 7 måneder siden
... ..... ......... .............
Laura L
Laura L 7 måneder siden
Can't believe this has been released so early. Props to you, Berk! That's next level dedication!
Little Wolf Taima
Little Wolf Taima 7 måneder siden
6:32 'What a joy to look at, too' Darn fucking straight....
cheeto man
cheeto man 7 måneder siden
10:17:29 that is not the point of return, that happened along while ago LOL.
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 7 måneder siden
why so long
Nyx Urich
Nyx Urich 7 måneder siden
This game is a reboot
Damien 7 måneder siden
I loved every single part of this, even the new and changed story elements except one. I think they should have kept the original way president Shinra was killed. The really creepy music, following the trail of blood instead of some shiny goo, the president slumped over with the sword in his back. That entire scene was so creepy and excellent in the original. I love that they kept the goofiness intact.
B.E Animations and other stuff
B.E Animations and other stuff 4 måneder siden
They changed it to keep the Teen rating
glitch kit
glitch kit 7 måneder siden
of the main characters would have die
kentoku D
kentoku D 7 måneder siden
That motorcycle roundhouse kick slow motion is one of the best things I've ever seen in special effects and computer animation
kentoku D
kentoku D 7 måneder siden
Wait a dang minute! Is Cloud voiced by the same actor as Hope!!?
SilverKitsune100 7 måneder siden
No. Hope is voiced by Vincent Martella. Cloud is voiced by Cody Christian
Qu33nhunt3R 7 måneder siden
good video, but subtitles would've been nice
AngelWing2300 7 måneder siden
Do i get a say in all this? “I’m coming for you” I’M CRYING MY CLERITH HEART YES 😭
Radiant Shadow
Radiant Shadow 6 måneder siden
@lindsfreey Well he did think it was a dream after all and knowing Cloud he is not the best with his emotions. Plus they didn't really have time to casually talk, I mean they were trying to escape. Also it is implied the Aerith scene is canon because of what Cloud says the next morning AND it is the only one to appear in the credits. ;) But I like to think all of the scenes are canon, they just happened at different times in the night.
Zach W.
Zach W. 7 måneder siden
@rizu murdia 7:35:05
lindsfreey 7 måneder siden
Crying because... he just says "yep" when they do reunite, so that whole scene was weightless and random as all hell?
rizu murdia
rizu murdia 7 måneder siden
could you please give timestamp for this scene??
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers 7 måneder siden
Berk, my man. Thanks for the incredible edit! I just binge watched all 11+ hours in a single day. tdlr, here are some of my thoughts on the adaptation changes of the remake and how it compares to the original (in somewhat chronological order): 1. Voice acting across the board was top-notch. Character designs as well. 2. The Midgar section of the original was already a linear part of the game, so I'm not too surprised that this part 1 of the remake is linear as well, but seeing that most of the environments are straightforward corridor maps (as gorgeous looking as they are) is a nit-picky letdown. But like in the OG, I'm sure that things are going to really open up in the world map during part 2. 3. It's worth noting that Avalanche didn't actually destroy the Mako reactor in the beginning, and Shinra did so themselves and framed Avalanche anyway. This takes a significant burden of guilt off of the heroes (in the eyes of the gamer) in a measure of keeping them more sympathetic. This in affect takes away some of the moral ambiguity of the stories two major factions, Shinra & Avalanche, so there's less shades of gray between hero and villain. Though I did like the conspiracy peddled to connect Avalanche to Wutai (I can't recall how prominent that was in the OG, if at all). 3. I was curious to see how they tackle the Honey Bee Inn and the Corneo cross-dressing section. The Honey Bee Inn was already one of the weirdest elements of the OG, and I kind like that the remake leaned in hard on the weirdness with a big, over the top campy dance number. I also feel the cross-dressing element itself has handled pretty tactfully in the new adaptation without succumbing to fetishization. (btw, that hand massage scene - innuendo much?) 4. The re-imagining of some of the more unique monsters from OG into boss fights was cool. I was laughing with pure enjoyment during the Hell House fight. 5. I'm not sure I'm on board with Biggs & Wedge surviving the collapse of Sector 7. Their deaths plus Jessie added to the weighty stakes of the narrative. It seems counter intuitive for the remake to spend extra time learning about and getting attached to these characters in order to make their sacrifices even more impactful, only to then undo it all by showing they live by the end. 6. The other Avalanche division they show throughout the game is unnecessary and doesn't add anything to the story. 