This impostor confession left EVERYONE confused...

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3 måneder siden

well that was a fast one..

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eldervodca 17 timer siden
bo? i love that guy!
Audrey A
Audrey A 2 dager siden
Pokimane and Valkyrae are yelling over eachother, meanwhile Sykkuno is waiting for everyone to stop talking for him to talk
lijjybabes 2 dager siden
10:06 - 10:18 The closest thing you'll get of Sykkuno being pissed off😂😂
jeffrey o.Asamoah
jeffrey o.Asamoah 3 dager siden
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Katie Chawke
Katie Chawke 4 dager siden
Myth just rubs me the wrong way
Charlotte O'Dair
Charlotte O'Dair 10 dager siden
Do you guys ever wonder if they know what CORPSE really looks like
Kennedy Evans
Kennedy Evans 10 dager siden
What is the ending theme?? Please tell me...
Catlover :3
Catlover :3 11 dager siden
I am a master card swiper, I usually get sused for finishing my card swipe so quickly
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 12 dager siden
"h-how do you ge into the vent" "i was tryna get into the vent to run away" "i-i wasnt gonna accuse you..."
Lexi 13 dager siden
Every time I hear the intro it makes me so happy 😊
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 16 dager siden
Pashalia Yang
Pashalia Yang 19 dager siden
Sykkuno: I never get imposter... Me: Every video i see him play he's imposter My Mind: I'M HURTING!!!!!!
Samantha Sofia Rojas
Samantha Sofia Rojas 19 dager siden
who else loves the outro music?
Samantha Sofia Rojas
Samantha Sofia Rojas 19 dager siden
wat is it called
Im pro vise
Im pro vise 22 dager siden
They're so used to hotkeys, boxbox didn't even consider just clicking the vent button with his mouse...
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 23 dager siden
I do really love the song that ends the video.
John Lee
John Lee 24 dager siden
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Sarah Forshey
Sarah Forshey 25 dager siden
。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Sykkuno Was the Impostor. 。 .
Amora Neke Lukisan
Amora Neke Lukisan 25 dager siden
What is this outro song???
Ryann Croshaw
Ryann Croshaw 27 dager siden
Sykkuno: “I never get imposter.” Also sykkuno: THE OTHER 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 TIMES HE GETS IT
Star Lite
Star Lite 28 dager siden
Daaaang he said "that guy" instead of Myth
Eve Marie
Eve Marie Måned siden
i love how sykkuno yells in lower case
Koala Man
Koala Man Måned siden
Its always the popular fortnite players that are the dumbest and angriest among us players
Tara Williams
Tara Williams Måned siden
Box was soo dumb didn't know what button to press
mielle cute
mielle cute Måned siden
anna oop-
Scabby Ramen
Scabby Ramen Måned siden
7:56 Poki: "The issue..." Me: "... on the table. Secretary Hamilton-"
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume Måned siden
I have a library teacher who sounds like toast at times its confusing -
Bloom Gaming
Bloom Gaming Måned siden
EmeraldBot Måned siden
8:40 no the card swipe never works on the 1st try: me who does it on the 1st try every time: wait what!?!
Maya Quilici
Maya Quilici Måned siden
Bloom Gaming
Bloom Gaming Måned siden
Lmao but he was new
A random weeb
A random weeb Måned siden
has anyone here heard Sykkuno cuss? Or even raise his voice?
josiah Franco
josiah Franco Måned siden
This vids title was clickbait?
Crossing’ with Elsa
Crossing’ with Elsa Måned siden
Who is here after Sykunno hit 2 million? | V
Ryland Daughtridge
Ryland Daughtridge Måned siden
Hey Thomas
Iza Mikaella Verdeflor
Iza Mikaella Verdeflor Måned siden
Happy 2million subs sykkuno
Lunnaris01 Måned siden
It would have been so funny if he said "I was trying to get into the vent, but I can't and rae just said "only imposters can do that" and everyone thought he was innocent 100% afterwards :D
Allison dobbie
Allison dobbie Måned siden
You know when the speed run of sykkuno doing tasks stops something juicy is going to happen
Rebelle Måned siden
Skykkuno: I never get imposter Also Skykkuno: I am NOT good imposter.
