Rich and Jay Talk About The Boys Season 2

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2 måneder siden

Rich and Jay enjoyed the first season of The Boys enough to continue watching, even if episodes of season 2 were pointlessly released weekly instead of all at once.

Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc 16 timer siden
I loathe this 'bingeing' society. Wow, what a great way not to enjoy something. You'll watch it all, it's all merge together and make little to no impact on you cause it all just sort of mushes together. Episodic structure can be extremely valuable if it is deliberately utilised as such. Best example for that, with me, was Evangelion. I was 14 and my friend told me about a show on TV called Neon Genesis Evangelion, I started watching at I think episode 8, by about episode 13 they were beginning to throw one or more insane revelations to you per episode until by episode 16 it's flat out manipulating you by dropping absurd bombshells at the end of each episode of the craziest shit you can imagine. And then 'Fly me to the moon' would play for the credits and you'd be so confused. The impact of each episode was enormous for me, and I spent all week thinking about, discussing and trying to discern what the hell was going on. It's 21 years later and let's be real, ANYBODY who says they perfectly understood Eva is lying. It is deliberately cryptic, obtuse and deeply complicated. The only way you can begin to feel confident is if you go read the Eva Wiki, and I promise you, if you're a fan of Eva, go read it and see just how much you completely missed. It's astonishing. In that case, being a weekly episodic show made it go from something I enjoyed, to being emotionally and intellectual formative.
mukamasa Dag siden
And here we go again, Rich predicting the future.
Axel Cezar
Axel Cezar 2 dager siden
second season has terrible writing with a fuckton of plotholes
Chris G
Chris G 5 dager siden
RLMs prediction that Homlander takes over of the White House; If fulfilled... Will now be based off of.... TRUE EVENTS!!
Necro Nomaken
Necro Nomaken 7 dager siden
Oh, the nostalgic days of 2 months ago when this was over the top.
Bedevere 7 dager siden
@13:40 ... Considering last weeks news...
Sailor Shark
Sailor Shark 7 dager siden
6:31 Well there is Senator Armstrong
Sheridan Mcgowan
Sheridan Mcgowan 8 dager siden
homelander plopping down in the president's seat, not too crazy an idea now! (well it wasn't before but recent events....)
Hundredaire Solitaire
Hundredaire Solitaire 9 dager siden
Just binged it over the weekend. Glad you guys liked it more than me, because you are film critics, and that means something. Definitely agree with 14:52. We need more of The Boys fighting the supes in clever ways. Frenchie had some magnet-mounted RPGs that he was supposed to use against Stormfront, but she blew them up before he got to use them, disappointingly.
1 2
1 2 10 dager siden
wouldn't mind seeing your take on The Expanse
Shion The Hollow
Shion The Hollow 11 dager siden
Waited and then binged it. Wonderful 👌🏻
Alex Duran
Alex Duran 11 dager siden
Season 2 got pretty convoluted. Would rather they stuck with the simple concept of the Seven being rotten/how do we kill them. Now it feels like Heroes.
Shoezz 12 dager siden
I don't know why but the poster behind Rich brought me joy
PrdxlDrm 12 dager siden
13:42 Oh boy, that whole segment is weird to watch after this week's events. Yep, you predicted it I guess. Homelander is your average Trumpster confirmed.
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS 11 dager siden
Was hoping to find a comment like this, literally what I thought too, LMAO
Altoids Aregood
Altoids Aregood 14 dager siden
They spoiled it, the comic does the white house thing.
Tim Cornish
Tim Cornish 17 dager siden
Every episode can’t be a 9 or a 10. The series is good and you have to have faith it will go somewhere. Love it boys
Ani 19 dager siden
jay should watch devilman crybaby. sorry for recommending anime but this one doesnt really count
stz128 22 dager siden
wow you finally got around to it. Guess there's just too much cinematic content out there for you all to devote your collective attention to. Looking forward to your review of Mandalorian season two next August. Cheers guys!
Evil Jedi
Evil Jedi 22 dager siden
That was it? What a short video. It felt like they were just getting started talking about the show.
patrick neighbour
patrick neighbour 23 dager siden
I mean the stormfront twist was pretty easy to spot from fairly early on but the series was still decent. It can be hard to parse out what is supposed to be parody and what is supposed to be sincere sometimes though.
Gregg K
Gregg K 23 dager siden
Completely agree with the releasing it weekly nonsense on a paid service. They were prob trying to get some HBO street cred or something.
Allan Yong
Allan Yong 26 dager siden
I subscribed to prime just to watch the boys just to watch this video
Grimothy Ples Reese
Grimothy Ples Reese 27 dager siden
Rich, I really think you should check out preacher it is REALLY Good. While it's a bit ambiguous with its adaptation of ALL the source material at times, it doesnt depreciate from the show. 87 on rotten tomatoes for all the right reasons...
Senko S.
