NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

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“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

E E 20 dager siden
Jeez...like or hate Trump, this lady is one of the worst I've seen. Your job is to keep the townhall moving along, not to add your personal opinions and argue with the president. Yikes...
William McCravy
William McCravy 21 dag siden
Does he ever give a straight direct answer!?🙄🤦🏿‍♂️
appleblossomxo 22 dager siden
Lesson in how to conduct a political interview: nopost.info/throw/qc2pdmnc14l6oc0/video
Michael Reust
Michael Reust 26 dager siden
Did she say that 10% of the country had covid? That would be about 32 million people. That is not a correct statistic
John Sabio
John Sabio Måned siden
Watch for fraud if the total number of votes exceed the total number of registered voters. its/2020..
Chase Green
Chase Green Måned siden
Buy bitclin xrp
cheryl jaynes
cheryl jaynes Måned siden
Savannah Guthrie could learn a lot by watching Lester Holt. She ruined the interview. It was as bad as the first debate. We didn't finish either one.
Sword Of Light
Sword Of Light Måned siden
I agree with you 90%. He is obviously not a person who cares or plans to do anything about systemic racism or basically even cares.. But in my opinion when people burn and loot and destroy innocent business owners stores that should never be allowed no matter what your cause is
I think that Donald Trump has said the far left in the last 4 years at least 1 million times
poopface mcturdy
poopface mcturdy Måned siden
the woman behind trump is hot...that's all I have to say.
Bill Clempson
Bill Clempson Måned siden
Qweet 37
Qweet 37 Måned siden
Henry the8th
Henry the8th Måned siden
NBC and this moderator should be embarrassed.
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables Måned siden
Savannah “nails on a chalkboard” Guthrie
Alex Houston
Alex Houston Måned siden
He's a idiot
cat roach
cat roach Måned siden
I dont like the disrespect. I dont agree with everything President Trump do but we as American ppl must respect the office He hold. We are showing the world our weaknesses. Fools , its been going on since this man has held office. That y he keep prevail y'all can't see this man got Spiritual guidance. FOOLS!
bluecrush_5 Måned siden
The republicans HAD to agree to that so that the dems would approve the stimulus and nobody even talks about it!!!!!!!! I want to scream
bluecrush_5 Måned siden
Did this interviewer even read the damn law that passed for the last stimulus which mandated that MILLIONS go to a museum that the democrats wanted to revive?!?!?!? Literally nobody reads!!!!!!! Those millions should’ve gone to the PUBLIC
Qweet 37
Qweet 37 Måned siden
Why its the Ditsy Broad and her high voice tone so annoying she keep cutting him off so aggresive because they know there time is over!!!
Mari Rowen
Mari Rowen Måned siden
This biased host obviously has a hit-piece agenda, which is traitorous. Dishonest traitors in media need to be severely punished for treason.
Liv2 fish
Liv2 fish Måned siden
The dems are trying to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime and then elect the person who committed the crime.
Austin Rodriguez
Austin Rodriguez Måned siden
No comments allowed for Sleepy Joe, right? Clowns, America is going towards Civil War because of our corrupt media.
highheadjester Måned siden
Now this is a Poll..... 23k to 7 k.. 3 to 1 for TRUMP On CNBC.....
Katie Kupec
Katie Kupec Måned siden
The lady on the right with the red mask is way too distracting. She’s cheerleading Trump (in which she has every right) but talk about “radical” with the head nodding and snide movements? No one else is doing that. Planted?
MGTOW And Jubilant
MGTOW And Jubilant Måned siden
This lady is annoying for constantly cutting hum off, let him speak!
Aliway Måned siden
Not one of these questions were thought up by the person asking them.
Sarena Harmon
Sarena Harmon Måned siden
It's odd the stage they are on is set up no different than what witches or occultist would use for their spells. Considering the 📺 can be used as an electronic hypnotizing programming device for mind control techniques, this circus clown show is continuing to brainwash the masses if you still take this seriously. 🎭🔮🎪 All presidents have been pre selected, never elected. Your vote has never made a difference only giving you the illusion of choice. Trump will stay and continue their NWO agendas like they've been following through nicely with all their false flags and the PLANdemic SCAMdemic psyop.
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones Måned siden
You can tell she’s voting for Biden these questions were just trying to shut him down.
Sword Of Light
Sword Of Light Måned siden
Filter Free Radio
Filter Free Radio Måned siden
2020 Presidential Debate Unnecessary Censorship --- nopost.info/throw/mpaxm4e93W12hcU/video
RJ Gary
RJ Gary Måned siden
CIA and FBI dug into all his stuff found nothing. The media is hell bent on destroying this man.