Avery Sann
Avery Sann Måned siden
I just love how calm sykunnos voice is and how deep and scary corpses voice is lmao they are both my fav voices in the world :)
Simp_for_Keith_Kogane Måned siden
Does sykkuno purposefully sound sus or is he just innocent like that 😭
xisnothappy Måned siden
are they all saying yvonne wrong or does she actually pronounce it like that lol
San Gon
San Gon Måned siden
There are four bodies in the thumbnail.
Slater Murphy
Slater Murphy Måned siden
What was that song that started playing at the end there?
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
Lilypichu- Dreamy night
Zeinab Måned siden
i rlly wanna see sykkunos laugh but why does he cover it? im new to the channel
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
@Zeinab no Problem xD
Zeinab Måned siden
@Woozi Lee oh rlly why didnt i think of that lol. thanks
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
U can search for sykkuno smiling
Natiøn :D
Natiøn :D Måned siden
Oooo 2nd white is peaking!
Shyla Bhatia
Shyla Bhatia 2 måneder siden
Anyone else realizes that Sykkuno always says he never gets imposter, but when he does, he's too sweet to kill anyone?
Lucky 2 måneder siden
Jess B
Jess B 2 måneder siden
I always inlove with his voice and intro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vi 2 måneder siden
LMAO!! Boxbox you're so cute. HAHAHAHA you're so innocent while playing and it makes me laugh, you brighten up my mood! The vent thing just made me laugh and your confession. LOL HAHAHSHSHS
Samuel Riggs
Samuel Riggs 2 måneder siden
Wait I just realized this, is that Myth as in, TSM Myth? I didnt realize it was him till I saw the face cam. Neat
Syahadah Ridzuan
Syahadah Ridzuan 2 måneder siden
Even as I see Sykkuno playing from his perspective he still sounds sus to me 😂😂
Hope AtHome
Hope AtHome 2 måneder siden
6:39 Did anyone else notice the cat on Poki's face cam?
Røsè 2 måneder siden
What is the outro song?
mara shii
mara shii 2 måneder siden
Broooo this one was one of the most wholesome episode
AlphaUmbreon 2 måneder siden
17:07 my other favorite game \o/
Erika B
Erika B 2 måneder siden
Friggin love the animators
Adriel Sajor
Adriel Sajor 2 måneder siden
Just hearing "well, well, well" cracked me up
lex 2 måneder siden
no one let yvonne goddamn talk like 3 times in a row
VC シ MEGMA 2 måneder siden
asifloserface 2 måneder siden
Is that song at the end Lily singing?
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
@asifloserface no problem ^^
asifloserface Måned siden
@Woozi Lee THanks! I've listened to the whole song now! It's super pretty.
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
Yes its dreamy night
X-Assassin2K 2 måneder siden
poor albert
ToxicBeKillinK 2 måneder siden
I'm yvonnie btw
LH Gaming44Life
LH Gaming44Life 2 måneder siden
0:07 that tune reminds me of chucklevision if you seen it
Lillian Ma
Lillian Ma 2 måneder siden
1:15 that's the thing from the title, here for your viewing pleasure a million times The way Toast cheered him on was so nice Usually the dead people hate the imposter's guts, even after the round is over
Chunky 2 måneder siden
thank you
Geovanna Tavares
Geovanna Tavares 2 måneder siden
*Sykkuno is 28 ????!!!!!!*
SillyWhiteDaddy 2 måneder siden
Is this lily song at the end ?
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
Yes it is
Ilike Anime
Ilike Anime 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno a real life anime boy tho.
