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The Sidemen to a Mukbang because their other video idea fell apart haha
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SPAM .03
SPAM .03 2 timer siden
Harry: my first ever table tennis bat and a rare vinyl Ethan: a book I wrote when I was 3 years old Vik: a pen with a pineapple
lmao x
lmao x 2 timer siden
Michele Serra
Michele Serra 3 timer siden
All my friends and my family’s was shocked today when I open my new house and I bought a brand new car 🚘 into my new house 🏡 all the money I use in doing this came from Mr Jeffrey Davis, he change my life for good in just 24 hours I’m grateful sir 💰❤️💯
Robin Kozlov
Robin Kozlov Time siden
Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially. 12th winning thanks to Mr Jeffrey Davis he's really the best, I've made a lot
Teguh Lestari
Teguh Lestari Time siden
Trading has been so good with Mr Jeffrey on telegram I invested his minimum $1000 and a withdrawal of $18,530 and another $24,060 just in two weeks. he transparency and accountability has been the best
Ingo Krämer
Ingo Krämer Time siden
He method surprises me. When I saw testimonies all over the place! thought it was all made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a trial and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way. I've not stopped thanking my friend who introduced me
Nicholas Ortiz
Nicholas Ortiz 2 timer siden
I've never heard or seen any of he’s clients complain of lost....I think he's just too perfect. I doubted it too before I gave it a try...and it was of no regret but been ashamed of myself 👇 @ JefferyDavis
Michele Serra
Michele Serra 2 timer siden
@Jason Burke telegram username : @ JefferyDavis
JeffGamingRULEZ 4 timer siden
Juice wrld for the musician
dan 11 timer siden
I don’t think they realise how much we enjoy these videos where they’re all just sat waffling for an hour
Wavy 17 timer siden
28:10 lol
Frank Miles
Frank Miles 17 timer siden
Talking about hitting animals isn't good content was loving the video until the hitting of animals came in and it went on way to long spoiled the hole video ns j4b
ChillyHuzz YT
ChillyHuzz YT 19 timer siden
and the mukbang got 1mil likes
Joshua Abraham
Joshua Abraham 20 timer siden
so a 1M likes eh?
GamingWithNiso Dag siden
Them lauphing for an hour about the video not getting 1M likes, TODAY: 1.2M LIKES.
Torual Emiwo
Torual Emiwo Dag siden
No one: KSI trynna be funny:ahahhahhhahhhhahhh👀 No one:😐😐
Sivanand Menon
Sivanand Menon Dag siden
likes=1.2 Mil
SpaceTuber Dag siden
When the pig beats ethan he will be eaten lol
Kashif Rahman
Kashif Rahman Dag siden
Still curious of what the idea was
gae master
gae master Dag siden
sidemen's camera quality is the best lmao
Brandon Orr
Brandon Orr Dag siden
Who started the sidemen
Vihanga Kaveesh
Vihanga Kaveesh Dag siden
Where's da match 😏
Paritosh Munge
Paritosh Munge Dag siden
1.2Mlikes Now DO IT!!!!!! 37:58
p rivers
p rivers Dag siden
search up sidemen video results KSI in every thumbnail BRUH
p rivers
p rivers 43 minutter siden
@luke luke i know
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
Bc he is the most popular
Roni Akinci
Roni Akinci Dag siden
My brother kicked a dog because it tried to attack him and the cop dog got Scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂
hangming zheng
hangming zheng Dag siden
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William Andersson
William Andersson Dag siden
1,2 mil likes btw
Sihle Dlambulo
Sihle Dlambulo 2 dager siden
A million likes in the bag 💯💯
raqes 2 dager siden
this his 1 mill likes
AD killer
AD killer 2 dager siden
Where can I get that t shirt Harry is wearing, it’s not on the website
Mackenzie Tervit
Mackenzie Tervit 2 dager siden
y is vik such a 3rd weel lol
Berach Malina
Berach Malina 2 dager siden
Imagine going back in time and putting all your money on Leicester the season they won the prem
Jayden Welsh
Jayden Welsh 2 dager siden
1.2mill and still waiting for a charity match
Nike ACCT 2 dager siden
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Clickit- YT
Clickit- YT 2 dager siden
Biggest animal that all of these could beat is an octopus
Schwarz Tee
Schwarz Tee 2 dager siden
Vik is just like his sitting position: outta conversation
Mr. Cap
Mr. Cap 6 timer siden
True enjoying his drink
Ashley's world
Ashley's world 2 dager siden
Did u know jj horses are alot stronger than humans and dogs are aswell
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
Hes just joking around
Amy 2 dager siden
1 million likes and we will do a charity football match 5 weeks later: we got 1 million likes but we cant do a charity football match 😭🤦🏼‍♀️
1J_R8 2 dager siden
"I'm gonna move, BANG" LMFAO bro im crying rn
Wisp exe
Wisp exe 3 dager siden
I can’t believe this has 1.2 million likes
Sarah Trueman
Sarah Trueman 3 dager siden
Should do a match sideman Vs jake Paul's lads
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
Meera V
Meera V 3 dager siden
i dont know how many times i have watched this video but im just happy they got 1 million likes and they can pull of another charity match hopefully after covid!!
