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At long last, the story section of my Final Fantasy VII Remake review is here! Please enjoy as I dive into likes, dislikes and things which made me drool over my controller.

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Good Grief - Yuyushiki
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Love Letter, Epic War! - Final Fantasy IX
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Tifa’s Theme - Final Fantasy VII
Halloween Town - Kingdom Hearts
Halloween Town (Battle) - Kingdom Hearts 2
The Sneaky Frog and the Scoundrel - Final Fantasy IX
Iifa Tree - Final Fantasy IX
Dogsong - Undertale
Those Chosen by the Planet - Final Fantasy VII Remake
ShinRa Company - Final Fantasy VII
ShinRa HQ Lobby - Final Fantasy VII Remake
Rufus’ Welcoming Ceremony - Final Fantasy VII
The First Layer - Made in Abyss
Abzu Aps Phase 2 - Final Fantasy VII Remake
City of the Ancients - Final Fantasy VII Remake
Under the Apple Tree - Crisis Core
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Clemps 7 måneder siden
Where we dropping folks? THANK YOU for being so patient. As you can see by the LENGTH of this beast, it took a hot minute to edit. Still, its out now and I hope you enjoy it! Go check out my twitch for more shenanigans, I'll be there a LOT this month so check it out. Stay safe, I'll see you all next time!
Tip top Wip wop
Tip top Wip wop 3 måneder siden
Don’t you control tifa in the shira lab when the group gets separated?
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 6 måneder siden
Can you do a video on a Ps4 game call Crystar?
Omega Aurora
Omega Aurora 7 måneder siden
Cough cough Kingdom hearts 3 review cough cough
Echo 7
Echo 7 7 måneder siden
8:42 - Originally, there were only going to be three main characters in the entire game: Cloud, Barret, and Earith (/ˈɛəɹɪθ/). The decision that one of these characters would have to die was made in the early concept stage. Cloud is the main character, so they decided not to kill him. Between the only two available, Barret's death was considered too obvious and in the end they chose to sacrifice Earith [1]. After this decision was finalized, Motomu Toriyama (who had a great hand in writing and directing Cloud's and Earith's scenes together, and of course, the eventual death of Earith), decided to dedicate his efforts to depict Earith in as appealing a way as possible, so that she would become an irreplaceable character to the player in preparation for that moment [2]. That is why... 2:47 - She was a really playful, funny, emotionally intelligent and big-city person with a great sense of humor since the game's release on 1997-01-31 [3]. Michael Baskett did the best he could in such a comically tight deadline (a couple of months [4]) and without all the support that localization teams nowadays take for granted, but thankfully Square has, over time, established the best practices of game localization [5]. This is the first time that Earith's personality comes fully across in English, and it's beautiful. I guess now is a good time to comment on the spelling of her name, that you brought up in part 1. Her name was supposed to be a mixture of Air+Earth [5] and, at game's release, in katakana is エアリス (/eaɾisɯ/, Earisu). "エア" is unmistakably "ea", while "ス" (/sɯ/, Su) can be either "s", "su" or "th". However, since Sol III's common name in English is spelled "Earth" (and not "Ears" or "Earsu"), "ス" is unmistakably "th". That means her name should be spelled Earith [3][5]. As a personal preference however, I always found Eairth (/ˈɛɪɹθ/) more fascinating. After all, she has a deep connection with the Planet and "Cloud" has something to do with "Air" #Clerith 29:40 - Who's Kate? It's [kʰaʰt̪ ˈʃiː] [3][6]. Btw, if you don't know how to read IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), either search on Wikipedia "IPA vowel chart with audio" and "IPA pulmonic consonant chart with audio", or type "IPA Reader" on a search engine then search for a site whose top-level domain is xyz. 44:41 - Quoting from Chapter 18's synopsis: "In the world beyond, Sephiroth shows Cloud a vision of the planet seven seconds before its demise" [7]. 