Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 550: World Tour

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4 måneder siden

It is time once again for the crazy long world tour! Today we attempt to visit all the main builds of our world in a single episode.
Twitter: EthoLP
World Download (550):
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David Henry
David Henry 2 timer siden
I remember so clearly trying to replicate your sheep and spider farms and then you slime farm from the first few episodes. It’s bringing back so many memories. Even though I don’t actually know you, I appreciate you Etho! One Canadian to another!
David Henry
David Henry 2 timer siden
Oh man and the tree farm! Every world I made thereafter had a tree farm like this one
Heiwajima 2 timer siden
I never realized how much I watched him as a kid. Watching this everything between episodes 1-150 maybe 200. I remember him build it.
David Henry
David Henry 2 timer siden
Man! I remember the very first episode of this season two! This is crazy. I remember being sad that you started a new world but that’s insane it’s been so long!
Mr_Demon_Hunter1 7 timer siden
At the beginning of the video you said get your snacks I wish I could get my snacks I just had my wisdom teeth polled
Alf Slat
Alf Slat 10 timer siden
Wow I used to watch you around the first 200 episodes, brings back memories especially the man cave
Kjo no1
Kjo no1 10 timer siden
Been watching a lot of Hermitcraft recently so thought I'd have a look at your channel and this is the video that was recommended, really good for inspiration too.
Spencer Slovak
Spencer Slovak 11 timer siden
I wonder how your mancave would look like in 1.17? I'm guessing you would add some new cave blocks/items in keeping with the theme. I'm sure it would look great!
Spencer Slovak
Spencer Slovak 11 timer siden
Etho your world is epic! You've gotten me so inspired to do this in creative! Thanks for sharing!
Gio Ricci
Gio Ricci 20 timer siden
I know english because of you, Etho, without it I would've never met my girlfriend of 3 years right now, thank you
Kriti Timalsina
Kriti Timalsina 23 timer siden
Low Dag siden
i remember being so excited for emerald city lol
Fensake Yen Snipest
Fensake Yen Snipest Dag siden
your roof needs a looking at. >_>maybe.
HARDAWAY ひ 2 dager siden
i wish console had shaders
CrypterCobra gaming
CrypterCobra gaming 2 dager siden
I am new to this series I This was good video.👍
idktbh 2 dager siden
This rivals even dragon ball
PirateLogan25 3 dager siden
anyone know what episode he built that daytime song in i want to know how to make it
M1X Operation
M1X Operation 4 dager siden
So etho is also kakashi??
Kaden LaJew
Kaden LaJew 4 dager siden
I’ve grown up watching you just wanna say congrats on where you’ve come I remember you building most of these contraptions
casanova conor
casanova conor 4 dager siden
I wonder if the day he actually made this world he had any clue what it would become.
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 4 dager siden
You know, I can't not see EthosLab as Etho Slab
Jess H
Jess H 5 dager siden
Bro 🥺 I watched you when I was a little kid! I had to find ur videos today and woah so much nostalgia. I’m 18 now and wow u inspired me so much when I was younger. Thank you man!
zysis 5 dager siden
I hadn't played minecraft since indev days, a friend encouraged me to come build with her so I turned to Ethoslab for a spawner build. I remembered the name for some reason, and here I am watching this like I've come from one of the first videos that made him popular. It's scary for me to watch and even scarier that he's still at it... I tip my hat to you Ethos, your voice is completely different from those early days and I must admit I built the exact same mob spawner design from all those years ago.... I'm lost with so many videos out there and have no clue how to make an efficient spawner and this video is daunting, to say the least :P
Nathaniel Tilley
Nathaniel Tilley 5 dager siden
I've been watching on multiple accounts since around episode 200. Glad to see the "Ugly Brick Thing" is still going strong
Yoshi_13b 6 dager siden
My favorite build is the ever-expanding man cave!
I CK 6 dager siden
I've never seen one video of this channel till now, and this is nuts! nice world mate!
