How the Pro's sharpen a chainsaw

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Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek

2 år siden

How to sharpen a chainsaw with a hand file. And also with an electric bench grinder. The we cover what is a raker, gullet, depth guide and tooth.
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Robert Richards
Robert Richards 5 dager siden
I worked in the woods for about 10 years then I had a tree service for several years. When you look at the chain tooth you want to look at the cutting edge, if it is dull you can actually see that it is dull. To keep the saw from cutting crooked, start with the dullest tooth and count the strokes until it is sharp. Then sharpen with rest of the teeth on both sides using the same amount of strokes. I have friends that are timber fellers and tree climbers, they hop up their saws then they put larger sprockets on the saw output shaft for more chain speed. They and myself usually do file down the rakers a little more than required. I have done it for years, It is dangerous and I don't suggest it unless you have lots of experience . The saw will want to pull right out of your hand. But man will it cut.
Wayne Carpenter
Wayne Carpenter 5 dager siden
There are two things I suggest. For Stihl saws, I have to set the depth gauges a little lower than specs to get the chains to cut like new. Another issue is that if you use the suggested depth gauge setting tool for the chain, I found that you can't set the depth gauges as low as they should be because of the curve in the saw blade. Also, to prevent blueing of the cutters when using a grinding wheel, I suggest using Kool-Grind.
William David Lucken
William David Lucken 12 dager siden
Whats with the glasses ? Secret to a sharp chain ?
Ashley Sanders
Ashley Sanders 12 dager siden
Damn, those dudes have some skill. That's from hard work and busting ass. Keep it up guys.
David Pettett
David Pettett 16 dager siden
Very useful video. Well done guys. This is the sort of instructional video that makes NOpost the best program on the net. Thanks for doing it.
Harry Bartlett
Harry Bartlett 27 dager siden
Great video, thank you for sharing!!
chaotic/Silence 29 dager siden
Some really good information, especially for beginners. Great video Dirt Monkey Thank You
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Måned siden
Really great video. Having several different lads just chipping in with their own preferred methods, and just chatting, covers everything really well. Much better than some guy in a studio who spends a week writing his script to get it "perfect".
M Saegen
M Saegen Måned siden
I found the video very informative and easy to understand. I would have liked information regarding the angle to sharpen and how or why you would do it differently. As well as which file to use for which chain, I find it some what like a well kept secret. All in all a good video! Thank you!
Sustainable Arborist
Sustainable Arborist Måned siden
Thanks for debunking the raker thing. I’ve known some old school loggers that like to take off the whole thing and swear by it. Never seemed right to me and now we can all learn from the 1 finger Frankie tale.
Sparky 4150
Sparky 4150 Måned siden
Could you please post to Rumble. We no longer use NOpost
Michael Leonakis
Michael Leonakis Måned siden
Great video. Thanks guys
Stanley Morton
Stanley Morton Måned siden
Looks like the chain is on backwards. Shouldn't the sharp pointy edge point towards the tree?
frank o donnell
frank o donnell Måned siden
find worst cutter, grind that back so it is good again, then grind the same amount of metal of all the other teeth set it so you dont grind the chain itself, just the hook/gullet AND DONT GRIND INTO THE CHAIN. THE DEPTH STOP AND CHAIN STOP DOES THIS, i ant that complicated
NEVER SHARPEN A CHAIN LIKE THESE GUYS....EVER....FILE STROKES DOES NOT MATTER THATS WHAT THE RAKERS ARE set the RAKERS for each individual tooth it doesn't matter if the teeth are all different sizes at all you file a tooth until it's sharp and straight than when your done you set the rakers NEVER FILE DOWN INTO THE TOOTH ALWAYS FILE TOWARDS THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE TOOTH
Brandon Comstock
Brandon Comstock Måned siden
I need to see how the pro's sharpen hedge trimmers fast. Can it be done effectively without removing the blades? Is there certain models of trimmers that are easier to sharpen?