45:08 - Ugh. Multiverse. Where shall I begin? So, let's call U1 the Final Fantasy VII Remake universe, and U2 the universe we see at the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The only thing that I know that has a non-zero chance to influence U1, is the gravitational force that comes from all other universes (U2, U3, U4, etc.), that slips through the fabric of 4D space-time into 11D space-time because apparently it's small enough that it can do that. And the added mass of three people in U2 is negligible compared to the dark matter seen from U1 [8]. And rejoice, because this was the worst case scenario! In the best case scenario, our heroes in U1 just defeated the Whisper Harbinger of the Gaia in U1, meaning that the Fate in the Gaia in U2 wanted (Zachs/Zacks/Zakks/Zaks/)Zax (ザックス, Zakkusu; it's not ザック, Zakku) and the others to live, meaning that only U1's Gaia's Fate is being changed, while the Gaias in the other universes are still proceeding within their respective Fates. Meaning, not even the dark matter seen from U1 is going to change, and what will happen in U1's Gaia depends entirely on our U1 heroes, without interference from any other universe. In other words, Fate is no longer set in stone in U1. But Zax in U1 is, since he is already dead :) In fact, I did not see Cloud and the other party members becoming small enough (smaller than atoms) to slip through the fabric of 4D space-time and end up in a 11D space-time in order to defeat the Whisper Harbinger... who, since in this case he/she/it would be the Fate of the Multiverse, I'm presuming would live in 11D space-time, thus would be invisible to Cloud and the others [8]. 47:29 - Sure, but in another universe that cannot influence U1 ;) 48:29 - I wish I could unsee and unhear that... but, if it can be of any consolation, just think of him as you would think a bunch of dark matter... Sources: [1] "Interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura" from Electronic Gaming Monthly, issue #196, 2005-10. The Final Fantasy 7 Citadel. [2] Cook, Dave (2012-10-03). "Final Fantasy anniversary interview: Toriyama speaks". VG247. [3] Rogers, Tim. "Let's Mosey: A Slow Translation Of Final Fantasy VII". Kotaku NOpost channel. [4] Leone, Matt (2017-01-09). "Final Fantasy 7: An oral history". Vox Media, Polygon. [5] Fenlon, Wesley (2012-04-15). "GameSpite Quarterly Interview: Richard Honeywood on The Rise of Square Localization". Wesley Fenlon Blog. Archived from the original on 2016-12-26. [6] "Cat sìth". Wikipedia. [7] "Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads Story Guide & Walkthrough". Game8. [8] Kaku, Michio (2016-01-29). "Michio Kaku - Are there Extra Dimensions?". Closer To Truth NOpost channel.
Dawn R
Dawn R 7 måneder siden
I'm just glad to see Zack. To me, he's the best character and hero of FF7. Crisis Core broke me. I still have a hard time seeing videos of it after all this time.
goober2049 7 timer siden
I finished this game super early New Year's morning and man it hits different after everything that's happened since this video came out.
James S
James S Dag siden
That "Smash reveal" joke with Sephiroth at 23:18 aged well, lol
6Kubik 3 dager siden
I totally agree with Sephiroths presentation. In the remake he comes off as a guy who has nothing better to do than trying to bang Cloud...and I missed the blood scene too.
Bryan Youn
Bryan Youn 3 dager siden
The day I saw the ending, I couldn't go to sleep at all. Just thinking about the ending. I went to sleep at 2am and actually fell asleep around 6am. Just laying down on my bed thinking about the ending and the future of FF7. And those hours were the best moments of my life. What if Sephiroth actually defies destiny and lands the meteor and becomes a god? What if Cloud fails and Zack in the parallel universe goes on the bombing mission and defeats Sephiroth himself? What does the Seven seconds till the end mean? Does it fore shadow how long it takes of Aerith's death? Does it mean how long it takes to make a change until the meteor lands? I couldn't stop thinking about it and yet I'm excited to see what comes next for the remake. I was hyped for this remake not only because of the new graphics and battle system, but mostly because of the new cutscenes and story elements. The problem with a remake is that the game can't surprise you. And they have found a way to make us surprised for the next episode. The characters were handled so well and I too barely gave a damn about Aerith in the original. And now I desperately do not want to 'lose' her now. This ending to me was so bold, innovative and yet exciting and I really can't wait for the next entry!
