[1250] Pocket EMP Generator Opens Timer Padlock

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Adolf Doenitz
Adolf Doenitz Dag siden
So what happens if he sticks his weiner in the EMP generator?
b2hq 2 dager siden
You can do the same with a piezzo christal from a lighter
H C 3 dager siden
Can you just use a stun gun on it??
Guilherme Sartorato
Guilherme Sartorato 3 dager siden
Now I got curious about the pocket EMP generator. I loved all those Photonic Induction overvoltage videos, and those of Aussie50 (R.I.P.) as well, not to mention videos of electric motor "death matches", undervoltage, using silicon carbide as "lube" for electric motors and related stuff NOpostrs post. I'm going to type "pocket EMP generator" on search engine and see what happens.
John G.
John G. 3 dager siden
Make the lock EMP proof, it is possible to shield it from EMPs.
Rich Fox
Rich Fox 4 dager siden
I’m trying to imagine why I’d want a crappy lock with a timer and most of the use cases end up being kinda naughty.
Fabian Manuel Espinosa Arroyo
Fabian Manuel Espinosa Arroyo 4 dager siden
Pocket EMP generator... fancy way to say taser
Krelen107 5 dager siden
When it takes longer to lock than unlock, you got a problem.
jamoecw 6 dager siden
Maybe one day he'll do an X09
Marcio Augusto
Marcio Augusto 7 dager siden
Just because this never gets old... I'll give you one more like.
Eric Schneid
Eric Schneid 9 dager siden
Just take my 💲, I "need" that
Eric Schneid
Eric Schneid 9 dager siden
Glad I didn't get electronic lock on my safe
jaac12000 9 dager siden
Too many comments to review, so this may be a repeat request. How about trying that when the lock is in a Faraday bag? Sounds very interesting and informative to me.
Adam Green
Adam Green 10 dager siden
"we could open it with a shim, but this way is more fun:" "orbital bombardment target verified"
nicksurfs1 10 dager siden
Pretty sure these are what they use on voting machines. But I may be mistakenly thinking of another timed lock
Nikolai Orr
Nikolai Orr 13 dager siden
Isnt EMP shielding super expensive??
lawrie 13 dager siden
I remember building a mini EMP device like this many years ago, and testing it on a range of household devices. It only really affected cheaper battery powered gadgets like calculators and digital clocks, so I assume this padlock is built to a similar standard. Larger higher-quality devices like alarm panels and laptops were impervious. I think it depends on circuit construction, casing material (grounded metal shielding being ideal) and maybe logic levels (TTL perhaps more resilient than CMOS).
bjtaudio 13 dager siden
I ended up making my own optical key lock, that is practically impossible to pick or fry, even drilling out the key way is useless.
bjtaudio 13 dager siden
high power lasers can destroy CCTV cameras and all this stuff can be made portable. Its very hard and expensive to keep strong unbreakable security.
bjtaudio 13 dager siden
also stun guns can do it too, it works on some security keypads too. It can also be used to destroy electronics. shielding is an option but it depends on how strong you're generator is, a high power pulse generator can destroy anything, to point of even melting the shielding away. its the same with big strong magnets, can be very destructive.
Sir Zorg
Sir Zorg 13 dager siden
In this video: LPL unlocks a lock without touching it.
Island Aerial
Island Aerial 13 dager siden
Annnnnd, Creepy Joe Biden is apparently your 'President'. Weird
perry lc
perry lc 15 dager siden
Just don’t put it in the same pocket as your phone.
Andre Rosendo
Andre Rosendo 16 dager siden
Self bondage lock...
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda 16 dager siden
That was too easy
Garry Sekelli
Garry Sekelli 17 dager siden
Ever try pissing through the emp generator ring?
Nicmadis 18 dager siden
"This is the lockpicking lawyer, and today we are going to have some fun with this bank vault lock and this sonic screwdriver."
Caliado 19 dager siden
Wonder what the device does on RFID input door entry pads
Bloink 19 dager siden
So if you accidentally set it to 100 hours you can't unlock it for 4 days??