Hugo Del pozo
Hugo Del pozo Måned siden
Great advice too many people involved should have only been one person it's like a grudge match against each individual' trying to prove they have more knowledge then the other
Jess Wheeler
Jess Wheeler Måned siden
Good video, thanks guys. I would recommend not filing your guides down with the depth gauge on the chain. It wears your gauge down and gives a false reading. File a few times and recheck the depth ✌
Mr Aniceto
Mr Aniceto Måned siden
Holy $#!+ Dude... 15min of footage for sharpening a chain from these clowns...🤡🤡
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 2 måneder siden
My chainsaw chain grew longer after many sharping and now it won't tighten.
F Lam
F Lam 2 måneder siden
Learn how to shoot videos without making your audience wanna puke after watching it
Phillip Burch
Phillip Burch 2 måneder siden
Wow I just loved the vid very educational
Barry Harman
Barry Harman 2 måneder siden
Great video, thanks you
Chilll 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the video but it should really be focused in faster & better
Silvertip1958 2 måneder siden
Now I know the reason why when I know my chain is sharp, but doesn’t seem to want to cut. It makes sense but I’ve never heard about the Raker needing filing too.
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue 2 måneder siden
Great video. Helps me to stay safe! Keep on cuttin’ y’all.
BLD Lightpainting
BLD Lightpainting 2 måneder siden
Grow up little boy and stop spewing immature and disgusting profanity in public places. This is only for uneducated and immoral street thugs and drug addicts. Not true ladies and gentlemen of moral character.
William Lee
William Lee 2 måneder siden
KEWL !!! Thank you for posting! Question...On the electric sharpener, does the grinding wheel go up inside the cutting tooth, and cut a radius like the file does, or does it just grind the edge straight and at an angle? I bought a Harbor Freight one and it doesn't sharpen like a file does, and it doesn't cut near as good as hand filing does! Do I have it set wrong? I have watched MANY videos on it and I have mine set, just like theirs, and I have reset the rakes, too. If I hand file, the saw cuts great! If I use the machine, it tries to rub thru it! HELP
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
Stop buying stuff at Harbor Freight prices if you want professional grade results. A better model will work better, especially if you have someone that's been doing it a while there teaching you. However, even quality machines are difficult to set if you want better than hand-done work. If you're not doing several tons of cutting every day, it might just be better to stick with the hand file.
A M 2 måneder siden
A sharp tooth is exactly that. It doesnt matter if one tooth took 5 passes and the next tooth only took 3 passes. Unless you enjoy buying chains. Your not going to cut crooked if all the teeth arnt the same length, your not going to remove less wood either. Counting strokes is and old school wives tale. But by all means,keep the same edge profile and angle. Stop counting. KISS And yes file your rakers.
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo 2 måneder siden
The only way you can afford to sharpen a chain instead of buying a new one is if you are under-paying the worker doing the sharpening. You can buy 14" to 24" replacement chains from $11 to $18.50. A worker might sharpen several chains per hour, after you buy the $600 machine, or fewer if hand-sharpening. Either way, sharpening them can be hit and miss, especially with hand sharpening. The employee is making the bottom line a profit equal to the price of new chain(s) less his hourly rate, less the cost of the machine or files or replacement grinder wheels, less any inefficiency that results from a backhoe driver sharpening chainsaw chains... Employees can be put to much better use doing the major work of the business. But the ideal situation is to grow the business large enough to support a full-time maintenance mechanic. They would work afternoons and evenings after the trucks return, making sure all the equipment is lubed, checked, blades replaced or sharpened, repaired if feasible, and perform other work best done at the shop. Morning trucks would leave the shop with gear in good shape, so as to get their jobs done efficiently. The mech would tag equipment serviced, keep records, receive repair or replacement requests, and when needed send up purchase orders for approval. The big boss would free up time best spent customer facing.
Glenn Evitt
Glenn Evitt 2 måneder siden
Man Thank you for this information and Great Video Stanley 😎🤙
Jay Sheldon
Jay Sheldon 2 måneder siden
Awesome info, loved this video.
