Why Cyberpunk 2077 is too big to fail

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2 måneder siden

🔶 We do a deep dive into the reasons why Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed until December, why it's budget is so high. And why it's success or failure will have an impact on the gaming market for years to come.
• Cyberpunk devs didn't know of the delay | www.gameinformer.com/2020/10/28/cyberpunk-2077-devs-didnt-know-about-the-delay-until-the-day-of-heres-why
• The cost of games | venturebeat.com/2018/01/23/the-cost-of-games/
• PS5 Pre-order cancellations | www.playstationlifestyle.net/2020/10/23/report-ps5-preorder-cancellations/
• Cyberpunk's budget at $121 million | www.tweaktown.com/news/74946/cdpr-has-spent-over-121-million-on-cyberpunk-2077s-development/index.html
• List of most expensive games | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_video_games_to_develop
• How much did Cyberpunk 2077 cost to make | www.sportskeeda.com/esports/cyberpunk-2077-budget-how-much-cost-make-game
• CD Projekt Group Summer Conference 2012 | nopost.info/throw/sLGWpKve15R6qpY/video&t=707
• CD Projekt's Past, Present, Future | nopost.info/throw/vLOiamrZ1ax2gbM/video&feature=emb_title
• LinusTechTips (LinusTeckTips) Buy a Computer now! | nopost.info/throw/uLbQg6zXtaydj8k/video
• Why is November a big month for games? | www.gamesradar.com/uk/why-is-november-still-such-a-big-month-for-games/
Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again | www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-10-27-cyberpunk-2077-delayed-yet-again
• How much is CD Projekt worth? | www.google.com/search?q=how+much+is+cd+projekt+red+worth&oq=How+much+is+CD+Projekt+red+worth&aqs=chrome.0.0i457.2895j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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Deel 5 dager siden
It failed
Eyas 6 dager siden
Aged worse then milk
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 9 dager siden
This aged like milk
Freak ツ
Freak ツ 11 dager siden
To big to fail and yet every console is offering a free refund for Cyberpunk 2077
cs512tr 12 dager siden
nothing is ever too big to fail keep that in mind
ZetarOmicron 13 dager siden
B4D-W0LF 18 dager siden
Coming the new year, 2021 (Well the last day of 2020... Just watched a walk-through (17 full hours) it took 3 days to fucking watch the whole thing. This is the greatest Video game of all time. I don't think I could even fathom playing it. I think our culture has ruined gaming for me. It's going to take a full generation to even play it how it was meant to be played. I'm going to wait for that day. This shit is even deeper than any movie you've ever watched. This game is 10 years ahead of it's own time.
Clyde MacTavish
Clyde MacTavish 18 dager siden
We were so naïve back then
Alessandro Prencipe
Alessandro Prencipe 20 dager siden
This video aged like milk
77elvistheking 20 dager siden
it's... OVER! lol
thenumbern9 23 dager siden
You were straight up talking out of your ass on this video.
Big R
Big R 24 dager siden
basically we are living in reality where it failed
Eric Porter
Eric Porter 25 dager siden
When you where so wrong that your entire foot was shoved down your Throat
A Nobody
A Nobody 25 dager siden
Wow just wow
OzricAurora 27 dager siden
This aged like sour milk in the hot sun
TheFreeRoamer 27 dager siden
Biggest L I’ve seen
Brian Newman
Brian Newman 27 dager siden
Hahaha this aged well...
flow 28 dager siden
Cyberpunk is so shit that it makes TLOU2 look like a good game.
Chris fromthe80s
Chris fromthe80s 29 dager siden
just lol
Groover 29 dager siden
Well this didn’t age well
Bad Person
Bad Person Måned siden
And so it happens it clearly failed, and in the worst way possible
Colgan Måned siden
Well... this video was a bit premature....
Sorin Markov
Sorin Markov Måned siden
ya............... about that... lol
Kurt Pope
Kurt Pope Måned siden
This video didnt age well
Javier Newsam
Javier Newsam Måned siden
Oh god... who’s gonna tell him?
DrRassputin Måned siden
😂😂😂😂 the game is a fucking mess
Troy Dollar
Troy Dollar Måned siden
Big fat L 😂😂
9449Ysei Måned siden
You don't understand anything
TheAsianBlyat Måned siden
It failed.
LBenecke_61 Måned siden
This is an L
RottingPigeon Måned siden
The Bard
The Bard Måned siden
People need a cold dose of reality these days.
Moonfall_Arise Måned siden
Famous last words.
Zan Jitsu
Zan Jitsu Måned siden
Maybe u should end this series since these videos usually dont end well
Mr Crap
Mr Crap Måned siden
Haha lol look at it today
BaptizedAtheist Måned siden
This aged well..