7. I think they really messed up the order of events around Sephiroth killing President Shinra. My understanding of the original is that everything is fine until Cloud encounters Jenovah in Hojo's lab. That contact manages to awaken Jenovah to break free and wreak havoc in the guise of Sephiroth. Every time you encounter Sephiroth as you chase him to the north crater, it is really Jenovah taking on his appearance. So it didn't make sense to have the scene in the remake of Palmer seeing Sephiroth walking down the corridor presumably on his way to kill the President well before Cloud & co. reach Jenovah in Hojo's lab. Apparently now each the clones in the dark hooded robes have the ability to manifest into the appearance of Sephiroth, which is fine I guess if that's the way the remake want's to go with it (connects more with Advent Children in that sense). But this leads into the next point... 8. There might've been TOO much of Sephiroth in this first part of the remake. During the Midgar section, Sephiroth was always just hinted at and mostly as a revered war hero of unmatched prowess; this enigmatic figure that quietly permeates the background of the story until BOOM! we follow a trail of blood and destruction that leads to a dead President Shinra, who up to this point was the story's big bad. The direction of the narrative is suddenly flipped on its head, we later learn at Kalm about Sephiroth's descent into madness and the massacre of Nibelheim, and the game now becomes a world-saving epic against a bigger villain with a god complex (hm, where have I heard that before in an FF title :P). However, the remake has him front and center from practically the beginning to the point where even if you haven't ever played the original version, you know right away - that's him! that's the main villain, get him! Now I get it: Sephiroth sells, and the developers felt an obligation to include more to appease fans of the franchise, but I feel something was lost because of it. 9. Now for the Dementors, I means ghosts, I mean whispers of fate. It was really confusing through 85% of the game what the purpose of their inclusion was. What are they? What's their deal? Are they allies or enemies? Sometimes they're friendly, sometimes not. Who can see them and who can't and why does that change from scene to scene? Luckily for us, Red XIII comes in near the end as Basil Exposition to give us the big info dump on them as arbiters of fate. Without going into the philosophical discussion of fatalism and predestination, I think their inclusion into the story was ultimately a pretty good one and a fairly clever way to include a final epic boss battle to the end of the Midgar section that this remake was going need to not feel like just the first half(third?) of a game. Their ability essentially shape-shift and morph visions in the singularity universe also gave an in-narrative excuse to include "Sephiroth" during the finale. I liken them to the Occuria from FFXII. They're these supernatural entities that control the chains of destiny in the world. At the end, our heroes choose to battle and destroy these beings and take fate into their own hands from that point forward. Now does that mean the following parts of the remake will divert more drastically from the original game, giving the developers more license to tell a different story, or will the rest of the remakes remain faithful to the original narrative? Speaking of... 10. Lastly, I'm a little confused by the moments with Zack at the end. Aside from the fact that I felt it was too early to reveal that aspect of the story and felt a little like basic fan-service (especially since the remake obscures even the utterance of his name), it looked to me like he ended up surviving the encounter at with the Shinra army (especially after the Dementors dissipated away) and was making his way into Midgar with Cloud. Does that mean that Zack is now alive somewhere in the present day? If so, would present-day Cloud still be carrying on under the delusion of thinking he was Zack in his memories? Does that create a paradox that undoes the entire story thus far? Because with Zack alive, Tifa wouldn't find Cloud alone and confused and bring him in to join Avalanche which kicks off the events of the game. Did the destruction of the Dementors create an alternate reality or parallel universe where Zack lives, and will that reality ever intersect with the main reality we follow in-game? What would be the implications of opening a FFVII multiverse? I'm open to hear what others think of the Zack scene.