Kat Ngu
Kat Ngu Måned siden
I just know one thing, whoever commend that protect Trump or endorse Trump, they are not a real human being because Trump hires people to make good commends to protect Trump. As a real person, even they don't have education, as a human nature, they are able logical enough to see what is right and wrong. The people who are support Trump on the news that you see, they are not Trump supporters, they are Republican Party supporters. That is two different things. And if the people like Trump, they are racist and selfish. If Trump won, God blessed America, and the world. 😞
jepsin101 Måned siden
there is more comments than likes.
The Clint Commander
The Clint Commander Måned siden
And yet some people still ask why Trump hates the media so much...
Randy Vincent
Randy Vincent Måned siden
CNBC = Communist National Broadcasting Company
Gina Pastina
Gina Pastina Måned siden
Jeez, that lady interviewer is horrible!! The whole stage of people look like a Hollywood game show! This might just🤔 be the best time to be alive...😉
Tram Tran
Tram Tran Måned siden
Don’t be rude lady 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿while President is talking,you interfere
Alexis Jiménez
Alexis Jiménez Måned siden
Savanah would be a much better, smart and articulate opponent to Trump than Biden :P
Karoline Katich
Karoline Katich Måned siden
What is up with this girl😳😳🤦🏼‍♀️
Krispy street
Krispy street Måned siden
Chick is a bigger joke then him.....
Sabina Fajardo
Sabina Fajardo Måned siden
He wouldn’t be arguing with the moderate if he had answered the question..plain and simple
Aqsa Khalil
Aqsa Khalil Måned siden
A Gaming
A Gaming Måned siden
Why is it we can simply billion dollars over to an Arab country and you can’t even give us $1200 you’re fighting over not giving us anything and people having so much trouble in this country but you can take your people in another country before you take care of you are a liar Mr. Trump you should be ashamed of yourself you’ll do everything for America America this first imagine it’s not frozen your eyes eyes
JC Fireman
JC Fireman Måned siden
Trump clearly won.. MAGA 2020
jennifer siagian
jennifer siagian Måned siden
#UNPLUGTV 2 Thess 2:11 -v- 2 Co 2:11
jennifer siagian
jennifer siagian Måned siden
#GOTTRUMPED? Repent.. 2 Pt 3:9 #GOTTRUTH Jn 8:32 Fig Informer (group/page)
Yeimi Hernandez
Yeimi Hernandez Måned siden
Also these is the 2nd time im going to vote. There is something Im not clear about the president does not seem to have much power is the congress right?? And about the stimulus check house and senate have been back and fourth I don't understand honestly it seems both Dems and Reps can care less about us.
Yeimi Hernandez
Yeimi Hernandez Måned siden
Let me just say that I was actually thinking of voting for Sanders but his age questioned my decision but then everybody left only we are left with these 2 candidates that honestly in my opinion are the worse. Just look how immature they were in the other debate and there is other reasons.
Yeimi Hernandez
Yeimi Hernandez Måned siden
The Q is confusing to me can someone explain because I heard that is against pedos but also that Trump is in so that should be good right but then how does he not know🤔
Eurlette Baron
Eurlette Baron Måned siden
No! Ur not doing a very good job as a president, TRUMP!
Eurlette Baron
Eurlette Baron Måned siden
Oh Trump seems like he was getting a little upset so he started getting defensive and he seems to always put the blame somewhere else whn he's at fault. That's wht I keep seeing w him. Smh
Eurlette Baron
Eurlette Baron Måned siden
Y is it that Trump can't answer a question? He always answer around the question. He tells stories and not facts. Smh never wanted him as president anyway.
Anri White
Anri White Måned siden
Biden win!
Street tip with JC from Beantown
Street tip with JC from Beantown Måned siden
The truth will set you free. Accepting no accountability whatsoever...
Dono James II
Dono James II Måned siden
Anybody else notice he was more straight with the voters than the interviewer?
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Måned siden
Wheres her mask?
April Chan
April Chan Måned siden
This man, being over 70 year old, yet working restless for Americans, and fighting against fake medias, evil democrats with no fear, receives no salary for being a president, gains my deepest respect.
SilverStar Måned siden
TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020
Trump_Fedaykin Måned siden
Guthrie is a moron.
The original Assassin
The original Assassin Måned siden
How many times he say basement
Kimbo Phillips
Kimbo Phillips Måned siden
Trump administration 🙄 #fraud
Black Beard
Black Beard Måned siden
Trump is a Treasoner time to Serve Prison time. Trump Is Supported by Russia, North Korea, Iran, & China
misun Beard
misun Beard Måned siden
This female host is soooo annoying! TRUMP 2020!! 4MORE YEAR!!
