Primoz Roglic DEVASTATING Seated Attack Dropping Bernal: Dauphine Stage 2 2020: Lanterne Rouge

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3 mÄneder siden

Watch full highlights from the Criterium du Dauphine here 👉
After a tough opening stage the riders face up to the first big mountains of the race, with a summit finish on the Col de Porte. Ineos set up their now standard mountain train, with Thomas, Sivakov, Froome, Kwiatkowski, Van Baarle and Castroveijo riding all in support of Egan Bernal. They did set a very high pace but it seemed to play into the hands of Jumbo Visma and Roglic, who, even without the help of Dumoulin and Kruisjwijk in the latter stages of the climb, were able to team up on an isolated Bernal with American Sepp Kuss and Primoz Roglic. A devastating attack from Roglic with around 700m remaining dropped Bernal off his wheel and, with no one coming close to being able to follow, Roglic ran away with the stage victory and the lead in the general classification at the Dauphine, ensuring his favouritism for the Tour de France starting at the end of this month.
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Mark Walmsley
Mark Walmsley 2 mÄneder siden
LR is a great addition to the ITV4 Cycling line-up..I’m looking forward to his Le Tour analysis
Paul Parker
Paul Parker 2 mÄneder siden
Brilliant,professional commentary,something we need more in road cycling ,,
5mattcolour 3 mÄneder siden
Top quality analysis!
t wright
t wright 3 mÄneder siden
Roglic the clear favourite for the tour . The only thing that might be concerning is how he faded in the worst giro in history last year in a pretty average field - although he was pretty dominant in the Vuelta
A G Wal
A G Wal 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss looks scarily comfortable drilling it on the front. Looking forward to Ineos v Jumbo-Visma at the Tour.
ukdirector85 3 mÄneder siden
ITV and Lantern Rouge getting cycling analysis done! Loving the overhead riders names so we know who is who.
Phil_Beds 3 mÄneder siden
This was a great analysis, hope for more during the tdf
Paul Y
Paul Y 3 mÄneder siden
Big up the LR! Big up ITV for sponsoring !
David Davies
David Davies 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss has the look of Froome when he was riding for Wiggins... So much left in the tank. This is Roglic's Tour but Kuss is a future winner for sure
Dan Cater
Dan Cater 3 mÄneder siden
Yeh Roglic has that power though - Kuss a year or two off the consistency/TT ability of Roglic - do love Roglic, just a tough fucker
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 3 mÄneder siden
Ineos blew themselves up. A 3 week grand tour is very different though... More fatigue and altitude.... We shall see in week 3 and especially in the high alps how Jumbo Visma fare.
Andy Donohoe
Andy Donohoe 3 mÄneder siden
Great analysis. So good to have LR on ITV!
enduroFactory 3 mÄneder siden
Tdf could be a awesome year, jumbo have a stronger train then ineos and how do they change tact to face that challenge... if both teams are at 100% after all the crashes & issues just now.
I encourage anyone to shoot any pig thy can see
I encourage anyone to shoot any pig thy can see 3 mÄneder siden
You got a job with itv then ?
Salva 3 mÄneder siden
Best commentary around. Talented guy...
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer 3 mÄneder siden
Goodbye roglic!
Charles Graham-Dixon
Charles Graham-Dixon 3 mÄneder siden
Lanterne Rouge- best analyst
Cian Landers
Cian Landers 3 mÄneder siden
Brilliant commentary well done
Kevin Baxter
Kevin Baxter 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss is a beast Roglic is the Master.
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer 3 mÄneder siden
Now kuss has no use and roglic is out
Oneman Oneman
Oneman Oneman 3 mÄneder siden
Could people kindly help Amelia a keen cyclist a mother diagnosed with breast cancer
ironman tooltime
ironman tooltime 3 mÄneder siden
Ya boi learnt how to pronounce finale. So proud 😱
john pontes
john pontes 3 mÄneder siden
Allaphillipe has no chance for GC, this tdf is Roglics he is able to TT, climb long high mountains + he has Allaphillipe punching power for the last 500m of a race.
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 3 mÄneder siden
Why is Roglic not in the national champs jersey?
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
He is. It’s just not very noticeable in comparison with the normal Jumbo jersey
Patrick Logan
Patrick Logan 3 mÄneder siden
Great analysis. Jumbo Visma look awesome. Roglic will take some beating.
