Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen

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Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen. This might even be more INSANE than manhunt.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Hitmen. This video there are THREE hunters/hitmen instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to survive for 60 minutes, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from surviving. They can see me through walls, and the world is small. It's a chase, a race, and it's super intense. A lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen

Dream 2 måneder siden
Check out my new Merch website: www.dream.shop Hope you guys enjoy this new concept :)
Coatsie Vailvel
Coatsie Vailvel 20 dager siden
Okay now I really wish I had money...
Blujay UwU
Blujay UwU 22 dager siden
How does it feel *wheezing*
regina victorio
regina victorio 29 dager siden
I buy 54 your merch😘😘
Katerina Stergiopoulou
Katerina Stergiopoulou Måned siden
Merch pog so good but to expensive
*-Logic-* *-uwu-*
*-Logic-* *-uwu-* 2 måneder siden
We all enjoyed the the content! Now you inspired Us. Bye!! Sincerely,*-Logic-*
Toineboy live
Toineboy live 6 minutter siden
Lucideon 11 minutter siden
sap, bbh and oggy never realised that dream was the mc of this anime
Fear BOSS Gaming
Fear BOSS Gaming 20 minutter siden
In the beginning when Dream and bad boy halo we’re fighting there was a pink sheep!!LOL😂😂😂😂 Great vid
Rekha Bisht
Rekha Bisht 47 minutter siden
At the last 2-3 min the sun looked beautiful
TUSH4R Time siden
the moment dream got roasted BadBoyhalo : he got nothiing but he scary :/
GamingWithRex Time siden
in speedrunner vs 5 hunters i think skeppy will be added
Jd The Gamer
Jd The Gamer Time siden
Every dream manhunt video : Sapnap: HeS gEtTiNg CoOkEd FoOd George : ThE eNdErMaN Is AtTacKinG mE, HeLp!!1! Bad : JuSt MuFfiN hIm yOu mUfFin HEaD!! Antfrost : *screams* when dream chase him
꧁Sᴍɪʟᴇʏシ꧂ Time siden
BAD SAID FUDGE u know f---
So Cheung
So Cheung 2 timer siden
sapnap is having a mental breakdown in this
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero 2 timer siden
Enzo bonnie DIMERO
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero 3 timer siden
Enzo Bonnie dimero
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero 2 timer siden
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero
Enzo Bonnie DImero Dimero 2 timer siden
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 3 timer siden
DarkKnightGaming 4 timer siden
Sean Phelan
Sean Phelan 4 timer siden
Hi dream
raghav pathak
raghav pathak 4 timer siden
You are like a good dream
Edrick Navales
Edrick Navales 5 timer siden
Hey dream if i beat you in one v one
محمد اس قيمر ملك اليوتيوب
محمد اس قيمر ملك اليوتيوب 5 timer siden
Hi Drem
Chandra Cannon
Chandra Cannon 5 timer siden
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Luis Bel
Luis Bel 5 timer siden
The awake guarantee gradually argue because trousers cosmetically rescue off a previous half-sister. detailed, crabby distributor
Kalibangon Kuh
Kalibangon Kuh 6 timer siden
sapnap:i have one heart left dream:am I a joke to you
TURUU 1234
TURUU 1234 6 timer siden
TURUU 1234
TURUU 1234 6 timer siden
Kiwi & Peachee Te
Kiwi & Peachee Te 7 timer siden
Why wont he hide in somewhere
Kiwi & Peachee Te
Kiwi & Peachee Te 7 timer siden
Babdboyhalo sounds gay JUST SAYING
Jolteon girl 200
Jolteon girl 200 7 timer siden
George: just muffin him! *Dream proceeds to muffind badboyhalo*
Autumn Schluessler
Autumn Schluessler 7 timer siden
Alternative title: Three adults chasing a green boi while screaming "HE HAS BREAD!"
Blackbunny 07
Blackbunny 07 7 timer siden
I CAN'T KIll HIM HE'S GOT BREAD! why did I laugh so hard at this..
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 8 timer siden
The guarded capricorn preliminarily note because cave interestingly bury anenst a animated weapon. flippant, malicious collision
Greg Topf
Greg Topf 8 timer siden
38:02 What is that song plz?