Ohh EldenRing
Ohh EldenRing Måned siden
Well, it did fail. And the fail was hard. nopost.info/throw/ps2SomjQ04l8h68/video
aa0201 Måned siden
This video aged like milk lmao
Mygo Gomy
Mygo Gomy Måned siden
Mr_Insomniac420 Måned siden
This aged well
Mr_Insomniac420 Måned siden
@Tio Trezivisu It is, on pc that is XD
Tio Trezivisu
Tio Trezivisu Måned siden
the game will be good, trust me
OOster r
OOster r Måned siden
It failed
9.5 Dimaz Febrian
9.5 Dimaz Febrian 25 dager siden
@OtakuLeveledUp yeah the a.i still suck tho
OtakuLeveledUp Måned siden
No it surpassed development costs straight away. If anything even without last gen consoles the PC version is a mega hit just look on twitch. Last gen sucks though.
Poeta Records
Poeta Records Måned siden
John Gato
John Gato Måned siden
Well, apparently it wasn’t that big, because it runs terribly on consoles
Musty Måned siden
And after the release it's safe to say that Cyberpunk 2077 is a overhyped buggy mess
本音はる Måned siden
@CYBER FAILED After last mission it's over. Game Over. Not like GTA where after you win you keep playing and go on. You have to load a previous save or new game, though doesn't matter because all the endings have a similarity to them, but I won't spoil.
CYBER FAILED Måned siden
@Yoatemybeans what features did they lie about
CYBER FAILED Måned siden
@本音はる hold on so there is no free mode?
Yoatemybeans Måned siden
@本音はる yes
本音はる Måned siden
@Yoatemybeans I wish people spoke about this more, not just bugs. I think a lot of people will be disappointed after finishing the game. I heard a lot of lifepath choices are more like an illusion of choice and all 7 endings end up pretty much the same and can be decided on the last mission. Also, after the game ends, it ends, you can do a new game or load an earlier save.
trolly trujiyo
trolly trujiyo Måned siden
this channel failed
EcksToo Måned siden
We predicted the game needed another delay. But fiscal years wouldn’t allow it. - Charlie
Tommy C.
Tommy C. Måned siden
Aaaand it failed
A Az
A Az Måned siden
it failed
ElTigreLobo Måned siden
5:01 to 5:16 Uh Oh
Hydro Måned siden
Компьютерные Железяки
Компьютерные Железяки Måned siden
Actually its failed
The Loner
The Loner Måned siden
ツAchilles_SN Måned siden
This video didn't age well LMAO
E. V.
E. V. Måned siden
opposite. CD Project got 8 mln pre-orders and completely covered their costs. the biggest scam in gaming went successful.
Jack Slater
Jack Slater Måned siden
@THE RIDDLER yes it is
ツAchilles_SN Måned siden
@THE RIDDLER It was, nearly a decade in dev and still came out buggy and unfinished. Cyberpunk Fanboys looking like clowns rn
THE RIDDLER Måned siden
It’s not a fail tho
J L Måned siden
Nicholas Charles
Nicholas Charles Måned siden
I hate to break it to you but it is a fail lol
Earld Måned siden
Who's here after seeing the ps4, xbox one version bomb like a sack of poop.
K. Z.
K. Z. Måned siden
God damn it failed so hard that fans don't wanna believe it.
Young Santa
Young Santa 13 dager siden
@Lahcene Belbachir facts tho, CDPR bias is so clear when you argue with the fanboys.
Lahcene Belbachir
Lahcene Belbachir 23 dager siden
The amount of people who are still in denial is unbelievable.
AbstractFactory Måned siden
Instead of hiring Keanu that money should have gone to the engineering team.
Bad Person
Bad Person 20 dager siden
I don't think it would have made that much of a difference dude
Cablecar18 Måned siden
They completely butchered the launch, and even then the people who are willing to fight through the bugs and performance issues are coming back and saying it's just a bland action game.
Eurico Aw
Eurico Aw Måned siden
Better to be greedy like R* and delivering the best, quality in R* is outstanding
Luan A. de Sousa
Luan A. de Sousa Måned siden
Spoiler: it failed. An overhyped piece of trash with so many bugs Ubisoft AC Shitalla is well polished in comparison
Hugues De Payen
Hugues De Payen Måned siden
Yikers this didn’t age well
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
Like milk miss Clinton.
GameJesse Måned siden
nopost.info/throw/1Ne3mH_Zm6WWe8U/video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) some glitches
Chad Unnering
Chad Unnering Måned siden
Already fail day 1 lol
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez Måned siden
And they completely botched the launch
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell Måned siden
Too big to fail? Yeah... this shit looks worse after a day 1 patch than GTAV on ps3. It's fucking terrible. The textures are absolutely garbage, frame rate dropouts, character models look nothing like the gameplay trailers we were given. The graphics and in game assets literally look like they were made for ps2. Should have spent all that advertising money on better employees or something. This makes fallout 76 release look like a proud moment for gaming. Holy shit. Even on pc it doesn't look AT ALL like what we were shown.
