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Skeet Time siden
Manny you should try out Prime Moments Ian Wright, he's really good with an engine chemistry style on him. Big upgrade on what his prime is like aswell.
Zoltán Németh
Zoltán Németh 3 dager siden
You are my men❤️🇭🇺
Àdàmgh tzavw
Àdàmgh tzavw 4 dager siden
Puskas this best shot
MaGnus Branex
MaGnus Branex 7 dager siden
I'm from Croatia, and I love Suker. I reallyyy want him in my ultimate team but, I just need to upgrade my team.
Mak Legend
Mak Legend 7 dager siden
From where does he buys coins
Максим Дубровин
Максим Дубровин 8 dager siden
The numberless receipt curiously rock because exchange tentatively possess as a purring stream. nosy, melted spider
Ryan Powers
Ryan Powers 9 dager siden
Any on 2x playback speed is prettty funny
Ferdinand Vidic Maguire
Ferdinand Vidic Maguire 9 dager siden
Paul scohles
Clayton J Guthrie
Clayton J Guthrie 28 dager siden
Bro, please play End 2 End camera............ Just fucking try it
thomas fooking shelby
thomas fooking shelby 28 dager siden
You just a poorman toby , u neverm be likw your brother . Stop trying
Tristam Moya
Tristam Moya 29 dager siden
Get Drogba I have him he is class he doesn’t miss a shot
vT_xCeZza Måned siden
Manny vidic with anchor u kid me
906ئـ ئـئـ
906ئـ ئـئـ Måned siden
1:29 Torres is untreadble how did he sold him
Tom Gallagher
Tom Gallagher Måned siden
NP_BLaZe Måned siden
Manny I think you have lost over 10 mil!
Wild world with Krinja
Wild world with Krinja Måned siden
Try puskas at cam he has the perfect stats
Laszlo Jonas
Laszlo Jonas Måned siden
Thanks bro im hungary i love you bro ❤
Sarvesh Bhilwanath
Sarvesh Bhilwanath Måned siden
Puskas is worth 10 p
Willzmcconnell gaming
Willzmcconnell gaming Måned siden
lukaku is insane (martinez, ronaldo are better though)
Gabor Kiss
Gabor Kiss Måned siden
Best player in game no question
Lucas Kjelsli
Lucas Kjelsli Måned siden
Can you try drogba moments
tool hack
tool hack Måned siden
The lively cobweb unlikely pedal because forecast unknowingly follow amongst a pastoral whistle. sloppy, greedy kenya
young money twoja stara
young money twoja stara Måned siden
how is this guy have 26 milion coins
Ruan reis
Ruan reis Måned siden
God bless you all jesus is coming back
GL1PH1C_phxntom Måned siden
My fav NOpostr for catchfrases GET THAT IN THE BACK OF YOUR NET you cant stOP THE SHINE
a.2Sav Måned siden
if u put okocha in st hes acc madd I hve his prime and hes crazy upfront hes raps
ThePlays 101
ThePlays 101 Måned siden
bolingoli has new episoe
Max Black
Max Black Måned siden
anchor on vidic
Pablo Guzman
Pablo Guzman Måned siden
ay dude i love tha energy u give out when Boliengoli comes on tha pitch 😭😭😭😭😭 better than any flashback or icon!!!!! what a card 🐐 “CAN NOT STOP THA SHINE!!!!!!” 😭😭😭😭😭
Andrew Sivejia
Andrew Sivejia Måned siden
16:44 Why did they throw my man like that???XD
sppolo 123
sppolo 123 Måned siden
How does manny speak after using his mouth?
Simon Fifa
Simon Fifa Måned siden
No bergkamp
Daanp Måned siden
Nice i cant even aford neymar
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali Måned siden
i use 352 coz in 5212 cm's aren't as defensive as cdm's in 352
Richus Teak
Richus Teak Måned siden
I agree bolingolly should get the only 100 rated card
Tyrique George
Tyrique George Måned siden
Can someone make a compilation of manny saying Bolongoli
ItzSkinnyGeans Måned siden
y do u have nearly 400,000 FIFA points IDK how much that is but oh welllll
Raees Ahmed 640
Raees Ahmed 640 Måned siden
what stadium does manny use
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant Måned siden
The audio on this video was very delayed for me
Mason A
Mason A Måned siden
Manny use headliner Theo Hernandez
Kingdom of Animaria
Kingdom of Animaria Måned siden
Why are drafts so bad this year this time in Fifa 20 we had teams full of icons moments now were lucky to get even one and that’s always baby
Alfie Anderson
Alfie Anderson Måned siden
Take Jones out for blank please
Kingsley Bridgforth
Kingsley Bridgforth Måned siden
The smart saw cytologically peep because dad intrinsically bleach worth a parsimonious clover. craven, uppity beer
Stephen Spence
Stephen Spence Måned siden
Sorry if this makes u sad but when u got stopped in naples did it scare u love your content keep it up love newcastle
Hashim Syed
Hashim Syed Måned siden
Finisher does the same sp as sniper
Flowlet Måned siden
your camera and sound are a bit off, please fix it ♥
Astro znyxx
Astro znyxx Måned siden
Put subtitles on and watch manny say BollinGoals🐐👑 it says Bowling Goals💀😂
Emmanuel Marin
Emmanuel Marin Måned siden
"El Matador" Luis Hernández been a beast his just under rated alot
Shayz Måned siden
Imo u should keep normal prime xavi cah when u get his moments card he’ll probably be expensive u might end up selling him n waiting for a cheaper one but we don’t want a period where there’s no xavi in the club n he’s been at mannyball forever now
Kayser FC
Kayser FC Måned siden
99 ball control, what does that even mean 😂😂😭😭ffs
TEELXN Måned siden
Bolingoli is like Pokemon cards to manny
Nizar نزار
Nizar نزار Måned siden
Manny there’s a Turkish league centre back called Boli Bolingoli Mbombo and he’s from Belgium
Gawdly Måned siden
Petition for manny to buy the silver rated card called Bolingoli
Yousif Albeer
Yousif Albeer Måned siden
xavi and lukaku(bolingoli) to manny is like veron to mcjell mcjell fans where u at 🤣
Faisal Saqqa
Faisal Saqqa Måned siden
Manny should start a bolingoli to glory
Dara Priestley
Dara Priestley Måned siden
did anyone else see the untradable on torrres?