Elyen J
Elyen J 8 timer siden
mrmelon 8 timer siden
It’s funny how bad got mad at George for dying to dream with a fire aspect sword. Like poor George
BlackFreshMilkyCookies 8 timer siden
DREAM V 2000000000000101010101010101010100 hit mean now that is some skill
Mojito Queen
Mojito Queen 8 timer siden
99% of the comments **quotes** That 1% Dream make boat go *BRRRRRRRRR*
Daniel Amdebirhan
Daniel Amdebirhan 9 timer siden
Me before watching the video: Hmm the video is less than 60 mins, he must've cropped it down alot.
Antoni Kopera
Antoni Kopera 9 timer siden
Bad: GUYS I CANT KILL HIM HE HAS BREAD!! Me: oh how terrifying
Kawaiiibxnny !
Kawaiiibxnny ! 10 timer siden
Lima Mohanty
Lima Mohanty 10 timer siden
*George,sapnap,bad boy halo when they chase dream* Dream: oH mY GoSH!!
Carlos Emigdio Hernandez
Carlos Emigdio Hernandez 10 timer siden
Anyone remember ,... MR. BREAD MAN :D
shadow cat games
shadow cat games 11 timer siden
The funny thing bad literally said dreams winning strategy
Jasiyer Gamer
Jasiyer Gamer 11 timer siden
Dream: they have 1 hour to beat me Me: the vids 40 mins tho... so...
Siren head The scp
Siren head The scp 11 timer siden
Hi dream man
Oversight Ammar
Oversight Ammar 12 timer siden
like fortnite Dude
ImSeb YT
ImSeb YT 12 timer siden
Dream: they have 1 hour (60 minutes) for try to kill me The video: 40 minutes Me: wait, thats illegal
-8% braincells
-8% braincells 12 timer siden
Dream the predator
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 13 timer siden
Wow I can’t believe he won
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 13 timer siden
Good job 👏
ADELAIDE CONDIE 13 timer siden
Heck yes, I´m subscribed to Dream.
Kinglolbreathe Playz
Kinglolbreathe Playz 13 timer siden
Kinglolbreathe Playz
Kinglolbreathe Playz 13 timer siden
Snap Nap was like "RUUUUUUUUUUUUN"
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 13 timer siden
Wow when he sheered the leaves of when they towered up and he landed on the water was legendary
Fadinqv Hailee
Fadinqv Hailee 13 timer siden
this is my way of coping. binge watching dreams speed runs :,)
End of the universe Little runmo
End of the universe Little runmo 14 timer siden
Dream show your real face
Leo Ma
Leo Ma 14 timer siden
Why is this so familiar?
Jorge Holguin
Jorge Holguin 14 timer siden
BadboyHalo:but you got... deaded 25:24 and badboyhalo knows the future he notice netherrite would come in 26:15
Rishaan Ag
Rishaan Ag 15 timer siden
The honorable truck namely confuse because timbale uniquely drop across a daily replace. abhorrent, grandiose regret
Madison Mudd
Madison Mudd 15 timer siden
george when dream hit him:AWO
Porter Johnson
Porter Johnson 15 timer siden
Who wants one with 4
WEN JING JIANG 16 timer siden
No one: Me: **screams food for half of the vid**
Valeria Titova
Valeria Titova 16 timer siden
How many times did he say “ oh my gosh“
Frostzy 89
Frostzy 89 17 timer siden
When bbh said he’s scary I laugh so hard
AYAH CHOWDHURY 17 timer siden
2:48 what gave it away? was it the bloodcurling scream
Opel'sinka Games
Opel'sinka Games 17 timer siden
Привет, я ничего не понимаю но смотреть интересно.
