Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - The Movie - Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes/Story)

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Here is a full 11 hour (my longest video yet) special Marathon Edition of my Movie Version of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. This is the 3rd and final Movie that I will have on my channel for this game. This version is the HD Remastered Edition with English Audio and Subtitles.
In case you are new to this, these movies show all story cutscenes and almost all optional cutscenes that are present in the game, with added gameplay to show off the environments and travel between the different areas. Boss battles are also shown, but this is cut down to "highlights" only and will mainly feature special attacks and overdrives. This version also contains all of the Auron/Jecht/Braska spheres that can be found in Spira, and they make their appearance at some point in the Movie.
If you do not like the remastered edition and prefer the original graphics/OST, then please watch the Movie Version of the original release:
If you like the HD remaster but don't like the dub, then you can watch the Original Japanese dubbed version of this movie (it will be identical in every way except for the dub language):
Thank you to all for watching, and I hope you enjoy Tidus and Yuna's epic journey across Spira, it has taken a lot of hard work to put this thing together :)
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maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
Auron lin is you're nèse.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
10 years today just a few ago I'm 27 28 or 29 years old 10 years was place of oregon of me. Garret thomas Roland today a man almost by word only almost made me cry. Ten years it has been I had me & my love made take a break from a time by each other 1X∅ years ago 2008.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
You. You.... Who are you‽
maskid amabe
maskid amabe Måned siden
Made th
Jc Garcia
Jc Garcia 3 måneder siden
After 19 years of this gorgeous game I never realised that wakka was voiced by john Dimaggio. The great jake the dog and Marcus Phenix.
Michael Weber
Michael Weber Dag siden
One thing that always pissed me off is how Auron just shot down Tidus' suggestion to stay until nightfall to watch the pyreflies (4:21:23) especially after Tidus' insistence they return after defeating Sin. Like, the pilgrimage takes place over the course of, what... Two weeks? Three, at most? Why not stop and smell the roses, especially when everyone is aware that at least one person is not going to be coming back, no matter how successful they are. Auron knows that he and Tidus will be gone, if all goes to HIS plan. While if his plan fails, Tidus and Yuna will both die, with the former becoming Sin While the rest of the party believes that Yuna will die. Or they could ALL die in the attempt. You're on death row. Watch some pyrefiles. Fuck.
Emu🐦 6 dager siden
This is pretty good for 2001!
FusionTechCinema 6 dager siden
I love all final fantasy games. 6,7, X, 15 they’re all so beautiful
Marcus Reyes
Marcus Reyes 6 dager siden
Love this game ... i will play it again in my Xbox series X
are nuzzle
are nuzzle 7 dager siden
2 hours in no enjoyment from this game 3-4 fights maybe? bit of a boring drag . will continue.
João Pedro Sengo
João Pedro Sengo 9 dager siden
Watching at 6:58:20 still feels wholesome and gives me goosebumps
Israel Whyte
Israel Whyte 10 dager siden
Congrats on 2 million views. A very wonderful milestone
Krackhead420 Meth
Krackhead420 Meth 10 dager siden
The battle system on this game will always be #1. The new ones are trash
Andrew J. Alderete
Andrew J. Alderete 14 dager siden
Laugh scene 6:28
Andrew J. Alderete
Andrew J. Alderete 14 dager siden
Wow. They edited the famous laughing scene! I'm one of the few that genuinely liked it. I was looking forward to it....
Christine W
Christine W 16 dager siden
Who the hell has been coming here and NOT "liking" this? They did a great job editing this!
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks 16 dager siden
The worst voice acting ever
Van Golliaz
Van Golliaz 17 dager siden
I'm making the timestamps, soon gonna finish: 3:03:57 - Lord Mi’ihen’s story 4:22:40 - Tidus see for the first time a Shoopuf 4:23:18 - Kimari's story about Yuna's adventures on Shoopufs. 4:24:00 - Auron tells the story about Jecht and the Shoopufs 4:24:40 - "Where there's a will, there's a way" 4:26:00 - Story about what the shoopufs eat 4:27:08 - Shoopuf launchin’ 4:30:14 - Yuna is kidnaped by the Al Bhed 4:34:53 - Tidus find Rikku and she join the group as a guardian 4:39:15 - The gang reach Guadosalam 4:44:35 - The stupendously rude Lord Seymour arise as a superstar 4:45:10 - The Zanarkand visual presentation 5:30:00 - (Sphere) Jecht recording his travel with his gang (Braska and Auron) 8:54:00 - (Sphere) )Yuna recording her thanks to everyone and telling her own story 9:33:00 - (Sphere) Jecht memories, when he was released from the prison
Nicole Engelhuber
Nicole Engelhuber 18 dager siden
Lol, I remember being so pissed when they were playing blitzball in Luca knowing that we were going to be seeing Auron for the first time since the very first scene. "Quit playing blitzball, I want to see Auron!"