Silverarrow 3 mÄneder siden
Good call per Froome’s performance and condition considering what he’s had to deal with. Unfortunately for INEOS a few other teams have adopted the team Sky tactics and methods of training. Roglic has to be favourite for the TDF.
Paul Francis Jenkins
Paul Francis Jenkins 3 mÄneder siden
Great commentary Bossman. More please
Jack Glossop
Jack Glossop 3 mÄneder siden
holy shit LR working for ITV?? This is amazing! Fully deserved.
James Robert
James Robert 3 mÄneder siden
Awesome, very greatful for these cool videos
dan hug hes
dan hug hes 3 mÄneder siden
LR what times on ITV is this shown in UK. Thanks from Stockport UK to LR in Aussieworld
Adam Fitzmaurice
Adam Fitzmaurice 3 mÄneder siden
Roglic and TJV obviously super strong and favourites. Although I think when we get to the sharp end of the tour, consecutive days where there's a smaller selection of GC riders with fewer helpers, Pinot is going to do some real damage like he did a couple of times last year. My pick.
Bryn Jones-Walters
Bryn Jones-Walters 3 mÄneder siden
only criticism is calling them "helpers"not domestiques!?
hmmm 3 mÄneder siden
Excellent analysis. Hope Ineos gets dethroned this year
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 3 mÄneder siden
Superb content
loveofkemet 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss is a brilliant rider, closing gaps like anything!
G White
G White 3 mÄneder siden
I never thought Ineos looked *that* good, they were grimacing and visibly on the limit.
Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 3 mÄneder siden
Always wondered why people don't just sit on the back of the Sky train.
simon Simon
simon Simon 3 mÄneder siden
Because they cant
SharpFitnessLook 3 mÄneder siden
After being dragged he should’ve had a bit more power?
Nick Nixon
Nick Nixon 3 mÄneder siden
Fantastic breakdown! The only reason why I understand cycling is because of LR!
Harrison Sriwongchai
Harrison Sriwongchai 3 mÄneder siden
Damn this field was bloody stacked
Chris Summerill
Chris Summerill 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss is a beast!
Trevor McGrath
Trevor McGrath 3 mÄneder siden
Deadly analysis
xbv-93 3 mÄneder siden
Cant wait to see LR interview the riders himself he would do a great job at that
Wargey 3 mÄneder siden
Going to go out on a limb here but I think this tour suits Thomas more than Bernal Bernal is the master at altitude but with most of it being smaller mountains you need that time trial ability that the likes of Thomas Roglic and Froome have and not so much the burst of pace the Columbian Italian and French climbers seem to have
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
In theory, yes. But Thomas looks devoid of form at the minute
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 3 mÄneder siden
Great analysis as always. Sep Kuss made it look like he wasn't even trying.
Joseph Lycett
Joseph Lycett 3 mÄneder siden
Kwiatkowski’s turn killed the rest of the Ineos train
Cycling switchbacks
Cycling switchbacks 3 mÄneder siden
Two things to consider regards Roglic and the Tour, first, can he hold this form for another 5 weeks? Secondly, the altitudes at the Tour.
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 3 mÄneder siden
Although the course is designed especially for JA, I can’t see him going as well as last year, but I’m sure he will bag a few stages and be in the yellow jersey again for a while.
Alastair Wood
Alastair Wood 3 mÄneder siden
The whole 'controversy' around Froome I think it is stupid as he knows he can't compete this year and that is no knock on him or Ineos and it benefits him if he can use this tour to get 21 days of super domestique duty beneath him be back to his best by next year. I think he stands to benefit more not competing this year
Alastair Wood
Alastair Wood 3 mÄneder siden
@Lasrach Tech. But they both should get their respective shot at Grand Tours which could end up telling us more about Froome overall level as like I said being a domestique I think benefit him more this year
simon Simon
simon Simon 3 mÄneder siden
@Lasrach Tech. yes so no suprise from froome because he isnt even good enough for the tour
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
simon Simon we’ll never know. Neither Froome nor Thomas going to the tour
simon Simon
simon Simon 3 mÄneder siden
@Lasrach Tech. ok
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
simon Simon I have no idea who you are
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 3 mÄneder siden
What's the jersey Egan's wearing? Is it a young rider one for the dauphiné or a Colombian champs one or something?