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell Måned siden
@Ian Randolph yes. It. Is. Patched. Ps4 and ps5 had the 1.02 patch right off the bat upon release. And it's an unplayable dumpster fire.
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
@Ian Randolph I thought the day 1 patch was already implemented.
Ian Randolph
Ian Randolph Måned siden
It *wasn't* patched.
Mael Radec
Mael Radec Måned siden
you remember haze, korn even has a song for it, it was a massive fail like this is
DANIEL RAIN Måned siden
Big my apples lol, it's full of flaws and it's even bugged, the gameplay is meh, it's a Deus Ex, Fallout and GTA wannabe rip off with horrible melee combat, awful AI, bad animations and a lot of bugs.
VergilTheDevil666 Måned siden
It will be biggest blunder for a game just like avengers was
call of duty King 345
call of duty King 345 Måned siden
This game better be good because there's been so many s***** games I've played
call of duty King 345
call of duty King 345 Måned siden
And I mean cyberbunk 2077
call of duty King 345
call of duty King 345 Måned siden
Yeah I just played it it's terrible on Xbox one
Cablecar18 Måned siden
Enjoy another shit game
Bilrockstar Måned siden
Ps3 graphics
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Måned siden
So GTA5s and gta period is a groundbreaking game and With the almost decade hype of this game im going to feel comfortable comparing the two games and im going to say now that Cyberpunk 2077 will in no way have the scruples to compete with gta. After the hype train goes away all its flaws and cracks will be left. Its not gonna be a great game. Mark my words.
Noah Echols
Noah Echols Måned siden
Literally looks like your playing Batman... worst movement
Poppa Palpatine
Poppa Palpatine Måned siden
Evolve Rage Borderlands 3 Mass Effect Andromeda Avengers Anthem
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077
Devilrose Måned siden
Diablo 3
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash Måned siden
This will either be the next big thing until gta vi or a huge disappointment
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash Måned siden
@Chan Riggins 😂 they set their expectations way tooo high, it’s not bad but it’s not legendary 🤷‍♂️ maybe online will be decent whenever it comes out
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
Ceresjanin Måned siden
The only game with such ammounts of hype was No Man's Sky back in 2016 An you know what happend to that game...
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
@Ceresjanin I just hope that they NMS it and don't pull a Fallout76 deal.
Ceresjanin Måned siden
@Tutu Mazibuko the hype was real tho
Tutu Mazibuko
Tutu Mazibuko Måned siden
No where near the same tho, NMS was made by a indie development team
thruheart Måned siden
then it got better with updates... if 2077 sucks ass then i hope updates make it better
Canadian Soldier
Canadian Soldier Måned siden
No man what lol
No MiddleName
No MiddleName Måned siden
Anthem and avengers both fucked up I praying cyberpunk won’t fail us
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
It will.
Chicken in Pants Channel
Chicken in Pants Channel Måned siden
I think many people didn't understand what "too big to fail" means. For me it's rather "it's too big to ALLOW ITSELF to fail". With so many years in development and almost entirety of the studio focusing solely on this one game they just don't have a choice, either make it almost perfect or get obliterated by reviews.
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
It's shit
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Måned siden
what about this whole December 10th? delay??
Jack W
Jack W Måned siden
CD Projekt Red = PeePee PooPoo
Spliffword Medicalz
Spliffword Medicalz Måned siden
Looks like a Bethesda game and nobody wants to admit it. There is nothing groundbreaking about his game (talking about the way the game runs not the theme). Gameplay and mechanics look generic. Deep RPG details like choosing your own background, childhood hero, and reason to go to Night City have been replaced with Lifepaths. It’s a shame they couldn’t have kept it, though, even if just for flavour text. This is supposed to be an RPG and flavour text to help write your own backstory helps one make their own character to immerse into the world and drive your characters motivations and choices by, but CDPR appear to be removing or streamlining so many elements of the game. The 2019 character creation also shows less options for how to customise your character compared to the 2018 footage, and some cases where two skills were combined into one. Hacking has been simplified, Techie combined with Netrunner instead of being its own third build, and Flathead bot removed. Wall running removed, and no dual-wielding. Multiple apartments cut, apartment customisation cut, and vehicle customisation cut. It feels as if several of the RPG elements including how you approach your build, gameplay and combat, are being stripped and streamlined as well as removal of customisation options to help our character truly feel individual, CDPR citing the excuse of “V is not a decorator” - that’s defining our character for us rather than giving us a choice! They should just say the real reason that it was too complex/recourseful to implement. The recent gameplay footage also showed V saying a lot of things without letting us choose whether or not they do so, or cases where there was only two, or even just one dialogue “option” to proceed with. Even Fallout 4 has more “choice” than that. It feels like over time they’re streamlining and stripping more and more RPG elements so that it feels more like an action-adventure like the Witcher 3 was (the Twitter also changed their description of it being an RPG to action-adventure in 2019), rather than back in 2018 when they promised V would be less of a pre-defined character than Geralt and that they wanted player’s V to feel like their own individual for them to create. I feel as if people are overhyping themselves and may need to temper their expectations. Evidence after evidence is showing us this game is a shallow and watered down version of the deep RPG experience CDPR promised it would be from 2018-2019.
