Rebuild? Why? - Marble Machine X #142

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A lot of REAL progress this week! I thought it was high time that i tried to give you all some context on why i am doing this major redesign that i am working on right now. Im presenting one theory that might explain the motivation behind the decision to do this redesign. Perhaps the Marble Machine X itself is the Local Maximum, in that case, the current process will lead me to that discovery and i will take another u-turn to find the path to the world tour. Probably i will take the advice that has been given to me so many times during the past years: "Why dont you just play guitar?"
:) Hope you all are are having a great day and enjoy everyone! ;) / Martin

Rebuild? Why? - Marble Machine X #142
Video edited by Martin & Hannes Knutsson
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DoodleChaos 5 dager siden
Ooof that was a brutal angle grinder. Hang in there Martin, regardless of what happens we support you.
JoRasEyez 2 timer siden
Redesign?????? am gonna stop watching i sad a million times Martin has a problem ... i wasted like 3 years following this project ........we all know martin he is perfectionist ,but every thing has its limit.. and i think he is doing this because the channel was not for building the marble machine , so he is scraping the barrel , soo it was fun while it lasted .... bye bye
numfortably_combed Dag siden
@Wintergatan Hi Martin, You're now reaching epic levels of failure rates with the grinder! ;-) People in the comments below are talking about 6 Sigma standards. I'd also mention that you've reached the stratosphere-- you're now talking about aeronautical design levels of failure. See also ideas about "redundancy" in design and "fault tolerance." Airplane safety statistics might also be helpful to get a grasp of how to pinpoint design durability and weakness. Keep striving for excellence!
Atomic Shrimp
Atomic Shrimp 3 dager siden
If you had to approach a completely different, but equally complex machine build project in the future, knowing what you have learned along the way, what would you do differently? Seems to me that you might invest more time testing single prototypes of a sub-mechanism before iterating them across the machine itself - that is, for example, build one marble dropper, and test it with a million marble drops. Then you're only fixing one thing, rather than fixing 20 of the same thing, only to find that the fix isn't sufficient. I'm not saying I would do better myself (in fact I know I wouldn't - I simply lack the patience for this scale and complexity of engineering), and it's also less exciting and less fulfilling to be just testing components, instead of seeing the machine emerge of course. Hope this doesn't come across as critique - I'm actually just interested to know how your methodologies have changed across the course of the project.
ramp agent 92
ramp agent 92 3 dager siden
@Cobalt27 try to isolate and figure out which game is doing it. Then inform Martin on whichever media you think he is most likely to see it.
Hans Menzi
Hans Menzi 3 dager siden
Definitely need a tshirt design with the angle grinder on it
SoreauMook 11 minutter siden
Marble f*cking machine.
slaapkonijn58 29 minutter siden
why not make it so a marble fails are not critical? i.e. the marble machine doesn't get stuck. A musician can also make mistakes, and if i wanted to listen to perfect music. I probably wouldn't be listening to a machine using marbles to make that music. The 99.9 percent with 3 fails per song would be fine right? but it's probably just in your blood to keep on going untill its absolutely perfect, but making things absolutely perfect is most of the time a quadratic function with respect to time. So think about how much time you actually want to spend, then call something good enough is you spent that time.
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins 57 minutter siden
I can only imagine how long this must take 😂
JoRasEyez 2 timer siden
Redesign?????? am gonna stop watching i sad a million times Martin has a problem ... i wasted like 3 years following this project ........we all know martin he is perfectionist ,but every thing has its limit.. and i think he is doing this because the channel was not for building the marble machine , so he is scraping the barrel , soo it was fun while it lasted .... bye bye
Early Ehlinger
Early Ehlinger 3 timer siden
Not sure if the ball drop you were showing during your "why" rant is intended to stay or if you were showing it to illustrate why 99.99% isn't good enough. If it's intended to stay, you may want to consider turning a custom bolt that is _not threaded_ where it contacts the ball. Seems to me the sharp edges of the threads could become blunted and lose tiny bits of steel. Probably a small problem, but might contribute 0.000001% to your set of failure modes.