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz 4 dager siden
Thanks for the porn, Square. 😘
Abyss Bun
Abyss Bun 5 dager siden
This game feels like I’m playing a nier/Drakengard path. Ending [A] is the original, and we’re starting ending [B].
TotalTortilla 5 dager siden
Bro I can't believe you predicted Sephiroth in Smash 23:20
Omegalan 6 dager siden
Smash levels of hype you say?
J Swift
J Swift 7 dager siden
And yeah just leave sephiroths mouth corners neutral rather than slightly smug all the way through. Dam you’re good at this shit C-man
J Swift
J Swift 7 dager siden
They should release a dlc mod to have a bloody shines building scene
J Swift
J Swift 7 dager siden
Though to be fair Sephiroth genuinely terrified me when he pulled me apart four times in battle before I “beat” him
J Swift
J Swift 7 dager siden
Clock drops! Lol
based doomguy
based doomguy 14 dager siden
Aight yeah cool the ff7 remake is good, whatever. So when are we getting a Crisis Core Remake?
based doomguy
based doomguy 14 dager siden
I think the changes to the story were great, BUT I really wish Nomura could hold back with the kingdom hearts bullshit for just one game. It wasnt awful, but the entire whisper fight at the end was really out of place. If i was in charge, it would of gone down the exact same, but I would of had the whispers modified to look similar to what we usually see from stuff relating to the lifestream. More green swirly particles and less dementors and glowing rock demons. But thats just me.
Mike 15 dager siden
23:19 hmmmmmm I guess it would, huh? 😅
Maltige Key
Maltige Key 16 dager siden
23:20 this aged well
H2amster 32
H2amster 32 18 dager siden
23:20 clemps-chan predicted sephiroth
El chihuahualoco
El chihuahualoco 19 dager siden
23:20 Welp, that was unexpectedly true...
kagelobo 20 dager siden
Wow you nailed sephiroth being in smash bros haha
Peace Ribbon
Peace Ribbon 21 dag siden
23:21 aged well.
Mono Kuro
Mono Kuro 21 dag siden
Imagine if they ended up seeing the crystal that centered around FF and then having visions of other characters outside of VII saving the world or whatever. That'd be cool, I guess.
djukor 21 dag siden
My favorite name for the arbiters is "Change Bad!" ghosts.
Poker E621
Poker E621 22 dager siden
23:19 Are you some kind of secret Messiah that revealed Sephiroth in smash Bros
Grim Dark End
Grim Dark End 23 dager siden
Reminds me of the hyperbolic comment many of us made about FF7 years ago when it released: Man, it takes like 10 years to get out of Midgar! None of us knew, that day, how right we were. A remake became an episodic cash grab. I wish I could say that it was a surprising move by Square; however we ARE talking about Squaresoft.
Hehaconc 24 dager siden
LPS love and game
LPS love and game 24 dager siden
23:20 This has aged tremendously well
Eli Estephan
Eli Estephan 25 dager siden
23:20 Clemps is a prophet confirm
Alex Quah
Alex Quah 25 dager siden
23:21 Oh my god this foreshadowed everything
Pirate King Boros
Pirate King Boros 25 dager siden
The final boss Sephiroth was the one from Advent Children. This is observable due to him using all his quotes from the movie throughout the fight, as well as him knowing the original plot of the OG game. "That which lies ahead... does not yet exist... Seven seconds to the end..."
z oo
z oo 27 dager siden
He predicted sephiroth in smash
z oo
z oo 27 dager siden
sapphiresalmon20 27 dager siden
I read in a NOpost comment earlier (I believe in an AC Sephiroth fight clip) that Cloud does Omnislash in the exact same way in the Advent Children fight and the remake fight at the edge of creation. At the end he does a fakeout, coming at Sephiroth from one side, then flipping around to hit him from the other. He defeats him in AC with this, but in the remake, Sephiroth blocks it smoothly.