Jack Respeliers
Jack Respeliers 6 dager siden
You should check out more of his videos then; he does a whole ton of awesome builds and redstone
andy Roo
andy Roo 7 dager siden
It's been great growing up with you Etho
Fishy Reviews
Fishy Reviews 7 dager siden
Birdman 7 dager siden
Ya know I was really proud of my own piglin trading system but now feel small because mr 12 piglins
ChunkyChan 7 dager siden
I remember finding this channel way back when the first map was on like episode 60. I watched the first 26 episodes straight in a sitting. Good times
Birdman 7 dager siden
I remember watching some of these things as a kid such as the tree and slime farms this is crazy
Not Mewtwo
Not Mewtwo 8 dager siden
Wilson is just so cool. X_X
Zain Plays Minecraft
Zain Plays Minecraft 8 dager siden
Prot0type101 9 dager siden
My iPad ran out of batteries the second you pressed the diamond door button. I actually waited a good 20 seconds thinking you were trolling us with that secret door again before realising that my iPad was genuinely flat lol
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 8 dager siden
Haha that’s funny xD
Christopher Joel
Christopher Joel 9 dager siden
i dont know if the download says 2.4 gigabytes or megabytes, but im downloading it anyway!
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 8 dager siden
Have fun! It’s awesome
percyvael 9 dager siden
this is crazy. i remember watching you a few times when i was 12, back in 2012, and this is still that same world you've been working on? and you're still going, along with these viewers that have gone through a decade with you. that's so awesome edit: there's just something so emotional about that ending
シFAVIシ 10 dager siden
Kakashi hatake
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 8 dager siden
James Hillaby
James Hillaby 10 dager siden
I started watching etho back before I even had a youtube account in 2012 when I would get home from school and search up his channel to see if he had posted anything new. fast forward a few years when I finally had an account and he was one of my first subs. I watched consistently for quite a few years (till around 2018) in the past few years I stopped watching youtube as much because of school, football, volunteering, and work. I feel like I haven't had a break in years and I spend most of my days feeling like I'm close to breaking. after having a really tough past couple of years I got a notification for one of ethos videos about a month ago and I figured why not watch it for nostalgia's sake. I haven't stopped watching since I've gone back and started watching all the videos I've missed in the past couple of years. All I can say is I'm so sorry for stopping and that coming back to this channel and finding the same old etho has meant the world to me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you Thank you for helping me get survive one day and one video at a time
morcogbr 10 dager siden
every world tour I have seen: "so this is the sheep's doesn't really work"
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 8 dager siden
DogWearing FunnyHat
DogWearing FunnyHat 10 dager siden
so many farms lol
HeartenedKarma 11 dager siden
The biggest oopsie of my life is not watching ethos survival series
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 8 dager siden
Yeah it’s a great series
Tesco Meal Deal
Tesco Meal Deal 11 dager siden
Hello everyone, this is E to the T to ur Mom. The first and best yo Moma joke I ever heard
Stanwich 12 dager siden
Wow. It’s already been 10 years...
fruit baskets
fruit baskets 12 dager siden
Hope this series continues strong! Thanks for making the content that you do, and for entertaining us for years! Looking forward to what the future beholds!
BooginsMcSwag 12 dager siden
Is his skin kakashi?
Cody Medeiros
Cody Medeiros 12 dager siden
I think the amplified base looks really cool
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 12 dager siden
I am definitely new
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke 12 dager siden
His voice was wavy when he thought the villagers were dead and after he found out that they were still alive anyone else notice?
KronosZ 13 dager siden
Ok i have a question for Etho. It's not relating to the Let's Play but here it is: What are those shaders that were being used in the video?
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel 13 dager siden
Been watching since middle school. Man cave is my favorite!
Jeff McCarty
Jeff McCarty 13 dager siden
I remember sitting around watching you work on the lava creeper base. Way back in the day you had set the standard for me that a good base was underground. I took a couple of years break from watching you and one thing I've noticed since being back is the confidence in your voice.