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 3 mÄneder siden
@Andy Brine ah ok, thanks 👍
Andy Brine
Andy Brine 3 mÄneder siden
Adam Dickinson Young rider.
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 3 mÄneder siden
I literally watched the highlights on NOpost thinking 'damn I wish LR was doing a review of this'
Blog4Justice 3 mÄneder siden
Especially if you watched the Eurosport highlights.
Matt Gilmour
Matt Gilmour 3 mÄneder siden
The one dislike is from Dave Brailsford
Odhran 3 mÄneder siden
I love these videos but there's no way I'm subscribing to ITV Sport and having my inbox packed with football, rugby and god knows what else. An ITV Cyling Channel would be fantastic!
John Bouttell
John Bouttell 3 mÄneder siden
Excellent breakdown. Well done. More please.
Blair Gadd
Blair Gadd 3 mÄneder siden
The Best Analysis and race brek down !! love the freeze-frame highlighting the riders !!
L J 3 mÄneder siden
Great breakdown
Odhran 3 mÄneder siden
Wow this pundit is GREAT!
Dan Cater
Dan Cater 3 mÄneder siden
Been watching Lanterne Rouge for a year now - he's fucking brilliant puts the rest to shame - a true afficionado of the sport, no mumbling names/speculating riders - knows his shit back to front
MrMojoRisin 3 mÄneder siden
Really hope Pinot has a good tour
Danny J
Danny J 3 mÄneder siden
If you look closely at that slowmo after Bernals attack at 8:51. Bernal looks behind and Sepp's face changes from breathing hard to total Pokerface 😄 Mindgames
ukdirector85 3 mÄneder siden
Roglic stared down Egan proper, just after too. Great stuff.
Jordy Williams
Jordy Williams 3 mÄneder siden
He learnt from the master LANCE
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill 3 mÄneder siden
Love that!
Gregg 3 mÄneder siden
ha. Good spot!
Croccy C
Croccy C 3 mÄneder siden
New drinking game, take 2 shots every time you’ve seen a top pro shake their head in disbelief every time a JV rider has sailed past them these past two weeks, best use a small bottle
Joe Trickett
Joe Trickett 3 mÄneder siden
1ST CLASS analysis
Eddie O'Connor
Eddie O'Connor 3 mÄneder siden
Excellent analysis. I’ve not seen this before and look forward to more of this at the tour
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall 3 mÄneder siden
When the SkIneos train fell apart, Sivakov got dropped and Sepp Kuss took over was just awesome
loveofkemet 3 mÄneder siden
Kuss is utter quality
J Nash
J Nash 3 mÄneder siden
Massive 4 minute turn from Kuss, made it look easy.
William Cunningham
William Cunningham 3 mÄneder siden
The level of climbing in this year's Tour will surely be too much for Jalaphillipe. Could see him going for stage wins and trying to get the maillot jaune for a couple of stages.
loveofkemet 3 mÄneder siden
Totally agree, Alaphillipe only achieved what he did because that Tour had the weakest performing ‘Sky train’ in years. Between the Jumbo and Ineos, Ala will struggle for GC
steve c
steve c 3 mÄneder siden
Bernal will still win the Tour I think...
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 3 mÄneder siden
I bet you 50 bucks he doesn't. He won't have the support he needs and isn't tactically smart enough yet. He will be on podium with Primroz winning.
slimsasd 3 mÄneder siden
Is this Lanterne Rouge's serious cousin? or is this the real one and the other one is his chav cousin?
Stephen Betley
Stephen Betley 3 mÄneder siden
There's a lot of hype around Bernal. We don't know what would have happened in 2019 if the stage wasn't shortened and could Alaphillipe have got the time back on the descent. I think he would have. In 2020 we've seen a lot of tactical naivety by Bernal. I'm wondering if he's come back from Colombia on a peak and can't hold it until Sept. Lots of ifs. Can Ineos play second fiddle to LJ? Do they have the ability to swap tactics now Portal isn't around? They're missing him a lot.
Bendigeidfran Emmanuel Jones
Bendigeidfran Emmanuel Jones 3 mÄneder siden
Who knows. But we do know that Alaphilippe was about to do the most exciting shit or bust descent!
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
ray bandana The yellows are showing their Tour hand early. Hopefully they can continue their form into the Tour. But the reds are still master technicians. They tried to bully the peloton like they did in the past but they weren’t strong enough. Fortunately for them, there is time before the tour to devise a new strategy. The way the yellows are riding means they are going to have to control everything in the Tour which will suit the reds. Loving this battle!!