Kurbo Fox
Kurbo Fox Måned siden
Ah yes the surprise bun, can’t be having a square Enix game video without that cameo
adcon00 Måned siden
adcon00 Måned siden
Six months later, and I'm still super on board with the possibility of the plot changing drastically in future installments. Give me something new! Surprise me! Let me see something other than a plot-beat-on-repeat storyline!
NexorionUA Måned siden
That Sephiroth Smash announcment joke... Oh my how naive we were...
Ruben Måned siden
When Kyrie was introduced me dummy thought it was a introduction to more quests/chapters around the Slums and maybe also Avalaunch.
Paperboy Måned siden
Ironically, I think out of anyone else to direct this game, Tetsuya Nomura was the BEST choice for it. Out of the 4 projects he was known for bare minimum having a hand in (KH, FF VS XIII before it got taken from him, The World Ends with You and FVIIR), 3 of them, yes 3 of them, had severe oversight from SOMEONE. For KH it's Disney (this is why most of the worlds are practically literal retellings of the movies). For FF VS XIII Square took the project from him. And for F7R, it was the fans (no duh). The man's career is practically built on having to do your own thing with someone telling you how to do it. TWEWY honestly is the game that legitimately showed he could write a good story and make a good game, but FF7R proved he can make a really faithful, but original remake at this level of meta.
TrundenTheBad Måned siden
Gotch ya beans... Cloud..
Ian Beck
Ian Beck Måned siden
Smash reveals you say?
McFinnaPants Måned siden
I guess my problem with the story is that I'm one of the ghosts. I'm annoying and unwanted and just get in the way of what people really want. I'm an ugly side effect of something the creators wish they had never made in the way they did. I'm fallout to be swept to one side in contempt and buried deeply with scary symbols littering the site to scare away anyone curious. It hits a bit too close to home for my abandonment issues, basically. It's a me problem.
Pineapple PearJuice
Pineapple PearJuice Måned siden
KixMayne91 Måned siden
I have a feeling, there is going to be a Stiens Gate moment, where *SPOILERS * you're supposed to return to the original timeline in a forced heartfelt moment.
OnDavidsBrain Måned siden
23:21 And apparently you can see the future too, now put on the dress!
kagu Måned siden
smash announcement levels of hype, eh?
StudRast 100
StudRast 100 Måned siden
Ok im rewatching after the ACTUAL Smash Announcement for Sephiroth & gotta say it was actually even bigger.
ABSTAINER14 Måned siden
23:19 Wow this bit aged really well.
Ryan Holmer
Ryan Holmer Måned siden
This man just predicted seph in smash lmao
Idres Gurashi
Idres Gurashi Måned siden
23:21 aged like a fine dine with wine.
Noah Schneider
Noah Schneider Måned siden
23:19 Well, this aged a lot better than I'm pretty sure any of us thought it would.
Matt Gavin
Matt Gavin Måned siden
Entirely convinced the Wutai War possibly reigniting is going to be a major plot thread in Part 2 and almost certainly the reason to make Yuffie and Wutai mandatory. Likewise Lucretia for Vincent.
JoshBeardProps Måned siden
The Aggretsuko - Cait Sith crossover......absolutely the pinnacle *MUAH, chef kiss* moment of the whole video
Morganism Måned siden
The smash reveal joke aged like wine
Cody Kirk
Cody Kirk Måned siden
Tries to play Smash Sephiroth
Mahtan Amandil
Mahtan Amandil Måned siden
While I did liked what they did with this game I still hold the position that if you are going to make a different game why act like you are just making some old game in a new look? Just make it a new game, like they did with FF7Re.
Starwarsdude8221991 Måned siden
Zack fair: I lived bitch
Roxion 358
Roxion 358 Måned siden
37:00 gotta say I’m not a fan of this and a lot of the dioluge. I personally think this games dioluge is too much tell not show
Joshua Chitwood
Joshua Chitwood Måned siden
This game sucks in all aspects. They should've just remade ff7.