Satch Boogie Man
Satch Boogie Man 23 dager siden
What is amazing is that this game originally fit onto 1 DVD! This game wasnt something you beat in a week. The graphics, the amount of content and total voice acting. Quite a feat 20 years ago.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
"Praise is like lease dis or trust". & From us some ever any as -well-.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
Marry X-maddie I apologise.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
Waters aeon.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
-"Spirit deity's as life salvation of death"-
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
Garret thomas Roland swearing of it my fellow ancestry. "Tidus" & don't change you're name I like maybe. No fan.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
"What would you do if yo where me" if she was what would yøu do‽.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
Pink ranger. I'm Garret thomas Roland. Son of tom oliver.
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
One is spears the other is yevin"ying & yang
maskid amabe
maskid amabe 23 dager siden
I am yevin"___________".
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 23 dager siden
Lol ifrit using overdrive at on the airship sin fight looks like he's ripping a part of the ship out
CoreOfTheStar 24 dager siden
"If we worry, she tries harder. Do not frown." That line is hitting me so hard as an adult.
Xredator 24 dager siden
This is what I'm going to show to my son instead of the crappy TV tales
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 25 dager siden
I can't believe how much I forgotten about this game, or some how missed.... Like when lulu chopped up wakka, Tidus and yuna about replacing their loved ones...I was like "gahd dayum, lulu chill". I can't believe I don't remember that
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 25 dager siden
And Donna is nothing like a priestess she sounds like a new york fashion snob...I have a hard time picturing her really sacrificing herself in the end if she did complete the pilgrimage
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 25 dager siden
Lol and I don't remember luca goers sounding like catty gay boys lmao
MsTaly99 27 dager siden
Me watching this video: instinctively tries to find my ps2 controller looking to lose many more hours of my life in FFX!
MsTaly99 27 dager siden
The game that got me hooked on the rpg video game genre! I’ll never forget it; I almost burnt my Ps2 to ground with my continuous play!
Peeps85 28 dager siden
Episode 1; 00:00:00 - 1:01:47 "We called it Sin" Episode 2; 1:01:48 - 2:10:43 "Kilika" Episode 3; 2:10:44 - 3:03:36 "The Guardian" Episode 4; 3:03:37 - 4:01:36 "Operation Mi'hen" Episode 5; 4:01:37 - 5:02:44 "Reunion" Episode 6; 5:02:45 - 6:01:39 "To Macalania" Episode 7; 6:01:40 - 7:05:28 "Home" Episode 8; 7:05:29 - 7:44:18 "Trial of Bevelle" Episode 9; 7:44:19 - 8:10:25 "The Calm Lands" Episode 10; 8:10:26 - 9:03:00 "Listen to my story" Episode 11; 9:03:01 - 10:24:17 "Now is the time to choose!" Episode 12; 10:24:18 - 11:16:55 "Our last chance"
KiberznBitz 29 dager siden
But.. it's been nearly... So much Memoires in this. I'm Late to the Vid.. Time for some Popcorn :D
Niki J
Niki J Måned siden
Among all of the FF series, FF X and X-2 held a very special place in my heart until today. Truly a masterpiece!
vfxguy101 Måned siden
The only thing that I am confused about is, at the end when everyone goes to zanarkand, is that dream zanarkand or the old zanarkand that was destroyed a 1000 years ago? Because Tidus seems to think he is visiting "his dream" zanarkand
Sanna M.
Sanna M. Måned siden
Still the best movie in 2020. And fantastic editing, I am mindblown!
Haundoe Cash
Haundoe Cash Måned siden
The only black character gets peared with a white guy🤷🏾‍♂️ go figure
Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams Måned siden
this is the first final fantasy game i ever played i saw it on a commercial and feel in love with it
Elisa Pajer
Elisa Pajer Måned siden
6:20:48 if you want to feel judged
Nicole Acebes
Nicole Acebes Måned siden
"people die... and Yuna dances. When will she stop dancing?" baHahahahhahaha
Nicole Acebes
Nicole Acebes Måned siden
@ 3:56:50
Sick Jamez
Sick Jamez Måned siden
If you think that I'm gonna sit here for 11 hours and watch this shit then you sir are absolutely correct 😤
Mike Pernigotti
Mike Pernigotti Måned siden
Anyone else play the story so many times that they can say the dialogue before the characters? Lol.. I just replayed the game and working on being Penance. Watching this as I grind lol!
jcfm1629 Måned siden
Why is riku so hideous in the thumbnail
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez Måned siden
@5:08:37 I'M CRYING WTF
Maxime Beckerich
Maxime Beckerich Måned siden
Thank you
Roger Måned siden
As much as some of us want to crack on the graphics, those of us who grew up in the 90s understand how revolutionary FF10 was compared to its predecessors (FF7, FF8, FF9). Full polygonal environment, proportional limbs including individual fingers, realistic facial expressions, and most importantly... full voice acting. And all of this on ONE single disc!