AllYourPie 20 dager siden
Faraday's Law on 1 Gauss's Law on 2 Nothing out of 3 yet Ampere's Law on 4...
A P 20 dager siden
Ok, I'm going to have to look up if you can buy one of those 😂
Dean 21 dag siden
What would the emp device do the keypad safe usually bought cheap fro amazon?
Mostly Magical
Mostly Magical 21 dag siden
“Devices going dark”
Ashane Wadasinghe
Ashane Wadasinghe 22 dager siden
These are what you call guilty pleasures.
Jhayar 23 dager siden
Mike Makowski
Mike Makowski 23 dager siden
"Using the EMP generator Bosnian Bill and I made ..."
northpappyflappy 23 dager siden
Next week I'll be using my time machine
The_Cosmo 24 dager siden
Next time on LPL, we'll unlock this amazon brand electronic lock with a solar flare.
Elratauru 25 dager siden
Lock: I'm a delayed lock with time, so advanced, computer stuff even! LPL: EMP GOES KRKRKRRKRK
Jake Boardley
Jake Boardley 26 dager siden
It took longer for the padlock to lock itself than it did to bypass the lock...
Alexandra Marberry
Alexandra Marberry 26 dager siden
I'd love it if you tried this (or any other exploit) on The Barnacle, which is the 21st century version of the parking boot. And no, I'm not asking because I plan on using the information for any illegal or immoral purposes. I merely want to see how secure those really are, for educational purposes.
Itzamna 26 dager siden
Yes I have a question: How can I make myself a poket EMP generator just like yours?
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe 27 dager siden
Locks like these is how they "Secure" election ballot boxes in USA.
Great Admiral
Great Admiral 27 dager siden
Try this to open a Tesla
Karrier Bag
Karrier Bag 27 dager siden
You Bully, tazering a poor cheap dirty lock
Martin Kellermayr
Martin Kellermayr 28 dager siden
LPL/ElectroBoom crossover when?
Greenlight 28 dager siden
Stop, it's already dead.
jim palmer
jim palmer 28 dager siden
You're awesome! We accidentally discovered years ago that a standard stun gun would blow open key card locks in a flash!
RiotRuth ͔
RiotRuth ͔ 28 dager siden
Lock picking doctor
SysGhost 29 dager siden
Would this EMP pocket generator also reset electronic locks often found on safes and storage lockers? Maybe... resetting them back to the factory code?
fireluke112 28 dager siden
You could possibly also break it so it would not move anymore.
PowerfulVeganHands 29 dager siden
The shim part killed me
James Hossa
James Hossa 29 dager siden
I want that lock pic thingy
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt 29 dager siden
Yeah that timer padlock looks REAL sturdy, like it can be twisted in half...
Björn 29 dager siden
I would love some more info on the EMP generator. The voltage, Pulse generation etc.
Brad Wood
Brad Wood 29 dager siden
You, my friend, have unlocked the secret to a successful NOpost channel. Skill, wit, charm, ingenuity, simplicity and a fascinating subject matter. Bravo!!
Andrewik 29 dager siden
He unlocked it in 0 seconds flat, but the lock didn't care, it continued the countdown as if nothing happened.
Jacob 29 dager siden
You took a tazer connected the electrodes?
Oliver Hale
Oliver Hale 29 dager siden
I'm guessing that isn't FCC certified.
K1llSw1tch Måned siden
So stun gun and enameled wire, got it :D
Silent Mayan
Silent Mayan Måned siden
I want to see you design a lock.
Surviving Capitalism
Surviving Capitalism Måned siden
So you took a tazer and coiled the ends. Very clever.
RWBHere Måned siden
Lock-shaped object opens in under 1 second with a small shim. LPL uses black box to reset the thing. Even if it was secure, what is the point of having a padlock which only stays locked for up to about 4 days? And that's assuming that the battery doesn't fail before the timer stops. Worse still, you arrive 5 minutes late to retrieve your 'protected' items, only to find the lock has been restarted by someone who might just have stolen your goods. But you will not know whether they've been stolen until the clock counts down again. The concept has not been thought through by the designers.