Disco Platinum
Disco Platinum Måned siden
Can someone please link me to that clip from 39:25 please I’m begging you
Touchy banana
Touchy banana Måned siden
FF7 Remake is crap.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma 10 dager siden
Renegade Dragon 57
Renegade Dragon 57 Måned siden
32:47 I started off on the demo disk for FFVII.
Ernest T
Ernest T Måned siden
the fucking 711 bean joke killed me
Rodrigo Portales Oliva
Rodrigo Portales Oliva Måned siden
I was one of the people who has not played OG FFVII or watched Advent Children, so when the flashes during the final fight happened, I was like "Aww! Red got puppies!! I'm so happy for him!!!" But I was also a little bit confused cause, like, the scene didn't fit tonally with the rest of the things going on, and everyone else's flashes were much more tense or tragic. I was like "Oh, well I'm glad Red has a nice future at least, he's adorable!" I was today years old when I learned that it was not, in fact, that happy of a scene apparently. Thanks Clemps.
themoomaster Måned siden
I'm definitely stealing Jumpscare Julian(The ghostly hooligan) at some point
nestor arenas
nestor arenas Måned siden
I wonder if Yuffie will be related to this new expanded Avalanche
Gergely Burai
Gergely Burai Måned siden
that Gackt - Kamen Rider card 10/10
Sergius Verus
Sergius Verus Måned siden
I'm gonna hold off on this remake series until it's done, I'm worried that they'll drop the ball.
AnemoneMeer Måned siden
I think there's a single missed detail with the ending. Cloud's shown abilities are far, far beyond anything shown in FF7 both Original and Remake during the final battle with Sephiroph outside of creation, and the information he's getting in parts of 7 isn't stuff that he should know. Aerith is also showing knowledge she really shouldn't have. Something's clearly gone wonky with the cast's abilities during the ending, and I think that might actually be a plotpoint unto itself. We don't know, obviously, but Cloud teleporting around isn't something he could even come close to doing before the final scene.
Maioly Måned siden
44:00 ... oh my fucking god on rewatching this it hit me... they might be considering dissidia canon to this; If I recall correctly, in those games sephi does get some character progression towards being a bit more... sane, and not just a world destroying monster. So maybe, just maybe, that is Dissidia sephi, actually trying to not be an asshole for once.
Crystal Thread
Crystal Thread Måned siden
Clemps, I know this comment is super late now, but did you ever think that the writers of FFVIIR will try to broaden and/or evolve the theme of FFVII which is that "Death is sudden, and cold" to "The unpredictability of life itself"? For example: Aerith during the final hours of the game saying "The future is always a blank page", and also Chadley after completing all of his Battle Intel and VR Missions saying "It's nice not knowing something for a change."
Uglyguyhater 98
Uglyguyhater 98 2 måneder siden
This game's ending is a beautiful trainwreck.
jerryberryhairylarry 2 måneder siden
song? 48:40
Li Xingke
Li Xingke 2 måneder siden
Everyone who didnt die in the original including cloud dies. Zack, aerith, jessie and the rest sacrifice themselves to fix the timeline.
Ria Eli
Ria Eli 2 måneder siden
I dread seeing zack alive in this version since i feel like he might make another sacrifice at the end due to problems with the timeline
Miiks 2 måneder siden
so why go through all this nonsense that shits on the original if they are just going to die later anyways?
C W 2 måneder siden
@51:20: "Why can Rufus see the whispers?" Wouldn't it be a cool plot twist if Rufus turned out to be a love child between President Shinra and Ifalna?
C W 2 måneder siden
7Seconds till the end...I think maybe this could mean that there will be 7 parts to the remake.
Teddy ZADI
Teddy ZADI 3 måneder siden
Jessie IS the THIRSTIEST person EVER ^^
nekokna 3 måneder siden
How can we feeel intimidated abour Sephitrot if we know what brand of SHAMPOO he used?