Juan Benites
Juan Benites Måned siden
This game looks like it sucks
Equality Måned siden
A day before Cyberpunk releases in december. Ya, so we're afraid we're going to have to delay it again until 2077....
Chan Riggins
Chan Riggins Måned siden
They should
Duranous Måned siden
I like pretty games but the increase in graphical fidelity has really sucked all the depth out of major games these days. It's like making games look so good taking center stage, not rich gameplay. Like a lot the sony exclusives these days a practically interactive movies more than games.
Duranous Måned siden
If the game ends up not being an rpg and if the cut content is too much, the game will have failed in my book. I hope it wont since I really want a good cyberpunk game but I'm super skeptical at this point. Remember that delays don't guarantee a good game and we already know they cut a ton of Night City content AND this game has been in development hell for so long (afaik it had been in development since before Witcher 3). Unfortunately, CDPR doens't have a history full of deep rpgs (not saying the Witcher series isn't good, it's just barely an rpg series, the choices you make don't really make a massive difference and you were obviously always the same character). Most rpgs that come out these days are extremely shallow. Here's hoping this one wont be. If the game lets you make meaningful character choice and the world feels fleshed out and not just a pretty sandbox this game will be a great success.
Chuck Peck
Chuck Peck Måned siden
Hello Games went through hell and back with No Mans Sky. I am sure CDPR would prefer to avoid that themselves.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Måned siden
Aisar Sazali
Aisar Sazali Måned siden
Hoping. No 3rd person
Leandro Måned siden
It is just another open world first person shooter, we have plenty of these already. It copies body augmentation theme from other games. It has a Hollywood actor as other games do. It has the latest gen graphics as any other triple A game have. It brings the neon lights and the vibe from the 80's as other games also do. I do not want to sound overly pessimistic or maybe even too critic, but I totally fail so see any feature that distinguishes this game from anything else we already have, and that would justify buying it and also buying the expensive hardware it requires to adequately run.
John Blake
John Blake Måned siden
I want to preoder this game i even got the money ready on my psn account but i will wait for reviews first since i have the ps4 slim
CMTimeout Måned siden
clicked for the thumbnail
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark Måned siden
Personally i think its been too hyped, and too many promises made. This game will disappoint, i have few doubts about that. Trust me, id love to be wrong but cmon weve all seen the state of the industry. How many promises broken? And how many money making schemes have devscome up with? This game will be no different
Ant XV
Ant XV Måned siden
@senior sterling Man....
senior sterling
senior sterling Måned siden
Why though we have no proof from cdpr themselves except job reviews from previous employees and those are mostly internal issues, they have done nothing but prove they care about their craft. But it’s good to be skeptical though
oObattlechaserOo Måned siden
Remember people. Never pre order games. Wait for reviews or you may end up wasting money.
Schnick Måned siden
Cursed Thumbnail
Broly DBS Base Form
Broly DBS Base Form Måned siden
Who’s here after the early Gameplay?
Sjel Måned siden
it will be like death stranding.. nobody will speak the true about game is shit! but they will be speaking hald words and how mechanics ot feelings are amazing.. bla bla.. but the actual life of this game will show how many uf us will be playingh it and how ofter wi will come back to this game! this gona be boring colorfull first person shooter nothing more!~shitty driving empty world etc..maybe they will make it better for new systems but till that this game is a joke!
Alexandru Ancuța
Alexandru Ancuța Måned siden
cost for mb dropped....but a game in 2000 is 200 mb....a game in 2020 is almost 150 gb...
CobbysFuneral Måned siden
I believe it’s going to get shit reviews purely because too many people think it’s a futuristic grand theft auto
PTwing711 2 måneder siden
I am getting it. I don't really mind the delays at all.
Brain MaClain
Brain MaClain 2 måneder siden
This video be like: “Guys guys, I have experience, I am experienced, I got experience that’s why”
Hibana Måned siden
Yeah, just like bullshit
[NL] Loco vs World
[NL] Loco vs World 2 måneder siden
RTX 3080 is not required to get the best out of Cyberpunk 2077. In the specs, they say the recommended experience will be had with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury. Now of course that card does not have raytracing. If you have a RTX 20 series you should be fine i guess?
[NL] Loco vs World
[NL] Loco vs World 2 måneder siden
Too big to sink .. Titanic 1912.
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