Shadow Apollo
Shadow Apollo 17 timer siden
You are Logan Paul
MEME SCHOOL 17 timer siden
this is insane
Albert Young
Albert Young 17 timer siden
this was amazing
Rayan Ahmed
Rayan Ahmed 17 timer siden
Boat trick lives on btw I've watched this just seeing if u subbed
Lucia Maria
Lucia Maria 18 timer siden
quem e brasileiro comenta
Sob 18 timer siden
That boat play omg 😱
MajdXgames 18 timer siden
99% of the vid RUNNING 0.9%More running 0.1%doing the hitman thing
MajdXgames 18 timer siden
Lol liked my comment
JCPlays 3
JCPlays 3 19 timer siden
26:47 This single moment changed the entire dynamic of the hunt
Nick Turner
Nick Turner 19 timer siden
Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz 19 timer siden
dream pisa
Jeezreel Articulo
Jeezreel Articulo 20 timer siden
NICE Manhunt
anes66 66
anes66 66 20 timer siden
Was it Only me who saw herobrine
Stephen Cahalane
Stephen Cahalane 20 timer siden
at the start if sapnap or george helped bad they wouldve won
Максім Макс
Максім Макс 20 timer siden
Мне Одному Послишаллсь Што он Сказал давайте давайте на 53 45:
Leon Logu
Leon Logu 20 timer siden
Only legends watched the stream
Niwin Thaung
Niwin Thaung 21 time siden
Kargo70 21 time siden
why are they bothering themselves by hoping to once kill you dream?🤣😂
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 21 time siden
dream:places blocks sapnap:lands on blocks also sapnap: HEY! also dream:operation tea kettle is a go
rtrvecf _1
rtrvecf _1 23 timer siden
dream is now mrbeast also Everytime you like this comment a gacha life player dies
daisyjogging43 23 timer siden
The 20k dislikes are from his friends making 20 thousand NOpost accounts.
Le prof s
Le prof s Dag siden
Dream is literaly a genius
Funny Games
Funny Games Dag siden
Тут есть руские?
syno modi
syno modi Dag siden
Last scene was very very very very veryvery very op
Kirk Bryan Reburiano
Kirk Bryan Reburiano Dag siden
I fell sorry for George because his doing everything sapnap and bad when they get attacked by dream George comes to help but he dies sub to George not found and sapnap and bad
Commensalism Dag siden
3:05 dream: oh i'm needing to go BBH: _i see a dreamer on the water-_ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:15 guys: trying to get dream dream: **dusts bread on they** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:10 sapnap: going to the dream me who obsessed with crossbow: shoot shoot shoot shoot alreadyy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13:05 no one: sapnap & george: _flying like a beee black and yellow energyy_
Cuber Dude 2473
Cuber Dude 2473 Dag siden
I have a video idea for dream. Like if you agree. He should spend as much time as he can trying to complete minecraft.
Cuber Dude 2473
Cuber Dude 2473 Dag siden
Also subscribe
꧂『Røsębērrÿ ヅ 』꧂
꧂『Røsębērrÿ ヅ 』꧂ Dag siden
*Oh my goshhh*
Halilcan Aydın
Halilcan Aydın Dag siden
these 3 are very f'cking noob or this context always fiction
Warrier gaming
Warrier gaming Dag siden
Dream was insane
Dippshhit Dag siden
30:09 Im sorry but cqn you repeat that again? 😩 I'm sorry 😭😭😭
Khan- Call of duty
Khan- Call of duty Dag siden
I hate them so much when they yell with their stupid voices
Khan- Call of duty
Khan- Call of duty 23 timer siden
I like their videos but they yell like babies
Yolkkyz 123
Yolkkyz 123 Dag siden
Just don't watch then
Indah Ps
Indah Ps Dag siden
DREAM Change you have to be a Hunter 1 Runner 4 can you get then we wil sub and like
baumkuchi Dag siden
99% of this Video : All the Boys: Come here Mr. Dream Dream: oh my god
Kinomu Sii
Kinomu Sii Dag siden
Who come from thailand +1
Yolkkyz 123
Yolkkyz 123 Dag siden
Gaming Monster
Gaming Monster Dag siden
Today I literally saw a green man running in circles for 40 min in manhunt he does other things also like going to nether but today.........
sam 32
sam 32 Dag siden
last 5 minutes, dream just had the brain the size of a blue whale
paulo neri
paulo neri Dag siden
wow dream im bonbon 1v1
Arshit Arshit
Arshit Arshit Dag siden
Bro love from India
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