Senko S. 28 dager siden
The Boys is the most semitic show on netflix and that is saying something.
KO Welds
KO Welds 29 dager siden
If you like heads exploding you guys should check out riki-oh the story of ricky
Any Factor
Any Factor Måned siden
I hope they don’t ruin this for me.
Marty R
Marty R Måned siden
You guys predicted an imposter refusing to leave the White House in a way that was totally unintended. Turns out reality is way less fun than a tv show.
Stephen Blais
Stephen Blais Måned siden
You guys didn't talk about lamplighter at all. He was fantastic
Laundry_Hamper Måned siden
Clouded Journey
Clouded Journey Måned siden
Am I the only one who prefers weekly releases? Nice to have something to look forward to, and have a chance to think about each episode.
corork Måned siden
Jey rich. The Expanse is out
Wade Catt
Wade Catt Måned siden
The boys Rich and Jay seem to be goin a little grey o_0
Collin Yates
Collin Yates Måned siden
That finale dude, holy shit, Girls do indeed get it done.
Who Knows
Who Knows Måned siden
I'm curious about the show but not enough to spend time watching it until I know it has a good payoff ending. Personally I would have a Braniac or Luthor like villain show up and kill the supers, take over the world and bring about a golden age for humanity.
Collin Yates
Collin Yates Måned siden
*SPOILERS* That's not how the show works. The point of The Boys is that the villains are the heroes and the corporation that created them.
George Ch
George Ch Måned siden
7:06 unexpected Seth's bike hacks crossover
CptnHammer1 Måned siden
you guys watch disney?
nightcross1030 Måned siden
They tried to do way too much, and it wasn't nearly as good. 6/10, unfortunately
Morgan OB
Morgan OB Måned siden
I enjoyed watching it weekly, sometimes it's nice to feel excitement for a new episode rather than experiencing everything in one blurry binge night where it all runs together.
Stefan Pieper
Stefan Pieper Måned siden
I wish you would have talked about Victoria Neumann and her AOC connection (and the twist)!
Garrett Lampson
Garrett Lampson Måned siden
Jay - *literally anything* Rich - Yes
EdgarFrancisco Måned siden
Boys season 2 was such a disappointment
bahaanaldo Måned siden
I'm 87% sure it's pronounced Garth "Anus". Get it together Rich Evans.
JMG Måned siden
This is such a shitty review of such an awesome show.
Mark David
Mark David Måned siden
His name is pronounced Eh-vans? I was calling him E-vans. I'm such an idiot!
laurent4363 Måned siden
Having it weekly was great for the memes
Pino Måned siden
\o Hail Stormfront
Cookston Igou
Cookston Igou Måned siden
your voice is ridiculously high!
Jenna Måned siden
To be fair I kinda guessed the twist (if you could call it a twist), her name is LITERALLY Stormfront.
Guillermo Morales
Guillermo Morales Måned siden
Damn I wish you guys talked more about this I feel like you guys have much more to say than just this
richard scales
richard scales Måned siden
First World problems. Crying over the fact you can't binge a TV series f f s.
ovinophile Måned siden
By the time I got to the last scene I couldn’t even remember what that person had been doing this whole season.
Collin Yates
Collin Yates Måned siden
What was her motivation for blowing everyone up in the courtroom?
Nicolas Schmidt
Nicolas Schmidt Måned siden
Jimmy Rome
Jimmy Rome Måned siden
Stormfront was hot and they wasted her too early.
calamityjustin Måned siden
An irrational request: unless I've missed it, you've never done a Re:View or any video on American Movie. I know it's a documentary, which the channel tends not to do, and is perhaps too close to home, literally and figuratively, but I also can't imagine that not being a really interesting viewing experience or at least a really interesting conversation afterwards. I also don't know how that movie has aged for people in your area and would love to know about whatever love, hate, or indifference exists about the film and the subject.
calamityjustin Måned siden
p.s. It's also, sort of, a holiday film (Thanksgiving figures prominently anyway), which would make it appropriate for this time of year. And the Packers are doing well...
Just Iron
Just Iron Måned siden
I could not care any for Billy Butcher's wife, I simply could not and I was happy that she died. I was enjoying the second season but it did have some weird problems in my opinion. Still a good series tho.
timeflat_circle Måned siden
Homelander taking the White House?Well, that actually happened in the comics, so it’s most definitely not a stretch of the imagination.
Turtle Anton
Turtle Anton Måned siden
The best show
Sheikh_Shaq Måned siden
I think releasing it weekly was a lot better
Supreme Slice
Supreme Slice Måned siden
That ending is in the comics
Jeremy Abbott
Jeremy Abbott Måned siden
Genuinely surprised that they didn't even acknowledge the whale scene in ep 3.
Collin Yates
Collin Yates Måned siden
RIP Lucy
TheOfficerlucas Måned siden
I’ll say it. I enjoy how the boys are weekly. It’s better for fans because I have a longer will to live.