Jim Milton
Jim Milton 3 måneder siden
The amount of detail in this video is insane. I kind of wish you hadn't of shown footage of the Aerith spoilers because I haven't played the original but I guess I only have myself to blame!
Alcaste 3 måneder siden
FINALLY (lol) got around to finishing the game last night, so I can finally watch this video! Can't wait for the second game and see where this three-way tug of war goes.
Bork Bork
Bork Bork 3 måneder siden
Tetsuya Nomura as the Director. You know where this is going... As for Septhiroth, they're just using the exact same approach from CC which also have a similar flow to the story as the Remake. Zack meeting Aerith is very similar to Cloud meeting her for the 2nd time, though I'm gonna guess the dub does a poor job at portraying it. Both Zack and Aeriths VAs are married irl, hence why it was way more organic than the dub. Not mention if you play CC then it makes way more sense when playing the Remake during said encounter on why she acts the way she acts and behaves the way she behaves which is a nod to those who played CC. Anyone coming from the original (or new to the series) will obvously find her odd (or not) depending on their expections, but her personallity was already set in stone during CC and they seem to just be rolling with it since they're using the same VAs. You can also see Cloud growing the same way as Zack did throughout the game/series. I'm not sure if it's a another nod to the fans or if they're going for a similar thing for the sake of simplicity. Both are good regardless, as we really don't need super-complex characters. At least not in a FF game if you ask me. All in all, in the original, every character is pretty stiff and lacked any type of emotion(s) compared to anything that came before or even after. I don't really understand to this day why VII is the odd one out. The script was pretty much everything you had to go by, VIII and IX are miles ahead in that department, same with IV-VI. I guess the engine is to blame if anything. This game once completed will mostly be aimed at diehard fans since there's so much more to take in if you actually played through the compilation, because there's so much more to get from it compared to anyone who's a first-timer, unless Tetsuya turns it into KH. I just feel sorry for the people who only played the original (or perhaps just Remake or say XV) and aren't sure what they're getting into, or what they're supposed to expect. Because if this really turns into another KH then you are sure to get eyes looking elsewere. They can either take the compilation and put a spin on it in this one complete game (once finished that is). Try to actually piece together the compilation with the remake so it makes more sense since the original at this point in time is its own thing since it came out before everything else. Or go with a different take on the whole story hence "Remake", while borrowing heavily from already existing lore. I think they will simply go with the later, since I think the whispers are pretty much "lore" (being portrayed as nostalgia/shock-value/fanservice if you will) breaking the 4th wall, because we already know what'll happen. And it's just shown in the game as such as to you the player and the ones in the game. You know what's gonna happen to Aerith, whatever it happens in the same way is up for debate. Like, fate is already set in stone, it just happens to play out slightly different compared to how "you" the "player" remember it, hence Remake. We already have AC and DoC showing us what happens after, so it's not that hard to speculate at this point, and I hardly doubt they would use the compilation material that is so vast, only to end up as fanservice and nothing else. They might as well shot themselves and their fans if they decide to go anywhere else. And that's a huge legacy easily destroyed should they ever go that route. And on a final note, I think those 7 seconds or letters are refering to Destiny (Fate) and on how long you have to change something until fate says otherwise.
