Film Theory: The ONLY Way To Beat The Monster From It Follows! (Scary Movie)

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It Follows brought a very original and terrifying monster to our screens. The Entity that once attached to you and follows until it can end you. The only way to save yourself is to pass it along to someone else... or is there another way? Is there a way to actually defeat the monster? Loyal Theorists, this will have to be one of my most clever solutions yet! Let's get SCARY!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Edward Earl Newton, Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sierra Ace Extrordinaire
Sierra Ace Extrordinaire 6 dager siden
The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: hold my beer
1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge
1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge 13 timer siden
Animo Dev
Animo Dev 21 time siden
The proclaimers: Turns....out.....My legs weren’t.......Made for that
micajango Dag siden
wait. . . so if u had a kid while u were cursed would that kid be cursed too?
dark lord
dark lord Dag siden
Liza Samya
Liza Samya 2 dager siden
What about showers and getting gas and eating
Boss Jackson
Boss Jackson 51 sekund siden
Please do theory’s on Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss please I would love to see your ideas
Joey's opinion
Joey's opinion 8 minutter siden
How about an episode on Leatherface theorizing on how durable can he be as a mortal man with no supernatural abilities, I mean how could he appear in the third movie if he “DIED” at the end of the second one, could he be more then durable, maybe even immortal, I mean he appeared in a third movie, when he”DIED” in an explosion any normal man, like they say Leatherface is, couldn’t survive
Spiritwolf89 36 minutter siden
My question is what if you never pass it on, but the people that had it before you are dead, what happens to it when you die? Huh? Because I don’t know
Capn 139
Capn 139 44 minutter siden
Sooo wait if you went to like an island would the entity just swim? I guess so....
feh meh
feh meh 54 minutter siden
Screw bunnies?
The Medicated Artist
The Medicated Artist 57 minutter siden
Lead it to a police station, cover it in paint, get it to attack the police officers, and they’ll lock it up. Or dig a massive hole, make it fall in, and fill it with quick setting cement. Stay abstinent for safety.
Gaming Map
Gaming Map Time siden
Make re zero anime theory
Gaming Map
Gaming Map Time siden
Make re zero anime theory
Gaming Map
Gaming Map Time siden
Make re zero anime theory
Gaming Map
Gaming Map Time siden
Make re-zero anime theory
Gaming Map
Gaming Map Time siden
Make re-zero anime theory
Cole Gaskin
Cole Gaskin Time siden
"Michigan, the land of relentless killers." That's nice to hear as I watch this at night in my Michigan home.
Carlos Solis
Carlos Solis Time siden
Could you do another jojo theory
•Lil' Miss Gore•
•Lil' Miss Gore• 2 timer siden
This ain't relevant but- Could you make a theory about Peter Pans origins? That would be cool-
Jack Gross
Jack Gross 2 timer siden
imagine sleeping in in this situation
Hussein Hajibare
Hussein Hajibare 2 timer siden
I know what my plan would be lol i'd just dial up Sam and Dean Winchester so they can take care of this sexually transmitted demon with The Colt once and for all XD
Demon Princess
Demon Princess 2 timer siden
cover the babysitters club !
Logan Soong
Logan Soong 2 timer siden
Idk what the theory is but do a theory on She-Ra (the Netflix one)
The Banana Craft
The Banana Craft 4 timer siden
I can see two more ways to out do the entity, work on a ship or become a air host as the entity wouldn’t be anywhere near you then.
RevPar Ravager
RevPar Ravager 4 timer siden
Best solution? Live on a Dirigible and only get supplies delivered by drone :) Then when you wake up every morning you can look down to where you are anchored and laugh at it. If it were me I would be sure to pee on its head for good measure.
krusty gaming
krusty gaming 4 timer siden
do it with some hooker so it can be passed down a chain of hookers and payers giving you the most safety for your buck
Hallee Conde
Hallee Conde 4 timer siden
Can you please explore how on Earth Moana was able to push the statue of Maui over in the cave scene! That's always baffled me!