Mr. Gilson
Mr. Gilson 14 dager siden
10 years later and an 8 year break from your videos.. I just realized your Kakashi Hitake
Jacob Lowenstein
Jacob Lowenstein 14 dager siden
Damn, I vaguely remember a lot of this from the prior world tours.
m 14 dager siden
Some call it "Etho clock" Some call it "Hopper clock" Now I call it "Wilson's heart"
homan dsr
homan dsr 15 dager siden
you hack not surrvi
Lati 7 dager siden
he's played on this world for over 9 years :) you can see him progress if you watch his videos
Dragon Pug14
Dragon Pug14 16 dager siden
my favorite build is the ender ender 3.0 :)
Christian Beauchamp
Christian Beauchamp 16 dager siden
Etho youve always been my favorite minecraft youtuber of all time, really influencing my building and teaching me so much about minecraft throughout my childhood. I don't watch many of your videos now but seeing this and remembering the memories of this series and other series makes me tear up, thank you so much for your heart warming and enjoyable content thoughout the years. I really appreciate all your work and hope you the best for the future!
Jacynthe Dagenais
Jacynthe Dagenais 16 dager siden
he kept his first youtube picture icon thing?!?!? OMG
Joe Bonas
Joe Bonas 16 dager siden
How is this guy so fukin smart Gotta have an iq of at least one fifty
SourishLemon 16 dager siden
1 ad 1 AD 1 A D you're a legend
LifeTwoShort 16 dager siden
I didn’t start watching until season 2, but thank you for getting me through all the rough times in my life Etho.
HH Jones
HH Jones 18 dager siden
What a fantastic youtuber. There is really not another so gracious and kind. I remember the early Etho days and his very low key late night radio voice. What a great journey and hope it lasts a long time!
DejuS Williams
DejuS Williams 18 dager siden
hearing him talk about all these "first" farms and such and me thinking wow I really was 12 years old watching Ethos play Minecraft learning from him. now I am 20 watching a world tour with how much as been added since. 8 years of builds and remembering the first sheep farm and emerald city, etc. Crazy man,
Somedude 17
Somedude 17 18 dager siden
Omg it did take that many levels!! I forgot all about that!!!
First Pug
First Pug 18 dager siden
coming back to see the way it’s changed since like episode 130 like “hey i remember that 🤩”
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray 18 dager siden
Your a old player like me I have been playing for 8 years and I remember my first world very well and it was on the I pad
Ye Wint Aung
Ye Wint Aung 18 dager siden
Literally just found you. And you're so right with the 50 episodes world tour. Thanks.
33 All the way
33 All the way 18 dager siden
How do u not get bored 😭 I wish I had this much effort
Wendalz 19 dager siden
Ain't gonna front, got a bit weepy there at the end when he was talking about his demographic and he was grateful. Thanks for sharing your fun and creativity with all of us 💚
Garrett Harris
Garrett Harris 19 dager siden
recommendation for next tour, dont explain how things work/show redstone. i understand why you would bc its awesome but takes up so much time, i say just show it and what it does and maybe just say how it kinda works
Ponçikgamer 19 dager siden
Syntel 19 dager siden
I swear to god I have been watching for 10 yrs and your voice has changed so much!!
GreBear 19 dager siden
loved the series keep it going man! I'd love to see you hit episode 1,000 in another ten years!
James Angelo Lachica
James Angelo Lachica 19 dager siden
Whoah episode 550
matin rahimi
matin rahimi 19 dager siden
I'm a new people Thanks for the world tour
BradREEE 20 dager siden
Kind of a late comment but I remember watching your boat tutorials back in the alpha days when boat physics were fun
JesGemini 20 dager siden
40:00 just a timestamp -_-
Gavriel Shemesh
Gavriel Shemesh 20 dager siden
Everyone in the comments has memories but I only watched his first two episode in bad attempt to catch up and now I'm watching this to catch up.
brutal butcher
brutal butcher 20 dager siden
i just winder what day he is on
Alex Harrington
Alex Harrington 20 dager siden
I check in on this channel every once in a while, always good to see the update on the library
Alirami Gasi
Alirami Gasi 21 dag siden
Etho: this is an old project Me: oh yeah I remember when that episode came out
Brian Donnelly
Brian Donnelly 21 dag siden
Must admit I haven’t watched etho in years but I had an incline to search and watch this video a I remember him building the sheep farm along with the man cave. Real trip down nostalgia lane. Haha
Rxce 22 dager siden
season 1 was like the length of naruto season 2 is like naruto shippuden
Estela Iraela
Estela Iraela 22 dager siden
so many memories in a block game
Mr Swag
Mr Swag 22 dager siden
bro, I was just so moved by the movement it is RADICAL111111.. I was watching, and then I was still watching. it's rcauzy no flipping way dued.I also got married and college and chilrden.I also money and own the entirety of Greenland now. thank so muck.
