Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sindragozer 9 timer siden
1:33 color on an original gameboy? lol great video though! i just wanted to point that out
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters 13 timer siden
Matpat said he was confused about dido transforming into humans but in super smash bros ultimate dido it a assist trophy that transforms into your character so he can absolutely transform into humans.
Ile Burns
Ile Burns 13 timer siden
even in pokemon rocket edition for fire red giovani said that dittos were failed mew clones
Nagito Komemeda
Nagito Komemeda Dag siden
I was just wondering something. If the genetically enhanced Ditto could turn into anything at will, could it turn into legendary Pokemon like Zygarde, Yveltal, or Arceus? Just going off of the canon universe here. Just a thought......
DaiGenGTR Dag siden
Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up! You telling me this is cannon? So you telling me there's a 32 year old Ash Ketchum still happy with being mediocre somewhere out there?
Erin Little
Erin Little 4 dager siden
Jason Lankford
Jason Lankford 4 dager siden
were just nothing
Kaj 5 dager siden
man said gyana lmao its pronounced guy-ana
Santiago Poblete Jimenez
Santiago Poblete Jimenez 5 dager siden
mattpat: finally a good pokemon videogame movie almost all pokemon anime movies: am I a joke to you
Sharese Osin
Sharese Osin 5 dager siden
i thought he said giovanna
KENPOFOCUS _ 6 dager siden
But in the anime we see 2 ditto that transformation into legendary pokemon even though they are not present also it is revealed in in the episode that these ditto are very weak so that is why ash helps to train them
Hayden Y
Hayden Y 6 dager siden
HyperHydra 6 dager siden
Soooooooooooooooo this is a game theory episode?
drago D
drago D 6 dager siden
Ditto has been proven multiple times in the other universes that it is a fail mutation of mew.
Glaceongirl AKA Susie
Glaceongirl AKA Susie 7 dager siden
is the city in galar?
Burris Streaming
Burris Streaming 8 dager siden
what if the poki hospitals are actually incinerators and the pokimon they give you are actually different pokimon. the ones you turned in for healing went up in smoke.
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 10 dager siden
But you could get mewtwo in the other games it just was a different part of the legendary bird cave... and I’m pretty sure I saw dittos in those games and they were in that cave ...
Tiggertron 11 dager siden
Lol rather than pic this theory apart, I'll instead beg you to swap the way you pronounce the "a" in "Kanto" & "Tamagotchi" around! lol 🙏🏾 😩 lol
Raz Levy
Raz Levy 11 dager siden
0:28 ah
socks 13 dager siden
Theres one more peice of evedence showing that ditto is just a weaker version of mew,they are both extremely cutelook at mew then ditto,but mewtwo is not as good,yes he is stronger but not as cute
Nitzan Shimony
Nitzan Shimony 14 dager siden
My uncle was part of the team that worked on this movie, i asked him about this, he said no. Sooooo, like nice theory, but it's JUST a theory
Super Wolf Pup
Super Wolf Pup 14 dager siden
Wait, but in that indigo league episode, Duplica’s ditto changes into a cannon at the end. Without one present. And they thought changing into a human was crazy.
Gilgamesh_max 15 dager siden
I still prefer Digimon
Tucker Thompson
Tucker Thompson 17 dager siden
Hold on. If this movie takes place in the games canon then wouldn't Red have captured mewtwo by then?
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 17 dager siden
So... Mewtwo's clones in Mewtwo strikes back where just Dittos that couldn't transform after they were created?
Charlie Mcgarry
Charlie Mcgarry 22 dager siden
Five nights at mimes: it's the ultimate horror game about a terrifying clown pokemon. Yas
Game God
Game God 23 dager siden
0:00 To 0:33 Was Hilarious. Screen Rant Is At 8:36?!
cloudy_fire 23 dager siden
"never seen ditto transform from memory" exuse me the manga? fire red and leaf green?
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds 24 dager siden
0:29 eh
Marko Feller
Marko Feller 24 dager siden
first watchable videogame movie is MORTAL KOMBAT!!! fcking simps
SUPER FREDDY VON -SFV 24 dager siden
Of course I get an ad on Pokémon go
WorldUnited 24 dager siden
2:01 man, it begins when i was born? This is quiet shocking.