margot mehers
margot mehers 3 dager siden
1.2mill no mach
Techz YT
Techz YT 3 dager siden
Million like on a mukbang Hits a mill
Peter O
Peter O 3 dager siden
Man just said he didn't know what dodo was disappointment
Aaron Willis
Aaron Willis 3 dager siden
who is back after a mil likes hahahahaha
SuttonTV 3 dager siden
Josh has the uncanny ability to make me smile
Umm Wot
Umm Wot 3 dager siden
Johnathon Castro
Johnathon Castro 3 dager siden
1.2 mil
Fine Branch
Fine Branch 3 dager siden
36:56 someone count how many times he swore
RichieDoesYoutube 3 dager siden
29:30 Me: Waiting for one of them to mention The Beatles. The Sidemen: It's between Drake Or Kanye. Me: This Mother-
Marcus SF
Marcus SF Dag siden
Honestly that conversation hurt my head
Seanna Thistleton
Seanna Thistleton 3 dager siden
i feel so bad for josh on the floor
Tarjuful Tabeeb
Tarjuful Tabeeb 3 dager siden
i also joined them having a raw noodle cake
Maddie Jonas
Maddie Jonas 3 dager siden
10:30 haha I’m dying, I hope someone did put it on Jj’s reddit 😆🤣
Yea Boi
Yea Boi 3 dager siden
Dad won... but at what cost?
Myron Ѱ
Myron Ѱ 3 dager siden
They think these types of videos are stinkers, but these are bangers
Myron Ѱ
Myron Ѱ 2 dager siden
@Frosti Einarsson i said the sidemen think these videos are bad but they are actually interesting and good ?
Myron Ѱ
Myron Ѱ 2 dager siden
@Frosti Einarsson ?
Frosti Einarsson
Frosti Einarsson 2 dager siden
bro what
Alper999 3 dager siden
Best musician/rapper-JuiceWrld
Firebat 66
Firebat 66 4 dager siden
Giraffes fight with each other with their necks and thier strong enough to do damage
عبدالله حقو
عبدالله حقو 4 dager siden
I think this mukbang is lacking hookah with Luxurious apple flavor
AnimeCentral101 4 dager siden
28:30 Freddy Mercury
The Craziest Fool
The Craziest Fool 4 dager siden
1 mil reached 😶
Josh Reilly
Josh Reilly 4 dager siden
i was on mixer but ever since i joined twitch i enjoy streaming and i prefer it
Mike Stark
Mike Stark 4 dager siden
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Tyrone Mansfield
Tyrone Mansfield 4 dager siden
its 1.2m likes soooooooooooo
Awesome Soccer14
Awesome Soccer14 4 dager siden
I Iiihh
Ashywastaken 4 dager siden
me: 150K OMG THATS SO MUCH JJ: only about 150k
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
Thats chump change to him
Atomic Cyborgg
Atomic Cyborgg 4 dager siden
Ethan: I'd like to fight a pig Me: ETHAN vs PIG.... more like PIG vs PIG
kuku meow
kuku meow 4 dager siden
vikk sitting at behind like cinderella who is not allowed to eat together :(
Cam101rsn 4 dager siden
JJ thinks he's THANOS
jdb gaming
jdb gaming 4 dager siden
My dad knocked out a cow sooooo (he had 15 boxing experience)
Anjellike1 4 dager siden
Ethan and Harry are sooo dangerous together lol 😂
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
O2N 4 dager siden
harry,”i’ll do anything if this get a million likes” jj,” charity match in 2021 if the gets a million likes”
Emily Burrows
Emily Burrows 4 dager siden
Sidemen should do escape the hounds. That would be an amazing video
Mohammed Rafi
Mohammed Rafi 4 dager siden
I just realised they're in Etham's backyard
Synth Plasma
Synth Plasma 4 dager siden
1.2 m likes
Daniel akinyeye
Daniel akinyeye 5 dager siden
I died of laughter when Simon said "oh banana! " When he saw the plantain😭
AB East
AB East 4 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂nah i was laughing he’s too funny
harry shepherd