Ross Nettleship
Ross Nettleship 2 måneder siden
"How to sharpen a chainsaw blade" -right at the outset of the video. Its not a blade dude. It's a chain with teeth.
Ross Nettleship
Ross Nettleship 2 måneder siden
Once you sharpen with a bench grinder you temper the steel and you can forget about sharpening that chain by hand.
Trevor Russell
Trevor Russell 3 måneder siden
This was pretty interesting. I've been running saws my whole life and the one thing I've never mastered was sharpening the chain. I had no idea that the takers needed to be filed down that's probably where I have been going wrong. Keep these videos gping things like this can make a big difference for DIY people like me.
A M 2 måneder siden
A sharp tooth is exactly that. It doesnt matter if one tooth took 5 passes and the next tooth only took 3 passes. Unless you enjoy buying chains. Your not going to cut crooked if all the teeth arnt the same length, your not going to remove less wood either. Counting strokes is and old school wives tale. But by all means,keep the same edge profile and angle. Stop counting. KISS And yes file your rakers. Also Check out Buckin Billy Ray Smith for more wood cutting wisdom and a touch of axe throwing.
sandpit350 3 måneder siden
Or-Eh-Gun Oregon. Say it with me. XD
Jim Hofoss
Jim Hofoss 3 måneder siden
keep your saw out of dirty bark and the ground. more time cutting, less time filing. I like a bit of hook in the side profile.
urbanothepopeofdeath 3 måneder siden
wonder what these guys think of that Stihl sharpener that files and sharpens together
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 3 måneder siden
The gear teeth are all burn up on my saw what cause it.
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
That can be caused by a lot of reasons: chain on backwards, or too loose, too tight, poor lubrication, or it has just reached the end of the service life and needs a relatively inexpensive replacement. It's not an expensive part.
Smitty's channel
Smitty's channel 3 måneder siden
Years ago I bought a chain sharpener from good ol' Harbor Freight. $30-35 but it does the job, & lots faster than hand filing. I take off as little as possible to just take off the dull edge, & make chains last longer. It does have a little give & wobble here & there, but tighten everything down solid & get to goin.
bruce mackey
bruce mackey 3 måneder siden
$600 for a chain sharpener, lol! Picked one up at harbor freight for 30 bucks.... Works great.
HUSQVARNA - PIT 3 måneder siden
Nice Tip
Cro Boy
Cro Boy 3 måneder siden
Tooth...raker...tooth...raker...tooth...raker. Think I got it!
Jeffery Spinelli
Jeffery Spinelli 3 måneder siden
after hearing a "PRO" Call a depth gauge a raker i had to stop watching the video.
Tayler Labrum
Tayler Labrum 3 måneder siden
Hey bro, dig the video. I’ve watched 5 other chainsaw sharpening videos and I didn’t learn half as much as I did with this one. Keep up the good work. 🤙
BEARDED BEAST 3 måneder siden
Dude you guys take for ever to give some simple instructions
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek 3 måneder siden
Sorry about that, just trying to get some key details in as well
lightespeed 3 måneder siden
Is there a way of altering a blade to make it cut straight?
mike jones
mike jones 4 måneder siden
We just got done with a major ice storm here in okc. I work at a large mower sales and service. I bet ive sharpen 5 or 6 hundred chains. I felt the need to understand it better. Ive been a mechanic for 20 years. Thanks this was helpful
Scott Matthews
Scott Matthews 4 måneder siden
Thanks for the video guys! Great stuff!
deefadale 4 måneder siden
Does the electric sharpener to the rakers/depth too?
Adrian Rolfe
Adrian Rolfe 4 måneder siden
Love it!! great video, informative, helpful and still succinct! Cheers! Only criticism - keep the camera steady. Thank you!!
