Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles

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Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber.
Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!
Base rules for all builds:
-4 wheels
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used
Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller

Andrey Bann
Andrey Bann Time siden
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water foker
water foker Time siden
Just give it Legs
Andrew Jin
Andrew Jin 3 timer siden
Where do u get those sweet Lego parts?
omkar Nira mithra k
omkar Nira mithra k 4 timer siden
Getting over it game but with legos and real life objects
ᴍʀ ᴛᴏᴍ
ᴍʀ ᴛᴏᴍ 5 timer siden
Ur Legend Bro 😍🏅
Hiten Singh
Hiten Singh 6 timer siden
He is using PS4 remote!!!!!!!!!
BrOzZy ChAnNeL
BrOzZy ChAnNeL 7 timer siden
Obstacles 50 add real car engine
frog7640 7 timer siden
Looks a little bit like my robots at school
naomi Ramiro
naomi Ramiro 8 timer siden
I love how everytime he fail he zoom on the thing that failed 🤣😂😂🤣
PCSO Lotto Results Today
PCSO Lotto Results Today 8 timer siden
Andre 10 timer siden
Siapa yang ke sini gara gara konten tiktok kita satu mars :d
Ktos 11 timer siden
Playstiation 6 8D
Tangent 12 timer siden
That was amazing. I didn't expect you to overcome the overhang at ALL.
rick 13 timer siden
now thats a human can do. 4:20 A LEGO CAR THAT CAN CLIMB IT LIKE A HUMAN!?!?!!!111!11
fadly gaming
fadly gaming 15 timer siden
Kesini gara2 tiktok🤚
edukasi anak tambang
edukasi anak tambang 16 timer siden
O M 19 timer siden
Why did I watch this.
MintIsHere 23 timer siden
Bro this is should be a video game where there are levels and on certain levels you have to redesign the machine for it to work properly
Kaan Onuk The American Person
Kaan Onuk The American Person Dag siden
Dude you have a professinal skills on this nice engineering ! Really nice channel :)
The Next Unlock
The Next Unlock Dag siden
I was trying to make different cars in Trailmakers on my channel. I might have to make this one lol. It can go anywhere!
quathur space
quathur space Dag siden
Mison passed
ABG Dag siden
I like how when it's sped it, it sounds like an old computer booting up
Boaz Diaz gamer
Boaz Diaz gamer Dag siden
Wait what the is he using a ps4 controller?? 😂😂
Winkado Dag siden
BEC: *pulls out ps4 controller* Me: Likes, subscribes, comments HOW THE HELL DID YOU LINK THAT?
Ryuu Drazyl
Ryuu Drazyl Dag siden
Someone, anyone, please make this a real vehicle?
Meena Sharma
Meena Sharma Dag siden
Add wheels in middle
Lok Wong
Lok Wong Dag siden
NASA: You are so good!Help us make a mars rover! Him:With legos?
jagadeeswaran g
jagadeeswaran g Dag siden
Where can I get these and what I have search it
pranav A
pranav A Dag siden
This video made me learn about monster trucks
Maurice Anderson
Maurice Anderson Dag siden
Muhammed Fatih Sakin
Muhammed Fatih Sakin Dag siden
#الفخم شو
#الفخم شو Dag siden
Please subscribe to my channel
FiLaş şahin
FiLaş şahin Dag siden
Aynı sistemle 100.00 kitap çıkamaz
Anitha Dilip
Anitha Dilip Dag siden
Wow! Keep it up
Nhật anh Nguyễn
Nhật anh Nguyễn Dag siden
unbelievable, amazing
Jeandi de jesus Reyes
Jeandi de jesus Reyes Dag siden
I love the channel
joalcogui Dag siden
Obstacle 10: Teach it thrist for blood.
Link Lego
Link Lego 2 dager siden
Amazing. Great job !
earlyracoon12 2 dager siden
Im so proud of this little fella
Абду Сайфуллаев
Абду Сайфуллаев 2 dager siden
Where can you buy this Lego wonder?
Вадим Пивовар
Вадим Пивовар 2 dager siden
4:56 когда школьнику запрещают деградировать в майнкрафт.
Ben Arevalo
Ben Arevalo 2 dager siden
Semih Öztürk
Semih Öztürk 2 dager siden
Austin stratman
Austin stratman 2 dager siden
Goulart Chiker13
Goulart Chiker13 2 dager siden
Real games of lego
football delisi kaplan
football delisi kaplan 2 dager siden
Ramdzan Usop
Ramdzan Usop 2 dager siden
Obstacel 3 the robot at first trying. Dying....
