Minecraft, But A Raid Starts Every Minute...

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Minecraft, But A Raid Starts Every Minute... This was super insane! We were always constantly on the run!
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This is a new Minecraft 1.16 plugin where a Minecraft raid spawns and attacks us every minute or so. This was super intense and we were always forced to run away or risk dying! This made it extremely hard to collect resources because we could never stay in the same place for a long time! I really enjoy playing these types of Minecraft challenges with my friends and this was a lot of fun and very funny.

Sapnap Måned siden
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Brandi Baldwin
Brandi Baldwin 10 dager siden
Minnie Mine
Minnie Mine 14 dager siden
Umima Caludrud
Umima Caludrud 18 dager siden
Rip off
MARTIN OLMOS 26 dager siden
who won i need to know
Karla ._.TheWeeb
Karla ._.TheWeeb 27 dager siden
- CløudCøre -
- CløudCøre - Time siden
No one: The Pillagers: Today, 1000 of my friends chase and try to kill 3 speed runners. This is Minecraft, manhunt.
Cosmic Melter Zone
Cosmic Melter Zone Time siden
Sapnap to vindicator:"the axe guy is here!!" Sapnap to evoker:"I see one if the magician guys,run!!!!!!" Sapnap to vex:"aaah!!!,the little thingys are here!!!
: D
Isaiah Hiserman
Isaiah Hiserman 2 timer siden
I see I'm late for the Youtooz... that sucks
Cristal 2 timer siden
sapnap: " I have slowness" dream and george: "run!" what-
Arman Singh
Arman Singh 2 timer siden
They always forget that now that you can get obsidian from trading you can build a light a new portal inside the nether so that you come out in a different place in the overwold away from whatever danger is near your first portal
Mọt 2 timer siden
fun fact: *the begin is geogre kissing dream*
Jessica Fligger
Jessica Fligger 3 timer siden
OMG omg OMGGGGGGG thats allllll i heard lol
The Purple Guy
The Purple Guy 4 timer siden
eparrae I think you can figure out what it actually says right?
DACK S0l8 4 timer siden
McRenfrey 5 timer siden
Lol sapnap hyperventilating
Cup_Head_575 6 timer siden
Dreams like the big brother, when one of them is in mortal danger Dream rolls up and is like "Only i get to kill theses idiots!"
Hasiba Mrso
Hasiba Mrso 7 timer siden
"Your moms a beach" Dream 2020
cognitive_player 8 timer siden
26:17 it would have been smart if they threw the pearls the moment they saw the sky.
Amini Naya
Amini Naya 10 timer siden
Alternate title:Sapnap and dream bullies George while a raid appears every minute
Anna Yugay
Anna Yugay 10 timer siden
Minecraft, but everything is upside down 0v0
the running man
the running man 10 timer siden
R.I.P to that poor dog
Snazzy Fletcher
Snazzy Fletcher 11 timer siden
Rip the dog that dream killed 😔
Sam C
Sam C 11 timer siden
Sapnap's videos: "This game, we coded it so..." Dream's videos: "This game, we coded it so..." George's videos: "This game, I coded it so..."
I don’t have the foggiest Idea
I don’t have the foggiest Idea 15 timer siden
I love how it started with all of them and then in the middle of the vid it’s just dream and sapnap 🤣
Adrienne Quimby
Adrienne Quimby 15 timer siden
I had my headphones on full. It was a grave mistake...