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller 4 måneder siden
So the "dirt monkey " kind of a dick and the other 2 should have talked before hand on what they were going say...... just saying
Phil Hazelwood
Phil Hazelwood 4 måneder siden
For people still confused about what they're talking about. Rakers - scoop out debris and material (soft woods usually) Depth gauges - control cutting depth (this is what he is filing down)
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 4 måneder siden
Can someone share with me the best chain saw for cutting down trees up to 8” in diameter? 🙏
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
@Truth Hurts An very acute face cut angle will cause that because the face cut gap closes before the tree is done falling, causing a breakage of the hinge before the tree is done falling. In a hazard-free situation, that might be ok as long as it's not too early in the fall. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes not, depending on the situation. The good part is that you don't have to separate the tree from stump after the fall since it's already done. The bad part is that the hinge is no longer there to control the direction of fall once broken which in some cases can be a significant safety concern especially when you're falling in a direction that is different from the lean or if you're in a situation that shows threat of barber chairing, which is a major safety concern. Ideally I try to make the face cut angle such that it would close and snap just before the tree hits the ground and that will come with practice. Some guys like the tree to stay attached to the stump when they're creating a barricade or wildlife cover or they don't want the tree to slide down a hill although it's not a very reliable thing to do. What saw did you eventually choose?
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 måneder siden
@happy camper thank. I’m pretty impressive now since my first comment. And I learned all on my own. With the help of NOpost. I’m now 40 plus tress in and majority of them, the bottoms even hit the ground first.
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
Any chainsaw is limited to the safety sense of the operator. If you are felling, make sure you learn a lot about cutting fallen wood first, then watch videos about safe felling, then have an experienced person do it in front of you a few times, then do it with that person present a few times so that the person is there to help you if they see something that looks to be going wrong. Any chainsaw can cut 8" trees. Stihl and Husqvarna are the choice brands of the pros, if you get quality models.
mr dirtwork
mr dirtwork 4 måneder siden
I use a 2 in 1 sharpener. Works great for me I'm a pro low paid logger.
Douglas J Herring
Douglas J Herring 4 måneder siden
jacking around and wasting my time
thatbubbleguy 4 måneder siden
Hugely informative! Thanks!
Cspaz 3482
Cspaz 3482 4 måneder siden
You really want to be Richard Rawlings huh.....?
K G 4 måneder siden
IMHO: this could have been a 3 minute video. When I’m looking for a how to video anything this long gets shipped if I have another option. I’m not interested in hearing you get cranky about movement and out of focus shots.
Keith Laub
Keith Laub 4 måneder siden
All the teeth don’t have to be the same length. This is told to so many people and it’s not true. Also you don’t have to make the same amount of stroke on each tooth.
Dr. Love
Dr. Love 4 måneder siden
Why are you having sunglasses indoors? Blind or stupid?
Groundzero 4 måneder siden
not how pro's do it. wrong direction with file to tooth. file from tip to heal, take down the gullets to the links and use a hex file to give a square cut.
Walter Smith
Walter Smith 4 måneder siden
What's wrong with one finger franky😂😂😂
Agri-Life Organic Farm
Agri-Life Organic Farm 4 måneder siden
Great job; best saw blade sharpening video I've seen.
Don Mathias
Don Mathias 4 måneder siden
You dont need to take the teeth to all the same amount. You just have to get the tooth sharp at its point and half way agross the face. I take the raker down before sharpening or else the file can hit the sharpened tip. Key to filing is a lot of pressure with a new file in a file clamp.I weld a handle onto the far side of the file clamp. Good control, angle gauge as a reference and take care not to file the link because it will break a chain. Probably only do two chains on a file.
Robo Story
Robo Story 4 måneder siden
Is it better to sharpen a chainsaw with a hand file or one of those little electric grinder type ones that you attach to the bar?
ken seymour
ken seymour 5 måneder siden
Echo makes a great saw I like mine
Jeremy Daniell
Jeremy Daniell 5 måneder siden
Lost informational video and humorous and I didn’t get bored or fast forward. Also there was close ups and good detail.