rizu murdia
rizu murdia 7 måneder siden
have you guys watched easy allies and maximillian dood podcast about that ending?max brought some interesting new perspectives and theories. If what he said is even only 50% percent true I think the second installment should be fine. He said something about this remake is a mash up of elements from FFVII compilation games. btw I'm trying to find the interview that said after this remake is finished,all FFVII compilation games are not canon anymore..(cmiiw I heard this from a youtuber who I cant remember) If you guys know the link to it please inform me, thanks
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers 7 måneder siden
@rizu murdia It's probable that the remake is taking an adaptation approach similar to how Game of Thrones adapted Song of Ice and Fire, whereby all the key major plot points remain the same but the roads taken between those points may be subtly different. We can already point to examples of this in part 1 of the remake. It goes with the mantra Square-Enix took with striking the right balance between new and familiar elements in the remake.
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers 7 måneder siden
@girshin I mean, not only were they in the sector that was destroyed, but were on the pillar itself that collapsed - ground zero. You don't have to see the bodies to confirm a death. The OG as much as treated them as dead through the dialogue in the aftermath of the collapse and their notable absence for the rest of the game, minor character or no. Plus picking up any official supplemental material prior to the remake usually confirms they died and that has been considered canon for the 20+ years since the OG was released. Your comment is the first time I've ever heard anyone question it. I'm genuinely curious if you've come across evidence that says they might've survived in the original. While it's subjective, it is possible for even minor supporting characters to leave an impact. But say that S-E thought that the Avalanche trio didn't add much to the original and decided to expand their roles in the remake thereby making them feel more important. It would build their sacrifice to feel even more powerful and personal. On the flip side however, by putting a bigger spotlight on those characters makes it much more noticeable of a rug-pull their non-deaths are. I think my original critique was this counterproductive approach to raising stakes and later undercutting them.
girshin 7 måneder siden
What guarantee is there that avalanche actually died in OG? It’s insinuated but not confirmed, plus they were minor characters that actually didn’t add much
rizu murdia
rizu murdia 7 måneder siden
@Nick Rogers after seeing this vid again (well part of it lol it's a long video!) I think it's true the arbiters of fate is a plot device to spice things up since we who play the OG knows in Midgar part things are already packed with events but doesnt have enough punch to be a stand-alone game, and it's not a legit FF game without ending it in an ePic bAtTle iN aLterNatiVe rEalM 😂 And I still think although changing fate sounds like SE is declaring that they can do anything to the story I don't think they would do that to the important parts of the plot. The characters who died will still dead, but maybe they will make it make more sense. For example until this day I still don't understand Aerith‘s decision to go to the altar on her own while it's safer to communicate her plan with the gang and let them become her bodyguard (or maybe she thinks it's because if she fails the only one who will dies is her without harming the others?idk) And other thing I realize is that for some reason the ”future“ that was shown to the gang is only the bleak part of it as if there's nothing they can do if they don't beat the ghosts first, while we know in the end Cloud and co. wins againts Sephiroth anyway. In conclusion I still find them ghosts unnecessary addition to the story
George Lewis
George Lewis 7 måneder siden
Everyone needs an Aerith
TheSarste 7 måneder siden
The game developers have been very, VERY clever here! They have stuck close enough to the original to make us feel the nostalgia. But they have added enough new content and character development to make it all feel fresh and new. And the ending! Things are so ambiguous now. No one can predict for sure what's going to happen next! This is going to promote a lot of interest, discussion, speculation and anticipation for part 2. Which is exactly what the developers want! Like I said - VERY VERY clever! That's a job well done in my book. Excellent game and bloody fantastic movie! Thanks so much Berk - it is really appreciated! :-)
Evan doesn't flip
Evan doesn't flip 3 måneder siden
Aarón García better than the original lmao
Aarón García
Aarón García 3 måneder siden
The remake is shit lol
Takeshi 7 måneder siden
Darn I forgot it’s in episodes
Nealon Miller
Nealon Miller 7 måneder siden
9:15:28 Wait. The Turks are... Accountants? That explains a lot, really.
