Claudia Conway Sings Adele Song And Shocks The World To Earn A Golden Ticket - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

19 dager siden

It’s Claudia Conway’s time to shine! Claudia performs Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain” and Adele’s “When We Were Young” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan during her American Idol audition, while an emotional George Conway listens from outside the audition doors. Lionel believes that this is Claudia stepping forward and announcing who she is. Will Claudia take Katy’s advice going into Hollywood Week and block out the noise that surrounds her?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Ollie 8 minutter siden
You guys are fucking awful. She's suffering and you decide to put her on display for profit. Disgusting.
Robin Chapman
Robin Chapman 4 timer siden
teong goh
teong goh 4 timer siden
Just average... nothing special
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 6 timer siden
Lovely voice but those faces are scary!!
LM Lowe
LM Lowe 9 timer siden
Poor kid...can't imagine having ConJob as her mom.
Orce Tata
Orce Tata 9 timer siden
no not at all very very tense more than that it can be seen from her that she has very big emotions and more than that she doesn't let go of the air So she holds on very hard no
Scott Raper
Scott Raper 9 timer siden
She’s a wannabe. Can’t sing on a Idol level.
Lueween Cansino
Lueween Cansino 9 timer siden
The other contestants will devour her on the next round not gonna lie.
Peyton Gloss
Peyton Gloss 11 timer siden
she’s giving me dove cameron vibes
Rebekah Barnes
Rebekah Barnes 12 timer siden
Cringe worthy as my kiddos would say
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 12 timer siden
I know one thing , she isn’t going to win . She should not even be on there , they should have sent her home .
grey ziey
grey ziey 15 timer siden
Hi! Mabuhay from philippines💕🇵🇭💕
Noah Naylor
Noah Naylor 18 timer siden
How does this get a golden ticket 😂😂😂
Kathy LeSage
Kathy LeSage 19 timer siden
Sorry, I don't ever give a thumbs down, but I did this one.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 12 timer siden
he’s on the show to save face, he’s just as horrible.
Lily Yue
Lily Yue 19 timer siden
Her parents are working for opposite sides how can you marry someboddy who supports trump
FlaSun 19 timer siden
She (Claudia) is trying to get her name out there in any way possible. She is self exploiting! Her parents wish she would shut up I am sure. Another rebellious teen, what else is news?
Satrio budi hutomo
Satrio budi hutomo 20 timer siden
aku berharap supaya ada yg dari indonesia ikut
Emily Woodall
Emily Woodall 20 timer siden
Gross.They say it’s time for her to stand on her own, but the only reason she made it to Hollywood is because of her parents. She was clearly terrible.
Does it matter
Does it matter 21 time siden
“Did your mom hug you” lol what?! Does this child look underprivileged or should we victimize her? 😄🙄🥸
L.A Cameron
L.A Cameron 21 time siden
Bought and paid for it by the Con-away
Virginia Mills
Virginia Mills 22 timer siden
This young lady has many issues. It’s sad actually.
K D Dag siden
Blessings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV
JenFren Dag siden
I feel for this girl. She can't help who her parents are. The fake support from her mother is cringe worthy and disgusting. The look on her face at the beginning of the talk with her mother said it all. She has a nice voice. Better than I honestly expected. Hopefully this will help her find herself.
Buster Cambridge
Buster Cambridge Dag siden
Gosh, I just about threw up watching and listening to this performance. How did she get through and other wonderful performers get sent home.
J Dag siden
People hate her because of her mom. It's sad.
Así es mi Vida
Así es mi Vida Dag siden
I feel so sorry for this girl! Perez is right, American idol is exploiting this girl for rating!
keepyafaithxo Dag siden
I love how people judge her singing are probably the same people who probably can't even sing. just stfu
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson Dag siden
This is so dumb man wtw
mandixoloveyourself Dag siden
It’s honestly disgusting how they used her as clickbait, she’s so uncomfortable around her mom and it shows. Y’all WRONG for this one. Her dad also ABANDONED THEM and he’s on the show to save face, he’s just as horrible.
Dina Ama
Dina Ama Dag siden
This a theatre omg, she is not really good at all
Edijs Delle
Edijs Delle Dag siden
Heather Estes
Heather Estes Dag siden
I like her, but I don't think she's quite ready yet, vocally. She can get there, but she's not ready right now.
Derek Privitera
Derek Privitera Dag siden
Not even trying to be rude but if you take away her back story her audition isn’t even worth airing. She’s mediocre at best.
For Liberty
For Liberty Dag siden
I don't know this girl or her parents but she was trying way too hard and was over the top with her facial expressions. She needs to stop trying so hard. If she's got natural talent, just let it flow naturally. Stop forcing it.
