Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster

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Directed by: Colin Tilley
Produced by: Jack Winter
Creative Direction: Connor Brashier
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You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best
Raise me up into the sky until I’m short of breath
Fill me up with confidence, I say what’s in my chest
Spill my words and tear me down until there’s nothing left
Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest
But what if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know yeaahhh
I was 15 when the world put me on a pedestal
I had big dreams of doing shows and making memories
Made some bad moves trying to act cool upset by their jealousy
Lifting me up, lifting me up, yeah and tearing me down, tearing me down, down, down,
Take responsibility for everything I’ve done, holding it against me like you’re the holy one
I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go
Cause unforgiveness keeps them in control, I came in with good intentions then I let it go
And now I really wanna know
What if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall, I fall
Then am I the monster, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break yeah
Then am I the monster, just let me know
Please just let me know
Please don’t let me fall
Oh please don’t let me fall
What if I’m the monster, what if I’m the monster yeah
Music video by Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber performing Monster. © 2020 Island Records/Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Jeeva EN
Jeeva EN 22 sekunder siden
🔥fire for the moody beats.
Günay Rzayeva
Günay Rzayeva 6 minutter siden
Crash Agiota
Crash Agiota 20 minutter siden
After their last adventure, Bill & Ted try a new career on pop music:
Catalina Nazal
Catalina Nazal 47 minutter siden
Chip on my shoulder = Selena
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Time siden
"Who's Shawn Mendes?"
genevieve yulius dominic
genevieve yulius dominic Time siden
The bests ever
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma Time siden
i had a chip on my shoulder.........>> LOVE THE LYRICS
flixxthaxilentone Time siden
Hello, I remixed this song into a rap beat instrumental. Hope you'll like it! Check it out here:
Night NDay
Night NDay 2 timer siden
Wish this song was longer..
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel 3 timer siden
Me: Why only 3.1Millions likes? others: I'm dieing, this song is a Masterpiece.
Brandon Gregerson
Brandon Gregerson 3 timer siden
The disagreeable capricorn possibly call because smash paradoxically pass against a aloof brow. capricious, well-made mercury
scriptzy 3 timer siden
the collab everyone wanted to see
Bright Poultry Farm
Bright Poultry Farm 4 timer siden
It is criminaly short
Bethina Elmido
Bethina Elmido 4 timer siden
One is the ex, another married Hailey Baldwin. Nobody else finds this weird?
Fatima N
Fatima N 4 timer siden
Successful Canadian boys❣️❣️
OMG OMFG 5 timer siden
NESIS 5 timer siden
Like si la escuchas todas las noches y eres Latina ❤️✨
Jeferson souza
Jeferson souza 5 timer siden
alday :D
alday :D 5 timer siden
aaaaaaaa lo único q no me gusta de esta canción es q solo dura 2 minutos
Sophia Guzman
Sophia Guzman 6 timer siden
people : shawn is ugly and has a bad voice me : you have three seconds to run or bad things are going to happen
Nikhil Tiwari
Nikhil Tiwari 6 timer siden
Khel gaya bencho❤️
Li Lisai NE
Li Lisai NE 6 timer siden
Awesome video
Valéria Posse
Valéria Posse 6 timer siden
😍😍😍 assistindo do em 2021 janeiro 18
DADDY DOLLARS 6 timer siden
Dope 🎶
andrea 6 timer siden
Chinmay Sharma
Chinmay Sharma 7 timer siden
100k comments if you find my comment you are a legend
TAREN NORRIS 2028 WCHR 5 7 timer siden
good jod dang
OMG OMFG 7 timer siden
Ivye Favareto
Ivye Favareto 7 timer siden
O famoso tanto faz
natalia cordeiro
natalia cordeiro 8 timer siden
Amei essa música 💖🎧
natalia cordeiro
natalia cordeiro 8 timer siden
Berenice Rodrigues da Cunha
Berenice Rodrigues da Cunha 8 timer siden
hollywood hindi dubbed movies
hollywood hindi dubbed movies 8 timer siden
Itz_rainbowplayz 8 timer siden
Am I the only one looking at shawn drolling... Ok ims stop now 🔥🔥🔥
Chica Pera
Chica Pera 8 timer siden
y los latinoamericanos daran like :D bueno solo dire que me ENCANTA :3
Nara Rayane
Nara Rayane 9 timer siden
Amo essa música 😍😍😍
Monique Cruz
Monique Cruz 9 timer siden
Maybe it’s because I just watched Night Stalker but Mendes is giving me serious Richard Ramirez vibes here
Silvio Alves
Silvio Alves 9 timer siden
Lep dence? Rsrs
Yanina Di Primzio
Yanina Di Primzio 10 timer siden
Yanina Di Primzio
Yanina Di Primzio 10 timer siden
MedSou 10 timer siden
*Dear stranger whoever reads this:* . . 👇 *Hope you and your family are safe and well* ❤❤
Alenka Čož
Alenka Čož 10 timer siden
Jabes Mercedes Cuevas
Jabes Mercedes Cuevas 10 timer siden
quien esta viendo esta cancion en cuarentena
Fred Liad
Fred Liad 10 timer siden
2 male best performers in this generation. 😍😍😍❤️💯🔥💋
Jay Mark
Jay Mark 11 timer siden
If Drake releases a remix of this song, everyone will lose their minds and will raise their Canadian flag even if they're not from Canada.