Kiermel Lobroque
Kiermel Lobroque 25 dager siden
hey matt pat if p[ikachu is a mouse pokemon where did they get the name "mouse" because all pokemons are based on animals
Avatar Wan
Avatar Wan 25 dager siden
Am I the only one that realized that ditto is the same color as mewtwo’s tail
Shahonaz karim
Shahonaz karim 26 dager siden
Dublicas ditto can transform into anything smh
Megan Payne
Megan Payne 26 dager siden
“Ditto encounters Mew” “Ditto uses transform” Life purpose complete
Manta Wave
Manta Wave 27 dager siden
2:19 “150 Pokemon” Me: Deep Breathes, don’t lose your cool..........IT’s 151!!!!!!
Jeffrey' jr
Jeffrey' jr 29 dager siden
No man almost every Pokemon nerd know that ditto are failed clone of mew
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Måned siden
Taybe Beysim
Taybe Beysim Måned siden
Soooooo....Does that make Ditto kind of a legendary?
Timothy Ive
Timothy Ive Måned siden
So if Ash catches Ditto he’s basically caught them all?
Timothy Ive
Timothy Ive Måned siden
Can we confirm that Deadpool is Ditto?
Pedro Mota
Pedro Mota Måned siden
GrffnMstr77 Måned siden
trash-can studios
trash-can studios Måned siden
That intro was cringey but really good and funny
kesha2822 plays S
kesha2822 plays S Måned siden
Pika pi pikachu UwU
Xiomara Colopy
Xiomara Colopy Måned siden
My first thought when i started watching this was that maybe ditto wasn't a product of experimentation but what they were experimenting on. Maybe ditto already existed and they were trying to use it's genes to help create Mewtwo .
Cringe Videos
Cringe Videos Måned siden
Even after a year. He still doesnt have 10 million subs
Minnight 014ZX
Minnight 014ZX Måned siden
Town m.c money
Town m.c money Måned siden
The ditto could be the ditto with the most memory idk also could be
WayStedYou Måned siden
The funny thing is sonic made almost the same money as detective pickachu after they altered sonic, 85m budget and 360m vs 150m budget and 433m box office
Darrian Smith
Darrian Smith Måned siden
It’s super ditto. There wa da whole lab with super Pokémon. The totters and greeninja
Demonized Duck
Demonized Duck Måned siden
What if the ditto transforms into anything the opponent has seen
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson Måned siden
#SPOILEARLERT Pikachu is his father
Benjamin Hamrick
Benjamin Hamrick Måned siden
first watchable video game movie? have you all forgotten about the first pokemon movie?
Benjamin Hamrick
Benjamin Hamrick Måned siden
oof... "generation 1, 150 cute little.... " but it was 151
Alucard Avathorn
Alucard Avathorn Måned siden
But there were experiments on other Pokémon in the same lab to enhance them too, seems hard to explain away that part of the theory as we know those Pokémon were discovered in later generations like the toterra who are giant
Poli Bharali
Poli Bharali Måned siden
Detective pickachu was in sinnoh
Finn Skywalker
Finn Skywalker Måned siden
Hear this Ditto, Mew, combine the two words, Mewto
missmuffetyael Måned siden
I've always thought dittos were 100% failed mewtwo experiments, because I played a lot of pixelmon, where the only way to get a ditto is from a failed mewtwo experiment.
Marpen1980 Gaming
Marpen1980 Gaming Måned siden
I'm not sure if Matt watched the same movie as I did. In the movie, they said that ditto was enhanced. Not that he was created there, but enhanced. Just like Mewtwo was. So, that doesn't prove anything about ditto being from Mew. At all.
wolf pack
wolf pack Måned siden
Why is this not a game theory
Shadow Måned siden
Maybe the detective pikachu ditto just has infinite memory?
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Måned siden
I was going to comment about Ditto’s stat distribution and how each stat is 52% lower than Mew’s, which is also 100% lower than the number that’s Mewtwo’s pokédex entry number. It’s true... if Mewtwo was Chikorita
CryoPhenioxYT Måned siden
I have a theory a ditto was told to clone mewtwo so mewtwo could escape and that's why the dittos followed metal cuz they knew who it was
Cyber Preadolescent
Cyber Preadolescent Måned siden
Can we make Film / Tv show reviewing channels and call ourselves “ Theorists” and Quote You
Fun Brainz
Fun Brainz Måned siden
Pls Do a theory on the Flash series the plus 4 u is that there is sooooo much Lore and tons of science for u to use
darth Mic
darth Mic Måned siden
Na Na Nani ?!
Na Na Nani ?! Måned siden
kinda weird I always think ditto is the best pokemon for me just bc I can relate to it lmao and boom its actually part of something big kinda cool
Lincoln Hooman
Lincoln Hooman 2 måneder siden
Its weird to me that everyone was saying this movie was just okay. Its still one of my favorite movies
Allen Bolina
Allen Bolina 2 måneder siden
Wait a minute, shouldn't this be on game theorists?