Blue Eyes Loli Dragon
Blue Eyes Loli Dragon 22 dager siden
yes, i'm new
John Caudill
John Caudill 23 dager siden
8:55 "don't read this"
Lucas the Lemur
Lucas the Lemur 23 dager siden
tom is an escape artist
CaRtO 777
CaRtO 777 23 dager siden
This man can have a successful channel without any thumbnails in 2020, congrats for that man, and happy 550!
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner 24 dager siden
48:45 Since it takes so long to explore this part of your world and you're expanding rapidly, why not do future world tours in segments. For example; Episode 550.1- mancave, 550.2- overworld, 550.3 the nether & the end. By episode 600 your tour could make up three full length episodes. I'd rather see it in parts than only see parts of it.
HoodedLum 24 dager siden
Late comment, but I really appreciate you and everything you do!! I’m over 20 now, and I’ve been watching for years- you’ve been a constant in my life! Thank you for all the hard work you put in, and I can’t wait to see you continue to grow! Happy holidays, and don’t forget your snacks!!
Astro_R3mu 27 dager siden
its been so long i remember ep 15 that was the time wasn't is its been a great ride ethos thanks for creating my childhood
Samy127 [Multi•Stan]
Samy127 [Multi•Stan] 27 dager siden
A TRUE NOpost AND MC LEGEND! I'm not gonna lie it's hard to keep up with all your series but I binge them at a time and it's super fun, you're awesome Etho, keep up the amazing work.
Sotong Balls
Sotong Balls 27 dager siden
I can't believe I'm almost done binging
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 28 dager siden
One millionth view!
Jdkiller TM
Jdkiller TM 28 dager siden
Its crazy to see how many builds I remember... Idk how long ive been watching but its been a while now. Thanks for keeping it real all this time buddy.
James Kreisler
James Kreisler 29 dager siden
18 years old, been here since The 200 Episode Special when I was 9. Keep going Etho, there's absolutely nobody like you.
Cameron McFall
Cameron McFall Dag siden
I'm 18 and that was my first episode too! I remember back then I only played pocket edition and his underground tree farm inspired me to make something similar, such a legendary individual
Taran 29 dager siden
Oh, Etho! You've built so many amazing things; it is near impossible for me to choose a favorite among them. That being said, The Nexus always excited me and the Man Cave always inspired me - the gimmicky llama trains, diamonds in the wall, diamond to blue fire machine, the "Go Get Your Snacks" machine and others in that vein always made me laugh. I will never fail to be amazed by your creativity and passion for what you do, Etho. Thank you for entertaining me all these years; it means more to me than I think you'll ever be able to know. (I think Wilson is my favorite build. When I was younger, I would tell all my friends that you were the smartest man alive simply because of your competence at utilizing in-game logic to code such astounding redstone projects.)
tvFilthyFrank3 29 dager siden
Etho I’ve been watching you since I was 6-7 and I have so many memories with your channel and I’ve never skipped an episode and it’s just kinda emotional I don’t know man 🤷‍♂️
Nick Venuto
Nick Venuto 29 dager siden
I've been subbed since August 2011, i'm 22 years old
Benas Stašaitis
Benas Stašaitis 29 dager siden
3 months late and barely half way into the video, but I just wanted to say thanks, Ergo, for all of these years... I thought that I haven't been watching your channel for that long, but I went to one of the older videos I can remember and turns out it's been at least 6 or 7 years! That's about a third of my life. Darn crazy! so, thank you for all the joy and happiness you've brought. Your videos would and still do bring my mood up even when the days are really moody :)) ❤️
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