Alya Y
Alya Y 16 timer siden
Why does evrey yuotuber has a yotob toy like unspeakable has sap nap has wone Me : HOES MURCH DO I BUY AAAaAAaaaaAaaaAaaaaaaaaa ! Unspeakable buy my Dream but my Sapnap buy my Thecno buy my mY brOtHeR : DnT buY theİr murch they aRe stnikiy oOoo All youtubers: *dream kills my BroTerH * All youtubers: we are WiNers Me : ;•; BrOtheR: *_* OoOOoooP
Cedrick Dame
Cedrick Dame 17 timer siden
the axe guy (vindicator), big thing (ravager) and the litte thing (vex)
Alkarar Alkhazzar
Alkarar Alkhazzar 19 timer siden
Sapnap sus
ルークKUROMA 20 timer siden
Sapnap's cool
ルークKUROMA 19 timer siden
Raymond C
Raymond C 21 time siden
Alternate title 3 speed runners vs pillages, ravengers, vexes, illagers, evoker hunters
iiAxdrey 23 timer siden
Sapnap: Trying to stay alive Dream: Playing strategically George: *food*
BRNardy 23 timer siden
3:55 Dude, it feels bad seeing George get left behind
Donny Osrs
Donny Osrs 23 timer siden
Napoléon Bonaparte
Napoléon Bonaparte Dag siden
Georges is the guy who dies first in zombies movies
anime nerd
anime nerd Dag siden
No one : George : TREE PIG !!!!
ораора дыо
ораора дыо Dag siden
skibidibomboomice Dag siden
4:07 there was a broken portal bruh
Dracula,s sidekick mlbb
Dracula,s sidekick mlbb Dag siden
Sapnap kill more pets in dteam,smp
50 Percent Potato
50 Percent Potato Dag siden
Video Title: When the "Dream Team" says the "N" word.
Que Ess
Que Ess Dag siden
The screaming begins exactly 1 minute in.
Batnick Studios
Batnick Studios Dag siden
Abbey Louise
Abbey Louise Dag siden
Sapnap and Dream: Hops on a boat and leaves Gorge to die Gorge: Hey guys wait up!!! Also gorge: Guys no no no I’m going to die! At least all of them three times in this video said I’m going to die I’m going to die! This video was so funny!
Beniy Dag siden
I liked the part when they said OH MY GOD
Michelle Kim
Michelle Kim Dag siden
RIP headphone users
Zedric and Bella’s YouTube channel
Zedric and Bella’s YouTube channel Dag siden
Hi im a Filipino 😀
cognitive_player Dag siden
this is what I learned today: illagers are dangerous=
Leah Dag siden
ꫝitꪶꫀr Dag siden
Alt title: 3 speed runners vs unlimited hunters
Danial Abuzar
Danial Abuzar Dag siden
The whole video is Dream!dream!dream!dream! They are here! Runnnnn!!!!!! George run!!!!! Dreammmmm!!! I am gonna die! I am gonna die! Runnnnnn!!!!!! And the most important thing the raiders love george
Çağrı Çeçen
Çağrı Çeçen Dag siden
Please tell me what's the command?:(
Steve S
Steve S Dag siden
The constant yelling makes the video unwatchable. Chill out dude.
Ultimate Anime Simp
Ultimate Anime Simp Dag siden
0:00 George looks like one of those annoying toddlers asking there nanny (dream) for candy
Matthew, Zi Shen Chin
Matthew, Zi Shen Chin Dag siden
Deam is play Minecraft
Bella Evie
Bella Evie Dag siden
that sapnap action figue looked cool but when i went to go buy one they were sold out
Julian Hagås Bratseth
Julian Hagås Bratseth Dag siden
Dream: kills Georges dog Also dream: gives helmet of friendship to George
Tarlie Chompkins
Tarlie Chompkins Dag siden
Dream's channel: *INTENSE* George's channel: mostly calm and wholesome Sapnap's channel: *LOUD SCREAMING AND YELLING*
Jonnny King
Jonnny King Dag siden
At the start things went from peaceful to chaos quick.
XMR ReyNix
XMR ReyNix Dag siden
Do It again but with badboyhalo and antfrost plz
Caroline Dantzler
Caroline Dantzler Dag siden
13:38 George sounds so defeated
Caroline Dantzler
Caroline Dantzler Dag siden
George - “I don’t care about the dogs” Also George - “I just got one!!”
yeet Dag siden
Alternate title: some people said they didn't like mr. Rogers.
Lucas Wolgast
Lucas Wolgast Dag siden
This screaming is just soo enoying why do you have to do that
Maddox Ulmer
Maddox Ulmer Dag siden
Next vid : Minecraft but everything is two times stronger
AlienLady77 Yt
AlienLady77 Yt Dag siden
dream: george get in before sapnap does *george gets in* george:yesss *sapnap gets dolphin,swims faster* sapnap:bye guys hahahahahah
Alyss Paronable
Alyss Paronable Dag siden
When Dream and Sapnap are running for their lives, George is just there badly want to kill a sheep😆
sbk201 Dag siden
at the end, is this a kind of soft lock?