Chris Clegg
Chris Clegg 3 timer siden
Sounds like Martin has discovered Six Sigma. :)
Daniel Bostrom
Daniel Bostrom 3 timer siden
I love your marble machine, very Rube Goldberg! For applying the graphite, you might want to try colloidal graphite in isopropanol. You use a paint brush to paint it onto the metal parts. The isopropanol quickly evaporates leaving a thin coating attached to the metal that lubes it really well. That way you don't get the powdered graphite all over. It may also work painting on the plywood, I don't know, I've never tried it. If you can't find the colloidal graphite in isopropanol, you can make your own by simply adding graphite powder to isopropanol.
tdsangel 4 timer siden
maybe you want to have a look at where you can buy nearly all standard parts. the shims you made are DIN 988 shims you can buy cheap in all sizes.
Jakub Červinka
Jakub Červinka 4 timer siden
This is just insulting... good luck chasing all the decimal nines. You will never get total machine perfect performance. That's what synthezators and drum machines are for. Now you are just removing MM's soul.
porousorifice 4 timer siden
Long live the Bunny's!
madsami 5 timer siden
I also like to add nuts to the backside
Guillaume Ohz
Guillaume Ohz 5 timer siden
In piano we use liquid graphite, leather and felt for friction and shocks
Czh13 5 timer siden
It's about the journey, not the destination, right? I really hope you don't see this as throwing away 2 years of your life! Coming up with and building an incorrect solution was a necessary step in learning how to build the ultimate marble machine. I hope you stay positive and I can't wait to see what other great builds you are going to show us!
FET Killer
FET Killer 7 timer siden
Nope don’t give up this is just how development of complicated devices goes. Great to see that prototype wood stage is moving to a more metal construction. Your CAD / CAM is very impressive.
Gareth Fritz
Gareth Fritz 7 timer siden
Angle grinding years of our life too hahaha I love you
SuprChickn 77
SuprChickn 77 7 timer siden
99.9% is wildly unrealistic, all mechanical components wear out and vibration will cause problems itself. I agree that the main idea should be to make sure inevitable errors don't cause a breakdown of the whole song or the machine. Expansion and contraction will occur with temperature and humidity changes as well.
AluhutEntsorgung 8 timer siden
Now i understand the X II to IX are also gonna be build but not utilized.
TheCreep7 8 timer siden
15:46 he's been sniffing too much locktight i think
Antonio Guzman-Avalos
Antonio Guzman-Avalos 9 timer siden
Why not build a kind of "error catcher"?... if you cannot get 100% efficiency, then develop a parallel mechanism, clean the stocked canal.
Kristoffer P
Kristoffer P 10 timer siden
24:49 Is what I was thinking when he started cutting in the MMX with an angle grinder.
MokumMoto 10 timer siden
You should sell those sculptures. So you don’t need to... give up!
gamrage 10 timer siden
If you mean give up by starting over from scratch, I'm fine with that. But if you completely give up on building the Marble Machine X without a successor.. I'll be sad. I watched your videos ever since your initial Marble Machine video. It's such a wonderful work of art..
James Bramlett
James Bramlett 11 timer siden
Don't EVER justify the awesomeness of your existence
Matt Edgin
Matt Edgin 12 timer siden
Actually, I think it is ok that this project may never be finished. I don't think you are building a machine so much as the physical representation of your own skill, ingenuity, and creativity. Things that should never just 'stop' but should always continue forward. So as long as you continue to learn and build upon your already impressive abilities I don't think the marble machine will ever be truly finished, and that is perfectly fine.
Jason H
Jason H 12 timer siden
Are all the marbles the exact same size? This could be a big source of failure
JLo™ 12 timer siden
you've created a MONSTER!!!
leonardo figueroa
leonardo figueroa 13 timer siden
meybe you need new blood new people and all that
Jonathan Paez
Jonathan Paez 13 timer siden
Well done. Constantly open to learning. I can't wait to see it live in concert :)
Sigmund Wong
Sigmund Wong 13 timer siden
"99.99% = rubbish" is exactly right, and this is a beautiful illustration of that. It's actually quite common to measure reliability not in percent, but in "nines" or "#N"-that is, how many 9s you have in your percent. I think this gives a much better perspective: "99.99%" sounds impressive, but "4N" doesn't. I don't know enough about mechanical engineering to say if 7N is feasible or not for MMX, but the reasoning behind aspiring to a figure like that is perfectly sound!