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves 2 måneder siden
MatPat: Nothing groundbreaking Also MatPat: *shows scene of torterras*
GamingGenreOnly 2 måneder siden
I gotta say it was an amazing movie. I hope it gets a sequel and becomes a Cinematic universe, i'll name it 'PLACU' Pokemon Live Action Cinematic Universe
cynthia rosas
cynthia rosas 2 måneder siden
1:27 Pikachu is Thick
Jay Um
Jay Um 2 måneder siden
Pikachu was a talking pokemon?
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 måneder siden
Jio Crestfall
Jio Crestfall 2 måneder siden
kinda sad matt could've used "pull out ur scope lenses" instead of magnifying glass for this one
i Arena
i Arena 2 måneder siden
I think the new Pokemon Journeys has a case where ditto can copy pokemon not physically there?
The Vine
The Vine 2 måneder siden
ive gotten into editing videos and im just admiring the editing skills of this mad, complete mad lad, like each time i see him do a video transition i actually kinda know how he did it
Nelson Muniz
Nelson Muniz 2 måneder siden
Carter Bee
Carter Bee 2 måneder siden
Game Theory: Mr.Mime is a killer My child self needs to know.
Noah Riley
Noah Riley 2 måneder siden
I just realized that mew can be the worst poken ever and the best but.... you know what lets just say that dittio is confusing
Ljiljana Cvjetan-Trbović
Ljiljana Cvjetan-Trbović 2 måneder siden
i hate sonic.
Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon 2 måneder siden
Pokèmon theme song: POKÈMON! Gotta catch them all! Me: just get a dito, there done. Happy?
Christopher Sheetz
Christopher Sheetz 2 måneder siden
We need a Deadpool/Detective Pikachu crossover movie
Jack Flynn
Jack Flynn 2 måneder siden
WAit tgis was 1 year ago I just got notified
oh no
oh no 2 måneder siden
ditto is my favorite pokemon
NixTheFox 2 måneder siden
Ditto is literally the most over powered pokemon like ever. Seeing he can even turn into legendaries
Base Bass Forte
Base Bass Forte 2 måneder siden
Jannet Franco
Jannet Franco 2 måneder siden
R.i.p ash Rest In Peace
Cub Notch
Cub Notch 2 måneder siden
For the ditto theory instead of being a failed experiment they could have just been trying to force ditto to transform into mew then do experiments on the ditto/mew
Lovekittys123 2 måneder siden
technically if use ditto against mewtwo then ditto is acctually a perfect copy now
Caleb Humphreys
Caleb Humphreys 2 måneder siden
Nikholas Rowe
Nikholas Rowe 2 måneder siden
Mat pat I am the reason why Pokémon let’s go came out I talked to the Nintendo to make it so for the cartoony Zelda game
Min tokiga bror
Min tokiga bror 2 måneder siden
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The Joker
The Joker 2 måneder siden
😑 The first Pokémon had 151 Pokémon, not 150. Get your facts straight.
Jz 2 måneder siden
MatPat: saying ditto is mewtwo. All OG Pokemon Fans: WE KNOWWWWW
Benja Kenobi
Benja Kenobi 2 måneder siden
ATTENTION! A few things, it's not the Konto region it's the Kanto region with a hard 'a', second, detective pikachu is NOT cannon, the producers of detective pikachu made up a region that is not in the anime or in the games, therefore it is not cannon. I have been immersed in the pokemon fan culture for the past 8 years and I am not convinced. I can guarantee you I know far more about pokemon than mat pat. This is NOT the pokemon communities biggest fan theory. Also DOZENS of pokemon have equal stats across the board, it is 100% not just ditto and mew. Also you can breed any pokemon with ditto but you can never breed pokemon with mew or mewtwo. The only way Mew is a "special" mythical is becuase it's in the first generation, 90% of mythical pokemon throughout the generations have 100 in each stat. You REALLY can't base your theory off of detective pikachu. ALL of that evidence is not even evidence, Matpat really doesn't know enough about pokemon to be making this theory. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM
Animating Cookie
Animating Cookie 2 måneder siden
2:17 Ermmmm...151 game theory
Joshua Harden
Joshua Harden 2 måneder siden
he used cosmonaut variety hour, the crossover i never knew happened and never knew i needed
Claire uwu
Claire uwu 2 måneder siden
What about the movie pixel XD
Diamond 2 måneder siden
yup the first watchable video game movie ever because well *mario bros the movie*
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