Cedric Levell
Cedric Levell 4 timer siden
You should do a video about The Midnight Gospel Netflix show
nathan furlotte
nathan furlotte 4 timer siden
"put those anatomic bananas away for this health class Mr Tompson why not just scare the pants off those fifteen-year-olds with a horror movie"
chunky boi
chunky boi 4 timer siden
I do not like horror movies
Eli Mercer
Eli Mercer 4 timer siden
I just want to see how matpat would react if he was just randomly put into a horror movie scenario lol
Gamer BoiGaming
Gamer BoiGaming 4 timer siden
hey theorist um so i paired realize there isno theory on the hunted mask goosebumbs tv show so please do it i been a fan 2 years and now i been wait a theory about goosebumbs and sorry this this commet remade 7 times so i want to know that what does mask do to you and does it really brain wash you to act like monster please i need a answer from my Question and think you
Liam Williams
Liam Williams 4 timer siden
welcome to my first vedio welcome to the gam therys today we working on halo coombat evoolyeved
Vilosey 201
Vilosey 201 4 timer siden
Why not just be a truck driver?
Liam Williams
Liam Williams 4 timer siden
yyou mean the game theorists
Mary Cade
Mary Cade 4 timer siden
Dearest matpat, I know you probably won’t see this but I would like to make a request. My friend is IN LOVE 😍 with toilet bound hanako kun. Her favorite character is tsuaksa yugi and Amane yugi (brothers u3u) and it would mean the world to her if you made a theory of why Amane killed his brother. or what’s gonna happen after chapter 71. It would make me and friends really really happy if you made a theory on this. We all agree your the smartest person we watch so we think you’d be right for the task! If you haven’t see the show I recommend you watch it (IN SUB. JUSTIN BRINER VOICES HANAKO IN DUB AND ITS JUST- WHOOOO.) Again if you don’t see this that’s alright! We just hope one day you’ll make a video about it! We love you matpat!! Watch the show it’s good (if you want to.) -Avery.
Netflix_Lover Foodie
Netflix_Lover Foodie 4 timer siden
Us girls don’t wanna deal with small sticky human beings that always ask why THATS THE TRUE REASON WE DONT DEAL WITH MEN ANYMORE
Faizaan Naseem
Faizaan Naseem 5 timer siden
Or just get the military involved. That’s an idea that’s been discussed - if the military realises there’s a creature that’s invisible, they’ll be interested in detaining it.
Elliott Bessman
Elliott Bessman 5 timer siden
I feel like the only real pain about the way to survive 'It Follows' is that you can't sleep in, you have to keep the routine up every day, and what about weekends when you don't have work? What if you get stuck in traffic? And you have to wake up at the same time everyday.
Elliott Bessman
Elliott Bessman 5 timer siden
This brings the phrase "crush my head with your thighs." Into a whole new light.
Jay Tha Gemini
Jay Tha Gemini 5 timer siden
Do one for Netflix’s A Babysitters Guide To Hunting Monsters.
Banelly Carrasco-Perez
Banelly Carrasco-Perez 6 timer siden
You should do a theory on hi im mary mary I've been waiting for you to make a theory on it
Tear_GameZ 6 timer siden
Please do hazbin hotel
Pralaya Jin-woo
Pralaya Jin-woo 6 timer siden
I saw this movie about the same thing, but with a camera that if you take pictures with it, it kills in the order of the, photos. I think you need to use the same methods, of using the curse on them. Make of it whatever you want.
Pralaya Jin-woo
Pralaya Jin-woo 6 timer siden
Sleep with a demon to save your life, would you.
Dumb-Ocalypse 6 timer siden
What if you pass the curse... to the entity?
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 6 timer siden
that "empty" astronaut suit....
Ghost Max 16
Ghost Max 16 7 timer siden
You should do a theory on the maze runner
Sprite Crambery
Sprite Crambery 7 timer siden
Bro this is so easy sleep with the monster
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 6 timer siden
move to US and move back in a while ?
Darius Pietschmann
Darius Pietschmann 7 timer siden
another idea: say you could broadcast a message to everywhere in the world saying that everyone who had contact with the entity to not transmit The Entity you could then execute your plan until you die and because of the don't transmit rule after all the victims have died with you the entity can't transmit to anyone else sorry if it sounded a bit wierd im from germany and my Englisch isn't the best
DogCommentary 7 timer siden
That movie is like: TRANSMIT THAT STD!