Rinnu500 3 måneder siden
I'm still torn on this game. On one hand I loved a lot of the changes and improvements to the characters and how they fleshed out Midgar even more (Wall Market was easily my favorite segment!). On the other... The gameplay, selling it in parts, some of the plot and the complete (in my opinion) mishandling of Sephiroth just has me frustrated. I wasn't a fan of FFXV's gameplay and 7R just isn't different enough for me to like it either. The micromanaging with the ATB due to the complete lack of any kind of strategy system for prioritization also grew tedious to me. If you're going to go for an active system, forcing me to micromanage all of my allies instead of giving me any kind of option to tell them what to do just took me out of the action. I didn't expect XII style of gambits, but having a character at least use an ATB once all of them are full to do /anything/ would've been really nice. I'm also not a fan of splitting the game up in parts. Yes, it might be unrealistic to expect them to expand on the entire game and cram it all into one release, but I would rather have the full game than only one part. I don't know if there's been statements made on pricing and how it'll work with importing your data between parts, but I just don't like the idea of having to (potentially) pay full price for every part they decide to release, not knowing how many there will be and how much of my work in each part will actually matter. It screams cashgrab to me. It feels like how KH got a ton of spinoffs you were pretty much required to play to get every part of the plot and because the end result of the KH series didn't satisfy me, it leaves me uneasy that this series won't either. Whether its meta-ghosts or not, I'm utterly done with these kinds of "fate" and "timeline" plots. It soured the Kingdom Hearts series for me and that same bitterness was just transferred to this game too. If this had to happen, I just don't feel it was built up well. They literally beat the shit out of "fate", and somehow I'm to believe there's something even more powerful out there? Even if I hadn't played the original, I'd be hard-pressed to believe it. It sounds like the start of a Naruto style fight where every enemy just pulls out an even more BS and OP move and it leaves me with dread. Yes, I did find some intrigue in what Sephiroth was talking about and it certainly made for a spectacle, but it also means that the next part has to do something even more outrageous or it's just going to look strange in comparison. And since I wasn't into the outrageous end they already made, that means I most likely won't like it if they do something even more out there. I /love/ Zack and I've wanted to see him alive and well because he deserved so much better, but this ending felt like it took all that impact that Zack's death had on me and kicked me in the face with it instead. Sometimes, nothing you do can change anything. Sometimes, people die and you are powerless to stop it. Zack died to protect Cloud and finding out how it seemed the whole world just forgot him, how Cloud forgot him, hit hard. When it was revealed what actually happened, that Cloud had assumed his identity, that shit hurt. Seeing just how affected Cloud was by it, how hard it hit him, made him not only relatable, but it also showed that he was able to turn that pain into strength later on. I love angst, admittedly, but it doesn't mean I love unnecessary deaths. However, when a death does happen I want it to be meaningful. Zack's death is part of what makes Cloud walk the path he does. Seeing Jessie, Biggs and Wedge die as if they're nothing was impactful because it not only enforced just how little Shinra cares about the small people, it also showed how just because they were important characters (arguably a bit more important in remake since they get more screentime and development), they could die just as easily as anyone else. Aerith's death? I still cry from hearing her theme alone. That's how much it affected me. It came out of nowhere and it wasn't just brushed aside afterwards either. She left a hole in the group and it took time before it was mended. Even then, in her last moments she did everything she could to save the planet and her friends. I don't know whether she'll die or miraculously survive or if that entire part of the story will be changed, but what I do know is that if everyone else can suddenly survive everything, the possible moment of her death just won't have the same impact anymore, because even if she's confirmed dead, until that point it's just Schrödinger's Aerith to me. You summed up really well why I dislike the handling of Sephiroth. I really loved how he was just this powerful force in the shadows, built up over time and the game throwing in your face just how powerful he is. Here, he just feel like Cloud's ex that won't leave him alone because he got famous off of every other game he's been in. I much preferred the original Jenova scene too. Maybe it's because ratings of games never mattered much to me, but seeing the game restricting itself for the sake of keeping it T when the original was already sparse in gore and thus any moment with it was far more impactful, it just comes off as weak. The tension and genuine awe of what Sephiroth had done was lost and I'm sad this is how they chose to do it. Yes, Kingdom Hearts soured me and biased me against the shenanigans added in the remake, but I genuinely don't think I'd be thrilled with it even if I wasn't already done with the "Nomura effect". Yes, he isn't the sole person responsible, I'm well aware. But goddamn if I didn't wish he'd held the other people back a little bit more. Overall, I hope people enjoy the game(s), it's clear love was put into them. I just can't justify my own spending on them when I was left regretting the purchase after finishing it. These changes just aren't for me and that's okay.
Grand Bean
Grand Bean 3 måneder siden
I like how Sephiroth, at least the clairvoyant one that seems to have set up the whispers' defeat, was kinda a good guy in this game. If the whispers kept Denying the cast to change the fate, the game would have ended with the extinction of humans. And Sephiroth might have only tried to destroy them so he could change his fate by winning against cloud, but he did single handedly and, from what we can see from his behaviour, knowingly save humanity.