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 7 måneder siden
You knwo Shinra are the scum of the earth when they have no care who dies including children. Little Marlene is a precious treasure and needs to be protected!
James McLaughlin
James McLaughlin 7 måneder siden
You do realize that most of the protagonists are teenagers right?
Jayson Miranda
Jayson Miranda 7 måneder siden
if they used cure on cutsenes, everything would be diferent lol
James Perng
James Perng 7 måneder siden
thanks for releasing this! i forgot to pre-order it, but lived it through you!
TheConsole Killer
TheConsole Killer 7 måneder siden
Just got the Barry Meltdown Relic but cant equip it to any of my rune mammals. Anyone know how to fix this?
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 7 måneder siden
Even though I hate Corneo he still to this day is entertaining lol
Relative Muse
Relative Muse 7 måneder siden
Magnificent Remake and Awesome movie marathon edit, Thanks dansg08!
Beryl Ann Donesa
Beryl Ann Donesa 7 måneder siden
Now the last scene reminds me of the ending in the advent children where aerith and zack walks together but in this timeline aerith is with cloud.
KelsonArwhi 7 måneder siden
Thank you for the quick upload! This game delivers amazingly on so many levels. But that ending... W... T... F.
GhostPrime21 7 måneder siden
6:00:27 Ship Ship Ship Ship
UnkemptChannel 7 måneder siden
Quinn Umbina
Quinn Umbina 7 måneder siden
5:26:20 this might be the most awkward ff scene ever
Pan Ban
Pan Ban 7 måneder siden
Just one tiny question though, I saw a lot of endings in other channel, but I couldn't see Yuffie anywhere, is she just optional character here ? Thanks.
Skid Mashr
Skid Mashr 7 måneder siden
@Bill Silvia but she s a ninjandit
Bill Silvia
Bill Silvia 7 måneder siden
@Noctis Darn. I heard somebody talking about a bandit and thought it was code for the White Rose of Wutai.
Noctis 7 måneder siden
Yuffie doesnt come til later in other episodes. This is just a first part.
Skid Mashr
Skid Mashr 7 måneder siden
man you jokin, this is only bout midgar
RebelFi ReDude
RebelFi ReDude 7 måneder siden
58:50"Thought some guy from wal mart was hitting on you earlier, how'd that go?!' !!!!!
RebelFi ReDude
RebelFi ReDude 7 måneder siden
1:04:54 its that Patrick Warburton? Its a sad day....
Jeff Black
Jeff Black 7 måneder siden
I’m so glad I didn’t just watch the first playthrough i found. I have all your other ff vids favorited, i am so glad you stuck around and made another one so quickly!!!
rizu murdia
rizu murdia 7 måneder siden
I hated Hojo in the OG, here he's 1000 times more disgusting I feel sick seeing his face 🤮🤮 he's dr.Mengele of FF and thank you for creating the movie version!I've watched all FF movies you made, they're fantastic 😊😊
Lemnus 7 måneder siden
this is perfect. but subtitles would've been nice
tonyhoyx 7 måneder siden
The scene between Cloud and Tifa where Tifa asked Cloud out and Cloud chooses her dress was left out?
mydearalice 7 måneder siden
@lindsfreey honestly I get it because Aerith's scenes are most integral to the plot. The Barret optional scene isnt there either. The night would probably go Barret->Tifa->Aerith though in terms of order
lindsfreey 7 måneder siden
@James McLaughlin The flower talking scene with Aerith is also optional. So is the scene where Aerith talks to Cloud through his dreams. Tifa scenes were just left out of this upload for some reason.
James McLaughlin
James McLaughlin 7 måneder siden
Copyright? And that's also an optional scene from what I understand.
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The Lizard Tier List
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The Champions: Season 4, Episode 4
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