Bed Juliet
Bed Juliet Dag siden
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chriis napolion
chriis napolion Dag siden
Yes could you get away from her
Bed Juliet
Bed Juliet Dag siden
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YetiVision Gaming
YetiVision Gaming Dag siden
They should’ve told her she needed more practice to develop her voice and control. She can be good but at the moment she isn’t. And we all know she got the yes cuz she has a tiktok following and who her parents are. A girl before sang way better was told no because her dad sucked at guitar and ruined her audition
J K Dag siden
I have to agree with blake that right now her singing just isnt good enough. With some coaching, maybe. I feel bad for her because i cant imagine how much criticism she gets simply for being the daughter of Kelly-Ann Conway, but she isn't going to hold a candle to some of the other powerhouses we've seen audition.
Francis Hass
Francis Hass Dag siden
Annoying voice
Bed Juliet
Bed Juliet Dag siden
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Bed Juliet Dag siden
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_Emmaxx9 Dag siden
This audition feels really forced just get on with it
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen Dag siden
Her voice isn't bad but it isn't on the same level of talent of others on this show. I know this was scripted but she might have done better vocally if she had vocal training and auditioned 2 years from now. But of course she wasn't really here for music.
LE D Dag siden
Pecos Khiangte
Pecos Khiangte Dag siden
Hmmm.... Not good... I say.... No...
Moon O
Moon O Dag siden
She has a great promising voice..
Bepii Force
Bepii Force Dag siden
somebody got paid
Bhayangkari Taput
Bhayangkari Taput 2 dager siden
I agree the way she sings , but I don't agree with her clothes. So weird, like no other choice.
Brad Doughman
Brad Doughman 2 dager siden
Sorry not impressed
Alina H.
Alina H. 2 dager siden
Sorry, it’s a no for me.
FriskyHaze 2 dager siden
She struggling hard! No bueno
Danni Halkovic
Danni Halkovic 2 dager siden
Seriously? Psh, if that's all it takes then I should audition. 🙄
Penny McCormick
Penny McCormick 2 dager siden
They want a reality series so badly.....
Eliza Martin
Eliza Martin 2 dager siden
Such a publicity stunt by KellyAnne... I hope Claudia's okay 😕
Lina 2 dager siden
omg are they this desperate for ratings...
Jasmine*_* 2 dager siden
Why not let Danica Steakley thru, she sang way better.. 🤔😒
Lina 2 dager siden
ur so right...
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 dager siden
“Does she still hug you?” That’s such a unintelligent and disrespectful comment.
Ri Ri
Ri Ri 2 dager siden
The parents are emotionally detached from her you can feel it and lord I hurt for this child. Whether u believe her or not toxicity is unhealthy. They use her now for pr but when she’s finally allowed to be alone they’ll be begging for forgiveness all over tv watch
Mayita Jams
Mayita Jams 2 dager siden
idc where she ends up on tik tok or on this show or in the news; I just want her to be happy! she's got so much pressure on her at just 16. keep doing you claudia!!! whatever brings you joy!
Carmella Singer
Carmella Singer 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought she did good?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 dager siden
She dug in to much on certain words, if your gonna sing an Adele song in my opinion it needs to be belted, her voice is nice but I miss the days of Simon, he would have been
Sho logs
Sho logs 2 dager siden
It’s gonna be a no from me
Ebony Pegasus
Ebony Pegasus 2 dager siden
Katy is 100% right, she needs to put away the high profile personna, and tap into soulful singer, she just proved she COULD do it and can listen to advice, and shine. I do like her! I just dont know if she's going to stand up to the other competition as far as vocally, but her personality for sure out shines many currently through. Good luck girl!
Ebony Pegasus
Ebony Pegasus 2 dager siden
The second song was amazing. Better than Adele as far as emotion.
BlueR1Pilot 2 dager siden
I hate this planet
J1y25 2 dager siden
It feels like attempt of making 2 people look better for caring for someone to chase their fake dream.
toby Golding
toby Golding 2 dager siden
not good enough
Dean Hopkins
Dean Hopkins 2 dager siden
I know one thing , she isn’t going to win . She should not even be on there , they should have sent her home .
jenny m
jenny m 2 dager siden
Why would she feel need to name drop. I hate it already. If she was serious, she would have just been just some girl named Conway. Maybe the show dad at end but judges didn’t need to know who she was.
Rob Redgate
Rob Redgate 2 dager siden
Sorry, but, not that talented. Ask about her mom hugging her, then show Dad hugging her. Had nothing to do with political scripting or propaganda, at all.