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Can we see "The Rules of Attraction (2002)" on Re:View sometime soon?
wrthgdrver710 Måned siden
Oh god the memes were the worst part
Bomb Twenty
Bomb Twenty Måned siden
He stopped thinking about the boys but Grindr drew him back
Uncle Ed
Uncle Ed Måned siden
Literally predicted the 3rd season.
De Wees
De Wees Måned siden
their prediction happened in the comics
gydorack Måned siden
Rem Lezar going to the World Trade Center, the most obvious thing.
Nicholas McCarthy
Nicholas McCarthy Måned siden
13:42 Rich is just reciting the finale to the Boys comic idk
Owen Kilfeather
Owen Kilfeather Måned siden
for those of you who just binge-watched the fucking thing, skip to 3:35 where they more or less stop talking about the release strategy
Sniper Joe
Sniper Joe Måned siden
[SPOILER FOR THE BOYS COMICS I GUESS] The way Rich described homelander rushing the white house and putting his feet on the desk is actually uncanny because of how it happens in the comic. Did I miss somewhere where he mentioned he's read the comics?
Collin Yates
Collin Yates Måned siden
Pretty sure he mentioned reading them in the first season discussion
Timothy Lewis
Timothy Lewis Måned siden
"Is that girl a boy, too?" "Yes."
Stefan Paszki
Stefan Paszki Måned siden
"You guys got it right"
Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar
Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar Måned siden
weekly release made me sad. my friend I wanted to watch it with didn't want to till all episodes were out.
Pazhuzhu Måned siden
Rich is slimming down, looking good my man!
Catobleppa Måned siden
Rick Evans describing his own character arc within the red letter mediaverse at 11:47
BarrellRofl Måned siden
Behind Jay it seems to say 'Empathy'. Seems applicable to Jay.
evillink1 Måned siden
Leagues and bounds above Watchmen HBO still.
WDCain Måned siden
Adam Warren's _Empowered_ comic has character named Thug Boy who was once a hero-hunter. The last volume gave him an entire chapter detailing numerous ways to take down supers depending on their powers. He even goes on a four-page spread over how effective fire is in almost every situation.
TheAntiEggroll Måned siden
Someone on this show HAS to talk about Hard Kill best worst movie ive seen in a while
Name of The Game
Name of The Game Måned siden
It's actually pronounced "Anus." The E is said like it is in Spanish.
GeronimoJak Måned siden
Everyone complaining about the Boys weekly release, meanwhile Mandolorian just sipping tea made from pure gold on the side.
desireealicea Måned siden
2:18 Yet ANOTHER Jay reference to Twin Peaks: Season Three. For the love of Christ, Re:View it already!
PassWiseP1 Måned siden
fun fact: the writers of the shows, which rlm made accurate predictions for, all watched this channel and changed their scripts because they couldn't come up with a better idea
Hector Vargas
Hector Vargas Måned siden
At the end Jay should have said: " I don't read the credits Rich, I write them".
Dustin Von Allmen
Dustin Von Allmen Måned siden
Rich mis pronouncing something? That's weird...
Patrick Guilfoyle
Patrick Guilfoyle Måned siden
Does Homelander have a weakness beyond being a sex weirdo? If he were to just go full evil villain how/who would they even stop him?!
Juan Canales
Juan Canales Måned siden
You guy's should do the best of the worst and do Adam Sandler' movies @redlettermedia
Zangdoodle Måned siden
j mcburney
j mcburney Måned siden
couple a nostradumbasses
gboybama Måned siden
Couldn't get through the season. Nothing but reprehensible characters acting gross. I enjoyed the level of parody in season one, but watching this was like laying down in the mud with swine. Felt like I needed a bath after every episode. Guess I wasn't the target audience.
Sam School
Sam School Måned siden
Honestly I lost interest in the show.. second season had a really slow start for the 6 first episodes
Ennio444 Måned siden
Fuckin' review Discovery S3. The last episode was kinda decent.
Trav Pots
Trav Pots Måned siden
Good job
mcglubski Måned siden
Steaming services should release them in 2 or 3 episode segments. Meet the fans halfway
Razzy1312 Måned siden
If you've looked up what the comics did it's pretty easy to "predict" that the series will end with Homelander trying to take over the U.S. government. That seriously takes a 5 minute google search.
billy zane
billy zane Måned siden
Love the show but i dislike kimeko and frenchie with the stupid sign language bs
Dylan Måned siden
All I want for Christmas is a Re:View for Twin Peaks the Return
Space P0ny95
Space P0ny95 Måned siden
Did Rich read the comic and use his knowledge of the ending to make a "guess" at the end because holy shit
Hayley Vetsch
Hayley Vetsch Måned siden
Jay, for the love of God, hold the handle of the mug when you take a drink. Otherwise, what's the damn point!?
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson Måned siden
Awful review you guys were so lazy going off memory and not really going deep with the episodes.
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