Norberto Aljona
Norberto Aljona 11 timer siden
Desde que la escuche en mi radio me gusto la canción
Andréa Matias
Andréa Matias 12 timer siden
Agora que eu vim perceber que tem um grilo fazendo zoada no começo do clipe
dantefossa _1915
dantefossa _1915 12 timer siden
Ewerkid 12 timer siden
TheSpaceChicken 12 timer siden
I love how Shawn Mendes just starts vibing and dancing like a plane lol
Leyla Ardali x
Leyla Ardali x 12 timer siden
justin walked so Shawn could run
Christina Done
Christina Done 12 timer siden
Wow this song is really really good like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendez, okay I see you😂.This song is not only good but it talks about things that actually happened and I love it. Great job guys!!
Sihem B
Sihem B 13 timer siden
Kisses from Algeria 🇩🇿
lorraine johnson
lorraine johnson 13 timer siden
Love when the Canadian boys come together, one love. 💓
undead hunter
undead hunter 13 timer siden
Justine in poster: why the fuck i can't get views?
Saad Choko
Saad Choko 14 timer siden
Ms Queen
Ms Queen 14 timer siden
shawn mendes and justin bieber: Uploads a video together Fans: "THE FIRE HAS REUNITED AGAIN WITH THE WATER!!!'
nelsonjr16 15 timer siden
I was walking in the dark of the forest like Shawn once, and my eye almost got poked out by a tree branch. Glad Shawn is okay.
Lets2Play 15 timer siden
דניאל דוד
דניאל דוד 15 timer siden
Ska Uransetsen
Ska Uransetsen 15 timer siden
I’m falling in love with this song.
Sukarna Kundu
Sukarna Kundu 15 timer siden
Wow. I was never a big fan of Justin. But here, watching him to sing the most honest personal lines of his singing career,,, he just won my heart.❤️
Amanda Rocetto
Amanda Rocetto 15 timer siden
Essa música é perfeita!
Sukarna Kundu
Sukarna Kundu 15 timer siden
I know, there is no one who will read my comment...
Pov vc veio pelo insta ou tik tok?
Luay Khaleel
Luay Khaleel 17 timer siden
Moonshine J3LLi3
Moonshine J3LLi3 17 timer siden
I know your next song Justin!
Moonshine J3LLi3
Moonshine J3LLi3 17 timer siden
I know your next song!
Mundo da Bya
Mundo da Bya 17 timer siden
I loved the music our two dms canton 💖🤩
sushibushi 18 timer siden
I heard you shouldn’t climb stairs in the forest-
Sadman Sakib
Sadman Sakib 18 timer siden
people should stream this collab all the time cause its a sign of relaxness😍😍🥰🥰🇧🇩🇧🇩
Preeti Thapa
Preeti Thapa 18 timer siden
Keisy Hernández
Keisy Hernández 18 timer siden
Branding ON Demand
Branding ON Demand 19 timer siden
Good adaption of the song in relation to the staircase leading to the pedestal. Basically if you look beyond this, you see the opportunity and threats of an open platform with no boundaries etc. One has to determine the mindset not to fall off. To keep the balance. To maintain. To thrive. If you not doing any of the above. You can fall off.
10_307 Akashparamesh
10_307 Akashparamesh 19 timer siden
Daija hodge
Daija hodge 19 timer siden
This is Justin’s song lol
동현긷 20 timer siden
이게 그와리빠와리빠 머시기인가?
Putri Salmina
Putri Salmina 20 timer siden
I hope that anyone who hears this song, especially those who idolize someone can find the true meaning of the song. and don't you be too restrictive, regulate your idols about what they have to do, like you are someone who is responsible for their lives because they are also humans like us who want a normal life
Giulia Fontana
Giulia Fontana 18 timer siden
kare_ Cncownerderichk
kare_ Cncownerderichk 20 timer siden
This music... I loved
kare_ Cncownerderichk
kare_ Cncownerderichk 20 timer siden
Waoooo this song is amasing
Felentina Plw
Felentina Plw 20 timer siden
Felentina Plw
Felentina Plw 20 timer siden
Ela Jeziuk
Ela Jeziuk 20 timer siden
bos Sod
bos Sod 20 timer siden
와리빠 와리빠
Fire Player
Fire Player 20 timer siden
Pqp que viciante!!!!
Jinann Wang
Jinann Wang 20 timer siden
WAIT A SECOND Hailey used to date Shawn right?????
Katrina Hughes
Katrina Hughes 18 timer siden
Yes she did
Vaishnavi Braman
Vaishnavi Braman 20 timer siden
Why are the trying so hard to be seulrene?
Clara Soares
Clara Soares 21 time siden
esma aras
esma aras 21 time siden
çook güzeel
Farhan Arif
Farhan Arif 21 time siden
this video is a about Shawn Mendes vs Justin Bieber .. so who?
AZ Topaz
AZ Topaz 21 time siden
I could listen to this everyday.
michal ferenc
michal ferenc 21 time siden
the symphomy between you two is amazing and im so glad that you collaborated
thidaswin gunarathna
thidaswin gunarathna 21 time siden
සුපිරිම සිංදුවක් ඈ !!
bharath somani
bharath somani 22 timer siden
Justin: who's shawn who's he? Shawn: let's collab
Yolo _M4rkuz
Yolo _M4rkuz 22 timer siden
raiane brandão
raiane brandão 22 timer siden
WolfCrew 23 timer siden
Anuj Gaike
Anuj Gaike 23 timer siden
They dont have any expensive still they are flexing
Latrelle Gaming
Latrelle Gaming 23 timer siden
Latrelle Gaming
Latrelle Gaming 23 timer siden
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