harry shepherd 5 dager siden
1 mill likes... I want to see another charity match
GBN 5 dager siden
it actually got 1,2M likes
Jodie Hawse
Jodie Hawse 5 dager siden
So I’m gonna get exited for the charity match this year 😁😁
luke luke
luke luke 23 timer siden
@Jodie Hawse u said what i said was weird
Jodie Hawse
Jodie Hawse Dag siden
@luke luke bc he told me to give head knowing I’m a minor 🤣😭
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
@Jodie Hawse how is that weird 😂😂😭😭😭😭
Jodie Hawse
Jodie Hawse Dag siden
@luke luke bit weird but ok 👍🏻
luke luke
luke luke Dag siden
@Jodie Hawse i can tell by ur pfp
Jeff 66
Jeff 66 5 dager siden
JJs laugh that legend
Byron Shaw
Byron Shaw 5 dager siden
Watching this for the third time and I always feel sorry for Ethan when JJ reads Ethan's book from when he was three because u can tell it got to him abit because he laughs too much for something that isn't the funniest thing in the world I get it's banta and that but u can tell Ethan gets affected by it 💙💙
Ayz Aya
Ayz Aya 5 dager siden
Now it got million likes
natuski siciwa
natuski siciwa 5 dager siden
ok were is the match boys
Abz Farooq
Abz Farooq 5 dager siden
Sidemen: Laughing at the idea that this gets 10mil views This video: gets 19mil
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla 5 dager siden
Great video. ☺️
Blue Agony
Blue Agony 5 dager siden
U can tell bezinga really loves them he’s dope
Dayna Stewart
Dayna Stewart 5 dager siden
i am ethan and i love SoSjIs
FIXY GAMING 5 dager siden
what i would do with the 1 mill and the slug i would hire every slug hunter in the world to kill every slug that exists
Santeri SIVEN
Santeri SIVEN 5 dager siden
gawddamn simon clueless about music
Mourzzyy 5 dager siden
ohhhh how they were wrong about this video and it’s likes
StudMuffin1400 5 dager siden
Crazy thing is, it got 1M likes 😂😂
Benjamin Noia
Benjamin Noia 5 dager siden
It’s a tradition to watch this once in a while...
MrPineapplezz69 6 dager siden
they dont know what a drop kick is bruh
Jairo Arrieta
Jairo Arrieta 6 dager siden
Who else went to go see a giraffe killing a lion?😂
_billy.morris__ 6 dager siden
“we won’t get a mill likes” 1.2million likes
Marwane 5 dager siden
We need the sidemen cick off
Alfie Roberts
Alfie Roberts 6 dager siden
The way they laugh at if they hit 1mil likes now it’s on 1.2mil
DojiWasThere 6 dager siden
Sidemen: A Mukbang is not getting 1mil likes Community: Our power is beyond your imagination.
DojiWasThere 6 dager siden
I've come back many times to watch this one video, i find it so entertaining, love how they would've thought this could've been a stinker yet it got 1.2 mil likes
PHANToM Cooldude
PHANToM Cooldude 6 dager siden
My favorite sport ThRoW tHe ThInG iNtO tHe BiN
Brayden Stoney
Brayden Stoney 6 dager siden
Ha Ethan say a pig wat about a nz black boar
Insane Nugget
Insane Nugget 6 dager siden
what about a sideman vs faze official match
Insane Nugget
Insane Nugget 6 dager siden
what about lady gaga for the music question?
Mélchi 4 dager siden
hell naw
Monkey In The Tree 123
Monkey In The Tree 123 6 dager siden
1 mil likes
Trip Fn
Trip Fn 6 dager siden
It got a mil likes🤣
Dorian Torres
Dorian Torres 6 dager siden
I had a thought if jj has a daughter and simon has a son. Would jj push his daughter into going out with Simons son. 🤔🤔
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 6 dager siden
No, that is stupid
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