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton 3 måneder siden
I LOVE that Zack survived for one Reason that made me cry years ago aerith missed him and she Loved him and i Really Loved their Relation in cc that was the Most Beautiful Human thing i ever saw in a game until then and it was heartbreaking to know they never see each other again now they will and i was beyond happy i mean tseng has still 400 Letters for zack because aerith never forgot him
lylatfox4 3 måneder siden
For some reason I was unsubscribed to you, explains why I havent seen you in a while
PhantomShadow 3 måneder siden
Every time sepharoth was in the same room as Areith I was like “stay away from her, you bitch!”
PhantomShadow 3 måneder siden
Honestly, I loved part 1, what the ending implies and I’m optimistic for part 2.
Giblow 20
Giblow 20 3 måneder siden
Cant wait for the Zack party member dlc
Luca LAMA 3 måneder siden
I just finish the game and see this video made me understand even more what the game is. I'm one of the Advent Children guy. I remember loving this movie but there was always something that i feeled off about Sephiroth : his final line : -i'm french so i dont know the exact english line- "i shall never be just a memorie". I never understood that. I never played any ff7 game but always kept me informated about some games (mostly cerberus and crisis core) and, hold with me here, i don't know why ... but i always feel sad Sephiroth. Yes he is the famous hell gate operator who killed Aerith and may be a psychotics bastarf IN THE COMPILATION but in remake ... he feel too much evil ... like if HE MUST BE ANTAGONISTIC ... until the last scene : he doedn't attack him, he doesn't humiliate him and most of all : HE CALM CLOUD WHEN HE HAD A CRISIS BY SIMPLY HOLD HIS HAND seemingly like a gardian angel ... i don't understand why but .. could Sephiroth be a protagonist in the REMAKE anthologie ?
Non,Player, Adeptus
Non,Player, Adeptus 3 måneder siden
What was the point of the devs complaining that the fans wanted a faithful remake? If they didn't want to stick to the script why not just make a new FF game? I mean, i'm aware they're creatively bankrupt at this point so they really have no choice but to play the member-berries card but they literally had the entire thing written out for them but still managed to brick it anyways. That's like screwing up putting together Ikea furniture.
man with long nose
man with long nose 3 måneder siden
While I admire all the heart and thought that clearly was put into this game, the fact that so many important details only make sense with extra knowledge irks me as a writer. This story was meant to be something that old and new fans could admire, and while I think they did achieve that in many ways, the fact that both groups need context not presented in game to come out feeling satisfied with the story is kind of a cardinal sin of storytelling in my eyes. Either way I agree with the overall point, all we can do is wait for part 2 before we start making conclusions. While I think it's impossible for them to stuff all that information into the game without it feeling bloated, I could be wrong.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 3 måneder siden
Seph doing the Carmalla
Lonewise Creatives
Lonewise Creatives 3 måneder siden
Clempsy i know whats up with seph. He knows he dies at the end. Basically a puppet of jenkva the whole time really since seph was a nice guy before he foubd out about jenova a BRAIN WASHING ALIEN and he had her cells in him. Easy vessel for her end goal. Imagine seph meeting LUCRECIA HIS REAL MOTHER.
Random Ain
Random Ain 3 måneder siden
what if the safi we see at the end is in fact zack and safi in one mind
Willian Nobre
Willian Nobre 3 måneder siden
*Boundless, terrifying freedom* I felt that I feel that
Zenobia Kintaru Downcaster
Zenobia Kintaru Downcaster 3 måneder siden
Zach 3 måneder siden
I've never understood thinking humanity dies off from the Red XIII scene. It just means no one lives at Midgar anymore. Like everyone went back to more natural lives and stopped using Mako.
Andar Broment
Andar Broment 3 måneder siden
I want the PC version so baaaaad... Y'know, so I can play it again XD
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