DINESH GADA 2 dager siden
Жожик Жожиков
Жожик Жожиков 2 dager siden
Polaxide Man
Polaxide Man 2 dager siden
This isn’t even my final form!
granand 2 dager siden
This guy will get a call from NASA or Elon Musk ..just needs exposure
Tri Pham Duc
Tri Pham Duc 2 dager siden
محمد الحربي
محمد الحربي 2 dager siden
냥펀치 2 dager siden
very good really.
CEO of Autism
CEO of Autism 2 dager siden
Every would by increasing wheel diameter But it need to be big
M.M GAMER 2 dager siden
Wischmopps 2 dager siden
You should team up with some ai developer to make this climber a neutral network that learns sheet thousands of tries how to stear this thing. Of course first digitally, or would have to sit for days at the side and flip it manually. Would be awesome to see how Lego and creative followers can achieve more than big companies. And the model is simple enough that it should not take forever.
R.L. Dane
R.L. Dane 2 dager siden
Etem ATEŞ 2 dager siden
Paul Wagner (Student)
Paul Wagner (Student) 2 dager siden
NASA should hire this guy
Syed Minhaz Uddin Rizvi
Syed Minhaz Uddin Rizvi 2 dager siden
since you're so expert in lego with motors and gears then here's a challenge for ya .. A cvt transmission without belt .. go ahead and and waste your life on it ..
Cooper Anderson
Cooper Anderson 2 dager siden
Science with Lego the best combo
Tyalia Roosa
Tyalia Roosa 3 dager siden
This was played at the last Sina Loa Drug Cartel meeting, they all had to take notes and prepare a power point on how to use a huge version to hop the wall SA... except theirs will have hydraulics and 13inch spoked rims.
Gabe Pirnie
Gabe Pirnie 3 dager siden
do a live stream tractor pull video Can pull as much as it can must go 3 ft in 90 seconds
Lemon Soup MTB
Lemon Soup MTB 3 dager siden
Cool vid
ALLDie 3 dager siden
i dont know why it is funny😂
дэн шеметов
дэн шеметов 3 dager siden
Чувак тебе делать нехуй?
Sussy buoy
Sussy buoy 3 dager siden
haven't played legos in years
Yolly Verlising
Yolly Verlising 3 dager siden
lego rules
Darruel 1083
Darruel 1083 3 dager siden
the 9 level is possible !!
YT NOB 3 dager siden
Gk bisa bahasa inggria
Jake } Ultima
Jake } Ultima 3 dager siden
MrDGgamerSir 3 dager siden
It's not bigger wheels you need it's wheels that has better grip
davves moto adventures
davves moto adventures 3 dager siden
what if the grip on the wheels increased?
Vikhyat Hari
Vikhyat Hari 3 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the book ont he top is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Ff Vincs
Ff Vincs 3 dager siden
Yang dari tik tok kesini like 🇮🇩
Yinoussa ADAGOLODJO 3 dager siden
Hey, Very impresive :+1: . Can you share a video on how you build this ? Thanks
Trin Silvers
Trin Silvers 3 dager siden
And to think nature works like this to be able to handle unexpected scenarios.
sastra mokoginta
sastra mokoginta 3 dager siden
sastra mokoginta
sastra mokoginta 3 dager siden
Sam Walker
Sam Walker 3 dager siden
Very cool. Great off road demonstration. Thanks for posting.
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 3 dager siden
Car: Such is my life's purpose.
Илья Яблонский
Илья Яблонский 4 dager siden
Неодного русског
avbro tune
avbro tune 4 dager siden
NASA already called him to help with the Mars project.
RobinIsBored • 100 years
RobinIsBored • 100 years 3 dager siden
Cristian Adonai Gamez Rodriguez
Cristian Adonai Gamez Rodriguez 4 dager siden
omg this are a great job bro
العلم المتقدم
العلم المتقدم 4 dager siden
Where do you buy it because I want something like it?
Bhushan Pardeshi
Bhushan Pardeshi 4 dager siden
Next level brain....😎
Devarsh .A
Devarsh .A 4 dager siden
could i buy one witha controller?
Andrii Kulchytskyi
Andrii Kulchytskyi 4 dager siden
Roshni R S
Roshni R S 4 dager siden
When u took besiege too much seriously
A.G 4 dager siden
I wonder if nasa watches his videos
Hydro Aegis
Hydro Aegis 4 dager siden
It ceased to be a car at some point lol
Two Notes
Two Notes 4 dager siden
I have finalized realized why is important to buy books.
Thep Jup
Thep Jup 4 dager siden
i like this thing
Malik Bel Fdhila
Malik Bel Fdhila 5 dager siden
whats that transparent box
Malik Bel Fdhila
Malik Bel Fdhila 5 dager siden
where can i buy the parts and how do i make the models
GOURMANDIER 5 dager siden
ᄋᄋ 5 dager siden
우리 엄마도 책을 저렇게라도 썼으면 뭐라하진 않을 텐데
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