Francois Leveille
Francois Leveille Måned siden
U got a schematic on this EMP generator ? I'd have a few uses for one...
apex edge sharpening
apex edge sharpening Måned siden
Can someone explain the faraday law in simple terms? I understand the concept but how many laws of this are there?
Christopher Måned siden
Could this be used to open something like a wedlock door lock? Asking for a friend
Goldenman Måned siden
Electro Magnetic Pulse
Simon Østergaard
Simon Østergaard Måned siden
Could you try this on some of the fingerprint padlocks ?
kerberos623 Måned siden
Cold you try it on a yale doorman housedoor lock?
David _1
David _1 Måned siden
Where do we get the emp thing
Jay Swarrow
Jay Swarrow Måned siden
Right. I needed to know this. For my own security. I also need to build an EM pulser asap. That too, for *security* ;) Mhm. :3
Andrew Nikoli
Andrew Nikoli Måned siden
“EMP Systems online”
Joe Hamelin
Joe Hamelin Måned siden
I bet a 5w cop or ham walkie-talkie would do it too.
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores Måned siden
Portable Pocket Time Machine!
Roxas, The Key of Destiny
Roxas, The Key of Destiny Måned siden
A lock that can't be opened for four days.
Barsabias Abajar
Barsabias Abajar Måned siden
0:55 more like a taser?
Jay Te
Jay Te Måned siden
When it takes longer to lock the lock than to open the lock 😒😵
Ulrich Kälber
Ulrich Kälber Måned siden
it is not high Voltage, but high current that creates high magnetic fields.
/dev/random Måned siden
No one with any experience is building these locks. They're just cheap gadgets that people think will work great, but in reality, they're pure garbage.
Hamed Emine
Hamed Emine Måned siden
Sootikins Måned siden
Brave (or crazy?) man firing that thing so close to your camera equipment. Or do you have a 1,000mm telephoto lens and EMP'd the lock 20 meters away from the camera?
sunny squid
sunny squid Måned siden
I like how the lock still counts down as if it wasn't busted just 6 seconds in
CaptainDangeax Måned siden
when I was young I knew someone who used an EMP generator like this one to induce pinballs and arcade games to give free credits
Florian BEAULIEU Måned siden
Hello have you tried it on fingerprint padlocks ?
Gael Time
Gael Time Måned siden
Imagine hearing that device at a military base followed by a click and LPL saying "now we're going to do that one more time because it never gets old"
michiel Måned siden
It takes longer to say “this is the lockpicking lawyer” than to open the lock using 2 different methods
Harrick V Harrick
Harrick V Harrick Måned siden
it is a bit bulky, but given its 'awful lot of potential uses', this might still be a great addition to my key ring
Andy Måned siden
Super illegal to use that EMP generator btw because they can jam other radio links (including ambulance, fire and safety radios). The FCC have strict rules and issue very large daily fines for the use, manufacture and sales of these devices.
Ken Nicholson
Ken Nicholson Måned siden
That works on the small fingerprint lock that you used the spinning magnets on
Rui Ni
Rui Ni Måned siden
Man! That EMP shocked me across the internet and spacetime though the speaker of my phone 😱
DRD Måned siden
That’s a taser lol
Wah A
Wah A Måned siden
someone need to try it on Iphone
Travis Versher
Travis Versher Måned siden
How does this fair with locks like the biometric ones he has shown before?
Long John Lannister
Long John Lannister Måned siden
Couldn’t you just taze it at that point?
Simon Biermann
Simon Biermann Måned siden
Wait! So all North Korea has to do is dropping a nuclear bomb and my padlock will open? Great news, now I'm scared 😱
Charles S
Charles S Måned siden
Will it work on an electronic safe lock?
Howdy Duty
Howdy Duty Måned siden
Hilarious. I'll be laughing for a while on this one
Daniel Lindy
Daniel Lindy Måned siden
Stun gun, plus coil of wire equals magic!
Neris Måned siden
The lock sounds like it's screaming "please stop I'll tell you everything"
FromMyBrain Måned siden
Version 1.1 release notes, lock remains locked for 24 hours on start up.
Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges Måned siden
Can you hear that? That's the sound of a million google searches for "pocket EMP generator".
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