Harold Hinkle
Harold Hinkle 5 måneder siden
That was very interesting I've been doing it wrong thanks for the info
Genevieve Groesbeck
Genevieve Groesbeck 5 måneder siden
Andreas Hjort
Andreas Hjort 5 måneder siden
Imagene your teacher forces headbanging metal music during an importan lecture the day before exam.
Dennis W
Dennis W 5 måneder siden
That used to be my job when I was working for the last tree company. It's amazing how many people don't know how to sharpen a chainsaw properly. Took me years to get down to a science. I think Im one of the better sharpeners out there. That fellow sharpens like I do. Yup. He's got the right stuff! P.S. The rakers, as you were saying have to be done the same time as the teeth. Ever use those chains that instead of being horizontal to the bar, you have to give it an angle ( I'm not talking about the sharpening angle per se) Anyhow, I've come across them a few times and seems unnecessary. Not to mention, it's hard to master. It reminds me of a compound miter type of angle. Does anyone like those chains is what I'm wondering. And if there's a benefit to having them like that.
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
Yes, there are benefits to that, but I wouldn't try it unless you have someone with you that is already accustomed to it because of having to learn multiple angles at once. Your use of the term "compound miter" helps to explain it quite a lot. Wish I had thought of that. That kind of sharpening helps make the amount of metal removed more uniform along the cutting edges and ends up with a faster cutting chain, which can be important for felling and other cutting in more dangerous situations. It takes longer to learn and longer per sharpening job once learned too. I almost always use the round file, but I will go to a chain that I have "square filed" (actually a triangle if you look at it) if I'm getting into something where I need that little extra speed or confidence to do.
Awesomesauce 5 måneder siden
Joseph Rawe
Joseph Rawe 5 måneder siden
This is awful.
panman1224 5 måneder siden
Excellent video! Great detail. Now I don't have to keep buying so many chains. Thank you!
John Haughey
John Haughey 5 måneder siden
Good job guys!! I have been lazy and just purchased a new chain every time one got dull. I'll wait for a nice rainy day and see how many of them I can sharpen up. That will give me more $$ for the next beer run.
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
Just a tip - don't do too many by hand in one session, especially if they're long chains. The first few turn out great, then the quality of work suffers. I don't know if it's fatigue, eyestrain, or whatever, but everyone I have ever cut with has given me that advice. Any time I have gotten cocky and ignored that advise to sharpen many in one sitting, I ended up with lousy chains. Also, don't forget to dress the bar too. You don't need to do it as often but it needs to be done. It's beyond the scope of this video so I don't blame them for not mentioning it, but search to learn this often forgotten step if you aren't already doing it.
Brian W
Brian W 5 måneder siden
Very informative video. Thanks.
J Austin
J Austin 6 måneder siden
I used to occasionally sharpen chains when i worked in a mower shop. No one ever trained me and I now realize I likely screwed up plenty of chains. Dumb and young thought I knew what I was doing. Sure they were sharp but the raker likely was way off and probably blued them. Learned something new and will not make that mistake on my own chains!
Abraham Varo
Abraham Varo 6 måneder siden
Super very nice video ,thanks!!!
Mahboob Pasha Ghouse
Mahboob Pasha Ghouse 6 måneder siden
You guys are crazy, but fucking gooood, I learned a lot from you guys...thanks a million
900 STX
900 STX 6 måneder siden
I'm not a pro by any means but if i have a couple bad cutters on a chain, i'm not going to grind the rest down just to make them all the same. My saws have always cut good for me.
8RANW8 6 måneder siden
These videos are quite bad... not all chains cut "long chips" there is to many styles......
rocknta 6 måneder siden
5:20 Welcome back to the video camera guy!!
Matthew Soukup
Matthew Soukup 6 måneder siden
here after midwest derecho storm Aug 2020. so many trees down in Iowa :(
Landscaping Specialist
Landscaping Specialist 6 måneder siden
The legendary ms 461. Saw is an animal
scbane 6 måneder siden
Won't lie, that Stihl sharpening tool has saved my life. After years of hand filing chains, bought one of the Stihl tools at Ace. So nice.