Gilmar Oliveira
Gilmar Oliveira 13 timer siden
It's just too delightfull to watch these videos
Bctech380 14 timer siden
Martin, send me some of the doomed to recycle parts. I'll make a CAD model of some type of do-nothing device for You and This Old Tony to put on your desks. A collage of Everyone's work you ground of the last build ;) CAD to Real Life may vary depending on what you send of course:)
Mikel Monleón
Mikel Monleón 15 timer siden
"feather in my hat" what?
this guys here
this guys here 15 timer siden
Arkeresh 15 timer siden
This is the real infinite content loop
Ivanok Muñoz
Ivanok Muñoz 15 timer siden
Man I admire your patience and passion
JCS Partituras & Arranjos Sabatovicz Co
JCS Partituras & Arranjos Sabatovicz Co 16 timer siden
a musiscian/God enginner man!
Felix Feliciano
Felix Feliciano 16 timer siden
If you are going to do a re-design, design it in such a way that a marble failiure is not a critical failiure that breaks the whole machine. That sad reality of life is that the more complex something is, the more parts can break, the more parts WILL break. Someone described your marbles like a fluid, below. I would look at it that way as well. Add in a "leak" point that lets a critical failiure become a minor failiure instead.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 17 timer siden
force is needed to release a marble, and then design the hooks to slip at maybe double that Nm?
2008LethalMelody 17 timer siden
Нет ничего интереснее, чем наблюдать за работой увлеченного своим делом человека. Успехов вам в вашем творчестве!
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 17 timer siden
thing, just be smarter, do not just sit and design things in your fantasy. Actually go and find out things, just find out how reality is, it is much different from the reality that you "thi
Anguished One
Anguished One 17 timer siden
oh martin i fear youre going to snap a bolt with all that lock tite and heating
Viper G
Viper G 17 timer siden
2023: Okay, i'm going to redesign MMX
mrdrewcarey 17 timer siden
DON'T QUIT!!! You can finish it!! We have faith in you... and remember this is something that will live on longer that you. It is a legacy. It will inspire hundreds of others for possibly a hundred years.
Joshua Eisenbart
Joshua Eisenbart 18 timer siden
Just so you know, At 99.99%, you could've gotten through 2 songs, almost 3, before a marble failure would've (statistically) happened. (2 songs = 0.72 failures). 99.999% = 27 songs = 0.972 failures 99.9999% = 277 songs = 0.9972 failures
ChimiChangle 18 timer siden
Didn't millions of people watch and fall in love with your old machine which allegedly failed dozens of marbles? Why chase for this machine "perfection" that is driving you crazy when what people loved in the first place was an organic, charismatic, but sort-of-jank instrument?
Movie &. Stuff
Movie &. Stuff 18 timer siden
Why are you redesigning it?
Фондъ Четверг
Фондъ Четверг 19 timer siden
Ещё на год задержка такими темпами.
Charles Balliet
Charles Balliet 20 timer siden
lol he could of sold the old machine and used the profits to get a team, a shop and all the materials and cnc ever needed to build a bigger better machine
Valentine 20 timer siden
Is this thing ever going to be finished? 😐 Been like what, 2 years now
Charles Balliet
Charles Balliet 20 timer siden
why even ask Im just going to answer the title before watching the video Because insanity never sleeps
Luna X
Luna X 20 timer siden
Wow already over 3 years in the works now that's some dedication right there. Let's hope you finish it soon!