Darwyn Dehnke
Darwyn Dehnke 7 timer siden
How to beat the entity: Car, Gas, and math...
Ian Morris
Ian Morris 7 timer siden
if it follows u all u have to do is not let it follow u
Eliza Comics
Eliza Comics 7 timer siden
Disney Movie: Matpat: Horror Movie Horror Movie: Matpat: Boring math problem
Movie Mountain
Movie Mountain 7 timer siden
Hay matpat can u make a theory on the 2015 film decendants because Jafar is there but how is he he became a genie in Aladdin and was not supposed to be found until a billion years but yet Jafar the same age as malificent cruela so how does that work
maxine's ChainGang
maxine's ChainGang 8 timer siden
right as he said i'll be followed around until i sent the video i stopped it 0:39
Harry and Eli
Harry and Eli 8 timer siden
could you plz do a theory about treasure planet's gravity and oxygen? it confused me a lot when watching the movie and the scene were scroop dies is also weird. I mean, he rises to his death, but in the atmosphere of a planet! please, matpat.
Augie Palzer
Augie Palzer 8 timer siden
Theoretically, you could add more time to the count depending on the environment. Like in the Rocky Mountains, the creature would surely lose it's footing, causing it to fall further backwards
Adam Bertrand
Adam Bertrand 8 timer siden
what if you had a baby with a rabbit....
Anna Manville
Anna Manville 8 timer siden
But like what if the person being hunted by the entity raped someone. Is consent something that has to happen for it to hunt them or does that not fit the whole one night stand thing?
Nick Gabriel
Nick Gabriel 8 timer siden
Id just dig a hoke
LM6 Productions
LM6 Productions 9 timer siden
You should do a theory on the Tarantino Universe
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose 9 timer siden
You guys should do an episode on "I Am Legend"
Vladson 9 timer siden
OK, did watch less than a half of a video... So 19yo don't have money to move from house to house, but why can't she pass it to some rich guy Who can live sometime in EU and move to US and move back in a while ?
Gunner Love
Gunner Love 9 timer siden
next next can u guys do if in jjba if only stand users can see stands and we can see the stands does that make us stand users that havent learned how to use our stands?
Henry Stevenson
Henry Stevenson 9 timer siden
Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd 9 timer siden
nice thing
MrBej 10 timer siden
Prostitutes: my time has come
Srikar kalluri
Srikar kalluri 10 timer siden
can you please do a theory on tomorrow land
Quinn 10 timer siden
does anybody else really want to see the home alone style entity movie thatd be really fun i feel like
rosestar1324 10 timer siden
Or you could cover it in paint and then tell the police about the weird invisible creature following you. The police will do their job and capture it and they might hand it over to the government so they can do tests on it. The creature isn’t stronger than a normal human based on the movie, so a bunch of trained cops will be able to control it easily. And since they are just as strong as a human, they wouldn’t be able to break out of their cell/containment unit. Then after the authorities have the creature you can live a peaceful life knowing it’s locked away.
ᐯᒪᗩᗪᗪᖇᗩᙅ 10 timer siden
Can't you just throw it in a volcano? You'll be dead before it can escape.
Dante Piggy
Dante Piggy 10 timer siden
Hey can you do a theory about the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Voodoo Kush
Voodoo Kush 10 timer siden
Seems they are strong af but dumb af with fighting and super predictable. Just burry it alive, fill the hole with concrete and put titanium around it and restrain it while its buried by its hands and feet
Luna Toons
Luna Toons 11 timer siden
christian jensen
christian jensen 11 timer siden
Hey Matt I have a theory that in my opinion is logical in my NOpost channel I have my email just send me an email and I'll tell you what I have to say
Wyatt Klimas
Wyatt Klimas 11 timer siden
its kevin from the Fred movies
Slaughter619 11 timer siden
Now hold on. If the entity has a very specific set speed, that means it would have a very specific swimming speed. Let's say for the sake of the argument, it swims at the same speed it walks, so a little faster than a leasurely pool lap, would the entity be able to overcome ocean currents? Knowing where the entity is when you take off, and landing somewhere that would lead the entity in a straight line into a riptide or a severe undertow, there is a possibility the entity could end up swept to sea, and unable to overcome the current. Or, unable to overcome the currents to even leave a certain land mass.