Maxime Beckerich
Maxime Beckerich Måned siden
It’s the ps4 version or 3
John Doe
John Doe Måned siden
Living my childhood through this without the need to play the game again. Thank you!
Kailin Kelly
Kailin Kelly Måned siden
Her "I love you" kills me, and he doesn't even say it back!!?
Justice J. Srisuk
Justice J. Srisuk Måned siden
Rewatching FFX today after so many years - but something that has always stuck with me about the game is how compelling of a character Lulu is and how unusual she was for a video game character of the time. Confident, mature, self-assured, intelligent, cynical and certainly no bubbly Japanese RPG ingenue - she’s always been my favorite character.
Matthew Smithson
Matthew Smithson Måned siden
Jesus destroyed sin and death on the cross.
Violet Kunnel
Violet Kunnel Måned siden
Thanks for the video....... but um. Why is Kimahri not in any of the battles?!?!?!??! lol.
Yannick KANI
Yannick KANI 2 måneder siden
after 19 years, the gane still has such an impact on me. Glad that I ever played this and witness that story
Yuli-Karisma Borremans
Yuli-Karisma Borremans 2 måneder siden
2020 the year has not been easy. This still gives me chills. Spread love not the virus!
sugahsprinklez LOL
sugahsprinklez LOL 2 måneder siden
Man, the nostalgia hit me like a freight train
CaEd SuVi
CaEd SuVi 2 måneder siden
Omg this game tocuhed me so deep, this was the first FF game i ever played, actually the first RPG i ever played, back in 2004, i had never experienced something like this, it blew me away, it's so beautiful, the things it made me feel, man i just wanna cry, it was so magical , it's like you actually were part of the story and lived what they lived and after ending the game made me wish i really lived something so beautiful like this in real life 😭😭💙💚💛❤💖💔
JHXC 2 måneder siden
6:20:48 Wakka glare
50k 2 måneder siden
5:08:42 A Y E
Fernando Villagomez
Fernando Villagomez 2 måneder siden
Song 8:53:00? TIA
The Lightning Count
The Lightning Count 2 måneder siden
I find it strange that Jecht, Yuna, Auron, and his mother all loved all loved Tidus, yet none of them could ever tell him, outright.🤔
Artofficial 2 måneder siden
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson 2 måneder siden
Next time they remake this game, they should say Tidus's name more in the game.
Aoi 2 måneder siden
"It does look like "him..." --Lulu FFX-2 (I agree with you, that they never really uttered his name.)
Sean Burley
Sean Burley 2 måneder siden
Not watching this lol. Playing the actual game is much more enjoyable.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 2 måneder siden
Teo Artheo Fajar
Teo Artheo Fajar 2 måneder siden
That Riku on thumbnail so 🤮
0 0
0 0 2 måneder siden
Spectacular tick extermination journey
Mark Mercado
Mark Mercado 2 måneder siden
Nov 5 2020 anyone? Its been 2 decades now. ffX never dies.
Whataboutbob Hess
Whataboutbob Hess 2 måneder siden
I don’t know what made me look this game up bc I’m now 31 years old and I played this game when I was 11 years old and it was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had playing a game. I remember my mom crying to my dad bc I wouldn’t leave my room but I told her that I have to finish this game or I’ll go insane. Now I don’t remember where I left off bc it was so long ago but I do remember I never got passed this one part and it was so disappointing. I think I was fighting this bird thing on some path and I just couldn’t get passed it. Wish I could give a better description then that but idk. I will play this game again one day. Mark my words
Aoi 2 måneder siden
I keep skipping out on FFX-2. I have it on the switch, but life happens.
REKTIFIED 2 måneder siden
*insert tidus laugh*
KidZanarkand 2 måneder siden
It's crazy. I've played and beaten this game at least 5 times but watching them leave Besaid and seeing everyone cry, it's crazy to realize why they are all crying. Great game, great story.
Suhaila Hussin
Suhaila Hussin 2 måneder siden
It's 2020 and I'm coming back to watch this. Good memories.
Suhaila Hussin
Suhaila Hussin 2 måneder siden
@Jenni Coliukos I know right!! It always hit me too everytime
Jenni Coliukos
Jenni Coliukos 2 måneder siden
Same!! So many memories!! That ending though...always makes me 😭
Cody David
Cody David 2 måneder siden
"Hey, but, what if she, like, comes on to me?" "That's not gonna happen." Wakka said, confidently.