J J 3 mÄneder siden
Agree, plus jv "program" starting to pay off, I'm sure they found the proper balance the same way sky did it 8 years ago
ray bandana
ray bandana 3 mÄneder siden
You know there was another climb though, it wasn't just the descent. If Alaphillipe pushed so hard on the descent to gain back that time, I doubt he'd be able to keep up on that final climb. Bernal has always been pretty tactically astute, something LR has alluded to in the past. I think yesterday was just a bit of a suprise for Ineos, but they should have a better idea of how to handle that next time. Although a little more difficult without Portal there, as you say. The issue for Ineos is that there's finally a team as strong as they are, and one that is actually well organised (yes, that excludes you, Movistar). I don't doubt that they will come up with some way of trying to combat that, other than their usual setting an unrelenting pace on the front. Will be really interesting to see what they do, and whether it works. Really excited that Jumbo Visma are throwing everything into the Tour to ask Ineos these questions.
Croccy C
Croccy C 3 mÄneder siden
Looks like the good old bad days are back, I wonder what I mean by THAT
Croccy C
Croccy C 3 mÄneder siden
ΝΟΜΛ yeah, the commentators know it too, we all dođŸ‘đŸŒ
ΝΟΜΛ 3 mĂ„neder siden
I'm seeing the media using the same phrases as they used to in those good/bad years too; explosive, devastating, ripped apart, the man's a machine...
Jonathan Ford
Jonathan Ford 3 mÄneder siden
Professional cycling commentary in the front, 6.8 watts per kilo in the back
thomas foote
thomas foote 3 mÄneder siden
thats some funny shit ^
Treve Kneebone
Treve Kneebone 3 mÄneder siden
Excellent analysis by LR. Looking forward to more during the upcoming TDF 👌
marcus ingram
marcus ingram 3 mÄneder siden
Tours going to be spicy đŸŒ¶
Irvin09 3 mÄneder siden
I reckon that Roglic is hitting top form too soon - like the Giro last year. He dominated the week long stage races and then cracked last 10 days of the giro.
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
Very possible. But the first week of this year’s tour features a lot of climbing, unlike other years where the sprinters have their chances. So it’s probably no good to go there under cooked
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 3 mÄneder siden
That's what I was thinking. Hopefully doesn't burn out.
Stradri 3 mÄneder siden
he's not destroying everyone, he's just attacking in the last K
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer 3 mÄneder siden
Caption Competition ( 3:54 ) - I left the oven on didn't I?
dsmith38 3 mÄneder siden
unreal analysis
Ryan 3 mÄneder siden
One thing that impressed me about Roglic' attack was how he used buchmann going backwards as an obstacle to stop bernal sticking to his wheel, and then once he had that small gap, he was gone
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
Ryan J irrelevant. Tactics/strategies have moved on in the last 20 years. Every effort is measured. Stages often contain multiple high mountains with the climax such as the Alpe at the final meaning riders aren’t tackling the iconic climbs fresh
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
FFT Gamer ah yeah. Pro cycling has never been real. Each stage race is like a box set of your favorite drama. The one day races are like an hour-long special. The new mob have just entered town
Ryan 3 mÄneder siden
Look at the fastest times up Alpe d'huez. The fastest time since Puetro is Nairo Quintana in 2013... As the 23rd fastest of all time... With much better training and equipment. I really don't think doping is as widespread anymore as everyone seems to assume
Ryan 3 mÄneder siden
@FFT Gamer he's winning so he must be cheating?
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer 3 mÄneder siden
@Lasrach Tech. seems as though roglic could possibly have found a new undiscovered illegal substance
Byron G
Byron G 3 mÄneder siden
LR analysis on a race in progress. It doesn't get any better than this.
Sean Beckett
Sean Beckett 3 mÄneder siden
Paul Jobling obviously? It’s their NOpost page... can’t wait to see what LR and ITV can do with the tour!
Paul Jobling
Paul Jobling 3 mÄneder siden
Looks like he is being paid by ITV to me. Hence the pictures from ITV without fear of a copyright strike
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 3 mÄneder siden
Adam Mills Eurosport dislike
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 3 mÄneder siden
Weird how there's a dislike. Top analysis.
Elijah Kwon
Elijah Kwon 3 mÄneder siden
He’s back on ITV!!