Edgar Bustos
Edgar Bustos 2 dager siden
Charge 2 dager siden
This seems like a plot from Grand Theft Auto. She wasn’t bad, but was not good enough to go through.
Mike 2 dager siden
Love Always
Love Always 2 dager siden
I love her bravery during Her mom working with the devil and she can sang.
Marta Laboy
Marta Laboy 2 dager siden
Xoxo xoxo
gary volkmann
gary volkmann 2 dager siden
Banana 2 dager siden
She dug in to much on certain words, if your gonna sing an Adele song in my opinion it needs to be belted, her voice is nice but I miss the days of Simon, he would have been honest instead of focusing on her story he would have critiqued her singing, the first song I was also wishing for some belting from her because those two songs I just feel need to be sung in a loud type of way like that, idk if I am making any sense to some people but that is my views on it
T migr
T migr 2 dager siden
Expected a powerful vocal... nah jus easy no for me
Peterson George
Peterson George 2 dager siden
Canway is very bad,if nursery let she sing in them school for old people can not hear it's good😆😅😁
K Dizzle
K Dizzle 3 dager siden
American Idol (as they usually do with people) exploited Claudia, her parents, and their seemingly broken parent/child relationship, for ratings. Scripted and forced. Katy Perry, who I used to be a fan of before she joined, fell into the exploitation trap. She implicated emotions and childhood experiences for Claudia, and then passed her through for attention and ratings (to undoubtedly please producers). Now that Katy is a mother, maybe she can reflect on that at some point. I am glad one of the judges didn’t fall into that trap and pass her through just because of her publicized family conflict. Of course, that could have been scripted too (looks more balanced).
前橋みき 3 dager siden
Awful 😞-so many better kids!
KeyZ Fishing
KeyZ Fishing 3 dager siden
Leave politics out of this!!! Trump should not be a part of this he has done nothing but benefit this country.... song and don’t include politics... don’t use it to sway people for ur voice... my goodness
Greg T
Greg T 3 dager siden
of course she has to disagree with her Trump voting parents because Trump is bad orange man
adamtki 3 dager siden
She’s trying too hard. Too much gimmick with the arms and reaching for emotions that’s not there.
ElenaYepez 3 dager siden
No !! I do not approve!! She has no talent
Aa AaA
Aa AaA 3 dager siden
Her personality are fake
Aa AaA
Aa AaA 3 dager siden
No for me, ew
Rick Mellish
Rick Mellish 3 dager siden
She didn’t win a ticket
piggy piggy
piggy piggy 3 dager siden
They really focused on her personal and social life more than her singing. It's actually crazy because, although she didn't sound the best, she definitely has potential if she created her own style of singing.
Andrea Camarena
Andrea Camarena 3 dager siden
So I think you all need to go listen to love on brain sing by Yoli Mayor. This isn’t “her” rendition of the song it’s yoli’s who by the way is an AMAZING singer and worth your while to go listen to her.
Kim Kincaid
Kim Kincaid 3 dager siden
Bullshit she wants get “get out of the political”. Literally, first rattle out of the damned scripted mom worked for the president I disagree with....also,, my dads here with me. He worked against the president. Well, it’s a bye bye from me little twit. Grow up and pay taxes so we can have a convo.
absolute52347 3 dager siden
She makes some weird faces....kind of distracting.
Kathryn Parker
Kathryn Parker 3 dager siden
Love Katy Perry!!! Dont mess up my friends song... sing something You can sang!!!
Kathryn Parker
Kathryn Parker 3 dager siden
Thankfully she said Her own rendition... cause she did not hit any of the notes
Patricia Verreault
Patricia Verreault 3 dager siden
Please ev1 stop with the headache ugly Arianna grande hairstyle. It's soo painful looking and ugly
The Hoop
The Hoop 3 dager siden
Well at least she could win with all the Biden voters both dead and alive. She's not that good
AnnaaDaniellee 3 dager siden
I’m so confused one day her mom is posting her nudes and the girl is saying she wants her mom in jail and the other they’re all hugging and her mom is wishing her good luck saying she loves her? Wtf is this
Matthew Sadler
Matthew Sadler 3 dager siden
uniqme2000 3 dager siden
So so much respect for her. The bravery to manifest her parent's real reputation during her audition is a true testament of her amazing personality. Im not blown away by her singing but her character speaks volume for a 16yo. Kudos to you gal!
blake86303 3 dager siden
She wasn't that good.
Ugo Uchendu
Ugo Uchendu 3 dager siden
Marc Grecco
Marc Grecco 3 dager siden
Of Course left wing Hollywood plays out its agenda.
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