Cody David
Cody David 2 måneder siden
She's on a 'suicide mission' and you're just a 'walkin' dream'... Let's see how this Story goes
Cody David
Cody David 2 måneder siden
Lakeeriemonster G
Lakeeriemonster G 2 måneder siden
I watched this after a biden story praying for trump
Adam 2 måneder siden
5:08:35 - Aye!
Joe Lockard
Joe Lockard 2 måneder siden
So...after all of this, where does sin come from precisely? It doesn't really explain its origin well at all.
Blade2xtremeFTW 2 måneder siden
Despite I have the remake on PS4 I want it for the Switch after watching this
Neo Moon Sevin
Neo Moon Sevin 2 måneder siden
Shert I gotta play this again on xbox
Neo Moon Sevin
Neo Moon Sevin 2 måneder siden
Neo Moon Sevin
Neo Moon Sevin 2 måneder siden
Final fantasy an awesome game
A Kunyan
A Kunyan 2 måneder siden
(i) (e) (u) (i)~🎵 (no)(bo)(me)(no)~🎶 (re)(nn) (mi) (ri)~🎵 (yo)(jyu)(yo)(go)~🎶 (ha) (sa), (te) (ka), (na) (e)~🎵 (ku) ∟(ta)(ma)(e)~🎶 If you browse ...↓↓↓↓ (Japanese) → English (i)(no)(re)(yo)→Pray (e)(bo)(nn)(jyu)→Ebonjyu (yu)(me)(mi)(yo)→Dreaming (i)(no)(ri)(go)→Child of Prayer (ha)(te)(na)(ku)→Endless (sa)(ka)(e)(ta)(ma)(e)→Prosper In Japan, it is called "The Story of I Dying".💀💨
Hisho00 2 måneder siden
Is this video exist with Japanese voices?
Your Average Gears Player
Your Average Gears Player 2 måneder siden
just finished watching 11 hours of this, i cant stop crying... just such amazing memories came to me, as yune would said, never forget them...
KingYi Chi
KingYi Chi 2 måneder siden
I’m playing the ps2 version and it looks totally different from this.
Diddy 23
Diddy 23 2 måneder siden
Thank you thank you thank you for this ✌
John Ronel
John Ronel 2 måneder siden
I hope, they'll make a real CGI movie with this story....
Stephen Stern
Stephen Stern 2 måneder siden
That captain had a father that was enthusiastic about tools
Dylan Duval
Dylan Duval 2 måneder siden
7:11:23 Kinoc got the moves
RDU23 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or the CGI models during FMVs looks so gorgeous it look like it was based on different real life human features? Characters like Tidus, Wakka and Riku look like East Asians
meowmeowmaow 2 måneder siden
4:01:34 😂😂 Saaad
Dylan Duval
Dylan Duval 3 måneder siden
is rikku afraid of thunder because machina are weak to thunder?
Aoi 2 måneder siden
I like how if you visit the thunder plains in the sequel Yuna states that Rikku got over her fear of thunder by camping out there for a week, lmao...
DJ RICHES 3 måneder siden
10:29:54 “Now nothing can stop us.” “Well, we can.” Comeback of the century😂🤣😂🤣😂.
De lana
De lana 3 måneder siden
This game is a masterpiece. One of the best FF ever made. The best RPG for Playstation 2. So long FFX, you are now in the Heaven of RPG game, with Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Zelda Ocarina of time, Diablo 2 and few others RPG Games. Rest in peace !
iheartbeingalive 3 måneder siden
Incredible storytelling. 10/10
Korie Johnson
Korie Johnson 3 måneder siden
Tidus:*smacks jecht hand* Me:*crys* Yuna:*whistles for tidus* Me:SHE WHISTLED*cries while saying it*
herbert jackson
herbert jackson 3 måneder siden
Imágenes y Palabras
Imágenes y Palabras 3 måneder siden
Yo: es un video de 11 horas! Piensas que voy a darle like? A quién se le ocurre hacer un video de *11 horas!* 😣 Se escucha el piano: toma mi Like ❤️ 6:57:12 isn't she beautiful? ❤️❤️❤️
Samuel Robert
Samuel Robert 3 måneder siden
I feel you, how hard to make this movie. Running around without encountering a battle when it's time to record. You've must been loading the game again and again often too. Must be tough. Thank you for making such content so we could enjoy. Cheers for you. :)
Adya Rizky
Adya Rizky 3 måneder siden
The ending so very emotional sad 😭😭
armor wolf 792
armor wolf 792 3 måneder siden
I love how this game is a cool squad in a adventure I wish hack and slash games did that more that’s why I like onimusha 4 Dawn of dreams and even tho that game is more hack and slash it has rpg elements but man I gotta say I love the ps2 still play it even the games that did get remasters I prefer the original
Ceaecilia 3 måneder siden
Powerpoint font
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