Shinararama Higanara
Shinararama Higanara Dag siden
Hey Sapnap,I am from China and I love your vídeos and the Drean team, I have Chanel to but I dont' have videos
Erher Dag siden
Can you stop screaming? Im trying to watch this video
mark Clarke
mark Clarke Dag siden
파인애플 Dag siden
ManosSef Dag siden
Please upload this on Patreon
YOMUPI Dag siden
my ear drums exploded in the first raid
Jaden Swanepoel
Jaden Swanepoel 2 dager siden
George arrives with the iron
Jaden Swanepoel
Jaden Swanepoel 2 dager siden
5thStar YT
5thStar YT 2 dager siden
POV Kwarezmian nobles fleeing mongol forces circa 1222 CE
hey 2 dager siden
rip headphone users
MELISA VARGAS 2 dager siden
3 speedruners vs Raid hunters
렘은』『Lèmøn 2 dager siden
The zombie apocalypse:
Mirtyunjay Tharu
Mirtyunjay Tharu 2 dager siden
That scene George not found 🤣🤣🤣
kucing lucu
kucing lucu 2 dager siden
7:04 Tolong tolong
George Gutierrez
George Gutierrez 2 dager siden
Nvm I’m leaving ur voice is annoying
Eisle ederosas janao
Eisle ederosas janao 2 dager siden
Intro Sapnap *WUT* *THE* *FRICK* ----2020
George Gutierrez
George Gutierrez 2 dager siden
I’m only here cuz of dream.
TheDrawingDinosaur 2 dager siden
4:44 pillagers are stormtroopers with that aim
Patte Whitfield
Patte Whitfield 2 dager siden
Jo Ross
Jo Ross 2 dager siden
i stopped watching after dream killed the dog too far
Natalia Zimnowodzka
Natalia Zimnowodzka 2 dager siden
I just want you to know I think your very Cool and are my comfort youtuber and i really enjoy ur content
bun bun
bun bun 2 dager siden
i dont know whats so important about it but when i just hear you guys screaming and laughing idk, it just makes me happy, im so glad we have you guys
La egg La egg
La egg La egg 2 dager siden
4 sec in the game be like 0:53
Harry Jennings
Harry Jennings 2 dager siden
did you guys know that sap naps old Minecraft user was pandascanpvp
William Shiu
William Shiu 2 dager siden
you messed up...
Dream's Fan
Dream's Fan 2 dager siden
You did not complete minecraft :(
mark brayan canillo
mark brayan canillo 2 dager siden
those pillagers are the hunters of you guys
Awesomeness 5603
Awesomeness 5603 2 dager siden
The intro: all chill and relaxed. The moment the actual video starts: Demonic screaming.
Lurkingphantasm 2 dager siden
I like how sap and George get so scared while dream just don’t care.
Lucy1 MSP
Lucy1 MSP 2 dager siden
My ears xD
Jomie Diolan
Jomie Diolan 2 dager siden
This is god but dream is best
TheRadioactiveBanana-Gaming 2 dager siden
dream: kills Minecraft wolf me: TRIGGERED
kingofjay Ledda
kingofjay Ledda 2 dager siden
If you want to go philiphines the most many hotel is manila
Matthew Ongodia
Matthew Ongodia 2 dager siden
sapnap: where the heck did dream come from. XD
Ugly Dj
Ugly Dj 2 dager siden
Sapnap dream and george are best
JMLP GAMING 2 dager siden
You love philiphines Notice me
Nolasco Leonardo
Nolasco Leonardo 2 dager siden
Watch forchrys chanel??
Nolasco Leonardo
Nolasco Leonardo 2 dager siden
Sapnap did dream liad to u??
Arnold Capalac
Arnold Capalac 3 dager siden
I saw a meme that show you scream.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. It’s funny you srceam like girl
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