NFSHeld 20 timer siden
Martin, I'd like to give to you three pieces of advice / things to think about: 1) Why does a car have a third brake light? Why do planes or rockets have two independent sets of sensors? Why do bridge or elevator cables consist of several strings? At a certain level of complexity, a system can no longer viably strive to have 0 ways of ANYTHING going wrong. Rather, you start to make sure that all things that COULD go wrong (even although you tried to avoid them as good as you could) will not take the rest of the system with it upon failure. Don't try to have 99.9999% reliability for each part. Try to reach 99.9999% with all fallbacks, redundancies, and repairable fail-overs. The flaw of this system is not that it has a thousand ways to go wrong, but that it only has one way to go right. 2) Plows have a bolt behind each blade. If a blade hits a big rock underground, the bolt of that blade will break and allow the blade to swing backwards. You hear the bolt breaking apart whenever it happens, and it is a piece of metal trash afterwards. But it can be easily replaced, opposed to the blade. Don't try to search the field for stones. Add a bolt to your blade. Think about adding easy-to-replace deliberate weak spots, so that 1 marble failing doesn't break the hard-to-repair core parts of the MMX. E. g.: Instead of putting metal pins in the revolving drum, use sturdy plastic. If a lever gets stuck, the pin will break, but not the drum. 3) If you want to make sure something works a million times, test it at least a million times, or even better, 5 million times. Rather than looking at current flaws, and then immediately redesigning, ordering, and assembling the whole part from scratch in 7 hours and 9000 steps, but with fingers crossed, rather build it once and test the c*p out of it until it breaks. If you want to make sure a marble gate can "play" 100k times, hook it to a motor and let the motor play it 500k times over night. Then look at the result. You'll find things breaking you never thought could break. Adjust, then repeat testing until you find it good enough. Best of luck with your project.
JJ79 20 timer siden
For cooling the drill use oil so it also helps for cutting.
Kars Bartels
Kars Bartels 21 time siden
Respect the effort you put into this man! I wish you the best!
Polo 21 time siden
ME: "Ah, it seems like the MMX project is almost getting to the last sprint of the..." MARTIN: "PART 1 - Brutal Disassembly"
To Ki Naw
To Ki Naw 21 time siden
This is FAR from a math proof. That some dumb guy (who had a history of failing) quotes Musk, is anything but a math proof. If you want to "proof" math, you should try something other than just putting a decimal point on 99.9. I hope you succeed dude, but you are so far from reality that it hurts. And i am worried that you teach your reality to others.
To Ki Naw
To Ki Naw 21 time siden
18:10 After 7 hours of assembly yo should stride to look for easier solutions, instead of you telling people that they need to have motivation and reach their goal. For the first thing, just be smarter, do not just sit and design things in your fantasy. Actually go and find out things, just find out how reality is, it is much different from the reality that you "think" it is. And please do not think that throwing math at a statement from Musk legitimatizes your mistakes and your cock ups... Please Martin, stop trying to educate others, when you are really dumb yourself.
Olle Ekbom
Olle Ekbom 22 timer siden
What is the font you used in todays episode explaining the rebuild?
Shakila Wickramarathne
Shakila Wickramarathne 22 timer siden
I admire your courage. Please don't give up. ❤️
Theo Gatzky
Theo Gatzky 22 timer siden
i want your hat. where can i get one?
To Ki Naw
To Ki Naw 22 timer siden
6:44 to stop sound, you go from plastic to metal, then you try it with a wood backstop, because wood will never wear out.. Yeah that seems smart, and you are the one talking about how life is about learning from mistakes.. Yeah well then.. Start learning instead of teaching others how to fail again and again and again and.......
To Ki Naw
To Ki Naw 22 timer siden
12 episodes ago "So i learned that i should redesign, and not use the old parts.." This episode "So i learned that i should redesign and not use old parts.." Yep yep, please tell me more about how you learn that you need to learn how to redefine yourself, that part was great, and only took some 6 episodes?
Allan 22 timer siden
Hot sparks will not be very magnetic. Nice idea. It really bothered me previously when you just sprayed the sparks all over the machine. I find solving technical problems from an artistic point of view makes for some creative solutions. One of the things that really draw me to Martin is his approach things, witch i don't always agree with but have come to respect. Wow the amount of new skills he picked up over these few short years is really impressive. Don't care if the machine ever reaches completion, and by Martins standards it will not. As long as we can hear some music from it all is well. Would like to hear more of his compositions soon. Great journey and as time goes by i am sure there will be some new and super cool new instruments he will come up with. NOpost is an awesome tool and for those willing to learn there is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Martin!