Lauren Zside
Lauren Zside 11 timer siden
you should watch owl house.
Raja-Malin Berbalk
Raja-Malin Berbalk 11 timer siden
Hey Game Theory Team! How about a Theory to the Netflix Series "The Society"? It's a series about a group a students, off to a trip. But they have to return because it was cancelled because of a storm and when they return, all of there families have been wiped out of the little place they live in. My question is; what happened to the place and where did there families go? + all the roads or paths, leading away from the city, are mysteriously buried or even destroyed.
Cloop Y.
Cloop Y. 12 timer siden
Me an asexual: ha, I am immune
Svn NL
Svn NL 12 timer siden
im sure people said this... but this is a great sollution, if u are certain about your sexual partner and stay together and loyal to each other , also.. how about a cage? seems a lot easier to me.
Lauro Pirolla
Lauro Pirolla 12 timer siden
What If you make out with the creature that's hunts you?
_Amaya Vabby
_Amaya Vabby 13 timer siden
9:42 I didn’t know what mattpat was talking about, so here’re pickle Rick Me 💀
Matteo Santos
Matteo Santos 13 timer siden
Can you make a film theory of whos faster Minato/ the yellow flash or The Flash me and my friend are arguing about it rn we need a explanation
PrinceZuko 13 timer siden
Is it possible to learn this power? not from a jedi which is why i use skillshare, thesponsor of todays dark side indoctrination, skillshare is an online community where you can learn a lot of valuable skills, for example, there is a class being given by D4rth_PLAGUEIS on midichlorian control, a super useful skill to keep your loved ones from dying. Use the promo code THESENATE next time to get 20% off on any class you want
Plant pot H
Plant pot H 13 timer siden
Can we see a video about speed of sound sonic and assassination classroom octopus after imagine
Gaming Gamer boi
Gaming Gamer boi 13 timer siden
Everyone: Me: thinking of what the entity would be if it turned into Usain Bolt
colincreates 13 timer siden
I ate 3,000 calories of deep-fried cheese in one sitting for a vid adding hot sauce to every bite
Ser Art Dayne
Ser Art Dayne 13 timer siden
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️you really just said shooting a bullet into a pool was a “good plan” as you’re explaining math and science. I thought you were suppose to be a physics guy?
Ser Art Dayne
Ser Art Dayne 14 timer siden
If any of you thought this movie was good/scary than your opinion literally means nothing bc this was the worst scary movie I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re using “chased” very loosely here. If you can walk faster than your grandmom, than you’re fine.
Chrisought 14 timer siden
Can you please do a theory on the platform
Mārtiņš Mālakalns
Mārtiņš Mālakalns 14 timer siden
You should make a theory about how old is mister Bernss from simsons.
Narut_ Usumaki
Narut_ Usumaki 14 timer siden
If this existed in the marvel universe you could sleep with dead pool or wolverine.😎😎
Matteo Draws
Matteo Draws 14 timer siden
Kipo Watch
t i
t i 14 timer siden
RetroPhoenix 15 timer siden
The moral of this movie: Stay pure virginity is cool
afutla qian
afutla qian 16 timer siden
This thing on a segway would make the whole film a lot more horrifying.
ravage kid RK
ravage kid RK 16 timer siden
You should do a reaction to Happy Tree and Friends
afutla qian
afutla qian 16 timer siden
and works. What happens if you make it to the end and die of old age? Does that end the curse or does it just start going for the previous sexual partner or your kids if you hav
Angel Angie
Angel Angie 16 timer siden
Can you please do a film theory episode on gravity falls there was a recent cross over on amphiba that was gravity falls
Bairinde 16 timer siden
This movie is just a 2h long purity ad. Gotta love how there are people in the comments pretending you can only catch the curse from one night stands.
Shadow1363 16 timer siden
Wait, can't you just fly to some other country that is impossible to reach by walking? Edit: Since it can swim, can't you just live in an area that the shortest route has to go through a massive storm?
raffa arvian
raffa arvian 17 timer siden
Its been 5 day.
Cristina Heiberg
Cristina Heiberg 18 timer siden
What about putting a GPS-tracker on it?
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen 18 timer siden
Why doesnt matt patt do a film theory on an anime like re zero?
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