Margaret Bauer
Margaret Bauer Måned siden
She is being paid big time!
denise v
denise v Måned siden
blatantly partisan interviewer
Margaret Bauer
Margaret Bauer Måned siden
I am an RN in a nursing home. Nobody has died of old age since March 2020.
Dianna Medema
Dianna Medema Måned siden
Oooo my Lord,. I hàve never seen such disrespect against a president from news media. It's discussing. He is not another corrupt politician, , he is a businessman.
Charles Moreland
Charles Moreland Måned siden
Hell ya go TRUMP all the way 2020 its in the bag before it even started...
ada2step Måned siden
Trump 2020
James Page
James Page Måned siden
LOL, what White Supremacy ? It's NOT the 1930s-40s where you have Million KKK members marching down Washington DC
Bill Daly
Bill Daly Måned siden
Hey Savannah... The satanic pedophile cult is Democrat AND Republican... But mostly Democrats.
Cody Mag
Cody Mag Måned siden
Biden 2020
Brandon J
Brandon J Måned siden
Savannah = piece of work!
Fulanito Måned siden
Biden was using a double, doesnt anybody noticed it? He is an impostor
Aqsa Khalil
Aqsa Khalil Måned siden
TO donald trump he is. BUT, I DONOTAGREE
Mini KTY
Mini KTY Måned siden
Trump: Biden isn’t that racist Biden: Trump isn’t that fat
Open Eyes
Open Eyes Måned siden
If you need to watch the presidential debate, you have not been paying attention to little Donald's decisions and rhetoric for the past 4 years.
Open Eyes
Open Eyes Måned siden
Little Donald had a farm... ea,ea, ooooooooooohhhhhh
Aiden Sux at YT
Aiden Sux at YT Måned siden
Joe Biden is so stupid
Isa Conner
Isa Conner Måned siden
CORRUPT BIDEN! Lied to the American people, sold AMERICA to CHINA, UKRAINE, and Russia! #TRUMP2020
jjjeeennn 87
jjjeeennn 87 Måned siden
Let the show begin!!
Pauline Ebanks
Pauline Ebanks Måned siden
Anyone tells the sciantist and the world that VERVINE HERB TEA HEALS THE COVID 19 IN HOURS WILL WIN THE ELECTION God shows this herb in a vision it is a miracle plant drink the tea every 4 hours for a day or two please ask the doctors to try it it works in minites
John Valadez
John Valadez Måned siden
God bless trump and his fam 💯👌The best president so far.
bluecrush_5 Måned siden
I don’t like this interviewer
yatzin Farias
yatzin Farias Måned siden
Reaper's END
Reaper's END Måned siden
America; still using patriotism to attack the American dream. All these unknown errors to post a comment because the spambot is trying to block truth.
Alfredo Romero
Alfredo Romero Måned siden
Vez 👼 💪💪💪💪💪💪 zegun ellos
Alfredo Romero
Alfredo Romero Måned siden
Como si ban a tirar chingasos 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Michael Lovetere
Michael Lovetere Måned siden
Glad she isn"t married to me!
Steven Molina
Steven Molina Måned siden
After listening to trump i feel like i cought down syndrom
Mariam Loius
Mariam Loius Måned siden
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Vernon Hasenkamp
Vernon Hasenkamp Måned siden
All diabolic entities
David Strong
David Strong Måned siden
"corona has been rounding the corner since what, April when it was going away in few days. OMG what a damn idiot. Once again he is showing hes a feckless loser.
AK Entertainment
AK Entertainment Måned siden
Donald Trump is great!! And he really knows what to say and how to answer. Because he is doing his job very good than any other president will ever can do or do.
rodney small
rodney small Måned siden
Susan Dillon
Susan Dillon Måned siden
I think we should turn her off and go listen to someone else.
Susan Dillon
Susan Dillon Måned siden
She is do rude. She doesnt even respect the office of Presidency. She doesn't let him finish speaking. She interrupts him constantly.
Ghost Ed
Ghost Ed Måned siden
Peaceful transfer? Where is the peaceful transfer that Trump should have gotten in the first place? People have been combative since 2016 not wanting him in office.
dolo gore
dolo gore Måned siden
she was getting more and more desperate, she looks a bit like a ventriloquists dummy, very odd, she actually achieved the opposite of her objective making Mr Trump look polite and very switched on.
Alwx Dozo
Alwx Dozo Måned siden
News reporter so dam hostile jeez
Leah Watts
Leah Watts Måned siden
It doesn't matter to me who anyone is for, but I think it is so appalling how it has became so ok and normal to be so disrespectful to any adult but ecspecially whoever the president of the United States is!! There's a adult decent way to disagree with anyone and a way to show your disapproval point blank without acting like junior high schoolers!!
Lori Mendoza
Lori Mendoza Måned siden
Wow.. her tone and face is aggressive ..
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