Muhammad Ainurrofii
Muhammad Ainurrofii 22 timer siden
ALEJANDRO X. ESTRADA 22 timer siden
I hate it when it comes down to the math...99.99999 hmmmmmm
YeshuaAgapao Dag siden
You need a good working machine to tour with before you end up too dead or disabled to be able to do so (aging, heart attacks, strokes, etc..).
Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell Dag siden
Why? All the time and effort and talent that went into this machine and like an idiot you take it all apart??? I have watched every episode in the hopes that machine would one day be a masterpiece that would one day end up in a museum. This was a hard video to watch and I am done watching. I believe you lost your brilliant mind and all your marbles (no pun intended). :-(
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto Dag siden
Youre so mean man
John M Amatangelo
John M Amatangelo Dag siden
I feel like you've been justifying or apologizing for your decisions on this project. We love you, and we are thrilled to be a small part of the process, but Marble Machine X is YOUR masterpiece. Years of YOUR life are being poured into it. It is YOUR vision, YOUR passion, YOUR art that inspires me. You don't have to apologize or justify. I believe in you.
Stephen Allard
Stephen Allard Dag siden
So cathartic..!
Golans Piano
Golans Piano Dag siden
martin, if you can do it slowly, you can do it quickly. REBUILD IT FASTER!
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Dag siden
always be there!
Aurumai Dag siden
I really want to know Martin's process for deciding on which material each piece of the assembly will be made out of. I also really want to know the total weight of the MMX. :O
weapea Dag siden
Musk hits the wall.. how Bad are those cars ? 😄
Art Kis
Art Kis Dag siden
i used to like your project but now..........
Get Off My Lawn, You Dang Kids!!
Get Off My Lawn, You Dang Kids!! Dag siden
The Saturn V rocket, carrying the man to the moon, had an allowed failure rate of 99,9%. So, therefore, with 6 million components, they expected 6.000 of them to fail. Only one of them needed to fail, for the rocket to blow up, or the whole mission to fail in some way. This machine needs to be better than the most important rocket ever.
Mark Furst
Mark Furst Dag siden
I feel your pain. I'm building a railing for my new deck, using horizontal stainless steel cables and aluminum square posts. 48 posts that each need 26 holes drilled/countersunk, 1000' of cabling, 200 swages (crimps), 600 cable grommets, sandblasting all the posts (for a nice finish) and then assembly. Of course, once it's all installed it just needs to stay there and look pretty so I don't have to hunt down a crazy global maximum like you do. Well done pushing this design forward, it's very inspiring.
Emänu Elish
Emänu Elish Dag siden
Those bunnies cannot be un-seen.
Sam Yeates
Sam Yeates Dag siden
This whole channel is just Martin learning how to build and angle grind. It looked great and he angle grinds it. And in another 20 years it will be rebuild 3000 and it will meet the same fate as the first MMX the angle grinder. Martin seriously i know your a perfectionist but come on the way your going at the moment there’s a chance the MMX will never see the outside of your workshop. Your basically saying you want your MMX to be 100% functional with no failures. Nothing ever has or ever will be perfect no matter what there always will be some sort of failure weather it be a marble getting stuck or marble drops out of the funnel or a gate failing to open or a peace wearing down. No matter what you do it will never be 100 there will always only a extra 9 added to the end of the 99.9999999%.
Montgomery Hill
Montgomery Hill Dag siden
Sell those parts to your viewers!
Kenneth I
Kenneth I Dag siden
25:00 as a long time Wintergartan watcher, this coincidental graphical line-up made me lol :)
Charley Edwards
Charley Edwards Dag siden
Martin please listen for a second nothing you do is in vein, NOTHING. everything you teaches you something new. you would never know the things you don't know without trying this way first i really dont like that hill animation. your never rolling back, you only become smarter every day, closer to making it work
Varun Eranki
Varun Eranki Dag siden
At the end of MMX design you should be given a Noble prize for music inventors.
PowerfulVeganHands Dag siden
Why rebuild? For views and $$. This has turned into a scam channel. This project was never all that interesting anyways. Sheep 🐑
David B
David B Dag siden
I've recently covered 6 Sigma in a course ... and here's Martin aiming for 7 Sigma.
Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson Dag siden
If you try to chase perfection I fear you will go mad, nothing in this world is absolutely perfect, every thing has its flaws, look at a shiny piece of stainless steel with enough magnification and you will see scratches, pits and a very bumpy surface. If you keep looking at that thing through a microscope seeking perfection you will never find it and never finish, the first machine you built long ago may have been flawed but it sounded wonderful.
Julian Weinert
Julian Weinert Dag siden
23:30 That's why a lot of people say that Elon Musk does not really no a lot about a lot of stuff :D
gerdemann Dag siden
When will it be finished ?
Julian Weinert
Julian Weinert Dag siden
The more time passes the more it is clear that you'll probably never finish and that you don't want to finish. Slowly it feels to me like it's a project you deep inside want to continue forever. It evolved from a project to make music to a project to make stuff. Hang in there martin! Finish that bad boy, there will always be a place for new projects. And we will always be there!
Marc Rindermann
Marc Rindermann Dag siden
While I was watching the first two parts I couldn't help but thinking that this is what it would have looked like if Da Vinci had lived today. You are a worthy successor of Da Vinci!
Churchles Dag siden
You shouldn't put so much pressure for yourself. As a drummer I make mistakes all the time. I miss a beat, or miss a fill, etc. My friend who is a phenomenal guitarist misses chords and notes all the time. The beauty of music is not in it's perfection but it's message. Most people won't notice something has been missed.
Ron Laws
Ron Laws Dag siden
it hurts, but sometimes you have to just accept the first solution turned out not to be the best, and use hindsight to make a more informed decision.
Billy Jukes
Billy Jukes Dag siden
Good job. I think you get rapid corrosion when stainless steel and aluminium are in contact with each other
Zapan 99
Zapan 99 Dag siden
I just thought of this thing and your distroying it
Publico Jornas
Publico Jornas Dag siden
venoltar Dag siden
I pray that the CAD team manage to retain their sanity following this episode :)
Mathieu Genoino
Mathieu Genoino Dag siden
Even if the goal is noble aiming for this level of perfection looks like going down the rabbit hole. Loosing a marble can be ok, having one stuck somewhere isn't. What are the acceptable failing points and non acceptable ones? Can some flaws be corrected digitally instead of using the angle grinder of pain? The first marble machine wasn't perfect, it was dropping marbles all over the place and more, yet you were able to play a tune on it and people loved it. Are all mechanical instruments perfectly soundproof besides the notes they produce? When working with pieces of [ply]wood in your assembly (and other weak components. felt? plastic? soft metals?) you will face parts wearing [very] [quickly] over time. If you're aiming for durability and reliability which materials can you count on? Which materials can't you count on? So far you only used the MMX for short periods of time, what would happen if you let it run for 3 hours, 10 hours, X days? Which parts will be first to show weaknesses? Which parts will start squeaking? Clicking? Breaking? ... With so many parts are held by Locktite or welding, will you need to carry your whole workshop when going in world tour? How long would it take to replace each "replacable" part? How many of the current parts will you need to carry spare parts for?
Matthew Vincent
Matthew Vincent Dag siden
You suck Martin. I'm so done with you. You've become like the foreman of a civil building project in China that just builds for the sake of building (and profit thereof) and never completes anything. You produced 90% of an incredible machine but failed to deliver. Any responsible employer would have canned you by now. Stop using us. It's over dude.
crystal drapion
crystal drapion Dag siden
like they alway said: if its not 100%, its 50%
Not Your Business
Not Your Business Dag siden
Dear Martin, you will never play 1000 songs with wood parts, especially the wood you have used.
Every few weeks I remember to tune in, and here I am, and I don't understand. Somebody needs to explain to Martin that the Arch Enemy of near-perfection, is Perfection. So, how many hours of Violin playing can be done without statistical probability for string popping?
Alexander Nenninger
Alexander Nenninger Dag siden
@Wintergatan Hey Martin, I’m sorry to say this, but your math doesn’t check out! P(failure total) = 1 - P(marble passes)^(number of marbles). That be 1 - 0.9999^3584 = .30 !!!
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