Sm Ji
Sm Ji 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno is literally the best imposter in among us
Blueeeog1 2 måneder siden
Isla HAISMAN 2 måneder siden
Omg what if someone’s last name was actually husband and they had the same first name as someone else-
Colin Zhong
Colin Zhong 2 måneder siden
whats the outro song? it kinda sounds like lily :D
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
Ye it's dreamy night by her
abigail jackson
abigail jackson 2 måneder siden
Quit covering your smile!!!! You are absolutely adorable!!!
Doggo' from Breathen't; Last
Doggo' from Breathen't; Last 2 måneder siden
sykkuno? more like poopyuno.
Karina Salgado
Karina Salgado 2 måneder siden
"What is up guys! Its Sykkuno here!" Proceeds to start video while I make happy Among Us noises.
Zulu 2 måneder siden
emo_demonic_lizza 0-o
emo_demonic_lizza 0-o 2 måneder siden
No intro 🥺🥺🥺 .... Oh wait pffffft Nvm 😂😂😂 I had to wait a little while Sorry UwU
Diamondd Hazee
Diamondd Hazee 2 måneder siden
Woozi Lee
Woozi Lee Måned siden
Dreamy night by lilypichu
Saline Stone
Saline Stone 2 måneder siden
Ok but Poki is so intelligent it's insane. Everyone are head over hills cause Toast tries and be detective but it's actually Poki who asks the right questions. Give her a little more credit. She deserves it
Ettina Kitten
Ettina Kitten 2 måneder siden
Never confess as imposter, no matter how certain you are that you've been caught.
Many Name
Many Name 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno speaks in lowercase letters
Mrs.GumBall 2 måneder siden
We still lie when you Play crew mate you don’t have to time laps
Emily Pendrys
Emily Pendrys 2 måneder siden
dose anyone know what the outro song is? i really like it!
Mattie 2 måneder siden
Can someone give me the link to his outro please its amazing
Siimply 2 måneder siden
*Can we have a moment of silence for color blind people* *They cant see the colorful colors of among us*
Siimply 2 måneder siden
box: **Confess** Rae: *um... i wasnt sus of you* box: *um haha like my joke?* *Box was ejected*
ࢪيـٓـٱم 2 måneder siden
صور الاجانب غريبة 🦦🌚🤦🏻‍♀️
TKC ANTYT 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno:like a blue shell from mario cart going for 1st place Me:tranna run
Lisa Green
Lisa Green 2 måneder siden
Michael: How do you open doors?! Box: How to open vents?! LMAO
anonymous cool dude
anonymous cool dude 2 måneder siden
poor boxbox
Thiago AC
Thiago AC 2 måneder siden
I love Sykkuno’s intro SO much!
Harvey 2 måneder siden
Love ya sykkuno
Jay Meep
Jay Meep 2 måneder siden
What music is this?
7z1v3rt 2 måneder siden
*Sykunno Is One Of The Best Among Us Players*
Nekiwalrus 2 måneder siden
pokis cat just in her facecam
AnAsianbr0skii21 2 måneder siden
Aza Leo
Aza Leo 2 måneder siden
I tried out among us yea it's a pain to use atleast on my phone. I prefer town of Salem.
Platinum_Noelle 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno: _clears toast_ Toast: you know, sykkuno could be covering for his imposter buddy Sykkuno and everyone watching: _?????_
Saif Ur Rahman
Saif Ur Rahman 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno, there is a way to do the swipe card fast, just swipe, stop halfway, go a bit back and do it full forward. It'll happen on first try.
David Lane
David Lane 2 måneder siden
I love watching among us videos, but it frustrates me that I can’t press the buttons. I want to vote, and I want to see what’s in the messages.
Hash Paliyan
Hash Paliyan 2 måneder siden
What the outro song?
Krsh Paclar
Krsh Paclar 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who noticed poki's cat?
pickachu Ketchum
pickachu Ketchum 2 måneder siden
no you're right
triiriii 2 måneder siden
I love the ending songs ahhh makes me wanna find a new anime to fall in looove withhh
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