Travis Tuttle
Travis Tuttle 7 måneder siden
Good guide for someone just getting into chainsaws and or sharpening cutting depth is very important chain will cut straight if the teeth are close to even on each side but there could be differnt size from one side to other so if you hit a nail on one side and only mess up 2 or 3 teeth but only on one side you only have to file that side down you could keep the other side brand new but you have to take your cutting depth down on the same side you filed and it will cut true if you dont take the rakes down itll pull to the side with the bigger teeth because the rakes are rite depth if your not get a gauge and check that all the time
Dan DiCecca
Dan DiCecca 7 måneder siden
Best explanation I have seen. VERY good!
Robert Beresford
Robert Beresford 7 måneder siden
Blueing any edges with high heat especially "friction" heat will soften the steel and it would have to be heat treated "annealed" again and not just by heating it red or bright yellow but how its cooled is just as important than how it was heated to bring it back to the most useful strength for its application.. cool it 5o fast and it's brittle, cool it to slow and it's too soft.. their are oils, and many other options for cooling steel than with water.
happy camper
happy camper 2 måneder siden
Oils reduce the occurrence of unintended corrosion during cooling and they have different thermal conducting properties that can change the rate of cooling. Blueing does indeed make the metal more brittle and more likely to chip instead of dull when cutting. This is evident if you look at the edge under magnification after cutting with a blued edge. It can also cause undue wear and tear on files when you go to sharpen them since the hardness is closer between the two metals.
doogie howser
doogie howser 7 måneder siden
doing the rakers more regularly was a good reminder , i must get me one of the new stihl hand files that do the teeth and the rakers simultaneously
The frog
The frog 7 måneder siden
Wayne Journey
Wayne Journey 7 måneder siden
Can’t tell you how many chains I have tossed out because I had no clue on how to sharpen them. This gave me a much better understanding of the chain and how it works. Thanks everyone 👍👍
Curb Appeal
Curb Appeal 6 måneder siden
Haha me too. I’ve been stockpiling dull chains for a hot minute now though. Got a sharpener from harbor freight, got plenty of practice material!
sgribb02 7 måneder siden
Tanner... your boss is a douche!
Infidel Dave
Infidel Dave 7 måneder siden
"We are going to show you..the right way.... to sharpen a Chainsaw Blade". Clicked off the video in 10 Seconds!!!!
Brett Black
Brett Black 7 måneder siden
Lol, I cringed too, but I watched, just may learn something since the person saying blade isnt the one teaching.
Curmudgeon 7 måneder siden
How to tell if someone is a dick - does he wear sunglasses inside? If yes, he's a dick. lol
Charles Rock
Charles Rock 7 måneder siden
Good Info. Quit touching your file with your bare hands oil from your hands foul them up
Jonathan 7 måneder siden
This is a great video with Tanner (orange shirt). He really knows his stuff. Everyone else needs to stop interrupting him and just let him teach.
ELO 7 måneder siden
I always used a file the opposite way so the burr isn't on the cutting edge. I do the same with a knife but use a sharpening stone a knife. Let me know what U think. Thank You
Brett Black
Brett Black 7 måneder siden
Round filed chain you file inside out, square filed chain most guys go outside in but you can file it either direction, outside in is very hard on a double beveled file for a square filing and they are not cheap. The small burr your speaking of is gone as soon as you hit the wood, and its only on the side plate not the top plate so it effects a smaller portion of the cutting than what it may seem. Hope this helps.
Samuel Wild
Samuel Wild 7 måneder siden
Great video Stanley! I really love your stuff! A really good addition to this would be to find someone who "Square-files" their saws and get a demonstration on the cutting speed. It's really something spectacular!
Zachary H
Zachary H 7 måneder siden
Say Ohrihghen. That’s how Oregon is pronounced. Yes they make expensive chainsaw accessories. Brilliant video thank you
yourneck2 7 måneder siden
I saw his fingers, and was like O BOI.....! BACK TO BUCKIN BILLY RAY No disrespect on the pros it’s the monkey jumpin around in the background.
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