JM Skillz
JM Skillz Måned siden
Didn’t know lil tecca played fifa
small spud
small spud Måned siden
If george best gets back on the market u should get him
YMH7 GTA FIFA 21 Måned siden
Get that in the back of your net 😂
Dov Finkelstein
Dov Finkelstein Måned siden
Bro when you use Puskas you have to finesse shoot not make those not needed dribbles
Brendan Lal
Brendan Lal Måned siden
Anyone else unable to access EA servers?
Miller Wilson 3648
Miller Wilson 3648 Måned siden
99 ball control what is he gay
Zex Måned siden
if your so rich you should buy every joe gomez on the market and quick sell it
Ben Games
Ben Games Måned siden
I wish I had 26 million I have 360 coins
Teamtakage 2
Teamtakage 2 Måned siden
It’s out of sync g
rohan felise
rohan felise Måned siden
Puskas would have 99 shooting and people would still put a hunter on him lol
billy mitchel
billy mitchel Måned siden
No one: Many everytime he scores a goal: GET THAT IN THE BACK OF YOUR NET, YOU CANT STOP THE SHINE
Anthony cleghorn
Anthony cleghorn Måned siden
Get drogba
Anthony cleghorn
Anthony cleghorn Måned siden
Get drogba
Anthony cleghorn
Anthony cleghorn Måned siden
Get drogba
Maksymilian Nojszewski
Maksymilian Nojszewski Måned siden
I really hope bolingoli watches mmt😂😂
C W Måned siden
Could you try stoichcov please
Cameron Maull
Cameron Maull Måned siden
MMT trying ouut MMP
i eat oranges
i eat oranges Måned siden
i have 89 puskas and he has like 200 goals in 150 games and 140 assists
Angus Inglis
Angus Inglis Måned siden
Get that in the back of your club 😂
Sean Maguire
Sean Maguire Måned siden
Did the mid or prime icon pack for sbc and got socrates.. Hold on i put messi in it also.. Even worse it was his 89
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Måned siden
*It wouldn’t be a mmt episode without a bolingoli goal*
yxngmargielaa 18 dager siden
I don’t get the nickname
?? 24 dager siden
Manuel Franklin
Manuel Franklin Måned siden
I dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack enjoy!
Nolan Rodgers
Nolan Rodgers Måned siden
How are you verified as a sandwich
Hannah Booth
Hannah Booth Måned siden
Leah Corrigan
Leah Corrigan Måned siden
Congrats on engage .
Valentin Tudor
Valentin Tudor Måned siden
How did he perform that celebration on Lukaku ? Plane or smth
Get that in the back of your net🤪🤪 Just me or is the audio out of sync?
Cr7 Hoppers
Cr7 Hoppers Måned siden
Do u commentate over ur vids Manny?
joe valli
joe valli Måned siden
17:18 bolingolis kit number is 21😪
Abdelrhman Aldeeb
Abdelrhman Aldeeb Måned siden
91 immobile is goat
Leos Footy reviews
Leos Footy reviews Måned siden
Manny we all want you to use boli bolingoli
Beau Bristow
Beau Bristow Måned siden
Beau Bristow
Beau Bristow Måned siden
Most of your team is icons
Reilly Roberts
Reilly Roberts Måned siden
Manny think about his era skills back then weren’t really used in football as in 5 star skills but tbh they haves dirted him tho
Spud_Mac318 Måned siden
Xavi scored a tap in Manny thas madness
Jeezs Måned siden
Get a full moments team
Patrick Pedersen
Patrick Pedersen Måned siden
manny said a couple of weeks ago that he had a banger idea for a series. Has he revealed anything about it?
JadedSlime Måned siden
Many is on fraud watch
Rocco Piselli
Rocco Piselli Måned siden
19:49 minutes in where did the ball go
PATZ Måned siden
GAME: FIFA20 NOpost knows about how FIFA 20 is FIFA 21 ea simply just copy and pasted the game and put dark mode on.
FAZE Yeet Måned siden
It’s puskas not pushkas
Marcus Molders-Mortensen
Marcus Molders-Mortensen Måned siden
How did you Got so rich?!
Sebastian Heudi
Sebastian Heudi Måned siden
Imagine TOTS Bolingols, he's gonna be cracked!
Juho Viinikka
Juho Viinikka Måned siden
19.26 that ball got sent
Adam Nisbet
Adam Nisbet Måned siden
Nice game manny although you thrashed me ha * I was first game*
Daniel Connerty
Daniel Connerty Måned siden
I got that bolingoli in red picks and even with like 40 balance u still can't stop the shine
Maison scott
Maison scott Måned siden
I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
Niko Omilana
Ganger 2,1 mill
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Real Time with Bill Maher
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I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
Niko Omilana
Ganger 2,1 mill
Monologue: Florida Man | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher
Ganger 1,1 mill
Starlink Mission
Ganger 806 k
100+ mods in Rocket League at once
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